Aristide Satileyeux

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6 fulm 5 ilm
175 ponze
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When fevered whispers run through branches and boughs and crooked trunks, there sits a man at the center of a glade with a smile painted high onto his lips.

Aristide Satileyeux is a man that shares little about himself while prying--but never too deeply--into the makings of another. As much a shadow as he is person as much as he is what everyone thinks he should be, Aristide is best known as a self-titled Warlock and Wizard. Oftentimes, that's the most you'll get out of him before he launches into a story that reeks of truth but is far too outlandish to actually be the honest sort of tale.

He's a man that carries himself with the assurance of a wolf; He knows full-well who he is and what he's after. It's a sort of self-assurance most often found in things that have been alive for a very long time. A shame he looks ageless in the way that a statue might.


Show him a spell. Show him a trick. Show him something he's never seen before, or something he's seen a million, million times. Aristide is a man enthralled by the manipulation of Aether, no matter the ends.

Be they in whatever form they come to him; Entertain the man by giving him a tale to sink his teeth into. Paintings can tell a story just as well as words, even if words are often sweeter and more easily rendered into desire. A song captures his attention like little else. He'll quiet and listen as readily as a child.


The Forest has always been so very kind. Which Forest? Why, all of them! It's never quiet in the dreadful way that a city can be. You're never alone and there's always a place to sit and to watch and to learn something new.


He's often on the move like a man with something to run from. While he'd claim it's simply an eagerness to explore a world he'd never truly seen before, surely there's more to his wanderlust than a desire to see what there is to see. Regardless, he very much likes to explore and travel.



It's a simple thing, he thinks, to be aware of those around you. It's even simpler still to not be an ass. If Aristide loathes even a single thing--it's people who cannot respect another's basic virtues.

Black Mages
Jumped up, he'd say. Overeager pups that are desperate for something they cannot understand, he'd claim. While his descriptor for these particular sorts of mages varies wildly depending on his mood, Aris surely harbor some resentment towards those who'd manipulate the Void for their own gain.
Say what you mean and mean what you say. Fond of word puzzles and riddles he might be, but people who are unable to speak their mind are quick to earn his ire. Cowardly is what he'd call a person that relies on coyness to get their way.

He'd not like to go back to whence he came until he's deemed himself nice and ready. If someone begins to pry too deeply without his own consent, Aristide is like to flee the premise or inflict no small amount of harm to ensure his own well-being.


A world seems new and vivid when seen from outside of the prison that once held fast. Aristide wishes to see the seas and the skies and taste the flavors of a world in which he seems almost a stranger.
Fond of making deals and barters and trades, enough so that a good deal could send him across the world in a heartbeat in pursuit of something new. His definition of good seems a mercurial one--but be certain, if you've something to offer he'll listen well.
Simple while decidedly not, Aristide seeks to surround himself with certain individuals. While it's a circle that's certainly defined for the time being, there's always the opportunity for it to expand.
A subject he doesn't speak on often. A subject he's careful about speaking too intimately on. Regardless, Aristide is motivated by his whims. Far from sexual; More to do with wanting something and striving to get it. He's dogged in his pursuits.


Brave (?)
More than happy to charge into a situation where he's not likely to make it out untouched. Mayhap it's an attempt to drown out a fear, or mayhap it's something else entirely. Reasons aside, he'll leap into most anything if it seems right--for him.
Magically Skilled
While his magic isn't always pragmatic in nature, it's something he relies on to an absurd degree. Need something lifted? He'll simply cast a spell! Need someone cursed? He can do that as readily as a man could fart after a hearty meal. Aristide's magical repertoire seems to expand at a constant pace. If you've a question or need that's magical in nature, he's a Duskwight for you.
While not a strength for most, Aristide is the sort of quiet that can lead you down a passageway that's trapped without any harm. He's quiet in the way that a hunter is, prowling more often than he is walking.
Words are often not something he's caught stumbling over. In fact, they often seem plucked from a bouquet for specific purposes. While, perhaps not educated in the formal sense of the word, the Duskwight speaks with a cadence that belies wisdom and intelligence and charisma enough for most people to either find him repelling or alluring. It's typically one or the other.
Willing to peek his head into just about anything, willing to try just about anything at least once. It means he--and those around him--are rarely bored at all.


Oh, if life were only moments would you know you only had one? Aristide does not care--if he even knows. Not lackadaisical in his care but simply secure in the knowledge of what comes after this world to an eerie degree.
Bravery is often conflated with recklessness, and when added onto nihilistic tendences... Aristide is likely to get his companions in trouble relatively often. He'd always say it was worth it, but it's certainly a Thing that's simple enough to take advantage of.
Is that a new food? Are those new clothes? An adventure? A song? He'll drop one thing for another at a moment's notice and his mood often shifts as rapidly as the wind. Do not expect stability out of this particular man.
Things are how they are and have never truly changed. There's no religion to back up his black-and-white-and-grey view, but don't think he doesn't have an opinion on how something should be. Stubborn as an ox, his views are not likely to change. At lest he does make room for those shades of grey, even if he goes to lengths to define even those.



Moving with the gait of a wolf stalking through a forest in which it was born typically means you know full-well what you're doing. Aristide doesn't. One might wonder how he's so confident while lacking so many fundamental experiences--certainly he's got a story to tell that explains it all away.

While not Doman in any traditional form of the thought... Aristide certainly knows a lot about Doman culture, even going so far as to speak their language very fluently. It's offset by the fact that he's equally knowledgeable of the whole of the Othardan continent--but stll. His knowledge certainly doesn't match up with your typical Eorzean.
Obsessed with making deals
You could get just about anything out of him if you make a good enough deal. Anything and everything.

Aristide Portrait.png
Aristide is tall in the way a shadow is long; Stretched with skin pulled tight against bones and muscle to leave him looking like he was sculpted rather than born. While certainly not well-muscled or impressive in any traditional sense of the word, he carries himself with a bearing that speaks of confidence and even a touch of arrogance. With hair dipped in pitch and skin a ghoulish cant of frostbite, some would call him handsome while others would think him something to be feared. Both descriptors suit him rather well, if you asked his own opinion. It's his face that he takes great care of, and his face that he thinks is his best feature. Manicured brows, plucked facial hair that surrounds full lips and eyes the color of flame made of ice that have slashes of clouds applied to his lids, Aristide is a vain man.

For a man as willowy and ill-built for the rigors of melee combat as he is, Aristide certainly fits the mold of a caster well. While he could likely hold his own against a drunkard or a child in close-quarters combat, that's the extent of his martial prowess. On the more magical side of the scale, he's immensely talented--if not powerful. Rare is the circumstance where he flings a fireball or calls down lightning; He'd rather curse you behind your back or even work things out diplomatically, Aristide is certainly a capable mage. Rarely seen without trinkets and baubles that are enchanted in some fashion, he's a magi used to travelling and thus carries his preparations on him at all times.



◢ COMMON RUMOURS - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
Aris doesn't speak freely of where he's from and there's not much information to be followed if you were curious. All signs point to him coming from the Twelveswood, however.
He's a bit of a glutton and has been known to spend a copious amount of coin on decent, or new, food.
While not musically inclined, he's easily enraptured by a song of any sort.
He positions himself as a magician-for-hire, though he's got little skills when it comes to divination. He doesn't advertise any specific skills, but rest assured--he's skilled enough!
◢ UNCOMMON RUMORS - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
While it's easy to hear that Aristide is certainly a magician--he specializes more in curses than anything else. Be it in removal or in placing them, he's got a curse for most occasions.
If one thought learning about where he comes from was difficult, Aristide's family is an even more closely guarded secret. Or as he puts it, "A mother, a handful of fathers. Does it truly matter who's loins I came from?"
Occasionally spotted loitering around a store that's no longer a store in the Lavender Beds. What was once a seemingly quaint storefront is all but abandoned and left for him to roam about freely. It's certainly not his home, though he seems more than comfortable around it.
◢ RARE RUMOURS - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
He may not be a man at all--or even a mortal, if the way he treats his own wellbeing is any indication. The fact of it is, Aristide is likely not what he masquerades as.
His magic--and subsequent dislike of Black Mages--is not something from this plane at all. A close, and discrete, observer may in fact see it for what it truly is. Void magic, through and through.
◢ PLAYER CHARACTER RUMOURS - Feel free to add rumors of your own!


Romantic Love | Platonic Love | Sexual Attraction | Positive | Negative | Neutral

Chise Tobukizu () - The Girl that Runs - A relationship that exists without truly existing as of yet. Aristide knows a strange amount about the woman, and he seems to haunt her steps without really interacting. For now. There's a history between the two judging by the way he obsesses. It's complicated. Really.
Yorumei Uranakei () - The Weaver that's Watched - Another complication that's easier to observe than explain. Filled to the brim with knowledge of the man; But having hardly interacted with him face-to-face makes for something as complicated as Aristide's relationship with Yorumei's sister.

Potential Hooks
Need someone cursed? Need a curse lifted? Need any sort of magical affair sorted? Aristide openly advertises his 'talents' in whichever city he's currently residing in.
Perhaps you spotted him trying any kind of confectionery treat he can get his hands on. He's become a frequent patron of The Bismarck and spends a lavish amount of coin on food.
You're a performer. He's enraptured by your performance.
Wanna pick a fight with a ridiculously well-spoken Elezen? Well, he's not likely to take a punch very well.
Just about anything else! I'm super flexible when it comes to meeting characters.
Outside Links:
His character tumblr is available here!
Roleplay Info:
I will roleplay anything from light, fluffy scenes to darker, more mature-themed scenes. Keep in mind, however, that I do prefer you ask before pulling me into a scene that would otherwise be considered R-rated. Furthermore, I will not roleplay any scene that involves sexual violence. While it can be written in good taste, far too many poor experiences have led me to putting a hard no to it.
On romance RP: While I'm not opposed to romance RP by any means--this is a character that is not likely to be romanced. While he may engage in dalliances, don't expect to woo him to any significant degree.
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