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Au Ra
4th sun,1st astral moon
4 fulm 7 ilm
None at Present
The ramifications of pride come swift and harsh. The country by the sea that was once Doma can now hardly remember ever being so proud and stalwart, now nothing more than ash upon the wind.

Chise Tobukizu is not much different than the land she hails from. She can hardly remember ever being so proud and stalwart. She can hardly remember--under pain of shame--ever being the leader of a small criminal group. Her life now is most certainly not the product of her own failing. She is most certainly all the things she thought she could never be: free and lovely and normal.

Of course, she isn’t. Growing up in an environment where results were prided over personhood Chise is grasping at straws for what to do now that crime hasn’t worked out the way she’d have liked. Rendered a wandering widow through her own machinations Chise travels from place to place in hopes sparking a sense of identity within herself.


Most everyone should have a code from the poorest pauper to the richest of kings. Chise can forgive someone for doing ill under their own moral guideline. What she can’t forgive is someone who cannot commit to their action.
For reasons out of her hands, Chise has lost most of her family. For reasons well within her hands, Chise has let go of the rest. Still, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it as a concept. Someone who values family of their own, either via blood ties or a motley band of friends, will always have Chise’s respect.
While she harbors no ill will for the civilized world Chise always finds her peace quicker outside city walls than in. The rustle of leaves, the twinkle of stars, the rolling of waves. . . What isn’t there to like?
The Arts
From poems to novels, sonnets to dirges, sketches to paintings, Chise is an admirer of creative pursuits. Above all music will always have a special place in her heart and if one is so inclined she will trade songs as if they were currency.


Manners change from region to region. Intent does not. Chise finds those who will willingly trample upon the rules and boundaries of others to be detestable at best.
They subjugated her people, destroyed her home, and killed those whom she held dear. Perhaps sometime in the very distant future Chise will find it in her heart to understand a military isn’t always a reflection of it’s people. That time is not now.
Surprise, surprise! When you spend a really, really long time on a boat the novelty of being on a boat wears off. If Chise doesn’t have to board another gods be damned ship in her lifetime she will be completely and utterly content.
Through unfortunate circumstance, Chise never actually became a person the way most seem to be so effortlessly. There’s facets of personhood other people have that Chise just. . . lacks. This is proving hard to hide and she’s quick to (attempt to) flee when she feels severely othered.


There is a whole world out there that Chise long thought she’d never see. There are secrets and witches and wolves. There is magic and there is teeth, the fantastic and the mundane. Chise so deeply wants to see what the world has to offer.
Chise never became a person because she was never taught how. She fully intends to figure out how, even if she has to be humbled in the process.
Being born and raised in a highly familial environment, Chise doesn’t do well when she feels completely alone. She thrives upon the wish, the hope, that one day she will find a little family of her own.
Aside from her brother whom she’s sent on his own, far far away from her, Chise is the last Uranakei that she knows of. She is, perhaps, one of the only people in her village to survive. She has tried, and failed, and while she has survived she has not been spared. Chise strives to feel worthy of being alive when so many close to her have passed.


There are always terms and conditions. When said terms and conditions are met and fair and followed, Chise will stay on her post. Sometimes to her benefit and other times to the bitterest of ends.
Though she seems so very far inside her own head she’s also very far outside of it. Chise has a tendency to fix her gaze onto all things interesting and not, pulling loose threads to come to conclusions others may skip over.
Pragmatic Thinker
Good and Bad are very real ideals for very many people. For Chise, however, Worst and Best are how she sees the world. Given enough time Chise can think of the most efficient way to reach the best outcome she can.
Magically Deft
More a generalized witch than a practitioner of any one thing, Chise has a handful of spells up her sleeve. With hexes and curses and augments and wards Chise comes a valuable ally if one needs a powerful spell or an eye for the arcane.
Strangely Charming
If one isn’t looking for a paragon of conventional charm, they’ll find Chise has an odd charm of her own. Her oddness attracts as much as it repels, and her dancing words and esoteric approach to the world can make for decent company.


Socially Defunct
If one is looking for a paragon of conventional charm, they will be severely disappointed and perhaps even unsettled by Chise. While it’s not to say that she isn’t trying. . . Trying doesn’t always mean working.
Criminal Record
While there is nothing on Chise that can get her arrested there is enough on Chise to make her distrusted by most authority. She’s trying to distance herself from her criminal past but it will take time for something so deeply wrought to heal over, especially with fellow Domans.
While she does her best to seem composed her emotions are wildly varied and rapidly changing. Anything from an uttered word to a sudden change in plan can drastically change Chise’s mood. Occasionally this results in emotional outbursts.
Arguably subtle though that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Chise is striving to live a life she thought she would never have. Which means she’ll make terrible, awful decisions at the drop of a hat if she can rationalize it. She's amazing at justifying her own shitty behavior.


Languid and Daydreamy

Never full in the moment until another person starts speaking. Yet even then Chise looks as if she’s half asleep, half caught on a thought, half there. Where oh where is the rest of her?

Collects Flowers
If Chise is out and about in the world it’s by a mix of curiosity and force of habit that she has to pluck a flower from wherever she may be. Somewhere in her room is a book with flowers pressed from all lands traveled.
Chise doesn't like talking about herself. Hell, she hardly knows how. It's largely noticable that when the conversation steers towards her she's quick to steer it away.
Chise is almost always smoking long, thin clouds of smoke from a long, thin pipe. For better or worse she tries to choose scents that aren't just generic "pipesmoke".

Description Here

Description Here



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
Has a fondness for flowers, and can often be found near the largest concentration of them in an area.
She's been spending her time "in the clouds" but seems to be cautious and evasive when it comes to Ishgardian soldiers.
Is a witch, and a powerful one at that. It's said she can read a person's past, present, and future.
Chise is--rather mysteriously--missing her husband. Wait, no, her husband is dead. He seemed like such a hale and healthy fellow too. . .
She once owned a quaint little shop in Lavender Beds. There were a number of rowdy occurrences about the property and then day she was just. . . Gone. No boxes moved out, no property sold, no sign of packing. She and her family just left.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
Her shop in Lavender Beds was a front for drug trade. They had been getting somnus from Ul'dah and pawning it close to the Ishgardian border.
Chise's curses are far more powerful than her readings. With the right components and enough time she can curse an entire family tree.
There's never a time out in the world where she isn't playing music. Be it by a little clockwork box or a worn old lute, music follows her.
Sometimes, though not always, looking for someone. The descriptions she give sound like two much older Raen women.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
Chise is the heir of the Uranakei family's legacy. What legacy, you ask? A long wrought history of crime and cruelty.
Back during the Garlean occupation of Doma Chise secured herself a cushy life hanging on the arm of some young Garlean war hero.
Back when she was hanging from the arm of said Garlean war hero Chise used her position to plan numerous paths with which to smuggle Domas out of the country.
Her magic is hardly magic at all, but rather the product of a dark pact between her and something from the void. Just look at her hand!
Chise isn't just a widow but a haunted widow at that. There's a tall dark figure that's always looming upon the edge of her life.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
Feel free to add your own rumors here!


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R E L A T I O N S (PC)

  Yorumei Uranakei (  ♥  ♥  ● ) - Brother of Winds
Of all people from one side of the great blue sea to the other, Yorumei is the one that Chise can rely upon the most. Which is why she sent him on his way. Alone. Chise loves her brother dearly and while her actions may be misguided she wants him to live a life where she is not at the center. Yet all the same she fears what will happen if her wish comes true. For their whole lives they've been close, able to read one another from the loft of a brow to the quirk of the lips. Chise is unsure if she's ready for the day this may not be the case.
  Kaiten Tobukizu (  ♥  ♥  ●  ✖) - A Flame Put Out
Since she was very young Chise knew the chapters of Kaiten's life. There were only three: Boy is born, boy is overtaken by a dark fate, boy dies. To say this death hasn't impacted her would be callous and cruel, but it is something she's been prepared for. While the romantic aspect of their relationship was questionable their steadfast partnership was not. Kaiten had been with her all her life. Her most reliable partner, her most stalwart bodyguard, and mostly importantly her best friend. To her, his death was right. It was just. She only hopes that she might one day see him again in the eyes of another, happy.
  Staelufre Lysmerl (  ♦  ●  ♥) - The Woman of Blue Sea
Staelufre speaking was the very first familiar feeling thing Chise had happened upon in Eorzea. It hadn’t occurred to Chise that she was even looking for Staelufre till she invited herself into her home. To say that Chise wishes to be her friend would be a gross understatement how badly she wishes to keep in Staelufre’s good graces. Somehow, someway, despite meeting Chise at her most criminally advantageous Staelufre has fostered a deep sense of caring within her. Chise wants little more than her friend to be happy and safe. Or as safe as Staelufre can be.
  Renee Becquerel (  ?  ♥  ♦ ) - A Stalwart Spirit
Chise likes Renee. Chise dislikes Renee. Chise likes to dislike Renee. Still, that doesn't stop her from admitting Renee is her friend. Reluctantly. Usually muttered under her breath. Truth be told Chise can see why she could've used someone like Renee in her life earlier. . . But will happily settle with the fact that she's in her life now. Chise tends to go to Renee in an attempt to futz out what a good person would do in any given situation and the results of this vary wildly.
  Aristide Satileyeux (  ♠  ♠  ♥  ? ) - Se Who Haunts
Chise knows Aristide but she doesn't know Aristide. Listen, it's complicated. Either way: fuck that lady. But also fuck that lady amirite.
  Abeodan Silverbrand (  ? ) - Thorny Little Rose Boy
Chise would've liked to be Abeodan's friend. But then she called him a dog and he punched a hole in the wall and then she vanished to give up her life of crime. She's entirely unsure on where they'd stand if they met again. She's not sure if she wants him to see her. She's not that sure about anything related to Abbie, really.
  Edmont Sondraix (   ●  ● ) - The Chivalrous Scoundrel
Truth be told, Chise feels that her working relationship with Edmont was fairly positive. Sure, he shot a hole in her floor but that's all water under the bridge now! While she's not sure she'd ever invite him over for dinner she'd certainly recommend him to anyone with deep pockets looking for a hired gun. Oh, and she wants to snatch one of his eyes from out of his socket. In a very friendly sort of way.
  Domino Farrow (  ♠/  ●  ✔ ) - The Ego
Chise would say they have an amiable partnership but given Chise's track record of amiable partnerships it's actually vitriolic at best. He wants her. She wants his heart in a jar in the most literal sense. She thinks he thinks she's there to watch whatever magical conquest he's on. Mostly she's there to read his books. They're good books.

Potential Hooks
You wish to have your curse reversed? Well you'll need a certain flower first. . . If there's one thing I love more than playing mages it's getting people involved in wacky magic-related journeys. If your character needs something magic and you're down for a little plot surrounding, please contact me!
She's a wanderer, which means I can place her damn near anywhere at damn near anytime. Is your character injured in the middle of nowhere and in need of some quick first aide? Does your character want to travel to X place but not go alone? I gotchu.
Roleplay Info
I like fluff and I'm more or less always down for horrible, dark shit. While I can't say I have very many limits in RP I would like to be told beforehand if your character is caught by the sudden whim to chop Chise's tail off. My only hard limit is that I will absolutely not be playing out a scene that involves sexual assault unless it's done so in a manner that is respectful to survivors and isn't flagrant fetish bait.
While I try not to be a pretentious snob about the whole thing my posts tends to lean from paragraph to multiparagraph RP. If you like prose without getting too purple you gotta come find me.

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Her character tumblr can be found here.
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