Arrelaine Fashonti

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Gridania-transparent.png Arrelaine Fashonti
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Fashion designer and weaver
Guardian Menphina, The Lover
Known relatives Enova Sahn
Alignment Chaotic neutral
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Arrelaine is a fun-loving, flirty Keeper. Known as a troublemaker, she loves to play pranks, tease and make fun of her friends. Arrelaine was raised in a tavern, her grandfather being the owner of a decent inn. It's considered the family business, but Arrelaine rarely talks about her family, save for her sister Enova. Perhaps Arrelaine's informal nature is derived from this upbringing, the rowdy background of a tavern doesn't make much for a lady-like child. Currently in the business of fashion, she likes to design and create clothes, even going so far as to attend almost every party to keep up with the industry. She's also known to be a party girl, though rarely gets smashed at them. Being raised in a tavern also seems to give you a head start on being able to keep your liquor.

Arrelaine is also a hostess in the infamous Hostess Club held monthly in the Goblet. She's known as Kirin there.


Arrelaine tops out at 5'4", and 125 ponz. She's got just the dancer's build, long, muscular legs and deft hands. Her skin is the color of a moonlit sky, dark grey-blue. Soft and supple, her skin looks to be well-taken care of, save for a few callouses on her fingertips. Her hair is a deep blue, and seems to be more soft than shiny. Her eyes are a deep sea-green, rich in color and often with a mischievous glint. It's usually cut short with bangs. Arrelaine doesn't seem to have one favorite outfit, she switches outfits constantly and probably spends hours deciding on one.


Arrelaine is the jester, the one that makes witty cuts in order to get others to have a good time. She loves to banter with friends, especially her sister Enova. Usually laid back, Arrelaine can take charge when needed, typically when Enova needs help being social. She can be the life of the party, but even the social ones need a breather. When she does, she usually slips out quietly for a walk and comes back refreshed and perky. Flirting seems to be second nature, often doing so subconsciously. Much like her sister, Arrelaine fears solitude and abandonment, which is probably why the two are joined at the hip.



Arrelaine isn't much for physical combat, but she's fairly fast at running. She does know how to throw daggers, often keeping a pair on her, and through her previous training has a bit of skill of manipulating her aether. Recently, however, she's picked up the bow and arrow, and even more recently, the pistol. Arrelaine often avoids combative situations, looking for a more diplomatic approach. Or at least until she can come up with another plan.



  • Flattery (like most girls)
  • Fashion
  • Alcohol
  • Reading fiction or 'tall tales'
  • Sightseeing or taking scenic walks


  • Pushiness/bossy
  • Threats
  • Rudeness


  • Fashion????
  • Dancing and singing (it's a secret shhhh)
  • Acting


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

; Kylar Dashiva: The love of her life, these two lovebirds had a fairy tale start to their relationship. The prince saving the princess from a dark, evil sorcerer. Except, Kylar was the princess, the prince was Arrelaine, the prince shot the princess, and the prince needed saving along with the princess. They had been best friends for quite some time, after Enova had decided to 'hire' him to follow Arrelaine around to keep her safe. Which she was sure was hard on occasion. She's frequently a distraction from his work, not that he would complain, and now is a very large target for Arrelaine's antics and troublemaking. When asked about him, she might act a little more girly, giggling and sighing happily while talking about him. He's become her whole world, and Arry would do anything to keep him safe and happy.

Enova Sahn: Arrelaine's half-sister. The two are night and day, nearly complete opposites. Almost inseparable, the two are almost never seen without the other. Arrelaine is very protective of her innocent, younger sister, not hesitating to threaten someone when they cross the line. While they never grew up together, they're close and usually know what the other's thinking. They met at a time when both had hunted down their father, Nel,in order to get to know him outside of their mothers' opinions.

Lan Darklyn: Arrelaine's might-as-well-be-my-brother. After an incident in which Arrelaine was nearly injured, he swiftly became over protective of the little blue imp, frequently giving people the evil eye from behind her. Especially boys. Also her boss, he tries to not let his protective feelings overcome both her duties and his as her adventurous nature takes her headlong into danger around every bend.

Ekei Fashonti: (pronounced 'Eh-kay') Arrelaine's mother. A retired barmaid and entertainer, Ekei is the next one to inherit the family run business, a decently run tavern somewhere in the Black Shroud. Arrelaine rarely talks about her, though her mother was the one to teach her how to use daggers, dance, sing and act. One of the things Ekei insisted was the daggers, claiming that when dancing in a tavern, a pair of sharp daggers were a girl's best friends. She seems a bit soured on the subject of her mother, likely because of Arrelaine's feelings toward Ekei's feelings regarding Nel. As a younger child, Arrelaine watched Ekei pine after Nel, croon over his very sporadic letters, when normally she was a strong, intelligent woman.

Nel H'al: Arrelaine's father. While they didn't see eye to eye on Nel's habits with women, they still got along. Enough for Arrelaine not to hate him, anyway. Nel travels around in caravans, and she can see why so many women chase him. He's a looker, and he can be charming when he tries.

Goki'sae Zhwan: Arrelaine's retainer, he's a flirty gentleman, but keeps things professional. He's a butler of sorts, and stays at a room in Limsa as well. Rumor has it he was a former mercenary for the caravan, and that perhaps Nel had paid him to go with the sisters. He's a cheerful fellow, and yet still in his prime.

Mato'a: Arrelaine's second retainer. He's a rather shy, pale Seeker. He keeps Arrelaine on track with the goings on of the social world. He frequently is seen around her room cleaning and bringing her food, coming and going throughout the week. He's very much a 'neat freak' and he looks absolutely appalled at any amount of dirt anywhere.


Common Rumors

  • "I hear her sister were mighty uncomfortable withun some guy comin' on ta her, so tha crazy chick threatened to make 'im a late eunuch!"
  • "I heard she was trying to get a permanent residence in Limsa to set up a boutique! She's really fashionable!"
  • "I'm pretty sure I saw her at a party once..."

Moderate Rumors

  • "There always seems to be some guy flirting with her and trying to take her home. She always says no..."
  • "Aye, the lass be a pro drinker. She be drinkin' sailors under tables!"

Rare Rumors

  • "Ol' Nel gets around a lot. Likes the lookers, he does. Hard to tell how many half-sisters and brothers those two girls have."
  • "Ah, hearing the name Fashonti brings back memories. Her momma was the finest entertainer in her granpap's inn. Lots of guys chasin', but Nel was the only one for her. Wonder if her daughter turned out like her."

PC Rumors

  • "Arry is a great person to have around. She can usually brighten a room just by showing up in good cheer. I owe her a great debt, and you better believe I will harm anyone who tries anything funny with her." -Lan Darklyn
  • "Miss Arrelaine's hats are extraordinary, but I wish she wouldn't wear them indoors. It seems a bit too much." - Lilia Lia
  • "The type t'count t'three after bein told t'loose n'arrow." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "Lady Arrelaine has a beautiful singing voice. Reached a high note, high as the Moon she was singing to. Everyone was very happy to see the one managing their safety also felt the same way they did. Dare say she is quite inspiring." - Jancis Milburga
  • "I count Arry as among my dearest friends. She's a great listener and an amazing asset to the company." J'maaira Tuhl
  • "Herald Fashonti does her job well, and is a credit to the company. The size of her hats could cause a tactical disadvantage in combat if she was placed in front of the other archers." Vallerin Hortimont
  • "I've never met another woman like Arrelaine which makes her that much more attractive in my eyes. I love her with all my being and you better believe that I aim to give her the moon if she asks for it. I worry about her poking about in my office though...there are dangerous things in there." -Kylar Dashiva



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