Ascy Anseya

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Gridania-transparent.png Ascy Anseya
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age ~23
Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Occupation Archery Instructor
Nameday 14th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Ascy Anseya is a young Keeper Miqo'te earning a living as an archery instructor. Originally from Gridania, he currently teaches in all the major city states for both Grand Companies and Free Companies, but doesn't shy away from charity or personally tutoring someone who is genuinely interested in archery. A lot of the time he spends in Gridania is however typically spend as a holiday or as a hunting trip rather than on business. He currently has no residence, usually staying in a small inn room which he uses for the practical purposes of sleeping and storing equipment that he uses for teaching. He's definitely not a rich person, most of his income being invested towards his bow collection and simply covering expenses.


Ascy Anseya was born in a quiet corner of Gridania. Not much is known about his past, including his exact age or birth name. Both of his parents were employed by the Wood Wailers. While out on patrol, they were ambushed and killed by poachers. With no other known relatives he was soon taken under the care of an Elezen employed in the Archers' Guild and affiliated to the Gods' Quiver. Their name is not generally known, and Ascy has clearly not felt the need to share it with anybody. The Elezen in question had a long-running feud with the Archer's guild, citing lack of professionalism and having contempt for their teachings and techniques, holding the opinion that their thinking was backwards and outdated. This situation escalated, culminating with the Elezen losing their legal guardianship over Ascy, who was then taken in the care of the Archers' Guild as a whole. Although he himself normalized relations with the Archers' Guild, he couldn't ever quite forget the contempt, and the reasons for it, his previous legal guardian held with regards to the Archers' Guild.
During adolescence Ascy got more withdrawn, his attention being focused on archery and appreciating his surroundings in Gridania and the Shroud. He spends a lot of his time gazing at the stars. Although he did not gain any knowledge over constellations through this, it is partially responsible for his nickname, 'Ascender' or 'Ascend' shortened to 'Ascy' by his few friends at the time. He used the name 'Ascy' ever since, and dropped his birth name completely. Despite stumbling often while not watching his step his face remains free of any scars. His memory of this period of time is either lacking or sketchy, whether or not he is hiding something is uncertain.
In his late teens he developed a taste for sharing his knowledge and passion for archery with others who were interested. Fairly quickly through hearsay he discovered that there was a demand for people who teach archery, particularly outside the Shroud. As a result Ascy ended up being hired as an instructor for the other Grand Companies, who don't enjoy a long-standing tradition of archery like the Order of the Twin Adder and as a result have a higher demand for a skilled instructor. Despite this he finds the need and motivation to instruct Free Companies as well, they provide a risk-reward type of deal, where there is a somewhat bigger wide divide between the motivated and unmotivated students. At one point Ascy did do a bit of mercenary work. However, something went wrong and he ended up discontinuing this path completely, going so far as to decline mercenary jobs even when offered by highly reputable persons in the Grand Companies. A hard distinction here is to be made between a mercenary job and a hunting job, as Ascy can, on occasion, be found hunting small and large game.
Nowadays Ascy can be found travelling between and around the three city states, oftentimes with a scheduled class somewhere around the corner or just behind him. He plans his visits to the city states to revolve around several classes, staying anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in the same area, then travelling onto the next. As a result Ascy has a tendency of gaining and losing new contacts, and has had trouble developing long-standing relationships in the past, which mean that he will appear and act timid and innocent a majority of the time. Despite this, however, he is quite up to speed with what may happen in the bad parts of town, and can easily find himself concerned for the safety of others when not in his presence.


Ascy is typified by a young, unscarred face. He has brown eyes and long hair, almost always covered by his iconic black ranger's hat. He wears a long, woad blue coat with layers of leather covering both the front and back, serving both as protection as well as keeping his clothes out of the way when performing archery. He has plain blue pants with practical boots, good for maintaining a solid foothold on rougher ground. Most iconic is his bow, made by a master bowyer at the Archer's guild in Gridania, who wishes to remain anonymous. The bow is characterized by its short length and soothing recurve to retain efficient energy transfer, making it ideal for hunting.


On the whole of it Ascy is well spoken with a good sense of morality, but can be easy going or, on occasion, easily convinced to go with a venture that he wouldn't otherwise agree with. He is always very kind. On those rare occasions when he actually teases or pokes fun at someone this is often cautious and hesitant.

  • Relatively gullible
  • Poor map-reading skills
  • Chaotic 'administration'
  • Seems unable to remember names


  • Endless knowledge about archery
  • Well spoken
  • Kind and Friendly
  • Will explain something for as long as it takes!


  • Rambles whenever bows or archery comes up as a subject
  • Attempting to learn conjury
  • World knowledge is questionable


  • Favorite Color: Dark Purple
  • Favorite Food: Fresh-baked Bread
  • Favorite Drink: Milk or Water
  • Favorite Place: Peaceful woodlands


  • Observing sunsets
  • Watching up at the starry night sky
  • Travelling, seeing new places
  • Learning about others' professions and history


  • Violence
  • Dishonesty
  • The idea of living in Limsa or Ul'dah



Wood-composite recurve bow (unnamed (Bow of the Wanderer))
Draw weight: 125 pounds
Lengths: 60 inches
Cost: Unknown (expensive)
Draw length: 32 inches (accounting for draw style)


The only notable affiliation Ascy has with magic is that he is trying to learn conjury, assuming it likely that at some point one of his students will get seriously hurt. Though Arcanima has also been cited as an option, his heritage in the shroud and relative appreciation of nature makes conjury a more appealing option. Besides this, Ascy has no magical abilities whatsoever, and his knowledge and understanding of magic in general is very poor at best.


In his spare time Ascy is known to occasionally weave a straw hat or basket. Primarily however, Ascy has done some exploration with the construction but above all mending of bows. As a result he's well able to see damage develop and repair his bows before they fail, or at least be able to make them last considerably longer than usual.


Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"He seems lost." ~A local stranger
"Insert rumor here." ~Person
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

Rare Rumors (Difficult/Rare to overhear)

"Did he just take an arrowhead out of his jacket?" ~A passer-by
"Insert rumor here." ~Person
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Ascy has been my teacher. He is really good in teaching and has great patience. Although I did beat him in a quick friendly aiming match.. maybe he let me win or it was beginners luck." ~N'amine Isayama
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name


Color Key
Friendly Acquaintance
? Hidden Feelings
? Unknown

    Not much is known about Ascy's. He was killed in an ambush by poachers, reportedly by shielding his mother but being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. It is rumored that his father was part of rear security in the patrol column.
    Not much is known about Ascy's mother. She was killed in an ambush by poachers. She's rumored to have been the second in command of the squadron tasked with the patrol.
    ? Siblings
    Ascy has no known siblings, though due to the untimely demise of his parents it is possible that they are out there.


    N'amine Isayama
    After (once again) blindly stumbling through Ul'dah, Ascy sollicited the help of N'amine to try and help find his way to the Goblet. Soon he found himself intrigued by her appearance, above all the clothing. After telling her why he was going where he was going, he discovered that she too was originally from Gridania and ended up in Ul'dah through hopes of better learning the craft of weaving. She showed great interest in his bow, and Ascy wondered why she didn't do archery when she seemed so interested and ended up proposing teaching her for free, being happy he had found someone so interested. He seems uncertain, and tries to hide any confusion in his head, instead attempting to focus on showing her how to use a bow where applicable.
    Koromyn Wylde
    / Abrielle Sundance
    Meeting Abrielle Sundance was the result of Ascy once more (*sigh*) being completely lost. He learned that she has an interest in learning archery, particularly because she lacks direct means of self-defense. Because Abrielle works as Conjurer, this sparked the idea for Ascy to learn conjury of his own to heal the wounds his students would inevitably obtain, whereby Ascy would teach Abrielle archery and Abrielle could teach Ascy conjury.

RP Hooks (conversation starters)

- He may appear lost as he often is, looking flustered and confused at a map he takes with him everywhere.
- His bow is a beautifully crafted piece, and may take the attention of somebody who knows a thing about archery or otherwise has a keen eye for quality.


What I am looking for/interested in:

I'm interested in meeting interesting people in general, though specifically I am keen to find more people who are interested in learning archery, are Archers themselves already or are located around the Gridania/Shroud area.

What I will NOT RP:

I haven't gotten across anything in particular yet, though I'm not going to let you kill me or anything. Will very very likely bring it up OOC if the RP goes too far in a no-no direction.

About the Player:

I'm a main BRD, secondarily AST, WHM and DRK. Though really, BRD's where it's all at!

Other Stuff

Total aircraft/history nerd, particularly WW2 aviation and WW2 in general. Also play Rising Storm 2 and World of Warships on occasion.