Atlus Evernoir

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Atlus Evernoir
"I will only unsheathe my blade to protect..."

Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Doma
Age 26
Occupation Samurai, Chef


Atlus Evernoir lived as farmer for a short time during his adolescence before meeting his soon to be master. He always strives to better himself at whatever he does and tries not let a bad situation stop himself from smiling. He's a fun loving guy never betrays the friends he makes. His kindhearted nature makes him easy prey for those who take advantage of people though.


Atlus likes loose clothing, or any clothing that allows him to move freely. Whenever he's traveling you'll see him wearing a sedge hat of sorts. His hair is long, and he likes it that way for some reason. Though since it gets in his way when he fights, he has to put it in a ponytail. (Refer to pictures for character details)


Lively, Loyal, Discplined, Friendly Atlus loves adventure and traveling. He enjoys meeting new people and hanging out with people he's grown accustomed to. His need to constantly train himself is just proof of how determined he is at whatever he does. Once he puts his mind to something, only something equally as large could stop him from doing it. He puts his friends first, and won't hesitate to help them. He doesn't like to lie, and so he rarely does so. If he ever does it must be for a very good reason.





Being Helpful












Too Nice

Easily Drunk




This is a list of the items that Atlus currently is keeping on him. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: 8/28/2017

  • ITEM: Calligraphy Scrolls

  • ITEM: His Previous Master's Blade

  • ITEM: A pouch with some medical supplies and some gil inside a smaller pouch.

  • ITEM: Water Flask (Or Alcohol Flask, depending on what day it is)

  • ITEM: Journal


Atlus is very skilled in melee combat with his previous master's katana. Though when he fights, he never unsheathes his blade. so he fights like a samurai would, but with a blunt sheath covering and sealing the blade. Even without the blade his sheath attacks could knock out even the toughest of Roes. Atlus relies on speed rather than strength though due to his feminine physique. His swings are so fast that you would think he only swung once from two or three slashes. This allows him to break hard defenses by hitting the same spot in quick succession. His skill isn't perfect though, and there are many flaws in his style of swordplay that a master samurai can see miles away. This is why he pushes himself to train harder, and even attempts to look for a new master.


(In-Game: The Unsullied Skies) The blade known as Yaki-fū or "Searing Winds" This blade once belonged to Atlus's first master. Before his untimely demise, he gave Atlus this blade in hopes to see his strength in future. For if his soul should leave the body, he'll know where to find his pupil from just the sound of his sword swing. The master was known as a great samurai who's countless swings created wind currents of extreme heat.


Here is a list of recent and/or notable fights, roleplay scenes, etc. that Atlus has been a part of. This list is by no means all inclusive, and serves more as a general reference as to what he has been up to.


Atlus's father was a man found unconscious, carried by the waves. He came from a far away land. The man was taken in by a Doman family who fed him, clothed him, and gave him work. He would help with farms and other such things. He fell in love with a Doman woman and they had a child. This was not supposed to happen, and so the man was forced to leave Doma with his child. A year later, the Empire attacked. He kept himself and Atlus, his son, well hidden, living in the harsh wilds of the Azim Steppe.

It was difficult to farm, but they were able to make due. Atlus was almost 10 at the time and learned how to farm and cook from his father. Normally they'd go hunting together while staying close to their home. This time, they decided to try hunting a little further out in hopes to catch more food. This was a mistake.

As they were hunting, a random Xeala had been traversing the area by themselves. Normally the Xeala didn't come this close to the edge of the Steppe, and this worried his father. Atlus was too enamored by the fierce look of the Auri to think and yelled excitedly at the person while waving. This was the wrong move. Like a wild animal, this person made no attempts at slowing down. They ran towards him and his father with a ferocious look in their eyes. The Xeala almost grabbed Atlus but his father pushed him out of the way. He tries to fight back, but this Xeala was much stronger than a simple farm man like himself. He was killed right in front of Atlus.

Unable to move, the boy picked up his dull weapon and tries to swing at the Xeala. This bears no fruit except to anger the Xeala, as one of his wild slashes succeeded in making a small mark on their cheek. The Xeala grabbed Atlus by his small neck before making a double take as the Xeala's arm slides away from their body. A person clad in samurai attire appeared next to the Xeala, sword being re-sheathed as Atlus falls on his butt in surprise.

The enemy was quickly dispatched after that, and the Samurai joined Atlus in his father's burial. His soon to be master offered to be his protector on guide him to a safe area where he could live with another family, but Atlus promptly declined, and instead bowed while begging profusely to teach him the way of the Samurai.

After being under his master's teachings for so many years, something changed. His master left to him their sword. "You must only unsheathe this blade to protect...I must leave for now...and you are not to follow me. I will find a way to you, as long as you keep this sword." The master then walked off without another word. Atlus was taught never to disobey his masters orders, but during this situation he tries to follow him, but loses track soon after. That was perhaps 6 months ago. Now here we are in present day. A wayward Samurai who's training is far from complete, and a missing master who may or may not be dead. Perhaps the master may yet live, or maybe Atlus will have to find a new one. Only time will tell.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust


These are mostly backstory-related relationships.

(Open Slot) mother. ( SYMBOLS GO HERE )
CHARACTER’s Thoughts: "Quote goes here."

Yuvo Evernoir, father. ( 🔒 Trust )
CHARACTER's Thoughts: "I wish i could have learned more from him...and asked about my mother."

Atlus's father was a man of good morals. He never took a break even as the harsh environment took a toll on him. He was brave and decisive. A great role model for Atlus.


Listed here are the non-family characters, both PC and NPC, that Atlus has interacted with enough or in such a way for him to form a real opinion about them. Please don't take personal offense if your character isn't listed here, or how the interaction or relationship is described. It isn't that I dislike your character or our RP. I just tend to only add these as necessary for those who make a real impact on him, and descriptions are purely based on character experiences and opinions!

* An asterisks denotes that CHARACTER doesn't know the individual's true name.

(Open if his master is secretly alive), The Natural Disaster. ( 🔒 Trust )
CHARACTER’s Thoughts: "The master has many flaws...but lack of strength and resolve is not one of them..."

As the backstory does well to explain, this man saved Atlus's life and brought him into the world of Samurais


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Atlus is a male His avatar is female, but it's very clear he is just a feminine looking male. His voice is still obviously a male one, and he's a strong samurai who just happened to be born with a very weak looking body. His muscles seem to be more compact in his body, so no matter how much he works out, his body will still look weak. He's not a trap, it's very clear he's a male, so there's no guess work. (Though he could probably disguise himself as a female if the story required him to)


I don't really have any preferences when it comes to RP, so i'll just state this: I don't like RP being stuck in one specific "type" so for instance, i don't want to be part of an RP that's all about Romance and just romance. So please don't put out RP in a category.

Here's the Tumblr Atlus has!

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