Leanne Delphium

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Leanne Delphium
Owner of a Fancy Hat

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"Forever walking forward, towards the ever distant horizon."


Birth Name: Leanne Delphium

Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

Gender: Female

Nationality: Gridanian

Nameday: 25th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon

Marital Status: Single

Other Details

Occupation: Adventurer

Patron Deity: Oschon, the Wanderer

Nicknames: Lea; Lele; Ms. Hat; Hat Lady; Leanne of the Fancy Hat

Favorite Colors: Green, White, Red

Favorite Dish and Drink: Apple Tart and Honey Mead

Alignment: Neutral Good

Leanne Delphium, born 25th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon, is a seeker raised deeply within the roots of Gridania. Adventurous and free spirited, she was one to go against the current of her home's idyllic, sheltered culture, for her soul burned with bright passion for freedom and adventure, tales from passing adventurers and epic stories written in books helping little to quench her thirst for the world and its apparent wonders. Although initially against such drive, her parents eventually gave in to their daughter's unbridled wishes, and by the age of seventeen, Leanne left the relative safety of her home, eagerly taking on the life of adventuring and traveling she so much desired. Throughout the road, she made a lot of friends and a couple of enemies, witnessed vistas and events few could dream, went from a mere archer from the forest to a somewhat famous Bard, and learned a lot of things. Now nineteen, and made wiser by the two strict years of adventuring, Leanne continues her journey through the realm, step by step, still dreaming about the wonders of the world, and still seeking her ultimate wish: To explore the entirety of Hydaelyn.

She Likes!

Traveling. Traveling is her drive, her love and her muse. Blessed with a powerful wanderlust, her life will perhaps always be one on the road.
Music, Poetry, Tales. Ever a fan of stories and tales written and also spoken, her affinity for them deepened and widened at the same time when she became a Bard.
Crowds. She loves people! The more, the merrier, she likes to say! Which leads to her next favorite thing.
Celebrations. Leanne being a big party girl is an understatement. Almost any reason for party can be a good one, and she revels in the opportunity of having fun.
Freedom. This is, ultimately, the seed of her wanderlust. Freedom.

But Dislikes...

Corruption. Although anyone would say that, Leanne's dislike for corruption, be in any forms, has grown deeper after being witness to the several machinations of Ul'dah monetarists.
Morbols. A trauma she developed after a fateful bout against a marlboro ended with her and her wolf pup drenched in morbol bile. Never again.
Intolerance. Witness and victim to it within a couple of locations, her home being known by its intolerance and racism, Leanne frowns heavily upon any sights of such behavior.
Politics. EW. SO MANY EW. Never ask Leanne about politics. After Ul'dah, all she will ever say to you is probably a "I hate it."
Blind Zealotry. Her pet peeve against Ishgard. An open mind is important, and zealotry to her just blinds you to other potentially respectable points of view.

Her Strengths!

Caring. She's protective, sweet and gentle. The friends she has are worthy of all the care she can muster.
Determined. Very much akin to a coeurl, she fights with tooth and nail when she deems necessary.
Empathetic. Although not always accurate, Leanne tends to have a grasp about others' state of mind.
Accepting. She is always open to new venues of thought, for different views on different subjects, and for different cultures of different settlements. One of the reasons she travels, after all.
Idealistic. Leanne has a very bright outlook on life and the world she lives in, and likes to inspire others to share of the same positive views.

And Weaknesses...

Prudish. Sexual connotations might leave her uncomfortable.
Romance. She has never struck right with romance, giving the girl a sour outlook on it.
Emotional. Being in touch with her emotions and from others means being easy to feel sadness, or a burning, impulsive anger.
Naivety. While capable of being sharp she is quite naive.
Idealistic. When idealism and realism clashes, it is rarely realism who backs off. As such, Leanne struggles, marrying her idealistic views with the grim reality she is sometimes witness to.

Also Quirks!

Sweet Lover. Leanne's capacity to devour confections often raised a brow from nearby witnesses.
Trivia Machine. Her propensity to read about several subjects plus desire to know more of the world left her with a broad knowledge of several subjects.
Acrobatic. A life of an energetic girl among the trees can end in a lot of climbing and swinging and jumping. Which is exactly what happened.
You Said What? Sometimes invents or uses of words and slangs she heard somewhere to express herself. Totes.
Hats. Where there is a Leanne, there is certainly a hat, most of times.

Very cheerful with a tendency to be sweet, Leanne is very quick to trust and even quicker to befriend, willingly partaking in several, different culture and customs while being at the same time happy to share knowledge of her own. Her adventures throughout Eorzea and beyond gave her knowledge and memories she fondly carries to this day, granting broad knowledge of several subjects while also making her wise beyond her years. Occasionally she passes off as a naive girl, despite the fact that she can be very sharp. Least but no less important, the girl can be very mischievous, not being over pulling pranks and jokes, although not liking it when on the receiving end of one.
A strikingly beautiful young woman, Leanne's owner of bright golden eyes, cheerful and sweet features, and least but no less important a curvaceous figure, attributes she at times accentuate or not by innocent gestures or use of her different outfits. Being of slightly short height, she usually does not bother with such detail, until it becomes frustratingly apparent to her when besides one too many elezen or roegadyn, or pointed out to her. Her style of clothes once consisted of the easy and practical, but as time went by, she began to gravitate towards more elaborate and unique garbs, overall attaining a rather diverse wardrobe. The most remarkable trait of her appearance though is the constant presence of a hat adorning her head. Such is one of the major attributes of Leanne, made obvious by her title and by the fact that most of her friends cannot help but raise a brow if they see the seeker without a headwear.
As children, Leanne's constant sneaking into Quivers and Wailers' camps, and her mom former status as a respectable Quiver landed her into the status of "mascot" between some of the forest protectors, giving her access to a variety of weapons and a bit of combat experience from an early age. With her occasional sojourns into the woods, and eventual adventures throughout Eorzea, Leanne grew into a competent, highly adaptive combatant, whose objective isn't to kill(although she will do it if necessary), but to incapacitate. A lesson she learned as an archer, taken to heart by her mischievous side is to be highly opportunistic. Every advantage counts in bringing a clash to a swift end, cheap as they may be.


Leanne's true call is with a ranged weapon. Not only a bow, but any ranged weaponry. Guns, cannons, throwing knives or a measly pebble. Leanne is a highly skilled sharpshooter, skill exacerbated by her vibrant golden eyes. The vision they have borders on uncanny, and consequently, so does her marksmanship.


Although not as developed as her sharpshooting, Leanne is still to be feared within close quarters, having adapted to use of her bow to those in close proximity, while also gaining insightful knowledge of pugilism and use of daggers. Leanne has a lot of leg strength, enough to break a training dummy in half(which she did during a brief burst of anger) and mimicking a few moves witnessed, her skill on pugilism borders between intermediate and advanced. Least but no less important, marrying her knife throwing skills with her proficiency with daggers leaves her a force to be wary of.


Her weakness as well as her strength. Not giving the time necessary to learn, Leanne has only a basic understanding of the schools of magic, bordering between useful and passable. Things like using thaumaturgy to light a little fire, or conjury to soothe body pains and little wounds. Her knowledge is growing, but very sporadically. This glaring fact thought is a disservice to the specialized magic Leanne employs. Deemed worthy of being turned into a Bard, hers is the power to influence others, imbuing her songs and words with power and aether, not unlike a siren, although with more benevolent purposes.

Miscellaneous Skills
Life in the road does not only mean combat. One must be able to be independent, feed themselves, keep their equipment in check, able to make money, alongside several other challenges. To survive this long, Leanne had to learn and to adapt, and as such, she developed several skills to help her with her journey, and consequently, day-to-day life.


Although not able to weave clothes, produce a remarkable piece of leather or craft a bow, she learned to repair all of her equipment to the best of her skills. Leanne is not a master, but she manages to keep her equipment running at good condition, and is humble enough to know she will be always better off by letting someone more skilled have a look at her stuff.


Her cooking skills are unremarkable at best. Once more survival being placed as priority, her food is not delicious, but is not bad either. It is just edible and nutritious, which is all Leanne asks while on the road.


Owner of a beautiful voice and several instruments, Leanne strives to cheer, enchant and conquer the hearts of all who hear her melodies. Although overly humble about her skills, considering herself a fledgling in comparison to her peers, Leanne is showered with compliments and flattery whenever she puts her skills to use, bringing the girl a big feeling of joy and accomplishment.


A skill taken to its ultimate, most comedic limit. Once a humble fisher of small wavekin, everything changed when (the Fire Nation attacked) a friend of hers regaled the seeker with tales of fishing sharks, and selling them for money. Feeling strangely inadequate, and taking his tales as a challenge, Leanne began a rigorous, arduous training in fishing. By the end of it all, Leanne had won the capacity to fish creatures that could be confounded with a man's most feverish nightmares.


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"She used to mingle a lot in the Quicksand, either chatting or just overhearing people's conversations." -- Quicksand Patron
"She's a fine Sky Pirate. Not a bad one, mind you. A respectable sort of Sky Pirate. Trust her, hear me?" -- Good Sky Pirate
"She loves adventure. Perhaps a bit too much. Start talking about traveling and she will never stop." -- Sleepy Wood Wailer
"She was the first one to win the Grindstone with a bow! And won three times while at it! Impressive, huh?" -- Excitable Uldahn
"I really never seen her take off her hat. Weird..." -- Revenant's Toll Adventurer
"Did you see her Bronco Grease poster? Did you give a good eye at her boobs?! What I'd do to be Mr.'Twelveswood'!" -- Someone Soon to Be Walloped
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"So she says she is taught by a moogle how to sing and play instruments. That sounds strange, but also really cute!" -- Impressionable Child
"How many times she takes aetheric travels? Does she ever get tired?" -- Fellow Adventurer
"There's people who saw her working alongside a dubious duskwight to launch a shark into the sky. Insanity." -- Questionable Uldahn
"I was part of her little crew she took whenever she went fishing. The things Leanne pulls out of the water are stuff of nightmares." -- Wide-Eyed Fisher
"Leanne? Oh yeah, she hunts every now and then here in the Forelands. Its a rare combination she has, beauty and a hellish eyesight." -- Respectable Hunter
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Apparently, she has a story with the former Crystal Braves and the Brass Blades. What she did to get so much heat?" -- Curious Mercenary
"This girl ventured into the Crystal Tower alongside the Warrior of Light and more than 20 other adventurers. Have to wonder what she has experienced inside it." -- NOAH Archaeologist
"Seems like she pursued psychological help at some point because of emotional problems. Poor thing..." -- Empathetic Waitress
"Once I saw the girl sneaking into the Carteneau Flats. I bet she wanted to know the place. Too bad she got heavily injured." -- Adders Soldier
"It has been fairly known that there is a dragon occasionally roaming Dravania and Abalathia, for no apparent reason. What no one knows is that this girl is also roaming this region, and can often be found alongside him." -- Sharp-Eyed Adventurer
"I heard about adventurers and sky pirates following the Warrior of Light into a ghost ship. They called it what, the Void Ark? Anyway, this girl you're asking of, I think I heard a description matching hers." -- Camp Cloudtop Knight
"This girl seems cheerful right? Well, be watchful. She's shrouded in secrecy. There are things hiding under those bright, seemingly innocent eyes that one person can only wonder. I know the look." -- Idyllshire Settler
◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
Feel free to add your own rumors here!
"Nice, friendly, accepting. These are the words I'd use to describe the best hat-wearer I know." -- Franz Renatus
"Leanne? She's a friend of mine! And so much fuuuun! She's also got the best hat in all Eorzea!" -- Aya Foxheart
"That female is kind but is uncomfortable with the idea of cutting off limbs to give as tokens of affection. She is curious." -- Atrium Crow
"Adventurous, but perhaps too impulsive. I pray she stops to think before getting herself into more trouble." -- Coatleque Crofte
"Lady Leanne listens to her heart and it is quite beautiful. Is a rare gift to have." -- Jancis Milburga
"Leanne's a bit headstrong, but it's a good thing she's got so many people around her to help take care of her, myself included." -- Ha'uruh Nunh
"Leanne's beautiful enough, but she needs to decide what she wants from people. I just can't figure that woman out." -- Evangeline Primrose
"Leanne is friend enough with the moogles that she convinced them to appear and perform at Thaliak's pilgrimage. It was truly a sight and sound to behold!" -- Ojune Wajune
"I am grateful it were by Leanne's hand that my reign ended. To harm a young lass so full of life would've hurt even my iron heart." -- Sounsyy Mirke
"Ah! Ms. Hat! She's... like a sister ta me, y'know? I know I gots one already, but she's like... 'nuther one. Anyroad, I'm glad she's all happy again 'n hope she stays that way forever 'n ever!" -- Chachanji Gegenji
"Miss Leanne..now there's someone who has absolutely no shortage of life in her. Though I guess I met her when she bought me, a real...no she'd kill me if I said what I was about to say, she seemed determined to keep that side of her a secret. Almost sure of it, my lips are sealed." -- Kurt Steel
"Girl's got hat style! She seems really cute and interesting too! Hmm..." -- Solis Claritas
"Friendly lass, can be quite a joy to chat with as well. Also seems to have a bit of a mischievous side." -- Barnabaix Haurtfelle
"Leanne is strange, though I'm not one to talk... As she is fond of reminding me. Wish I could give in to wanderlust as easily as she does. I owe her." -- Jana Ridah
"I believe I owe her my life – perhaps more than once. There is little I would not do for her, should she ask." -- Edda Eglantine
"Cute. Strong. Kind. She's my type, but it's not her that I'm looking out for. I'm interested in that little bard soulstone; what it can do, and what her limitations with it are. One of my top "On The Lookout" individuals." -- Oscare Iono
"I had the pleasure to listen to her singing. I soon felt the rain down my cheeks and was left speechless for a few moments afterwards, struck with awe." -- Elise Wolfe
"She's seen me at my best and worst, been there for both. I owe a lot to her." -- Leih'a Relanah
"Interesting woman with an interesting hat. She certainly has a head on her shoulders and common sense that have become all too rare among adventurers." -- Orenji Kharn
"Lady Leanne is a fantastic bard. Never have I read her songs in books or heard another sing them. She did sing when we went on pilgrimage last Turn at six stones, the first and last to. Each a unique song, even some where moogles would show themselves and sing along. Each one makes me want to skip and dance!" -- Jancis Milburga
"I've had t'pleasure of competin' against her in various stage occurrences, but ne'er really got a word in edgewise beyond "Congratulations". She seems t'busy sort, but well-liked." -- Odette Saoirse
"I am rarely one to indulge, but with her? Few women are as fun to tease. Fewer still are as capable and competent." -- Tengri Geneq
"I saw her hit a flies with an arrow. Three at least! In a rainstorm. Thaliak only knows how." -- Jancis Milburga
"Ever seen her blush? Of course you have. Isn't it just the greatest thing? Lights up my day, I tell you." -- Andromeda Dulaque
"Oh! She sings the catchiest songs! I always find myself hummin' along, even if I don't know the tune. She's a bit like the sun, isn't she? She smiles, an' everythin' just lights up!." -- Etani'a Sedi
"She is really good at exploring. Showed me around all of the Hinterlands. We even got covered in bile and managed to laugh. In-between some coughing, at least. It was quite stinky. I still think of that cave fondly. Blue Stars’ Respite!" -- Jancis Milburga
"Delphium? Gives much, 'n' asks little. Decent lass. Tough t'read though." -- Osric Melkire
"Her songs are amazing. They describe more than what has happened, but how it felt. She wrote the most beautiful passionate song and sang it around Denz and I. It is like she saw the future." -- Jancis Milburga


  Color Key
Romantic Love: Leanne has strong, reciprocal feelings to this character.
Sexual Tension: Leanne can be "bothered" when interacting to this character.
Crush: Leanne feels an attraction to this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Leanne holds this character quite dear, as if they are part of her family.
Friend: Leanne considers this character a good friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Leanne has a good opinion of this character but hasn't developed friendship yet.

Neutral: Leanne is yet to form an opinion on this character.
Bad Standing: Leanne does not have a good opinion of this character.
Dislike: Leanne has a profound distaste with this character.

? Missing: This character is missing.
Deceased: This character is dead, or believed to be dead.
Relations (NPC)
  C'Kahn Delphium ( ) - "Dad!"
Former tia of the Coeurl Tribe, nowadays carpenter and leatherworker in Gridania. A kind soul thought by everyone to be weak and frail, belying his sense of duty and unbreakable determination. Kahn leaves Leanne's mentoring mostly to C'thara, but is not shy from helping his daughter whenever the need arises. The more doting parent, he was the one who gave to Leanne her chocobo and her journal.
  C'Thara Delphium ( ) - "Mom!"
Once a huntress from the Coeurl Tribe, now a sweet mother who tends for her children. Being similar to her daughter in more ways than just appearance, Thara’s her major source of counseling, helping Leanne with anything, be from physical wounds to internal struggles. Initially against having Leanne traveling, she fills herself with proud at each achievement she hears from her seeker.
  Elliot Delphium ( ) - "Brat! I Mean, Brother!"
Leanne's younger brother, a very mischievous and carefree kid, who sees Leanne as an icon to follow and idolize. Currently practicing spear fighting, he aims to reach Leanne and someday surpass her.
  Kyrin ( ) - "The Lil' Bandit!"
Leanne's loyal dog, also known as the Little Bandit. Fearless and always happy, he is a constant source of happiness and trouble for Leanne, his love for bones surpassing the common knowledge that you do not try stealing them from crypts and reanimated skeletons. Despite such, he is the de-facto "leader" from the "posse" of pets that Leanne have.
Relations (PC)
  Markus Krosse ( ) - "Still My Right Hand Man."
Dragoon from the Ishgard and one of her best friends, Markus and Leanne were quite close to each other, supporting each other’s back at any given moment. As time went by, their lives took separate roads and although the connection is there, they do not talk as frequently as before.
  Ralena Tharin ( ? ) - "Forever My Friend."
Former best friend of Leanne, Ralena was one of the first connections Leanne made in Ul’dah. Leanne deeply misses her.
  Chachanji Gegenji ( ) - "My Step Sibling."
A Free Paladin lalafell she considers a second sibling to nurture and protect. Once Leanne saw in him a younger version of herself when she started adventuring. Now his own person by her eyes, she is there to support him in any way she can, but maintains her distance, holding her big sister instincts from thwarting his growth as an individual.
  Spahro Llorn ( ) - "Hate but Like, Like but Hate.."
Journalist from the Tonberry Lantern, and one of the most bizarre friendships. Leanne is very resistant to Spahro’s antics, somehow seeing in her a better person, despite the several glaring flaws often Leanne herself points out. Despite their strong opposite personalities, Leanne likes Spahro, considering her as one of the truest friends she has.
  Ha'uruh Nuhn ( ) - "Prank Target!"
A seeker that acts like a big brother towards Leanne, bringing some ease into her heart. She respects him a lot, but such fact does not stop her from pulling pranks nor joking at his expense, never forgetting to say sorry afterwards.
  Klynzahr Iyrnahctwyn ( ) - "Paranoid, but Courageous."
Leanne met Klyn during a sun midst the Grindstone, a conversation marked mostly by the roegadyn making fun of Leanne's short stature. She's the cautious to Leanne's daring, although too much for the seeker's taste as it shows some glaring flaws, the most obvious being the paranoia.
  Leih'a Relanah ( ) - "Easy Target!"
Friend of hers and Markus, Leanne developed a knack for threatening him in one way or another, consequence of his usual mishaps. Such jest though is just an act of care, and Leanne care for her friend a lot.
  Aya Foxheart ( ) - "Fun to Chat!"
Bartender of the Quicksand, Leanne and Aya have a nice friendship, both holders of a cheerful, slightly mischievous personalities.
  Elise Wolfe ( ? ) - "The Shadow with a Heart of Light."
They started a conversation at rocky terms as Elise had stolen an object that became target of Leanne's interest, their bartering clearly showing signs of hostility. Past that, a friendship managed to bloom between both, one that Leanne misses, for Elise has vanished once more.
  Oscare Iono ( ) - "Funny, but Grumpy! Smile, Grumpybutt!"
Grumpy highlander and friend of Leanne's, she loves to nag at him to be more sociable. In return, she's easy target to his jests, although having her comeuppance every now and then. Whenever he's around, she makes an extra effort to get a smile out of him.
  Sharla Blackberry ( ) - "Uncertainity."
Once a Sultansworn, once known as Shas Tarry. A friend, and once a minor mentor figure, Leanne does not know what path Sharla treads right now, but she does not like it.
  Coatleque Crofte ( ) - "Misguided Light."
Another Sultansworn, the interactions between Leanne and Crofte hangs from formal to very casual. Once she was afraid of approaching the woman, whose atmosphere exudes of authority, but not anymore. After her affair with Jameson Taeros, Leanne never quite could shake off of her assumption that Crofte's morality became distorted.
  Devereau Beauregard ( ) - "Beautiful One of Beautiful Prose."
Fancy elezen, wearer of lavender, and a man Leanne is fascinated with, from the eloquent words that brings her admiration and envy of his distinct approach and interpretation of the Wanderer's teachings. Every single meeting with him has Leanne doing her best to mimic the expert word smiting of his.
  Orrin Halgren ( ) - "A Breath of Fresh Air."
Dragoon from Coerthas, they met by coincidence in the Churning Mists, at the time a place seldom visited by any of the Five Races. Sensing his thoughtfulness about the whole Dragonsong War, she felt inclined to pushing into 'opening' his mind. She has yet to discern the entirety of his personality, yet it didn't stop her from considering the knight a friend to count on.
  Kiht Jakkya ( ) - "Wolfmother."
Matron of the Shroudwolf clan and a woman with quite a different attitude from Leanne. Through their conversations, it was shown a lingering envy from both parties for certain attributes held by one, but not by another. Having differing views, their talk is still considerate and respectful. Opinions are only opinions, after all.
  Ninifae Nira ( ) - "Boring!"
Girlfriend of her best friend, Markus, and a friend of Leanne, also. Her overly logical approach always prompts Leanne to take a jab at her, through mischief or finding holes and exceptions to the rule.
  Cliodhna Eoghan ( ) - "Suspicious Bookcase!"
Engineer of the Red Wings, their chat tends to be extremely casual, although interesting subjects always arises from time to time, be Leanne's "incident" at Clio's bachelorette party, or the fact that the highlander grew a drake and named him Habanero. The normalcy is welcome to Leanne's somewhat crazy life, although it can't be denied, the seeker is very curious of the Clio's secrecy about her job.
  Franz Renatus ( ) - "A Sweet Man Scarred By Life."
A garlean Leanne met, it took a while for her to discover his homeland, yet such discovery didn't deter Leanne of continuing her friendship, instead giving her a lot of curiosity, not only about the man itself, but about Garlemald too. She likes to consider herself a close friend of his.
  Verad Bellveil ( ) - "The Dubious Salesman!"
Source of laughs and also agony, the dubious salesman strikes her as an honest, yet eccentric man. Valiant certain times, more often than not cowardly, somewhat serious, yet irreverently goofy, Leanne is fond of his presence, even if said presence causes frustration to no end.
  Edda Eglantine ( ) - "A Bird, Trapped Within Her Cage."
Another friend of hers, the several times Leanne saved Edda from the dangers she got herself into thrust Leanne into being extra-protective of her well-being. Owner of a mask used to distance others, Leanne desperately tries to destroy it, never being successful in doing so.
  Jancis Milburga ( ) - "Like an Angel~"
A woman Leanne trusts implicitly, for her kind nature and sweet words are just glimpses of an even warmer soul.
  Roysia Stone ( ? ) - "My Stupid, Valiant Former Fire."
Past lover of Leanne, owner of questionable logic, habits, reasoning, and a lot of determination and courage. Their break-up hurt Leanne badly, but even then, she deeply misses the hyur.
  Koporo Aporo ( ) - "The One Who Could Be."
A former candidate to Sultansworn Leanne chats with sometimes. She respects his determination, his idealism and chivalry, yet sees a glaring flaw in his temper and headstrong behavior.
  Atrium Crow ( ? ) - "The Limb Crow."
An undead she met during an incident. Last Leanne heard of Atrium, she was trying to fit in society. Leanne hopes she did.
  Jana Ridah ( ) - "Too Vengeful. Too Shy. Still Nice."
One of her few friendships within the Ul'dah armed forces, Leanne considers Jana as particularly quirky. Every so often she disagrees with her, be Jana shying away from crowds, being too eager to kill or to attain as per Leanne's mind the random revenge of the week, or simply using Leanne as a shield to hide herself from other people. Doesn't stop Leanne from liking her though.
  Evangeline Primrose ( ) - "The Insufferable!"
An elezen Leanne considers weird, their relationship is rocky at best as Leanne tries to respect Eva’s opinions but completely disagrees with her methods and actions, resulting in attrition.
  Jameson Taeros ( ) - "Two Faced Viper. Bastard."
The only man person that Leanne truly thought of killing for nothing else other than anger. Once thought to be dead, she has knowledge of the man's return from the grave, and although hesitant, she made herself a grim promise: To slay Taeros at the first sign of trouble she sees.
Character Music
Theme Song: Rita - Dorchadas.
Other Links
TV Tropes: Determinator, Spirited Young Lady, Walking The Earth, Nice Hat.


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