Azami Harrowton

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Gridania-transparent.png Azami Harrowton
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 18
Nameday 1st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Occupation Conjurer/Explorer
Height/Weight 4'9" / 102 lbs
Orientation Heterosexual
  • Una Lihzeh (Mother)
  • Hawu'a Tayuun (Father)
  • Akami Lihzeh (Sister-Deceased)

Azami Harrowton (née Lihzeh) is a little walking ball of stress. This forest child led quite a sheltered life in her secluded tribe from deep in The Black Shroud. Her recent ventures beyond that known zone has taken her out of her comfort zone in a profound and extensive way. Beyond the dark woods, the world seems entirely too big and bright. Sunlight and wide open spaces are not a happy place for this conjurer in training. The vast quantity of unknown entities (They speak!) are likewise a harsh confrontation. She is trying to be more sociable since striking out to explore, but that is a slow process. Clearly, Azami is not compatible with her current surroundings in any meaningful way. Either something has ejected her from her childhood home, or something has attracted her away from it.

These forces conspired to have her end up with the Gridania Conjurers Guild. Her strong sense of empathy and caring made her an excellent recruit. After progressing well in her training, the Guild sent her out to learn more about the world and study the caster arts. She has a deep curiosity for all things and a drive to learn constantly. The only thing holding her back is her own anxieties. She has become somewhat of an adventurer, more like an explorer, in her effort to overcome it.

"I am driven by two main philosophies; know more today about the world than I knew yesterday, and lessen the suffering of others."

Basic Info


All flora and fauna
Quiet secluded areas
Sweets, especially rose candies
Peace and unconfrontational companionship


Thanalan... all of it
Violence, of any kind
Being teased
Being touched by strangers
Loud noises
Sudden movements
High places
Open places


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Shiny things, an instant distraction and attention grabber
Favorite Food: Cookies
Favorite Drink: Tea, Juice
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance & Personality

Azami is short from stunted growth and of lean build. She has dark blue hair of medium length that is usually kept down. Her eyes are silver and dart around her surroundings nervously. She avoids eye contact unless it is with someone she is comfortable with.
She bares a scar across the bridge of her nose. As she could easily heal it now, it is clearly meaningful to her for some reason.
She is not at all athletic but, if needed, can skillfully run away without problems. She is terrible at jumping, and her new-found fear of heights has made her incompetent at climbing.
She much prefers the comfort of the woods to the noise of the city and will generally avoid crowds. Loud sounds and sudden movements make her jumpy. Though she is awkward, she does seek companionship, even if temporary. She is very cautious about getting attached to people. She is very sensitive to nature and will not harm the life of an animal unless absolutely necessary. Her love of them often causes her to be distracted when out in the world. She will stop to admire friendly beasts and can be found having a leisurely conversation with them. Catching her in the act will almost certainly lead to embarrassment. She seeks animal companions and finds herself comforted by them. She will usually approach a stranger's pet before their owner, which can cause offense.
Because of her small stature, Azami is often mistaken as a child though she is fully matured. This irritates her and she is sensitive to being teased. Unfortunately, she still enjoys childish things and loves to play games, amplifying the problem. She is good-natured, thoughtful, and kind. It is easy to presume her naive, but she is quite intelligent and learns quickly. Her nose is frequently buried in a book. She is a little clumsy and easily distracted when she is not focused on a task. Prone to daydreams. She has medium Agoraphobia but the longer she travels the world the better it gets. Still, she finds it easier to relax in caves, buildings, and wooded settings.


While Azami is loyal, she makes for a terrible ally in combat. She detests violence and will avoid it when at all possible. She has no physical strength nor fighting skills. If you need it stabbed, look elsewhere. While she is a very skilled healer, her mental proclivities make it unwise to rely on her as a direct combat healer. Should you manage to survive the encounter somewhat intact, she'll have you re-assembled shortly.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
Who? -Gridania Tanner
Azami is a really nice girl! She helped me out a lot when my chocobo came down sick, cured it right up. She wouldn't take money neither just asked me to be more careful. -Bentbranch resident
Yeah, I've seen her around. Real skittish. Poor thing was scared out of her mind when a thunder storm rolled in. I tried to help but she took off like she was more scared of ME then the storm! -Bismark Waitress
Boy, that Conjurer's Guild will just take anyone now. What is she, like 12? Irresponsible, if you ask me! The lot of em! -Aging codger
"William and Azami... those two, eh? They seem to be rather inseperable. If you see one, the other can't be too far behind." -- Mytesyn, Mizzenmast Innkeeper

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
Oh right that one. Well she is likely in the library. Though lately we haven't seen her around as much. Fast learner, but she isn't very social. -Conjurer's Guild Receptionist
I thought she was total crap in combat. Like trying to keep a damn marmot safe. Then she starts dropping big rocks. Yeah, sounds pointless, but came in surprisingly handy. -Ul'dah Pugilist
She seems to have hooked up with some Miqo'te boy lately. You might consider that inevitable, I'm just surprised she stayed around anyone long enough for it to take! -Limsa sailor
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
She had a sister. I distrust her current motives. -Black Shroud Huntress
Her song is silent now. A sudden death radiates and inflames all who loved. I wish the stronger one survived. -Hawu'a Tayuun

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Sh-She's... sweet... a-and we have so, uhm, much in common, it's unreal... I-I'm glad to have met her." - William Harrowton


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing

William Harrowton - Husband - While lost in Limsa Lominsa, Azami managed the courage to ask William and his friend Surilian for directions in what would be one of the most life changing events for her. She realized quickly how much they had in common and how much she liked him. Now she can't imagine life without him. While the match seems like it would amplify the collective fears and phobias to an exponential degree, instead they seem to find much comfort in each other's support. He proposed out of the blue and, while she has some concerns that he is acting hastily from her recent disappearance, she is happy anyway.
Elno Sulto -Friend- They were assigned together on several jobs from the adventurers guild in Gridania. Having worked well together and formed a bond of trust and respect, she now is happy to call him friend. To his face, even.
Surilian Blu -Friend- The twelve were generous enough to give her another gift the day she met William, and that was Surilian. She cares very much for this woman and feels she can never repay Suri for taking care of her.
Nadinie Brenaile -Friend- A lovely woman she met through the Conjurer's Guild. Nadi was most patient and helpful. She also likes to play games with Azami when no one is around. She feels quite comfortable with this lady even though they don't often get a chance to meet.
Gyles Stark -Friend- Even though she still finds it difficult to socialize, she considers Gyles a friend and is always amused when he is around. She wants to learn more about botany from him. She is to shy to say anything usually, but it bothers her a lot when he is being bullied.
Alexandraux Leclerc -Friend- Hes tall..really tall. That intimidates her greatly but he was a very nice gentleman and they talked for a very long time. He stood up for her against a rather intoxicated man with unsavory intentions and for that she trust him.
Garryson Shipkeeper & Aireiel Shipkeeper -Friends- A lovely couple she and William met at the Carbuncle Cafe. Somehow, Garryson ended up planning their wedding reception- which was wonderful. Their baby boy is also adorable.
Locke Fairwind -Friend- A fellow Violet Wing Scholar and explorer. They met while hiding out in a cabin during a nasty snowstorm in Coerthas.
Kazuto Yuki -Acquaintance- This Seeker offered help to her and William but he intimidates her.
Flynt Knoltros -Acquaintance- A friend of William. She has met him on several occasions and he seems to be nice. He thinks highly of William so that is bonus points for her.
Demona Labruja -Acquaintance- Flash is mute so its unknown what kind of person they are. They seem to show up when in need. One thing is for sure, Flash certainly loves setting things on fire.
Stardust -Companion- After an excited discussion about getting around quicker, Azami and William went to Bentbranch Meadows and purchased their first Chocobos together. Stardust is young and energetic but obedient and brave. More then once he has rescued his timid owner from a bad situation.


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