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This article is now defunct. The character in question is no longer active, and has been retired by the player.

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Surilian Blu
"Ever wonder...what it's like to be a fish?"
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 20
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Namesday 25th Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon


IN LOVING MEMORY- Thank you everyone that made Suri so freaking amazing. I pray you find her daughter just as grand.

Surilian's Serenade

♫ Emeralds on Rose,
Cinnamon adorns,
Tenderness awaits, under the thorns.

Read me awake,
Call me to side,
Whispers of aether in her confide.

Pale of skin,
Cannot deceive,
Smiling go on, as Nymeia weaves. ♫

~ From the journals of U'tano Kazhe

♦ General

Her real name was Suri Blu, though after events of fusing with her sister she attached her sister's name to her own becoming Surilian (dropping a single letter 'A'). Hope was something this Miqo'te struggled to keep at her side.Hailing from Meracydia, Eorzea was a new world for her and a frightening place compared to home. Her travels had brought her small bits of joy but mainly splashed and tainted in pain. She first came to Eorzea by boat. It wasn't a planned trip. Her past filled with pain and accusation, she hoped this new land would open her a better path then the accusations of 'murderer'. Once off the Limsan port she decided to look for the parents that out-casted her. She only wished to know if the rumors were true. There on the carriage she became ill from motion sickness and fell off the cart. After a while of awakening, she found herself outside the shroud.

As time went by she found herself in a company of Miqo'te and one Hyur. They seemed like such a lively group. It was hard to fit in and she found herself perching somewhere high and watching. Over time though Liana appeared like a tsunami, wrecking the love Suri wanted to badly. Feeling they rejected her she slipped into Pearl Lane and hid in the shadows. There she found peace stealing and taking odd jobs of transporting 'goods' in and out of Ul'dah. Soon she found a new family. There she embraced it, clinging like a insecure child.

After a twisted turn of events, Suri found herself full of anger and despair. She pulled away from the family that took her in deciding it best to be alone and not liking the events that were happening. With her sister, her only real friend, Surilian found her self growing more angry. Her usually sunny personality showing only to a chosen few or to those she would deceive.

Surprisingly enough though the wind of change shifted and before Surilian could take her own life as well as her sister's, was a unlikely friend that came to her aid. No matter how she ran from him, he was always there. With his help she pulled out of her despair and soon started to lift her head high. She still found herself cautious and a bit cold on some things though her smile slowly returned. Her heart thawing a bit and the world seemed a bit brighter. Though the words still echo in her mind...

" they it must be so.."

After a few years. Surilian grew from a lone woman to a fearful pirate captain. She gained a strong man to be at her side though still wore the necklace of her past love. They happily moved to a home in lavender where they raised their two beautiful kits. All seemed like paradise until one day their son didn't return. Surilian worried, geared herself with her bow and left. Akama would follow and unhappily so did their daughter in search of her baby. They tracked for miles until they met a unlikely beast. She could not tell if it was a insect or a dragon...though its multiple blades were frightening. To protect her daughter, both her and Akama agreed to open their chakra gates to remove the creature and protect all they cared for.

Surilian was never seen again ....


♦ Behaviour

Surilian loves to read to understand it all and hides a inner wisdom. After events, her confidence in speaking her mind has rose though her over all confidence dropped lower then the oblivion itself. Chains of events forcing her to mature very quickly from the innocent sheltered girl she once was. She still has innocent moments especially in love. In the end Suri is torn between the anger burning in her heart and the hope she holds on to by a thread.

She can range for a full violent nature to a woman of noble like grace. Having stepped up to create her own group, the woman feels a strong urge to command and protect yet part of her heart is still dark. She does her best to offer guidance and a helping hand to those that need it but a strong, powerful electrum like blow to those that dare oppose her.

Known jobs she works for:


Weaver/Seamstress (Shop has moved to Wineport (building to the left of the tavern*).
Captain - Though she had never had intentions of being a pirate of any kind, she has found her 'crew' to push and accept her lead.


Black Market Trader/ Fencer/ Smuggler
Document forger
Information gathering specialist
Retired assassin -(if the pay it right she may reconsider this)

♦ Appearance




Surilian's hair was originally black with purple highlights. A strange color but one she was born with. She let her hair grow so now it usually sweeps down to the middle of her back and curls slightly at the ends. She has become fond of dyeing her hair red after a mission required her to change her appearance. Since then she always tries to keep the red shade


♦ Combat

Though Surilian feels herself retired from her old jobs, the lust is still there to hunt. She keeps her bow at the ready and slowly has looked into healing. Though she tries to keep a peaceful nature, when angered she may be quick to violence. She still keeps Miasma the bow with her most of the time and still excels in it.

Recently Suri has decided to combine her gift of healing and her skill of marksmanship into a new way of healing.

Weapon specialization:

Darts(prefers sleep darts)
Arming/Disarming traps
Healing arrows

~Elaboration will come after more RP~

♦ Echo Power

Echo Power: Thrumming Perception

Description: This skill is dependent on the surroundings and nature on which it happens. This echo comes in two parts as follows one part for Liana and one for Surilian:

Suri has come along way personality wise. She is starting to stand up, feel a bit more confident. Life tossing her in harsh ways has forced her to grow and develop faster. As well as she has a bit more negative outlook on things. As such she worked hard to train herself in her thrum. Her thrum still may give her odd vision of someones future, but by calming her mind and focusing on a drum beat in her mind or with her hands, she has discovered she can teleport to any given place. All she needs to do is think of a person or place and she is there. Sadly at times of sadness, low self esteem, or confidence the Thrum will still act out of control. She is working on this but has found herself teleported into odd places. From in crates, to *ugh* bathrooms. There is no cool down to this thrum form due to her persistent training and her job exploiting this new found talent.



Watching others live
Her Bow, named Miasma
Warm Water
Intelligent people


Has severe Motion sickness
Talking food
Cold weather
Cold water on her
People speaking for her


Tinkering/ Inventing
Drawing (doens't tell anyone)
Stalking anyone that looks interesting.
Taking over random jobs


Favourite Food/Drink: Anything sweet
Favourite Place: Near flowing water, crafting away.
Favorite Weather: Clear warm nights
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Color: The rainbow
Favorite Scents: Mint, Trillium(also her favorite flower)
Favorite Pet: Her wolf hound, Nilx & Rat, Tia

♦ Related Images

  • Most images made by me ~Suri~*


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💘 Crush     💗 Sexual Desire     In love with     💑 In a relationship     Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing


Liana Blu (Sister) (MIA) - "Where are you?" Misfortune came whirling at the sisters at the same time. Twas as if the Twelve themselves punished them both. Suri wishing to help a girl, only brought her to almost death! While far on the other side of the world Liana was sent to protect Merycadia. After Suri's recuperation from the incident, she learned though mail that her sister was lost in the war at home. She received everything that was on Liana's person, though the body wasn't found. Simply large amounts of blood on the items. "Nay. I know my sister. Takes more then drakes to take her down. She must be out there wounded and in hiding. She must be wishing her solitude. Mayhaps this blood may not even be hers."

Artorias Mason -

Gyles Stark - Though Surilian never spoke much about her favored retainer.. This man is her best and closest friend. He knew her longer then any person and he watched her pains and sorrows silently as he served her. The only one who ever truly spoke to him was Dash'a though besides that Suri usually kept this treasure under lock and key. Though he complained a lot, he dealt with the abuse she put him through. Once Surilian though was going to move to Limsa, she released him, telling him he was no longer her retainer and free to do as he pleased. He seemed so happy to be off and on his own. What surprised her though was he suddenly appeared on Limsa's docks months later asking for a job. Suri already had a 'butler' like she offered him a job in the gardens since she recalled him amazing with plants. She was always fond of this man. What else could she do?

Nataru Rahz - Suri warmed up to this Miqo'te quickly. Surprising since Suri usually avoided most miqo'tes if possible but she liked treasure as much as Suri did. That opened a door. Since then Suri and Nataru both acknowledge each other as sisters. Suri loves Nataru very much and enjoys her company very much.

Akama Kharn -

Onmji Kamji - This adorable lalafell was surprisingly helpful. Also Surilian promised that if he ever traveled she would come. Along with that he also befriended Liana. She was surprised to hear that not only was her sister nice, but also somewhat helpful. Two words she never thought she would hear anyone say about Liana.

Sylvaintel Simler - This Elezen seemed eager to please. He works hard and works harder still for those less fortunate. Always made Suri wonder a bit more about him though she never got to close. She hired him though since Liana seemed fond of him and she would do anything for her dear sister. Still...what a strange puzzle he is...and yet..isn't.

Llaine Tetheros - At first she sneered at this woman quickly miss understanding her. Surilian thought this woman from the law and had little interests in wanting to get to know her...though later found out she was mistaken. She apologized and had felt horrible since. Llaine is a soft, kind woman ...and interesting to say the least. She learned she loved Nataru very much and Suri found that adorable. Suri was a very large sap when it came to romance of course. Over time Llaine has become more trusted in Suri's eyes. Next to Gyles, Suri would no doubt speak to this woman her thoughts without fear.

Nazyl Tharazyl - She had watched this lalafell from a distance speaking to Onuma twice. She found his speech adorable but what caught her attention was when he finally sat down and talked to her. At first she was afraid. So sure he'd glare at her and demand why she had hurt Onuma. Thankfully he never asked. Perhaps he never knew and the way he spoke touched her heart. She found him adorable, irresistible and his dream to be a hero amazing. She just hopes he can attain it. But worries...every hero needs a villain. She hopes she nor Liana are destined to be that.

Haruka Yoshida -

William Harrowton - Suri truly wished she had more time to sit down and play with this boy and his carbuncle. She found him like a son, even if she wasn't that much older, and felt almost proud to watch the man he is becoming. Sadly she was far more a woman of thoughts then words. "Someday I'll grow too...and tell you and Azami the right words...but continue to grow. I'm so proud."

Azami Lihzeh - This young girl asked her directions and seemed most very very lost. William happened to be in her company and quickly Surilian thought...these two would be so adorable! Lightly Surilian pushed the girl to William and let the boy's own shy charm work its magic. She finds the girl adorable! And sometimes wishes to adopt her as her own sister but debates if that is a bit to much. For now Suri is content simply helping the girl.

C'kayah Tia - Truce. In Surilian's mind the bickering had to slow. Though she buried any feelings she felt, she still acknowledged this man as one of her first close friends. They had shared so much together. Pains, yelling, and once ...her blow. Both had changed. Both had taken paths close to each other yet still so far. Both seemed to understand yet understand so little. But in the end...both cared.

Gospel Gestalt – Though Artorias may hiss and growl behind Suri's back, she always found this man interesting. Liana, herself would flutter around this man like a moth to a flame and that alone peeked her interests. Liana hardly ever warmed to any individual. Something about the hyur did prompt her caution and yet he was rather wise when he wanted. In the end, he kept to himself much like she use to and her sister does now.

💘 Juste Fantome - "Tis difficult." His words still echoed through her mind into her very soul. "There is glass between us." His words would haunt her dreams. She stayed away though would find herself stopping at the Maelstrom looking in. She would do her deliveries and her eyes would wander around in the military base as her heart would race. What was her interests in this man? What was it that drove her? Was it his little words yet his many thoughts that flashed through his eyes. Was it his isolation? That reminded her so much of herself...the way she use to be now. She definitely knew there was kindness there ....and pain. She should forget his name and yet once in a while as she rested, she would sit up and wander looking for him. She would find herself staring at the seat in the missing member where he would sit. What a foolish woman she was..She was the one that said goodbye. Most surely he would never wish to speak to her again...."When will this pain be gone...when will I let go?"

Kelvena Agapor (Presumed Deceased)– This woman has vanished. Surilian assumed her friend is now dead.

Rhagana Doomslayer - She worried about this Roe very much. She was now alone with a child. That had to be so so hard. Suri tried though to not worry but watching her, Suri could only see herself. If by some rare chance Artorias and her had a child....Suri would be just like Rhagana.

Reve'tan Molkoh (Deceased) – He was a wonderful childhood friend that grew up with her. This moonkeeper always found his way to Surilian as she worked in the shrine, since she wasn't worthy near the temple grounds. She knew very well he cared for her but could never care for him back. He kept her secrets for her and brought smiles to her face all the time. On a unfortunated day in Meracydia's shores, Suri was sentenced to death for a crime she did not commit. He bravely stepped into the line of firing. It shook Suri to the core and have been something she's carries with her all the time. She also knew...Liana loved this Miqo'te dearly.

💔 X'linwh Tia (Deceased) – Nazyl's words echoed into her skull, ringing down into her soul and making her heart shatter further then she thought could happen. This was beyond any mean thing he could have said or done. Why? Perhaps...Perhaps if she was there...She was swifter, sharper-eyed now, honed better with her bow. Perhaps she...she could have saved him. She so wished to have been there. She so wished she could be someone else. Be braver, better with words. So wished to have told him how much she loved him. How much he meant to her. But it was to late. She couldn't turn back time. And her feelings and heart sunk in the cold ground where he lays. She couldn't utter the words. He was gone to her forever. Dead...the words echoed into her very painful to pass her lips. Dead... "X'linwh, Tia will always be by my side...and know...I love you."

Oliwat Kokiwat - This adorable lalafell took a special place in Suri's heart. He seems knowledgeable and kind. He seemed to take well to X'linwh so she hoped Oli would take great care of him. All in all she sees him as a wonderful friend and would protect him at all costs.


Isaac Leonard - Suri hated Ul'dah more then anything. Hated the fact she bought a place even remotely close by and hated all the horrible memories the walls whispered in her ears. She was in the Quicksand overwhelmed by it all when she noticed this man standing next to her. He didn't acknowledge her existence though it was his book that caught her eye. Not surprising, Natalie appeared to cause Suri discomfort and she was tempted to hide behind the random stranger. Though the incident caused him to speak to her, opening up opportunity. She later learned how much he liked books and picked up the hint of intelligence. He offered her dinner and both spoke of their love of Limsa. That was enough for her! Limsa and dinner?! She gladly accepted it and allowed him to take her to the Bismark. Over conversation she learned they had a bit in common as well as being a merchant. He offered partnership as well as she offered her services to him. This Elezen was a delightful find in a city that she felt was her hell.

Kazuto Yuki - This seeker is interesting. He was a bit confusing since in the past since he claimed to have feelings for her. Once her crew returned to be a bit over protective of her, he changed his words saying he was only being friendly. He seemed to be rude, and ill tempered. Mayhaps even holding back a violent nature. She couldn't judge for even she was violent. She was unsure though still welcomed his company. For a bit it seemed rather friendly. She learned of his horrible loss of his family and gave sympathy his way. The last encounter though made her curious of his thoughts again. He seemed friendly and yet slightly flirtatious. The mix signals were very confusing. Either way...she was still cautious of seekers.

Rurutani Sasatani -

U'dahsh'a Nunh - She bumped into him in Limsan's port and it shocked her. As expected he looked as dashing as she remembered and yet Lin's face still echoed there. It haunted her though it was more calming then frightening. He spoke to her with a small be of annoyance since he still sounded bitter that she left. She though understood. In the end he smiled warmly and walked away, reminding her to stop lying to herself and for once to be honest to her heart. Making her think.

Enemies & Rivals

Dennthota Ahtahrmwyn (Rival) - This roe Suri hated as soon as she came storming into the tavern. The woman was far from graceful, no tactical flair, nor seemed to possess any true level of secrecy. Suri picked up right away this woman was trouble. She was unamused on the crowd Dennthota drew with her. Hated that Suri became center of attention for what seemed forever. She never knew the Roe's name and wanted to destroy this woman. Though after events this Roe considered Suri a traitor. Though Suri roared to attack this roe first, it was Denn who surprised ambushed. Suri would have won easily if it had not been for a third party Miqo'te that came to rescue her Roe leader. Later Denn ordered Suri's torture, and though it was painful and Denn thought she would teach Suri a lesson, it only infused Suri's anger. Regardless that Denn asked Suri for a truce Suri feels this woman owes her alot more then stupid words and a strange gift. day mayhaps Suri would take that woman's soul and fuse it to her bow. Aye...mayhaps that is enough.

Natalie Mcbeef (Rival-Deceased) -

Mijisaa Qisaa & Pipituu Kipichuu - Liana had told her these lalafells surprisingly asked Liana to take on certain marks. Sadly one of these marks was X'linwh.. Miji, to Liana's dispair, told her sister to not kill the miqo'te so Suri allowed Liana to take the mission. Liana later walked away, unable to bare the cold...and a large fear of the ewe in the area. Later Surilian heard X'linwh was killed...due to a dragon. Suri's suspicions rising as she felt in her heart she was sure Mijisaa and Pipituu ordered this.


♦ Player Character Rumours

"I admit I overlooked her. She seemed sweet enough... I never would have guessed otherwise." ~ Rhesh'ir Zhwan

"A troubled soul... with us one moment and against us the next. Something dark stirs within her and I'm afraid of what it's capable of." ~ Dawson Colwell

"Suri is one of the greatest girls I know, everything I could ever ask for in a mate. How would a hyur put it... 'She's the kind of girl you could take home to your mama,' or something like that." ~ U'dahsh'a Nunh

"Suri is the sweetest mystery I know, wrapped in the deepest enigma. And the only one to truly have broken my heart." ~ C'kayah Tia

"She used to be so friendly to me, and now she frowns when I get close. I'm not sure what her deal is." ~ Natalie Mcbeef

"Suri is a beautiful, friendly, mysterious woman. I am truly grateful she is a friend though I wish she was mo...never mind...happy to have her as a friend." ~ Rurutani Sasatani

♦ Easily Overheard Rumours

"Surilian? Ain't that the strange lass running around here? Oh don't get me started on her. Running about every few minutes pretending to be this and that. Though on the bright side I never have to pay her." ~ Drybone Tavern Worker.

Oh yes! Suri. Dear sweet girl. She makes mother so proud doing so much. She is so helpful! My only concern is she keeps stealing our tavern mugs." ~ Mother Miounee.

"Surilian Blu...Blu Aye! I 'eard of that wee lass. She be a odd one that one. Tried te eat me plants the other day. Then when I told er te put em back, she coughed em' up and tried to redig em' in te the ground." ~ Shroud Garden worker.

♦ Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours

"Aye. I seen the lass. She was impersonating a guard but when they went to interrogate the lass she said she was really the Princess of Dovenbar. Where the hell is Dovenbar? Bah, We let her go anyway." ~Limsa Lominsa Guard

"Aw she's a sweet kid. All sunshines and rainbows. But you have to explain it to her pretty well or she'd muck it all up for sure. Take the other day for example, She wanted to cook for a friend she says. Strange child shoved the ingredients in her pocket, put the bowl on her head then tried to climb in the oven. Never seen anything like it." ~Drybone cook

♦ Rarely Overheard Rumours

"Mark my words, Shes a demon in cute wrapping. Don't be fooled by them doe eyes. Shes a savage for sure. Cold down to the core. One minute shes smiling at you, Next she smiling down at you with that devilish grin while she is making pretty bows with your innards. Happened to a friend of mine." ~ Meracydia Guard

"Woe be to the city that takes that tormented halfbreed in. Sure she is small, innocent right? Wrong! She'll bite ye in the arse when your not looking. Literally if your not careful. Evil child..It's her father's fault for sure. Her mother was a fine woman." ~ Meracydia villager

♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Theme song: Bad apple (English trans) or Bad apple (Music box Edition..when she is sad)