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"I'm not an invalid. But I have to work pretty hard to enjoy life, Miss, and I'd rather not lose that over a careless mistake."
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Ul'dah / Limsa Lominsa
Occupation Speculator / Alchemist
Age 26
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height 7 fulms 4 ilms
Guardian Byregot, the Builder
Server Balmung

Easygoing merchant and speculator. Claims to have a title of lordship--or at least, represent one--but it's unknown how much weight that title actually carries, if any. Guarded, and somewhat regarding personal information, but amiable and genuinely trusting of those he encounters. Clearly fond of finer fashions, and of outfitting himself with particularly "distinctive" clothing and accessories. Leisurely, contemplative, and prone more to facetious distress than to actual anger. Fancies himself a world traveler, and nouveau riche, as the Elezen say.

Professionally, a speculator and appraiser above all else, and secondarily an Alchemist and expert in matters of poisons, toxins, antidotes and autopsies. Invests in a great many smaller businesses ranging across Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, especially those untouched by Monetarist favor, or those run by criminals attempting to make a new, honest life for themselves. He also seems to be associated with the charity organization known as the Blue Phoenix Foundation. Equipped with a number of apparent aliases for business in any given region, including Brandt Wintfrydsyn.

Banquo is a private person and not prone to giving out personal information to strangers, so if you'd like your character to have had prior association or business with him, please contact me first so we can work out the proper details. Cheers!


Build: Broad, dense
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 242
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Wavy
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Gray
Features: Dyed hair, makeup, trimmed beard.


Banquo is fairly mellow, though admittedly quite paranoid when it comes to personal information. He's given to speaking with articulate and sophisticated speech patterns, especially when trying to present himself as a peer to the Monetarists or other individuals of high status--though occasionally some rougher, coarser speech will sneak in, making him sound a bit more like a grizzled shopkeeper. He doesn't seem to be given to self-pity; when forced into introspection or difficult circumstances, he deals with them bearing a dry smile and a leisurely detachment.

He seems to be a determined social optimist; treating his job as an appraiser with a bit less detachment when it comes to people and their worth. He prefers to think the best of those he works with, or invests in; preferring to be proven wrong for assuming the best rather than vice-versa. A lot of his interactions, however, remain mostly at surface-level for business and negotiation. Much of the time, his paranoia and faith in people are quite at odds; a major source of cognitive dissonance that he struggles to keep balanced towards his belief in others, rather than instinctive self-preservation.

He has quite a passion for Chocobo racing and raising, and is quite fond of his humble racebird, the Hurricane Dandy. However, he seems to prefer spectating moreso than actually racing, and despite rarely betting, gets personally invested anything he gets a chance to watch. He also has some apparent scholarly interest in Nymeian relics and history, apparently, and has sunk some notable expense into researching the curious plague said to have struck Nym eons ago. While his research has turned up nothing terribly notable in particular, he does claim ownership of some relics from the civilization--though mostly curios and items of purely historical significance. He rarely shows this academic side of himself, however, as it doesn't tend to come up much during his encounters with others (whether professional or social).




Romantic Interest     Desire     Platonic Love    Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing    Rivalry     Emnity     Hatred


- Marlowe Fields: A somewhat suspicious Miqo'te, and apparently an ex-criminal. Now one of the proprietors of Plumwood & Fields, an independent courier and goods transport service funded by Banquo's patronage. He seems to prefer words to violence, but whether intentionally or not, a lot of what he says ends up sounding like a threat.
- Lodolf Grandrock: A brusque, muscled Highlander based in the Golden Bazaar. He seems to be in charge of looking after some of Banquo's records, though he seems more suspicious than most, especially following a near-violent encounter with Brynnalia Callae one evening in the desert. Some evidence points to him being responsible for the near-death of Gideon North some months before...
- Jameson Taeros: A Monetarist of Ul'dah who employs the valet Gideon North. While he attempted to make negotiations with the man to contract the valet into his own service, Taeros was suspicious of the Roegadyn's motives, and shut him down without much apparent chance of future dealings. However, from the sounds of things, he may have been considering releasing North into Banquo's service before his sudden departure...
- Brynnalia Callae: A self-interested Hyuran woman, and employee of Lord Taeros. Though initially suspicious, she seems to have agreed to a business partnership with Banquo as he searches for Gideon North. He appears to trust in her statement that she never betrays anyone who's paying her, though he does his best to keep her from seeing too much of his true demeanor and intentions.
- Edda Eglantine: A competitor of sorts, the noblewoman stepped in to acquire the services of Gideon North while knowing of Banquo's demand for his employment. Due to Banquo's warnings at the beginning of their interaction, she believes him a thug at best and a conniving villain at worst. For his own part, he doesn't seem too perturbed by being the target of her scorn; if anything, her actions have provided some clues as to North's whereabouts. He seems content to let her have the man, not terribly protesting much once she declared her actions, but does seem keen on keeping a close eye on the two of them for reasons of his own. He seems ambivalent towards her; in a possible attempt to disarm her hostility.




Common Rumors

■ - "Yeah, I’m pretty sure that guy spends more on clothes than I do on food. Fuck ‘im."
■ - "You ain’t lookin’ to cause no TROUBLE for Mr. Banquo, are yeh?"
■ - "They say ‘e’s the reason Miz Fafali and ‘er youngest ain’t on Pearl Lane anymore. Course, they say a lotta things."

Uncommon Rumors

■ - "Would you look at that? That’s the third one of those he’s drank since he’s come in here. I swear, he must be addicted to the things."
■ - "Ugh. The man smells of Galago mint. Trying far too hard."
■ - “Spare a gil for the Blue Phoenix? Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Rare Rumors

■ - "... I don’t suppose you’ve ever caught him without his bottles? Keep him talking, watch what happens. I daresay you might find yourself with a bit of an advantage over him once he’s shaking and stuttering…"
■ - "I suppose you don't get that far in business without being a little paranoid. I mean, come on, though. A Highlander pseudonym?”

Player Character Rumors

■ - "Do I think he is shady? Aye. I wouldn't trust 'im as far as I can throw 'im. That not mean I won't work fer him though." - Brynnalia Callae
■ - "Why, Mr. B? He's as fine a fellow as anyone could meet. A man of the times, yes, a real man of the times. And I'm sure he'd just love to know who's askin'. What was your name again?" - Marlowe Fields
■ - "...Rich. Asks lotta questions." - Lodolf Grandrock
■ - “The man is not to be trusted. There is little else to be said on the subject.” - Edda Eglantine

RPC Connections

You might know Banquo if...

-You are a reformed criminal
-You have pursued entrepreneurship in Limsa Lominsa or Ul’dah
-You have spent time studying Alchemy or Arcanism
-You operate or are associated with any charity functions
-You are a mercenary employed or assigned by a middleman agency/some other form of management
-You are a fan/participant of Chocobo racing
-You are a Chocobo
-d'awwww you're SUCH a Chocobo
-who's my little mustard ponyfeathers



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