Bertrand Irons

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Bertrand Irons
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 38
Marital Status Single
Occupation Physician/Alchemist
Height/Weight 6'0" and 195 ponz
Orientation Bisexual
  • Russel "Ironhide" Irons IV (Father, Alive, Missing)
  • Adelina Irons (Mother, Deceased)
  • Holt Irons (Brother, Deceased)
  • Amelia Skyltbraena (Sister, Alive)
    • Bharsyn Skyltbraena (Brother-in-Law, Alive)
  • A former Brass Blade, and current emigrant to Limsa Lominsa, Bertrand Irons is a skilled surgeon and alchemist. He is, as he would say, a collector of paupers, rejects, and broken things, and tends to give himself to helping the underprivileged. Bertrand would try to feed or cure just about anyone he's come across, and there's not often he's found without a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Calm, collected, and loving, many take him on as a father figure.

    Basic Info

    He’s calm, cool, and collected… but self described as a bit of a degenerate. He’s often found chain smoking or hitting his flask, and generally takes a devil-may-care attitude to traditional authority and stations of honor. He’s very serious about his work, and very knowledgeable about medical sciences and technology. One would need a lot of time, or very certain interactions, to know that Bert shows compassion in two situations… he holds his former comrades in very high esteem, and will not tolerate bad speech about the service of the Brass Blades from anyone who didn’t serve. He also has a soft spot in his heart for the poor and underprivileged children of Ul’dah – having grown up poor on Pearl Lane himself.




    The Garlean Empire
    Occasionally, Mages
    The Syndicate
    The Entunedin


    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Vice(s): Cigarettes, Alcohol
    Favorite Food: Buffalo Stew
    Favorite Drink: Admiral Skulldugger's Left Boot, Fine Whiskey, XXX
    Favorite Color: Green

    Appearance & Personality

    Fairly tall in stature, but certainly not the tallest, Bertrand is of an average to athletic build. He keeps his dark hair pulled back into a knot, a flare of uncut hair bristling underneath, otherwise shaved tight along the sides. He's a comely middle-aged man, rarely found without his glasses, and usually holding a look of either mild amusement or mild annoyance. In passing, he's calm and kind, if occasionally vulgar.

    He has a fair amount of devotion to Nald’Thal, and in some ways also looks to Oschon for prayers. Overall, he considers himself to be rather irreligious but more spiritual. Sometimes describing himself as a fatalist, one might assume he holds The Weaver in high regard. In terms of his philosophy, he tends to believe that everyone’s dealt a set of cards in their life… it’s not a matter of the cards as much as it’s a matter of how you play them in the Grand Game that determines life outcomes.



    Born to a family of smiths and ironworkers, his father going on to become an engineer at the Garlond Ironworks, his youth was mostly spent on his own. He lost his mother at a young age, and his father spent very little time around their small flat on Pearl Lane. Bert took care of himself, raising himself on the street, becoming wise to the schemes and machinations of life as a poor child in the Sultanate. At the age of 11, Bert enrolled himself in the Arranzeth Ossuary, and took up the arts of Thaumaturgy and preparation of funerary rites. He was not able to conjure even the simplest Thaumaturgy, quickly failed out of the Ossuary, and went back home to Pearl Lane to take care of his younger brother and sister in the absence of his father.


    At 20, he joined with the Brass Blades and served for 15 years – the majority of his time was spent in the Brass Blades of the Hyacinth, stationed on patrol in Southern Thanalan. Six years into service, he saw heavy action when his unit stumbled upon a den of smugglers and fell under ambush. Four of the twelve men in his unit were killed in action, and three other wounded, including his commander, Captain Jens Heirdahl of the Hyacinth. While pinned under ranged fire from archers in the hills around their position, Bert was able to move Heirdahl and stabilize him, performing field surgery based on techniques he learned in the Ossuary to handle and dress fallen soldiers for funerary rites. For their actions, Heirdahl’s unit received the Order of Valour. Bert has continued to use the medal as a bookmark since he received it. Afterwards, he received medical and alchemical training, and worked for the next nine years as a Combat Chirurgeon.

    He received his brand while operating on a Brass Blade who was grievously injured in battle – he found a crystal on the man and took it along with him after feeling an incredible pull to retain the item. Over the past several years, the shard has started to, and has nearly finished, completely incorporating with him.

    After resigning from the Blades at 35, Bert went on to take a job with the Gladiator’s Guild, where he worked as a staff physician for three years. In more recent days, he's taken on contracts with a Free Company, acting as a medical and alchemical arts consultant.


    Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

    ◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
    "Bertrand Irons? Yeah, I hear the fella's a damn drunk. Seen him stumblin' around Ul'dah late some nights. Dunno what happened, but he sure does try drinkin' it away."
    "He's a Physician! The man saved me, he did! My wife took me to the Sacrarium ten years ago, and they wouldn't do nothing, but he came one night and put me out for a surgery... woke up, and after a few weeks the sickness was gone. If you ever see him, tell him thank you."
    "I heard he moved to Limsa Lominsa recently. Dunno why."
    ◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
    "He fought in one of the raids on Thanalan. Forces that moved down from the North. The guy got the Medal of Valor for what he did... The Hyacinth's all did."
    "Sergeant Irons? I knew him in the blades... Damn fine combat surgeon. Hardly needed a Conjurer around when he was there. Called him the Sawbones, but they should've prayed to him instead of the Twins."
    "His sister lives in Limsa Lominsa. She's married to Storm Lieutenant... some guy who served in the Foreign Levy at Carteneau."
    ◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
    "I could lose my head for this... but you paid good Gil to hear it. His father worked for Garlond, you know... They say Irons is actually Garlean. Never seen his third eye, but maybe he's a half-breed. Didn't hear it from me, though."
    "You ever see that tattoo on his wrist? Either did I."
    "He was so much more carefree before the Calamity. He was still in the Blades then... When they were bringing the bodies home from Carteneau, I hear he had to identify and prepare his own brother. Poor man."
    ◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
    "Good man Irons, seen more than folk give him credit fer I think. Knows when to ask questions, and when t'be silent...most go their whole lives without knowin that." - Kail Gerrad


    Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing

    Arcian Martell : He has come to see her as something of a sister. He holds Arcian in very high regards, and after what she's let go, he probably holds her in higher regards than just about anyone else in his life.

    Brynhilde Wulf : He holds her in extremely high regards due to her position and the fervor with which she fights for the Branded. He finds some affection towards her, but perhaps that's merely because of the way she takes care of her people like a mother. He feels drawn to Brynhilde as many of the Branded probably do.

    X'Septha Dhen : He doesn't know her that well, but he feels a connection with her. He wishes to get to know her better from a distance until he has a better read.

    Kyraeth Vale : One of the first people he met after tying up his work at the Gladiatorial Arena, he finds her company pleasant. He still owes her tea.

    Kail Gerrad : The Sea Dog is currently one of his strongest professional allies. However criminal, it's a relationship that continues to grow.

    Brave Horizon : He's impressed with her intelligence, and they tend to work together on different projects. He keeps her close, and he knows he can count on her.

    Jayson Cross : He looks up to Jayson's engineering prowess. They're currently working together with firearms.

    Sophia Grave : A sworn enemy, at this point, they're locked in a dangerous cat and mouse game. Whatever the outcome, neither of them will wind up the victor - every battle and every encounter leaves both sides of this little war with deep wounds.


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    • "Safe in the Steep Cliffs" by Emancipator
    • "El Toro" by Bonobo
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