Brave Horizon

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Brave Horizon
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah

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In the wake of a terrible personal tragedy, this young Roegadyn is trying to keep placing one foot in front of the other

At a glance
Female Lohengarde Roegadyn
Age Hair color Eye color Height Weight
24 Dirty blond Orange 7 fulms About 260 ponze
Build Distinguishing marks Figure
Strong; Heavily muscular with some fat; "Wrestler's build" "Third eye" jewel matching eye color Broad shoulders; Broad hips; Distinctly feminine profile
General appearance
Simple, comfortable clothing; No makeup, no fragrances; Calloused, rough hands; Deep yet feminine voice; Well-spoken


Much of Brave's personality has been shaped by her upbringing in Ul'dah's lowest social and economic classes. She has learned to find value in things that cannot be measured by their cost in gil, such as health, friendship, and pleasure, although she sometimes struggles with finding her own worth as a person and her purpose in this world. Brave tries not to become angry or bitter, but she does have a short temper. Thing such as waste, decadence, and acts of superiority based on wealth or power could cause her to snap. Otherwise, she is a very compassionate and loving person. She happily shares smiles, laughs, hugs, or even more intimate gestures should the mood arise. Since leaving the streets of Ul'dah, she has been embracing new relationships with anyone receptive to her friendship. Due to her outgoing personality, crude tendencies, and physical expressiveness, some might assume she is promiscuous, and they would not be entirely wrong.

Brave's hobbies are limited by her lack of wealth and cultural exposure. Like many other refugees, she enjoys drinking, recreational drugs, gambling, and other unsavory activities. However, she is literate and very much enjoys books. She likes cheap adventure and naughty romance novels as much as the next person, but scholarly texts are worth their weight in gold to Brave, however. She is very intelligent, and she devours any book of knowledge she can get her hands on. She especially loves books about mathematics and the physical sciences. In her dreams, she becomes a successful machinist or engineer. She has begun to tinker in her free time in the hopes of making this dream a reality.

Brave's morality is her own; she does not follow any formal creed or worship any diety. She does believe that kindness begets kindness and that hate begets hate. After a lifetime of being marginalized, she has no love for law or authority. She has no qualms against using violence to protect herself or her friends, but only just enough to get the job done. Recently, she has been struggling with anger affecting her judgement in battle. She has shown some skill in swordfighting, but she has a lot to learn still.

Player Character Thoughts and Rumors

  • "I thought her a promising student when first I took her on, and I was not disappointed. She has become a capable swordswoman in her own right; impressively so, in so short a time of tutelage. She is reckless, however, both in battle and in matters of the heart. I am... Well aware that I have been distant with her. Were it that she did not remind me so much of someone I once knew." -- Brynhilde Wulf
  • "Ah, this one...this one brings me the sort of smile that only impropriety can bring. She is delicious in the literal and figurative sense, and a warm person through and through. I've not seen her in a fight, but you don't smile like she does and not carry confidence in a scrap." -- Steel Wolf
  • "I do not know her closely, but I have seen her about and spoken to her in passing. From what I see, she is a good, Strong woman with the capacity to do her people credit. I'm curious to see her in battle." -- Berrod Armstrong
  • Feel free to add your character's own thoughts or rumors.


Birth and the Fall of Ala Mhigo

Bhaldswys Rhothimalwyn was born in the Ala Mhigo on the Third Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon to Lohengarde parents. Her father, Rhothimal Moeghundsyn, was a smith while her mother, Bleiwyda Doeshwabwyn, was an officer in the city-state's standing army. Both emigrants from the Hellsguard ancestral home in Abalathia's Spine, the met in a mercenary band. They continued that work until Rhothimal was wounded too badly to continue fighting, after which they settled in Ala Mhigo. Bhaldswys, or Brave Sister, was four years old when the Garlean Empire began their occupation of the city. Bleiwyda was presumably killed along with many other military officers during the invasion. Unable to evacuate with his daughter due to the Garleans seizing forges throughout the city, Rhothimal sent Bhaldswys ahead with a group of citizen transporting orphaned and abandoned children out of Ala Mhigo. He was able to give her the third eye piercing she wears to this day that night, hoping he would find her again one day.

"How come the sky isn't closer?

"What, dear?"

"We keep walkin' at the line of the sky, but it don't get closer."

"It never gets closer, Brave. No one can walk to the sky."

"Hmph. Well, I can."

"*laughter* Maybe one day you will brave the horizon."

Early Years

The Hyur couple that escorted Bhaldswys, now called Brave Horizon, and a number of other children to safety were librarians. They were also transporting a few priceless texts they managed to save before they left. They lent these books to an Ul'dahn library in exchange for guaranteed housing and work. At that time, the attitude toward refugees was much milder than during the times after the Calamity. Many of Brave's new "siblings" found work of their own right away. Others simply ran away. Within two years, she was child remaining with her foster parents. Under their care, she learned how to read and write, and she developed a love of learning. She assisted her foster parents in the library whenever she could.

Life of Labor

At age thirteen, the library was purchased by a Monetarist investor. Under the new management, the money spent raising Brave was considered payment for the books her foster parents had lent, and the library claimed ownership of them. Now forced to pay for everything on a meager salary, they could no longer support themselves and the young Roegadyn. A distraught Brave opted to find her own way in life. After a tearful farewell, she began work for a local merchant, whom her parents had convinced to hire her. She was as large and as strong as most Hyur boys three years older, and she found herself performing simple labor. She was offered a few square fulms of floor space in the corner of a warehouse as a home.

The Calamity

Brave's life would remain mostly unchanged for over a decade. Her employer was a small-time merchant. He traded in small volumes within Thanalan for the most part. When Brave reached the age of majority, she began to travel with caravans as labor and protection. While she was not directly affected by the war between Eorzea and Garlemald and then the Calamity, she was subject to the same hardships that fell upon everyone in the wake of those incidents. The new influx of refugees began the major tensions between citizens and refugees that still exist in Ul'dah. Additionally, with the rise in bandit and Amalj'aa activity throughout Thanalan, her employer provided her with a cheap sword and required her to carry it. No additional training or armor was offered.

Braving the Horizon ((Character Creation))

Shortly after her 24th nameday, Brave began to question if was trapped in her life of hard labor, poverty, and prejudiced treatment. She decided that if change was going happen, it would have to start with her. Having spent much of her free time in Ul'dah's Quicksand, she had watched countless adventurers of all kinds come and go. Without any training, however, she knew she could very likely die if she tried adventuring on her own, but she was too poor to afford formal training. Fortunately, she met Brynhilde Wulf, a Highlander swordswoman, who agreed to teach her how to properly wield a blade. Brave would eventually leave her job of eleven years and join Brynhilde's free company.

To Have Loved and Lost

After joining the Aeon free company, Brave settled into her life beyond poverty. She quickly embraced her new company mates as family, and her happiness and optimism increased immensely. She also pursued new friends outside Aeon... and lovers. Being inexperienced in romantic relationships, she was surprised when she found more than one of her partners had expected more than just a one night stand. This placed her in an awkward and uncomfortable situation, one which she addressed with all parties involved but did not fully resolve. This was due largely to the sudden reappearance of Bleiwyda, her birth mother. Though the shock of it initially caused Brave to push her away, she would eventually come to appreciate her presence in her life, despite their wildly different personalities. Bleiwyda shared the fate of her father, Rhothimal: a Garlean captive in Castrum Oriens. She convinced Brave that they could stealthily free him and once again become a family whole after twenty long years. The endeavor turned out to be a trap engineered by the Garlean spy Sophia Grave. She attempted to trade Brave and her family for Brynhilde, a woman wanted by the empire. The encounter turned bloody, and Brave watched as Sophia murdered her father before her eyes and Garlean troops ran her mother through. As she recovered emotionally from the event, she found solace in the arms of Arcian Martell, with whom she formed a steady relationship.