C'orial Nhalui

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Lori)
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te Seeker/Keeper
Clan None
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 19
Occupation Book keeper and Leader of Redwings Company
Height 5 fulms 2
Patron Deity Menphina, the lover


Lori only remembers bits and pieces of her past due to trauma, she remembers her parents being murdered but by who or what she can't recall. The only link she has is her brother. Lori's older brother Xeu spent his full attention on keeping his younger sister safe after they lost their parents, spending most of his time taking on odd jobs and even contracts that involved violence at a young age just to feed himself and his sister. Most of their younger lives were spent living on the streets on Ul'dah till Captain D'mora Ehnoka took them in giving them a roof and putting Xeu to work on her ships. After that she kept a special eye on Lori becoming fold of the little clumzy miqo'te. Currently Lori is working for D'mora on the finance and paper work for her company.


  • Birth name: C'oriae Nhalui.
  • Alias: Lori Nasharia.
  • Nicknames: Lori, little red, Klutzy.
  • Height: 5'2" – 157cm
  • Weight: 130lb – 58kg
  • Place of birth: Sagolii Desert.
  1. Childhood: Drybone/Ul'dah.
  2. Youth: Ul'dah/Limsa.
  • Ocupation: Book keeper and Leader for Redwings company.

Current Roleplay Events
Currently on Hiatus.

Noteworthy Information
Fairly quiet and finds it hard to talk to people
Lori doesn't just outright trust people she has anxiety she way be shy and stand offish. However her care for people in general is that she would never see someone suffer if she can do anything.
Lori really dislikes Roegadyn
Most with her adopted daughter Sophia


Lori Ruhne.png

Her face is a little rounded with a innocent perhaps naive expression mixed with kindness. On both cheeks she has clan makings of a typical miqo'te and two white stars painted onto her left cheek. Pair of plump pink lips that contrasts well with her pale skin.


Pair of large eyes stare at you with a eagerness, kindness and warm radiate from her glance. One deep green colored eye on the right and a shining ocean blue from the left the opposite to her older brother with large pupils the sort of a keeper. Her brothers eyes being a light blue on the right and a shimmering emerald on the left her brother also has more Seeker in him with the cat slits and not keeper pupils.


Long vivid red locks fall down over Lori's shoulders with a strange almost crimson purple tint to her blood red mane. Naturally wavy with a few curls often kept up in a hair band or tied up in a ponytail depending on what she is doing.


Lori is a little more plump than other miqo'te in her words and others she is rather voluptuous. With a large long thick tail that sways back and forward but looks so enticing to just plunge ones face into it.


Lori has a very kind and giving personality, she will go out of her way to help people no matter who they are. Her main reason for this is to treat others how she would wish to be treated. As kind and giving as she is Lori does however suffer from severe anxiety and agoraphobia, panic attacks often happen if she is forced or over thinks going out anywhere further than the company house. A warm and loving sort of girl who enjoys the close friends she has and does anything for those she cares for.

◢ L I K E S

Studying and reading
making new clothes
singing (but only to a select few)
helping people

◢ D I S L I K E S

cities, large crowds, anywhere with a lot of people
Someone touching her
burning food or it spoiling
seeing someone in need

◢ Talents

Weaving and tailoring
problem shoving (when not stressed)
Healing (secret talent)
Magic understanding
Plays Harp


Cooking it is a passion
Color: Purple
Cakes specially cheesecake
Being around her brother and friends
A hot bath with lots of bubbles


Lori'vaen mainly uses a staff or book to bring her magic to the surface through she tends to keep this to herself. She is not good a combat specially physical combat.


Weapon Specialization Specialized Jobs
■ Magic books and spells ■ healing magics and conjuring
■ Staff's and attunement items ■ weaving and tailoring
■ Cooking
■ Alchemy and potion making
■ Magic understanding and attunement
■ Aetheral knowledge


Familial Love | Romantically Involved | Romantic Attraction | Platonic Love | Physical Attraction | Friend | Acquaintance | $ Business | Colleague
| Deceased | Positive | Negative | Neutral
| Unsure/Hidden Feelings | Enemy

◢ Family -

X'euia Nasharia - Older Brother

Lori's thoughts: "I love my brother very much I wish he was around more often. "
Lori is close to her brother, after he took her away from the clan he stole and worked hard to put food in her stomach even when she was so deadly ill. She would not ever leave her brother or turn her back on him.

D'mora Ehnoka - Adopted Mother

Lori's thoughts: "She looks after me"
This woman took her and her brother in when they were starving and gave them food. After a while she adopted them and made them her family

C'Taki Odika - Not so identical twin

Lori's thoughts: "Odd kinda of feeling"
Taki managed to pop into Lori and her brothers life out of the blue much like her older sister. The half-ling striking more resemblance to their father than mother explained how the clan had kept their existence from her all this time. It took a while for Lori to trust her and is still a little unsure at times.

X'laena Nhalui - Older half sister

Lori's thoughts: "How is it possible to have someone who is more clumsy than I?"
Much like Taki, Laena seemed to com-bust onto the scene leaving destruction of cake in her wake. Yet Lori can not help but feel a bond with the older female.

[Person]] - Stuff

Lori's thoughts: " Stuff "

Sukoa Dokusha - Beautiful little raen!

Blushes for daysT!: "She looks after me"
Sukoa and Lori met during a job which resulted in Lori protecting the young male from a unseen threat. After this Lori and Sukoa grew closer with time now however Sukoa and Lori find themselves on a strange ground they have never been before. Lori's feelings have grown for the young raen to the point where he has been welcomed into Lori and Vael's hearts!

◢ Friends -

Yvon Edmont - Tender Killer

Lori's thoughts: "Really you are going to poke fun at me again?" "
Yvon, Lori and her brother plus Mugen were a little group that stuck close to each other on the streets of UL'dah. They all took turns taking care of each other. After they lost contact with each other for some time Lori manage to find him again and now the 4 are as close as ever. Yvon was Lori's first crush she would always hold a special place in her heart for him."

Sionna Mizume - Delicate Flower

Lori's thoughts: complicated" "
Lori met Sionna or Ona through Vael'a, strange and seemingly complicated quiet woman. Over time Lori has grown rather fond of her and looks to her as a close wonderful friend that she wishes to keep safe and close to her like a sister.

Chaio - Kitty got claws

Lori's thoughts: "Trouble seems to follow him" "
New recruit to the redwings and someone Lori enjoys cooking for a great deal!

D'ranmaia Shenn - New Friend

Lori's thoughts: "She really is so nice..."
Lori met Maia randomly at a party at the stars manor, after having a in depth one to one chat with her Lori found she was growing rather fond of the Seeker. After a relaxing evening hair wash and long chat about butterfies in ones stomach couple with wrinkle fruit the two promised to meet again and share CAKE!!!

Lan Darklyn - Warm fuzzy lion

Lori's thoughts: "its strange it feels like I can talk to him about anything..."
Lori met Lan on a training session at the Star's manor, after showing how nervous she was around certain people and the likes of Kly the sea wolf. Lan decided to talk to Lori in private about her problems. After a while she began to feel more comfortable around him. Now Lori looks up to Lan almost as if a parent figure.

Akhautai Sagahl - Strange one

Lori's thoughts: "He is a bit odd..."
Tai a friend Lori has already risked her life for and would do so again. She see's the same passion in him as she has for her friends and loved ones.

Brandon Stormstriker - Brandino

Lori's thoughts: "One of a kind..."
Brandon was an odd ball, very quiet and unsure of himself when she first met him. Thankfully over time he has begun to open up and gain some of his swagger back.

U'zamza Steelclaw - One in a mil!

Lori's thoughts: "Stange but sweet..."
AS disfunctional as U'zamza or zamzam as everyone calls him seems to be, Vael and Lori have both grow to love the little twerp. Lori see's him as a brother and even with his social issues she loves him a great deal.

◢ Other -

◢ Enemies -


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"Hmm, I only just met Lori recently, she acts shy, but I suspect the there is much more strength in her, it is just buried deep down. Oh and don't mess with her or things will go bad for you, get me?" — Lan Darklyn.
"When we first met, I was so afraid that I'd scared her somehow...! But, ah, later, when we had a chance to talk, we ended up having some things in common, and I made a new friend. She's a very nice person who's certainly worth getting to know." — D'ranmaia Shenn.
"Great person and childhood friend reunited!, she's always willing to help people, especially if they are hurt. And that little floofball is just to adorable not to hug!" — Colthan Wolfsblood.



Player Note
■ Lori tends to not be around large cities, however if she is she would be on edge most of the time.
■ Lori would not and will not walk up to many people, only time she has ever done so is if someone is in distress other wise she stays away from people she doesn't know.
■ Lori tends to keep herself out of any limelight
■ Not Interested In ERP

Personal RP Limits
Open to all types of RP some things I will not cross period .
No Death, forced ANYTHING, There will not be any sort of scarring or marking of said character without my permission first. .
Have fun .


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■ Lori tends to sing sometimes but only to certain few her voice sounds like THIS
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Current main RP plots are invested in stars RP..

Live life without regret, love without limit."

~ Lori'vaen Nasharia
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