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Dranmaia General.gif
Star-fiddledeedeespurpleleft2.gifGeneral InformationStar-fiddledeedeespurpleright2.gif
Name: D'ranmaia Shenn (Maia)
Gender: Female
Race: Seeker of the Sun
Age: 21
Height: 4 Fulm, 9 Ilms
Orientation: Heterosexual
Star-fiddledeedeespurpleleft2.gifSkills & ProfessionsStar-fiddledeedeespurpleright2.gif
Primary Profession: Proprietress/Owner of Rendezvous Host Club
Secondary Profession: Freelance Conjurer
Languages: Common Eorzean, Miqo'te (standard), Miqo'te (Deh-specific), Braille, Signing (Deh-specific)
Skill(s): Making tea

Star-fiddledeedeespurpleleft2.gifWho Is She?Star-fiddledeedeespurpleright2.gif

As a relatively young and naive Proprietress of the Rendezvous Host Club, D'ranmaia tries her best to manage the establishment while moonlighting as a freelance Conjurer. In personality, she possesses a fragile optimism, always trying to view the best in others. Although her blindness inhibits her in some ways, she tends to compensate by working harder until her tasks are accomplished. For some reason, she cares very deeply for all of her employees at the Host Club, and seems reluctant to hire most people who come in asking for a job.

• Milk Cake.
• White Lavendar Tea.
• Carbuncles.
• Storybooks.
• Chores.
• Games.
• Water (in nature.)
• Arguments.
• Violence.
• Feeling abandoned.
• Being useless.
• Strong smells.
• Lying.
• Inconveniencing others.
Dranmaia Relationships.jpg
Romantic Interest Platonic Love Friend Acquaintance
$ Business Deceased Positive Negative Unsure
  • Amalric Farstrike ( ) - Being one of the newer "employees" to her Host Club, she doesn't know much about him yet. She's noted some small similarities between herself and him, and has seen many people come through her door expressing similar cultural frustrations. Not that she would ever dismiss such grievances, but she still hopes that he will adjust to it all in due time.
  • Arblis Ellhis ( ) - She is full of both admiration and worry for her fellow Seeker, for a myriad of reasons. Her quickness to act is something Maia wishes she had, though in that same token, she quietly frets over her safety. Overall, she finds Arblis inspiring.
  • Anstarra Silverain ( ) - The other Miqo'te has always treated her with friendliness and respect, to which Maia has responded in kind. She has an unspoken sympathy toward her as well, due to knowing details of her atypical upbringing. Maia may never fully understand her, but she's impressed with what Anstarra has had to overcome.
  • Clalaris Sil Laris ( ) - Her adoptive sister and long-standing confidante, Clala always seems to be there for her when she needs her most. She views her as a real member of her family, far and above any of her blood relatives. She would do almost anything within her power for the pink-haired sibling.
  • Flora Valerian ( ) - A stalwart and loyal friend, betrothed to Ghalleon Helseth. She frets over her due to how hard the Highlander works, even if it's a case of kettle and pot. Flora is an invaluable member of the Rendezvous Host Club, to an extent that Maia has difficulty describing.
  • Ghalleon Helseth ( ) - One of her oldest friends, and someone she perceives as very wise and patient. She's unafraid to rely on him, although she's also very conscious of how busy his work keeps him. He's betrothed to her other old friend, Flora Valerian.
  • J'lyneth Khal ( ) - She views Lyneth as a helpful and organized individual - someone who is caring and puts others first. Her appreciation of the other rose significantly after she helped D'ranmaia negotiate new terms with her freelance manager in Ul'dah.
  • K'yhia Mewrilah ( ) - The wife of one of her dearest friends. She's grateful to K'yhia for offering Lucky something she was unable to give, and also for being a vigilant eye over those within the Rendezvous. Although the two aren't exactly close, she holds a deep appreciation for the other Miqo'te.
  • Kosetsu Kensei ( ) - Despite wearing so much armor, Maia doesn't notice her presence very often. She's somewhat baffled by the Au Ra, although she wonders if she doesn't simply miss her homeland.
  • Lan Darklyn ( ) - In her perception, Lan is a caring and thoughtful individual who is dedicated to those he calls friend. After listening in on a Defense Team meeting and observing his actions therein, she was quick to nominate him as Leader of said Team.
  • Lori'vaen Nasharia ( ) - A new friend that she met at a party. After a long conversation that included a mutual like for cake, she left with a very positive impression of the other Miqo'te.
  • Lucky Mewrilah ( ) - One of the few people she's met who understood her tribal upbringing, and her thoughts regarding it. They share many similarities, and are close friends. At one point, she offered him a purple feather, to symbolize the trust she held in him.
  • Momone Mone ( ) - A person she greatly admired at one point, and likely still. She has gone through great trials with this Lalafell, and misses her: both for her presence, and her outstanding cooking.
  • N'taeyl Yhash ( ) - Through a candid conversation, he helped her reconcile her feelings over the loss of their mutual friend, Flandre. Since his return to the Host Club, she's been happy regarding his presence there.
  • Nananomi Nomi ( ) - Someone who reminds her of her estranged adopted brother, Rizumu D'souz. She's openly admitted as much to him, though the message was well-received and a heart-to-heart ensued in its wake. He's another adorable Lalafell, and one that tends to brighten her day.
  • Nonope Nope ( ) - An adorable Lalafell who has a habit of sneaking up on people. She views Nonope as very dedicated, kind, and loyal to her friends (of which she hopes to be among their number.) Although Maia once promised that she would do her best to protect her, she often wonders if she falls short of this ambitious oath. In the end, the most she can do is to simply be there for her whenever her busy life allows.
  • Piers Hayward ( ) - After he agreed to guide her around Ishgard, she's felt fairly comfortable around him, and even a little indebted. Knowing of his hardships and work ethic, she silently hopes that the darker times are behind him. He's looked out for her more than once - gestures she both notices and appreciates.
  • Rizumu D'souz ( ) - Her adoptive brother, who she's promised to never leave behind. They were once nearly inseparable and very close, having help one another through numerous tribulations. In recent moons, however, he's been off adventuring on his own, leaving her with an unvoiced loneliness.
  • Sage Yvelont ( ) - He arrived at her estate in disguise, shamed regarding his own appearance. She observed as he grew and developed, eventually coming out of his shell and departing for a new destiny.
  • Saldgeim Wyznsathwyn ( ) - In both cooking and temperament, the Roegadyn made a positive impression on her. Saldgeim's goals are equal parts praiseworthy and relatable in Maia's mind, and she genuinely hopes that the younger girl will one day discover exactly what she seeks.
  • Vael'a Ruhne ( ) - Very dedicated engineer who works on the Rendezvous Host Club airship. He always seems up for helping others, and has shown himself to be a loyal friend.
  • Xehn'a Hmyr ( ) - She's his magician's assistant, although their show still has some wrinkles to iron out. He occasionally confuses her with his words, but she feels as though she's learned a lot from him. At times, it seems he's learned from her as well. Through him, she's found a surprising and supportive friend.
  • Yuki Kusakki ( ) - Her relationship with Yuki was somewhat peculiar. They've shared meaningful conversations regarding duty and leadership, but for the longest time, she was unsure of his thoughts regarding her. She admired his direct way of speaking and approach to life, and was grateful for his efforts around the Host Club. She also believes he had an illness that causes him to laugh involuntarily at times. Their friendship solidified when he offered emotional support in the wake of discovering her parent's death. Tragically, Yuki died soon after.
  • Zaphir Zurlac ( ) - Being that he's engaged to her adopted sister, Clalaris Sil Laris, she views him as her future brother-in-law, though he's more to her than that. He's a thoughtful and long-standing friend in his own right, always willing to lend a hand, and often surprises her with his knowledge and explanations of the world around them.

Standard Rumors (starting with least rare, and down to most rare)

  • "Yeah, she's pretty blind. Okay, like super blind." - Teenage Hyur
  • "She's kinda young ta own that thar Host Club. Ain't that a brothel or sommat?" - Uneducated Citizen
  • "I've seen her do a lot of contract work for the Immortal Flames. I guess they're short on healers since we don't have a guild of that sort here?" - Older Lalafell
  • "That girl? She'd work herself to death if you let her. She's passed out from exhaustion multiple times while on the job, though we're not stupid enough to put her on the front lines or anything." - Officer Hughes of the Immortal Flames
  • "I saw her talking to a plant once. A plant! What was she expecting? She seems a few pastels short of a set, if you ask me." - Gossiping Lady
  • "She can tell the future." - Loitering Citizen in the Goblet

PC Rumors

NOTE: You can add your own rumors!

  • "She is the best magician I know. I am utterly indebted to her for letting me be her assistant. I once saw her make a chocobo appear out of thin air. One minute nothing, the next? Our feathered friend. Utterly amazing if you ask me. Also she tames dragons." ~Xehn'a Hmyr
  • "D'ranmaia? Kindest woman you'll ever meet. Maia's quick to think that she might be making you uncomfortable though, so try not to drop too quiet around her, yeah?" ~ Piers Hayward
  • "Hm? Maia of the Rendezvous Host Club? I don't know of many who would be willing to work so hard for their friends or employees, let alone enjoy it as much as she does." ~ Vael'a Ruhne
  • "Ever spoke to someone that gets you smiling and then it's pretty difficult to stop? Yeah, she's one of those. Plus, she's ah... I can safely say I spend a lot of my time around her having my heart melt, like when you see a particularly cute puppy or something." ~Nomi
  • I think she is one of those selective people that I feel safe around and able to be myself without feeling like I am going to be judged for it. So very few beautiful people like that in the world now. ~ Lori'vaen Nasharia
  • Despite the fact that my initial meeting with Maia was unexpected by me I can honestly say that within moments I felt at ease and knew that I could trust her. Very seldom do you meet someone so kind hearted and invested in making others feel better no matter what. I'm proud of the times I get to work for Maia, anything to pay that young lady back. Now if anyone were to harm her...well a body is easier to hide than some think. ~ Lan Darklyn
  • "She's wonderful, but don't underestimate her, she's a lot stronger than she looks. Not physically - or, er, maybe, but that's not...um... Ah, yeah, we're pretty...dedicated...to hosting." ~ N'taeyl Yhash
Star-fiddledeedeespurpleleft2.gifHer Childhood & Her TribeStar-fiddledeedeespurpleright2.gif

D'ranmaia Shenn was born into the Deh Tribe, the direct descendant of D'toldha Yokho and D'shenn Nunh. Her mother, D'toldha, was a beautiful platinum-haired huntress - a gem among the tribe - and her father was a strong and caring male who looked after his mates and offspring. The tribe itself claimed the Dodo as their totem animal, though it was a right claimed when the small group branched off from the "main" Dodo tribe two generations prior. Growing up, Maia was taught that her tribe held onto the more traditional ways, and they rarely fraternized with the non-Miqo'te dwellers of the city-states.

Yet the group was small, and had difficulty remaining self-sufficient in their nomadic travels over the plains of La Noscea. In D'ranmaia's childhood, this community numbered no more than twenty-five. As a result, everyone was expected to contribute, this instruction folded into their core values. By the honor of the Deh, no one was allowed to take without providing, and doing otherwise went harshly against their long-standing tradition. This code was deeply instilled into the lavender-haired girl, always being taught to place the community above her own individual needs. Such was the way they all lived, and it worked well for their community, despite their hardships.

The tribe was headed by an Elder, as most tribes are. Although in the Deh, the elder is just as like to be female as male. If the tribal leader is male, he almost always has a female counterpart who advises him. Meanwhile, the other females of the tribe are inherently ranked based on skill, on up to the leader or the leader's second in their hierarchy - the higher the ranking, the more say they are allowed in tribal matters and decisions. The males possess no such hierarchy, but there are traditionally very few of them born to the tribe, for whatever reason nature devises.

The Deh also has one 'Medicine Woman,' often older, who exists outside of the hierarchy, but is nonetheless respected. She has the ultimate say in regard to all spiritual and health matters, and has what the Deh call 'spirit sight.' The Medicine Woman is known to communicate with the spirits of nature, pleading for them to heal the sick or injured, should her poultice fail.

During the day, the 'Makers' create pottery, utensils, and other small necessities, while the Gatherers harvest nearby plants, and the Hunters bring home the bulk of that day's meal. Everyone was expected to contribute in one of these three ways, in order to ensure the tribe's survivability alongside preservation of their individual honor. In the evening, singing, dancing and storytelling was a common pastime. During this, everyone had an opportunity to share and celebrate their day's accomplishments.

Common foods of the tribe were spinach salad with fresh oranges and lentils, roasted dodo, paprika-spiced grilled tomatoes, and chamomile plum tea.

The Deh's grasp of language was noteworthy, as each member of the tribe was raised to learn five separate languages:

  1. Their native tongue, which is known only to Deh.
  2. The more universal Miqo'te tribal language, which is used between several tribes.
  3. The common language of Eorzea.
  4. A non-verbal language that is known commonly through several Miqo'te tribes.
  5. A non-verbal language that is specific to the Deh (often used in hunting or stealth.)

The syntax of their language often placed others first, in the order of speaking. For example, upon receiving a gift, it was traditional to say "Your thoughts honor me." (In this case, 'Your thoughts' are the first subject demonstrated in the sentence.) Due to their strong emphasis on social bearings, a common greeting is "What do you have today?" This can be answered in any number of abstract ways, and does not have to denote a physical meaning. They also had a recurrent mantra, (or poem, or prayer - all three meanings using the same word in her language)--

"The stars, our evening blanket; The sun, our morning alarm; Today is a new day; Azeyma's gift to us."

As far as material possessions, the Deh's primary tradition is called the 'Gift of Feathers.' Since they are both decorative and lightweight, feathers of various colors make an ideal offering between those of the nomadic Deh. Each color holds a different symbolism and meaning, and their offering is frequently paired with well wishes.

  • Emerald - Peace. This feather's coloring represents peace when facing turmoil, whether from outside forces or from within.
  • Purple - Trust. Often given in acknowledgement of an act of the other, or as a token of unwavering trust.
  • Orange - Dreams. The wish that one's personal dreams might never leave them, and always guide their steps. It can also be used as a ward against nightmares.
  • Green - Prosperity. Personal success does not always involve material things, and this feather serves as a reminder of that... as well as a wish for the other to receive prosperity of all types throughout their life.
  • Yellow - Protection. Often given to those who leave the tribe in brief stints for a greater purpose, and used as a ward to prevent harm upon the individual.
  • Grey - Opportunity. Given to those who have many paths before them, acknowledging the positives found within a blank slate. It's also offered to people the giver wishes they knew better, as each meeting is an opportunity for friendship.
  • Pink - Happiness. A vibrant feather meant to wish happiness unto another, often in celebration of a life event, but can also be a gift between friends.
  • Blue - Beauty. Beauty comes in all forms, from within or in appearance. This color acknowledges a person's beauty of spirit, and also wishes for their inner beauty to remain, even when their exterior beauty fades.
  • White - Hope. Symbolic of a bright mind or future, either in acknowledging such traits, or in bestowing them.
  • Black - Wisdom. It follows the legend of the crow, the gull, and the opo-opo, and it is said that this feather is the embodiment of the crow within that legend.
  • Brown - Remembrance. Meant to be a keepsake and reminder of one's home, so that no matter where they travel, home is always with them.
  • Red - Passion. This can either be given to acknowledge a tribe member's personal passion (such as with hunting, or another great skill), or it can be a romantic gesture.

Having grown up in this environment, with these many customs, D'ranmaia was a relatively happy and normal child of her tribe. She loved her mother, and enjoyed exploring and playing in the nearby streams and brooks. If the weather was nice, sometimes she would elect to sleep under the stars, as opposed to one of their leather tents. There weren't many children around her age, but she was extremely close with her mother, and admired her more than the sky or sea.

Before she could begin learning the skills befitting a member of her tribe in earnest, an unfortunate turn of events left her without the ability to see. Although the Medicine Woman tried everything from prayer to poultice, no one could goad her eyesight into returning.

Dranmaia History.jpg
  1. Childhood Story:
  2. A Question Never Answered.
  1. Tribe's Soundtrack:
  2. The Deh.


D'ranmaia struggled into her adolescent years, attempting to contribute to her tribe as was expected, but failing. Her mother looked after her, but resources for the group continued to dwindle. It was only a matter of time before the strain and dissonance would become too great for both to bear.

And so, in her early teens, the elder of the tribe passed down a grave decision: during their next move, D'ranmaia would be left behind. She lived in isolation in the La Noscean plains for two weeks before she was discovered, malnourished and downtrodden. Later she would know these random adventurers as friends, but in that moment, they were her saviors. They decided to escort her on a ferry to Gridania, where they hoped she would find some purpose within Stillglade Fane. Although the journey was perilous due to the unfortunate timing of the Calamity, the struggled through, and they bid their farewells to her. She was left the care of a Conjury instructor by the name of Imeme Ime, and earned her keep through freelance healing in the area for the next five years. At the age of nineteen, she was allowed to seek her own work, independent of the Conjurer's Guild, which caused her to undertake a job for an elezen named Stephannot Leclerc.

Mr. Leclerc - an elderly Elezen in his twilight years - spent his days holed up in one of the rooms in Fallgourd Float's The Bobbing Cork. D'ranmaia's jobs included running simple errands for food, and casting Repose on him each night so that he could fall asleep with ease. The two grew close, almost like family, though he never spoke much of why he required magic to help him sleep, nor why he rarely left his inn room. Yet the answer became clear soon enough as, one fateful morning, Mr. Leclerc did not awaken. She was steeped in grief, but to her great surprise, she found out he'd left her two things in his will: the property of a potential business, and enough funding to get it off the ground. They'd spoken of it often, his words reminiscent of a dream he'd never seen to fruition. Determined to set his dream alight, she opened up the Rendezvous Host Club on his behalf, and runs the establishment to this day.

  1. Adolescent Stories::
  2. Her Resignation.
  3. Blind Trust*.
  4. Where She Went.

* (This story has been effected by a time-travel artifact, so there are two version of what happened. If that's not your bag, feel free to skip/ignore this one!)

  1. Maia's Soundtrack:
  2. The Least Star.
  3. Bonus track! Calamity on the Seas!

Star-fiddledeedeespurpleleft2.gifPresent DayStar-fiddledeedeespurpleright2.gif

Although things seemed rocky at first, D'ranmaia (or 'Maia,' as she was commonly called) grew into a capable Proprietress of the Rendezvous Host Club within The Goblet. She reunited with the friends who had saved her during her adolescence, and ended up employing many more. Even still, the taxation upon Ul'dah businesses (and possibly a few "unseen" expenses) bade her to pick up freelance Conjury again as a second job. She's currently under contract employment, with a lalafell named Cocope Cope as her manager, and is sent wherever she's needed. Very often, this happens to be assisting the Immortal Flames, so she's gained a handful of contacts within that community.

Quite a few moons ago, she was arrested under suspicion of utilizing her business to establish and run a cult. Those claims were dismissed in court, however, after a... rather unusual trial.

She's known as a hard worker, and can be seen all throughout Ul'dah and the surrounding areas (although often with a guide of some sort.) More often than not, her retainer, a Highlander male named Tancred, leads her by the arm. She's also seen with a lesser panda on occasion, which she babysits on behalf of one of her Flame coworkers who is sometimes sent on more dangerous patrols.

Somewhat recently, Maia took a pilgrimage to reunite with her estranged tribe. It was her hope that she rekindle her lost connection with her family, although what she discovered threw her into a spiral of despair. Unbeknownst to her, they had been wiped out during the Calamity, and all she ended up finding was an unmarked graveyard. ((If anyone wants to play a member of her tribe/family who was away when the impact hit, I'm cool with that! Just let me know and we can collaborate!))

  1. Current Stories:
  2. A Dying Wish.
  3. The Trial.
  4. Where She Goes.
  5. Her Reunion.
  1. Misc. Soundtrack:
  2. A Dying Wish.
  3. The Trial.

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