Cailet Fortemps

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 Cailet (formerly) of House Fortemps
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Formerly Ishgardian
Age 26
Occupation Bodyguard, vassal, and servant
Guardian Halone, The Fury
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Brief History

Cailet is an orphan, a relatively common occurrence in Ishgard. What is slightly more uncommon though, were the actions of her parents. Her father was a foot soldier serving under House Fortemps, her mother a servant to one of the House’s nobles. Both fell in the same battle, as a group of prominent House members were ambushed by the spawn of Nidhogg. Her mother died, shoving a noble clear of a burst of dragon fire. Her father meanwhile, was the one who raised the alarm and allowed the whole of those present at the ambush the ability to fight back, or atl east scramble for cover. As a reward for their honorable sacrifices the House of Fortemps took pity on the child and accepted her as vassal and ward. Cailet was but a cycle old. Cailet grew up surrounded by people, others like her. Most of them servants and loyal retainers of the House. She was tutored and trained, properly educated, as was fitting her position. When she was old enough, the House searched for a place for her, and found one amidst the Temple of Halone, giving her over to them at the age of 14. There, Cailet was sent to live and continue her service to House and The Fury. She was trained as a temple guardian and warrior, as well as being taught many of the rituals and observances of the Holy See. Because of her lowborn status she would never be a Temple Knight, nor one of the high priests. However, countless functionaries and guards were needed within the church to protect distant holy places and administer rights to the needs of the masses. These things, she could do.

Her most recent task for the Church, and more directly had her sent to Limsa Lominsa. Although she was unsure of the reason, the order came directly from one of the Holy See’s Inquisitors, and in that case, there is little one can do but obey. Once she reached Limsa, Cailet awaited further orders, and waited, and waited. In the six moons spent there she heard not a sound. In that time she did what she needed while still maintaining a low profile. Work with pirate hunters, as well as guarding merchant caravans through the island saw her earn enough coin to survive until her new orders came.

What came instead was not orders, but a trio of Ishgardians in service to the See, intetn to drag her back in irons. Unknown to her, in the time she was away she had been brought up on charges of High Treason, Heresy, and Dereliction of duty by the Inquisition. Summary judgment was quickly passed and she was sentenced to be cast from the Witchdrop for her crimes against the See and the people of Ishgard. Only the quick trigger finger of Senelle Silverlight saved her from such a fate, for Cailet was too shocked to defend herself. From there Senelle assisted her in hiding her identity, provided her a place to stay as she works to determine what she has been falsely accused of. More importantly, perhaps, how to keep Ishgard from hunting her relentlessly.


Cailet is a little taller than is typical, fairly light skinned, with dark brown hair. Her form is one that would naturally be fuller, more curved if not for her profession. Having spent the better part of her life training for war, Cailet’s body is rather more muscled. Her shoulders are broader, much of that curve replaced with harder lines than would typically be expected. She has large violet eyes which normally wear a more neutral and thoughtful expression as she surveys her surroundings. Her time within the temple of Halone as a priestess imparted a particular elegance and grace to Cailet’s movements.

Cailet is often found wearing clothing that is of a more militaristic bent. Whether it just be the cut, or actual armor, battle is never too distant a possibility from Cailet’s mind. Despite her martial appearance she is often kind, gentle even, especially around those unable to defend themselves or those she deems as an innocent, and this is carried through into her speech as well, which tends to be calm and rather refined.


At first glance Cailet appears almost withdrawn, very quiet and contained. Raised to serve in the presence of her betters, she places great importance on being proper and maintain a polite air about her. Duty, loyalty, honor, these things are of paramount importance. She keeps her opinions to herself, and her words themselves as often as not. On the rare, though increasingly common times she is allowed to speak her mind she’s most often thoughtful with a deep respect for those around her. Unfortunately, her sheltered up brining has left her rather naïve to the ways of the world outside of the manners of Ishgard. Though she does well in those environments, her beliefs on honor and a strict understanding of the rules of the world do make her somewhat easy to manipulate, though she is far from foolish.


It is hard to speak of Cailet’s personality and not also speak of how it changes in combat. Here, she is a different woman. She believes that she is closest to Halone, to the ideals of the Fury, when on the battlefield. Here she seems constantly on the edge of lashing out, of explosive force and violence. There is something pure to her in the bottomless well of hatred that burns within her. Cailet has been trained, well trained in various weapons and heavy armor. One thing she has not learned however is the sword. She is not a knight, not nobility, and in her mind that armament is one fitting of a noble, not a peasant such as herself. Cailet learned to fight as a child, as would be expected of any Ishgardian child with ties to a house. And while she specializes in the tackling of larges beasts she is a formidable, dedicated, and faith filled warrior; and it would be dangerous to think of her as anything less. span>



  Meditation and Prayer
  Combat (though she’d never admit to it)


Bad personal hygiene
Liars and “dishonorable” behaviors
Dragons, all their ilk, and their followers




Favourite Food/Drink: ice cream; red wine
Favourite Place: To her surprise, Vylbrand
Favorite Weather: Sunny days with a light breeze
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Scents: Pine, wood smoke, the incense and oils used in the rituals of Halone.


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

Senelle Silverlight: One of the first people she met upon arriving at Limsa Lominsa, Cailet was grateful and appreciative of the woman and the opportunity for good, and good honorable work, that she offered. After Senelle saved her from the Ishgardians who came to take her back, Cailet had no one else to turn to. Senelle offered to shelter her, hardly knowing her. Since then she has sworn herself to the woman’s service, much as she did her House before. Her feelings for Senelle are very strong, though she keeps them mostly to herself, thinking the woman far above her.  
Onuma Ahntifi: Though she’s met her only twice, and briefly, Cailet recognizes the other woman as a warrior. Though she knows next to nothing about her, that alone is enough for her to give her some measure of respect.  
Keaira Twinning: When Caliet felt her world falling down around her, Keaira was there and helping her. Between this woman and Senelle she found a path forward. For that, she is deeply grateful, and while she’s not sure she can consider the woman a friend, her care to a stranger was more than enough to convince Cailet of the purity of the woman’s heart.
Nesra Kajhir:Cailet sees Nesra as Senelle’s daughter, more or less. Though she is respectful of the young woman, she can’t help but feel that there is some animosity there. Though she’d most likely not admit it, she suspects that Nesra thinks her a hanger on or danger to herself and Senelle. In some ways, Cailet can’t help but agree.  
Ghenta Hellbrand: Ghenta was the other woman Cailet met within Limsa, along with Senelle. Seeing the rough and tumble woman as, ultimately, someone fighting for those who could not defend themselves Cailet found herself admiring the woman, despite her rather rough edges. Their similar views about combat makes Cailet feel the pirate hunter is something of a kindred spirit, even if their reasons are quite distant from one another.


Aurelie Argentons An Ishgardian noble sent to retrieve Cailet for the Holy See. Though there was certainly a confrontation, Cailet bears the woman no ill will, she was merely following orders. However Cailet realizes that her remaining free relies on how well this woman can convince the Holy See she is dealt with. This puts Cailet in a position she is not entirely comfortable with.
Inquisitor Anatoloiux (NPC) The Inquisitor that sent Cailet to Limsa Lominsa. Cailet had only had a few conversations with the Inquisitor before she was sent to the city, and to this day she knows not the purpose of it. She has most recently learned that he was executed for heresy back in Ishgard.
Easily Overheard Rumours
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
Rarely Overheard Rumours

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Theme Song: The Truth Beneath the Rose- Within Temptation

Alignment: Lawful Good