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Cemi Jinfeh
The Mask of Pestilence

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Name... Cemi Jinfeh / Akhutai Himaa
Alias... The Black Rose / Abal
Age... 27
Gender... Female
Race... Miqo'te / Au Ra
Clan... Keeper / Xaela
Orientation... Straight
Marital... ---
Deity... Menphina / Nhamaa
Nationality... Gridanian / The Steppe
Occupation... The Apothecary
Alignment... Chaotic Good

With straight ebony hair trailing across her back, Cemi is a fairly short woman standing at merely 4'8". Kind eyes of lavender with a never dimming smile, she has a brilliant and welcoming aura about her. Skin tanned from the harsh sun of the Steppe, there is a mole located beneath her left eye and right side of her chin.

Scars & Markings: On her back resides several scars lashed against the curve of her shoulder blades. Faint to the eye, it's apparent she's attempted to use magic to erase them. The skin raised as if healed poorly, it looks to be burn marks among other atrocities. If shown, there's also a seal of a black rose over her heart with snaking vines and thorns to protect it. Upon her arms are painted runes for easier casting.

Voice: With a kind voice that is ever optimistic, Cemi sounds fairly young for her age and experience. Though she does enjoy singing, only a few close would ever experience it. Example Voice
We Will Rise Again || Meredith Godreau

List of Wares: The Apothecary

Clothing: Always a satchel at her side, Cemi is like a roaming Apothecary herself with an ever expanding inventory of brews and herbs. Preferring to wear more adorned clothing, she is rather fond of jewelry and shimmering clothes. On trips to the Steppe to visit her family, she would wear far thicker furs to traverse the unforgiving snows of the mountains.

The Architect ●INTJ●

  • Animals.
  • Sweets.
  • Books.
  • Dancing / Singing.
  • Nature.
  • Learning.


  • Cruelty.
  • Vegetables.
  • Her height.


  • Being left alone.
  • Not being good enough.
  • Losing loved ones.


  • Favorite Book: Distilling Knowledge
  • Favorite Drink: Reisling
  • Favorite Color: Black / Purple

Color Key
In A Relationship: Cemi is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Cemi is romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction Cemi is sexually attracted to this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Cemi considers this person as close as family.
Friend: Cemi considers this person her friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Cemi thinks of this person as an asset or useful in some regard.

Good Standing: This person has left a positive impression on Cemi.
Neutral: Cemi has no strong feelings good or bad about this character.
Poor Standing: This character has left a poor impression on Cemi.

Dislike: This character has done something to draw Cemi’s ire.
Hate: Cemi actively works against this character. Would attempt to sabotage their plans.
Threat: Cemi considers this person a threat and would actively be seeking to kill them..

Family Member: This character shares blood with Cemi
Business: This character has had previous professional relations with Cemi.
Deceased: This character is dead.


Jiwah'a Jinfeh ( )( NPC ) - Keeper Father
”Cemi's father and mentor. A man with an air of mystery behind him, he would wield a blade and use a mixture of different fields of magic in his stances. Cemi learned everything from him, and his death hit her the hardest.”
Arihide Himaa ( )( NPC ) - Xaela Father
”The Khan of her clan, Arihide was a strong and wise man. Always doting over his only daughter her was ever fond of, he groomed her to seek the kindness in others where many in the Steppe would resort to violence. Unfortunately, he would pass as Akhutai travels West. Though the tribe claims it be from a broken heart, the man had been hiding his illness for several years.”
Nuhze Jinfeh ( ( NPC ) - Keeper Mother
The Matriarch of their clan and Cemi's mother, the kind woman was often soft spoken. Teaching her of the land and Alchemy, the Keeper fueled her daughter's love of science and the unknown. The woman was also able to see people's auras, an ability that was passed down to both her children.
Kinu Himaa ( ( NPC ) - Xaela Mother
Kinu was the backbone of their family growing up, with a strong penchant for keeping her wild boys in order. She would help Akhutai develop her skills in healing at a young age as she was the tribe's shaman. Both Kinu and Arihide would be distraught when their daughter eventually went West to search for a cure that was not available in their lands. Though Akhutai comes home to visit regularly, Kinu always has a fire roaring with a mighty feast ready for her daughter with open arms.
Miga'a Jinfeh ( ( NPC ) - Brother
Cemi's older brother and the one to first open his eyes to the world, the two were immediately inseparable. Taking on his mother's talent for Botany and Alchemy, it was Cemi who mostly spent her time under their father's keen eye to learn to hold a blade and make use of her magic.


Anagna Kenesa () - The Shadow
”Naga is the carefree man that just doesn't give a shit, something that Cemi admires. She views him fondly as a friend and is someone she feels comfortable around enough to tease. Unsure of how to express herself, she bought him a gift of a silly fishing hat and some tools to aid him in his passion for fishing, but her friend Tempest would beat her to the punch and elope with the Midlander. Still, they remain friends to this day although it is rare to see him as much. She is also under the impression he is untouchable in battle and wishes to best him someday, even though the woman's physical skills are sub par. She also admires his fishing skills as fish are quite delicious.”
Ganzorige Himaa ( ) - The Idiot
”One of her older brothers, Ganzorige always finds himself in trouble with an empty stomach and big heart. After their father's death he ran West to find her avoiding his duty of taking the mantel up as Khan for the Himaa. Instead, he choose with a friend now lover Bengara and after nearly a whole year of searching did he finally find his younger and much adored sister. Doting on her with any chance he can, he spoils her quite frequently and urges her to visit regularly. ”
Genbaatar Himaa ( ) - The Khan
”The current Khan of the Himaa, unlike his twin Genbaatar is far more reserved and quiet. An excellent fighter with his blade and discipline, he oft reserves to listen with his horns than resort to violence. He is a fair ruler and though he rarely sees Akhutai in the Steppe, it is hard for him to hide his excitement. ”
Talan Dracht () - The Rube
”The aspiring Chocobo Knight left quite an impression on Cemi. Simple minded, yet kind, she grew close to him over the Summer's ire and eventually found him to be like a brother to her. A man she credits with saving her life, her platonic love for him is overwhelming. He visits her on occasion bringing her fruit he finds on his adventurers and the like, divulging in his simple and sweet nature to ease her mind of a stressful day.”
L'ysion Tia ( ) - The Crimson Mage
”A master of the Arcane, L'ysion was the one that introduced Cemi into The Court. Although they share a common associate, the two bonded on their own terms. Cemi has a nasty reputation of teasing and bullying the poor man out of pure affection. He has been missing as of late when she has needed him the most in attempting to nurture her aether.”
J'ato Tia () - The Suave Enigma
Her partner in crime, the two use to roam the streets of Ul'dah selling narcotics to the weak and elite alike. Currently in hiding, he would take on the cover of a traveling merchant. Long did he haunt her dreams, but she has since moved on and healed her wounds the man left behind.
Rukira Michaelis ( ♠ ✔) - The Hand of Death
”Her previous employer, Cemi briefly lived with Kira as she tried to get back on her feet. Perhaps one of the few people she's grown to ultimately fear, there's also a level of respect in her eyes. Working part time as an interrogator, Cemi also tended to her garden. Enthralled by the Highlander, there are episodes in her memory that blank out and she is unaware of what has happened. According to Shezha, this is by Kira's hand. Originally tied to the woman, she has since broken her bonds and is now a free woman. Though, on occasion she can be found still treating Rukira's personal 'affliction'.”
Sabathius Kath'lani ( ) - Sinner
”A man as mysterious as his name, all he refers to himself is as 'Sinner'. Working for him directly with J'ato, the two rarely meet face to face. She typically produces narcotics on the side for the secretive man in her private time. A man with many faces and names over time she has opened up to the enigma and even feels comfortable enough in his presence to tease him. Unlike herself, he despises sweets.”
Livia Crane ( ) - The Bear
”It took Cemi a long time to tolerate Livia's presence, but over time she has learned to appreciate the woman and even envy her in a way. How carefree and aloof she may appear, beneath is a mature woman who too likes to help others and create a better world. Though the two do not work side by side often and Livia may speak.. rather rudely to her, Cemi has learned to appreciate her.”
Daiyu Kahkol ( ) - The Defiant Blade
”A woman with strong morals and crafted discipline, for what few times Cemi has seen her in action she is left in awe. The woman is skilled beyond her years, but also humble in her words and firm with her morals. Cemi enjoys her work with Daiyu and finds her incredibly reliable.”
Serick Aster ( ) - The Great Fruit Caper
”An older member of the Court, beneath those strands of grey hair Cemi finds wisdom beneath his childish mannerisms. A man who has sparked her passion into the elder love of music, the two find themselves often just chatting the night away with an unsuspecting bowl to fruit to sate their hunger. She views the man much like her father with that cocky ego and laid back disposition. Perhaps it is why she finds herself glued to such a figure, even if he did dislocate her shoulder. Recently she found out he has since died in action and continues to wear his jacket she stole in his honor. He was a good friend.”
Biast Basiliscus ( ) - The Helpess
”A brilliant Engineer and perhaps her greatest customer, Cemi has a tinge of guilt and sympathy for the poor man regardless of his lineage. Experiencing a child over dose in her younger years due to her product, she made it her mission to help recovering addicts that actively seek out help. His girlfriend has also joined the cause, the both of them wishing to be sober together. Cemi actively meets with both of them often to help them through the process in hopes that they may one day reclaim their lives. ”
Shezha Kohun ( ) - Sister of Guilt
”Shezha is the world and her vice at the same time. The two have bonded as sisters and she has given Zha everything possible. Zha is well aware of her past and secrets and vice versa. She loves the woman with every inch of her body and will do anything to protect her. The two work together within the Court on Rush production, and on occasion romp out to events and bars to swindle poor fools together for some easy and fun coin. Shezha has since gone back to live with her sisters in the Shroud, but every so often will she meet her 'extended' family.”
Atlan Himaa ( ) - The Pacifist
”A quiet man and brilliant surgeon, Cemi was intrigued by him from the moment she saw him. The two have decided to work together both in the office and in their travels. Cemi views Atlan as a paragon of purity and aspires to live as he does. Always with his face in a book yearning for knowledge, she always tries to make sure he at least remembers to eat when they're not out on a mission. Growing affections for the Xaela, Cemi knows them to be one-sided but is happy nonetheless in his presence as he always brings a smile to her face with his gentle smile and shy eyes. Currently, Cemi has convinced Atlan to stay around the Court to help as their main surgeon, but to also teach others to heal and strengthen their skills.”
Charlant ( ) - The Piece of Shit
”Charlant is a near mirror image of Cemi on paper. A Red Mage with fancy parlor tricks and a man interested in the Alchemical science. Divulging the Court with narcotics and the like, it's hard not to draw the symmetry. But, the line is drawn there. She finds him a bit overbearing in his need to be flamboyant and please everyone. Cemi wears a physical mask, while Charlant wears a social one. She would like to get to know the -actual- Charlant someday, perhaps he is actually kind behind those lustful eyes for approval.”
L'ra ( ) - Red
”Woken from a drunken stupor upon the floor of the Quicksands, Cemi was under the impression she'd finally be jailed for her offense of pissing over merchant stalls and depantsing poor civilians. However, L'ra showed sympathy and merely watched over the girl through the night of her bender. Filling her with food and concerned words of her health, it was a step toward putting whiskey behind her and L'ra becoming a light within her life. She's a bit simple and hard to understand, but the Seeker means well. She reminds her a bit of L'ysion with her appearance, perhaps they're distant siblings. ”
Ingrid LaChance ( ) - The Black Wyrm
”A woman that works alongside Kira for reasons unknown, Cemi finds Ingrid actually incredibly pleasant. A wild card of a woman that does as she pleases, yet she has a kind and passionate heart about her as she tries to do what's right. Though a mixed past working as a Wood Wailer, she seems to have some misplaced feelings of Keepers that make her a bit uneasy. But, Cemi still finds her company fun to be around. Always with Peculiar Herb in her possession, Cemi stole her idea of infusing it with candy. Occasionally Cemi will meet Ingrid at her resort on the beaches of the Mist, enjoying the perks of a get away at a suite with many hidden rooms.”
Viper LaChance ( ) - The Old Man
”Working alongside Viper for years, she has grown to appreciate the old man and his strange antics. With a pension for following Kira, it was mighty baffling to her that he would succumb to the Highlander's fake fancies. Only recently has he decided to carve a path for himself and settle down stripping all ties to the evil woman. Much to Cemi's affection, she helps Viper whenever she can slowly cleansing him of the Revenant that ails him so. She considers him like a brother, the man always there to protect and guide her. Also, he bribes her often with sweets. This certainly helps.”
Bengara Akiba ( ) - The Sister
”Raised in a family with all boys, she was excited to hear her idiot brother actually date someone! Finally meeting Bengara, the fierce head of the house of the Akiba near brought Akhutai to tears. Finally! A sister! Even similar in age, Akhutai dotes often on Bengara always willing to help her out be it rain or shine. She enjoys the woman's company consistently and even though Ganzorige is not married- still considers her an honorary member of the Himaa.”
Priam Crowther ( ) - Crow
”Another member she worked with in the Court, Cemi grew rather close to Crow back in the day when she helped him with his personal demons. Going so far to become affectionate for the man, they spent a lot of time together even past work hours just to talk and hang with one another. However, Crow's path was elsewhere in life and he decided to move onward. It was only moons later did he finally return a changed man did Cemi feel alienated by her presence. Still kind as he ever was, she is still conflicted where the two stand with one another. Does he have affections for her still, or has he too moved on emotionally? Growing rather flustered in his presence, Cemi merely chooses to remain friends and make things not so.. complicated. But, it is hard to lie to herself.”
Dovienya Cuenn ( ) - The Rose
”Following Dovienya far before the days of the Obsidian Court, she was always pensive of the woman and drawn within with fear. Over time did she cultivate a passion for the other, always following and remaining loyal and obedient. Following Dovienya in the depths of the Seven Hells, Cemi would do any and everything she could to protect the Court and the Roegadyn. Long since has her Company been a sense of freedom for herself, it was where she was able to grow the skills and knowledge of Alchemy among other things. Beyond making friends, she would fiercely protect it until she is six feet under. Now, she follows in the woman's foot steps learning what she can to be groomed for the next lead of the Obsidian Court.”

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Seen that one around a lot less lately. Always sellin' her wares, but you also hear people sayin' how she helps others. Weird one, that lass. What exactly are her motives?" -Random Passerby
    "It's hard to get a hold of her stock, but when I do the shite flies off the damned shelves." -Potion Merchant
    "Speaks Common pretty well, doesn't she? Cemi is such a queer name for one of them Easterners."-Bar Maid

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Oi don't let that one fool you. May seem nice on the outside n' all that, but that bitch also slings powder on the side. Poor be dyin' on the street 'cause of 'er and for wot? Coin?"
    "That one use to dance, didn't she? Like fire upon the stage and all that. Iffya didn't get burned, was a sight to behold!"
    "Aye, that ring she wears means she's part of that 'Court'. Best not mingle with those types of folk, find yourself in an early grave you will."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "-The- Jinfeh clan? I thought that Garlean patrol wiped them all out years ago? Can't possibly be the same family."
    "That's the daughter of Jiwah'a, but don't tell anyone I told ya. Don't want no blade to my throat in the middle o'the night."
    "Just between the two of us..didn't she use to be a Keeper? How in the Seven Hells, I must be seein' things!"


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Where was once potential is now squandered with her own skills. Deny my aid, will you sweet child? I care not what happens to you- just be wary to not sleep an in early grave." Rukira Michaelis
    “She is far more gifted than one can tell just by looking at her. For one thing, she managed to capture my friendship. For another, she's a beast with the bottle.” - Tempest Fey
    “She is not who she makes herself out to be. There is wisdom beyond her years in that body of hers.." - Ingrid LaChance
    "She's kind of a wimp, but don't let that fool you. She's smarter and stronger than you'd ever believe." - Shezha
    "She is not my sister. Not until she has shown me that she has earned the gift of her scales." - Cierra Borlaaq
    "Unlike my wife, I think she's just fine. I'm a Moks for Nhaama's sake who dropped the whole 'Moks going with other tribes' to 'Moks going with other races'! On a business note, I like her. I look forward to working with her, as she is much more a pleasant associate to work with on the matters of alchemy and herbs than... the other one..." - Tsarnai Borlaaq
    "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she lets herself get stabbed all the time because she has a crush on that handsome doctor." - Livia Crane
    "I d-don't know wh-why she is w-willing to h-help me. It w-would b-be in her b-business in-interests not to... Sh-she's v-very k-kind, and I h-hope I c-c-can r-repay her s-someday..." Biast Basiliscus

This is a historical recount of Cemi's life, if you don't want spoilers I suggest not reading this.


    ♠ Cemi's Childhood ♠
    Time's Scar
    Character Theme | Chrono Cross //Time's Scar
    Raised in the Shroud by the Jinfeh clan, Cemi was groomed to the next matriarch following her mother's shining example. With an older brother far more skilled and one with the elementals, while he trained with their mother Cemi would find her time far more often exploring the forest or face shoved into a book they traded for pelts and medicinal. Their father traveled often coming back only during the Summer seasons to explain about his tales and experiences to his growing children. In those days, he would pass on his knowledge and teach them to sharpen their aether not only for healing purposes but for self defense as well. Cemi always looked forward to such training, even if her brother Miga'a wasn't exactly thrilled. One unassuming day, deep in the Shroud did the Jinfehs have an unexpected guest. A mortally wounded man clinging to life, he crawled himself through the woods looking for help. Taking him in and nursing him back to health, they learned that the Seeker was one called 'J'ato'. Cemi grew infatuated with the man- truly an insight to the outside world! He was all she craved, a boundless well of knowledge that her father could only give in small stories here and there. She spent quite some time helping the man heal and they grew close to one another. Mysterious about his past, it was a touchy subject that was not approached often. However, they accepted him as one of their own the clan eventually 'adopting' him and teaching them their ways. From listening to the spirits to living upon the land, J'ato merely presented himself as a wandering and troubled soul looking for a place to fit. One day such shrouded secrets would be brought to light as a unit of Garleans crept into the night seeking their lost property. Burning the small village down, the soldiers would not question their orders as they slaughtered the clan in search of this J'ato. However, the Seeker was smart. Quick on his feet with little time to explain, he made the choice to flee and take Cemi with him. It was only days later did he return to bury the corpses of those that helped him, the two constantly on the run from that day forward. They would flee to Thanalan, the two making a living off of narcotics her family with use for therapeutic means. It was there she evolved her craft, be it by necessity.


    ♠ Akhutai's Childhood ♠
    Beauty Beats
    Dance Theme | Beats Antique //Beauty Beats
    Working with Jah-> drugs -> Akhu


    ♠ Fate Intertwined ♠
    Azura's Dance
    Character's Song | Fire Emblem Fates //Azura's Dance
    Working for ruks -> Xaela age


    ♠ Current ♠
    Lorekeeper Zinnia
    Boss Theme | Pokemon Ruby/Saphire //Lorekeeper Zinnia
    Whatever is currently going on with buttface


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