Ches Camoa

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Ches Camoa


Character Information
Full Name Ches Camoa
Race Viera
Subrace Rava
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Relationship Status Single
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age 40
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Birthplace Golmore Jungle
Occupation Hunter
Family Lles Camoa (mother), Vren Camoa (twin brother)

General Information

A silent hunter from the Golmore Jungle, skilled with archery and stealth, but terrible with people. Ches is rarely seen, and even more rarely heard, avoiding direct interactions with people unless absolutely necessary.


When she isn't hidden in the shadows, the vivid violet and red hair of this Viera woman are rather striking, as are her jade green eyes. Her face is adorned with a traditional red Rava tattoo. She is typically clothed in dark stealthy garb appropriate for the circumstances of her employment, and her daggers are quite visible on her hips at all times.


Personality Traits

  • Anti-social
  • Silent
  • Ninja
  • Hunter
  • Introvert
  • Blunt
  • Quick
  • Work-focused


Very little personality shows through on the rare occasion that one might even see this elusive Rava. She is eternally stone-faced, using as few words as possible in her brief interactions with other people. The moment that you look away, she will be gone, skittish like a hare evading a predator.

In that way, it would not be a far reach to see her as mildly-paranoid. Ever-watching, ever-listening, and always with her hands on the hilts of her daggers.

Philosophy & Ideals

Personal autonomy is the most important thing to Ches - forsaking all gender roles and expectations.

Personality Tidbits and Random Facts

  • Ches is rarely seen, as she tends to stick to the shadows. This serves a dual purpose - to avoid unnecessary social interactions as well as to do her work undisturbed.
  • Ches lives a minimalist lifestyle. Her apartment only has a few pieces of furniture that she needs and that is it.
Likes Dislikes
  • Isolation
  • Sake
  • Nature
  • Night-time
  • Feeling useful
  • Stargazing
  • Crowds
  • Social Situations
  • Loud noises
  • Ale
  • Gender Norms
Skills Education
  • Hunting & Tracking
  • Stealth
  • Mending
  • Observation
  • Ninjutsu
  • None
Strengths Flaws
  • Patient: A trait she picked up as a hunter in the Golmore jungle, Ches can be incredibly patient. Whether it be staking out a location for days or following the tracks of an elusive target, she will wait as long as she needs to.
  • Observant: Ches's observation skills are sharp. Her eyes and ears are always hard at work noticing things that the average person might not sense.
  • Survivalist: Be it tracking, navigation, or building a campfire, Ches knows everything you need to know when it comes to survival in the great outdoors.
  • Loyal: While she has never been an official part of any Shinobi clan, the ideals of loyalty and honor taught to her by her mentor Maketa have stuck, and thus she intends to remain loyal and steadfast to her employer, Azzy Crannach.
  • Easily Overstimulated: Ches's senses are sharp, but this can backfire. She can at times be overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights, and certain smells and textures too.
  • Anti-social: Ches hates interacting with people. As someone whose responsibilities sometimes include relaying information, this can be problematic.
  • Blunt: Ches will never speak more than she absolutely has to. Her sentences will be blunt and to the point. She will follow a script if Azzy requires her to, but for the most part she is frank and rather rude, despite her decently polite body language.
  • Paranoid: She is always watching and always listening...because she thinks she has to. She doesn't trust anybody except for Azzy and Maketa, and is always prepared for the worst to happen.
Fears Favorites
  • Claustrophobia: Due to her paranoia, Ches despises being in crowds or cramped spaces. She tends to feel like a trapped animal if she is forced to be among more than 4 or 5 people.
  • Scopophobia: Similarly, she cannot stand having anyone's attention directly on her. As such, she keeps to the shadows and only shows herself when absolutely necessary.
  • Sake: A treat that she picked up from Maketa, Ches does love her sake. She never drinks enough to get wasted, but the dulling of her senses allows her to get decent rest now and again.
  • Nature: She may have left her jungle home, but nature itself remains a comfort, regardless of the terrain. She finds the openness and the predictability of nature to be quite a comfort.

Early Life


Ches was born into a large family in Camoa Village. She was the fourth of eight children borne by her mother Lles, the one closest to her being her twin brother Vren. Due to their shared difficulties with overstimulation, Ches and Vren were inseparable as kits, often running off on their own to play together away from the crowds of children living within the village. They developed their own crude way of communicating privately between themselves and trusted only each other. They had a happy childhood, for the most part, though the lack of privacy and constant noise of other children made things difficult, at times.


As Ches grew older, the reality of her separation from her twin began to loom over her. She decided to train in archery, thinking that perhaps she would follow Vren and become a Wood-Warder as well. This of course did not pan out as she hoped, as she was rejected by the Warder that came for Vren when he was of-age. Feeling defeated and longing for a more solitary life with her twin gone, Ches took up the mantle of a hunter, insisting always on hunting alone. Luckily, none in the village ever questioned it, as she was quick and quiet and learned to navigate the jungle in such a way that she would never be sensed by prey or monster until it was too late...


She grew more and more resentful of her culture the older she got. Despite growing into an adult, she was unable to aquire a space of her own due to the tiny size and large population of Camoa Village, so she spent more time camping in the jungle than in her own home. As male vieras visited the village to mate, she was extremely disinterested. On the rare occasion that her heat cycle became a problem, she would seek out a female viera to spend the night with...though she never stayed around for long.

One day while she was hunting, she discovered the encampment of a hyur woman in her 70s, Doman in origin. Her name was Maketa, a spy from a since-disbanded Shinobi clan, and she had been fleeing from Imperial forces and somehow found herself lost in Rava territory. Interested in hearing more about the outside world and feeling no ties to her own village, Ches agreed to guide Maketa through the jungle in exchange for lessons in ninjutsu.

And so they traveled together for quite some time, avoiding Imperial troops as they went. Eventually, the pair found themselves in Kugane. Maketa decided to retire in this city of neutrality, but Ches found herself overwhelmed with the constant rush of activity in the city and the constant stares from those who had never seen a Viera before. So, sticking to the shadows, she began to take odd jobs within the city, and it was on one of these odd jobs that she met Azzy Crannach, a cantankerous plainsfolk woman from Eorzea visiting Kugane on business. Azzy, despite having some roguish talents of her own, was impressed with Ches' knack for stealth, speed, and observation - as well as her distate for gender roles - and hired her to be her right hand woman.

Recent Times

Azzy and Ches returned to Eorzea together, where Ches has served her faithfully. She has filled a number of roles for Azzy - courier, bodyguard, and informant to name a few. More recently, Azzy has been investing a great deal of time and money into a new venture, a cabaret called the Purple Orchid. Ches has been at her side through every obstacle as they seek to build this new venue.

Common Uncommon
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Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Partner Friends

  • Azzy Crannach

    Azzy is less of a friend and more of an employer, but for Ches, she is as close as one gets. She respects Azzy immensely for her assertiveness, and Azzy returns that respect in kind, allowing Ches to work in a way that is most comfortable for her. She is extremely loyal to Azzy, and always eager to defend her if need be. They have bonded well with their mutual distaste for gender roles and expectations.

  • Maketa

    The first non-rava Ches ever met, Maketa was one of the few people to ever get to know her. Maketa taught her Ninjutsu in exchange for her guidance, and the two formed a unique familial bond. Maketa retired in Kugane, where she has since passed from natural causes, though the news has yet to reach Ches as it stands right now.

Family Acquaintances
  • Lles Camoa (Mother)

    Ches has never had a good relationship with her mother, who frantically divided her attention between Ches and her other 7 siblings. She did, however, pick up certain personality traits from her as she got older, particularly her paranoia.

  • Vren Camoa (Twin Brother)

    Vren and Ches were once inseparable, but his departure was imminent. Ches tried to follow him and become a Wood-Warder herself so that she too could live life away from the village, but was rejected by the male Wood-Warder that came for Vren. She hasn't seen him since. Sometimes she wonders how he is doing, but has no desire to return to the Golmore Jungle...


Likely Locations Affiliations
  • Purple Orchid Offices: High Likelihood
  • Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss: Low Likelihood
  • The Purple Orchid: Right Hand Woman of Azzy Crannach
  • Camoa Village: No longer Affiliated

RP Hooks

  • Eyes and Ears

    Ches serves as Azzy Crannach's Eyes and Ears. Though stealthy and quiet, it is possible that she has been watching you. What was that bit of purple movement in your peripheral vision?

  • Phantom of the Purple Orchid

    Rumors have spread about a Violet Viera in the Purple Orchid offices, and she was spotted petting the Chocobos in the stable, but no one seems to even know her name...


RP Preferences:

I am open to all RP backgrounds! Feel free to walkup if you see me out and about in the world with the RP tag on!

However, I have the following requests:

  1. Please keep IC and OOC interactions separate in /say by keeping OOC comments within double parentheses ((like so!)).
  2. Romance is fine if it develops naturally. Please respect that IC and OOC are separate!
  3. Please clear Ches's involvement with any huge storyline with me OOC before dragging her into it. I am typically open to big storylines, though, so don't be afraid to message me!
  4. While Ches does work in adult-only spaces, please do not randomly proposition me for ERP. That's sexual harrassment, kids! I will blacklist you and report you to my FC.

Thank you! ♥️

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