Conconkaki Papakaki

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Conconkaki Papakaki
You'd be even cuter as a blonde.
Lover of Lala Ladies
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Alias Con; Con-Con; Kaki; Papa
Age 20ish
Birthplace Thanalan region
Pronunciation Kon-Kon-Kah-Key Pah-Pah-Kah-Key
Server Gilgamesh

Basic Information


Con has light blonde hair that brightens a bit on the tips. His eyes are a luminescent gold and completely filled by pupil like other Dunesfolk. Con keeps a trimmed soul patch and the rest of his face clean shaven. He stands tall for his kind even though he is still considered short when compared with other races. Con has a cherubic face and looks like he is in his late teens. His skin is slightly tanned like other Dunesfolk living in the Thanalan region.


Con has a youthful exuberance that never seems to diminish. He is extremely humorous and sarcastic; he considers himself to be very witty. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Con is a self-proclaimed ladies Lala. Though small in size, Con never shies from a confrontation and often realizes too late that he may have bitten off more than he can chew.


Con is currently studying the Arcane arts; he enjoys studying the theories of healing, but his true passion lies in summoning beings twice or thrice his own size.

Con has become a student of Conjuring as well as Thaumaturgy in the hopes to better understand magic in all aspects.



Papacon Jojocon -  Con's father. Papacon is a spice merchant in Ul'dah; he is known for haggling with customers so well they end up paying more than listed price.

Bubumi Bumi -  Con's Mother. Bubumi tends the farms along with Con's siblings, ensuring only the best products ever make it to her husband's stand.

Pawpawkaki Bubukaki -  Eldest, and Con's oldest, brother. Pawpawkaki has worked the family's spice farms since he could walk. He is first in line to take over the family business from their father; and often accompanies the spice to market.

Wawakaki Gogokaki -  Middle, and Con's older, brother. Wawakaki is second in line to take over the family business, and as such continues to work the farms alongside Pawpawkaki on the farms or with his mother when the eldest brother is at market.

Sisimi Simi -  Elder, and Con's older, sister. Sisimi is the second child of Papacon and Bubumi. She tends the farms alongside her mother and awaits her impending marriage to an Ul'dah noble.


Talathar Khalynn -  A fellow Dunesfolk Lalafell, Talathar and Conconkaki have been friends for around four years. Talathar's family came to the area selling goods and the two became fast friends. While the entire Tahl family are friends with Con, Talathar is the closest of them.

Zane Purestrike -  A Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te Paladin and officer in the Random Collective Free Company. Zane is one of Con's oldest friends from Ul'dah. Any time Zane would be allowed to travel the city, Con was never far behind. The two were quite rambunctious in their earlier years as friends.

Haylee Summerlight -  A Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te Archer and fellow Random Collective member. Haylee and Con have a mutual understanding of one another. She has sharp teeth and claws; and he knows how to make them disappear into random parts of his skin. While constantly at each others' throats, Con would join her in battle against a foe with no hesitation.


Con was born the fourth and last child, or third and youngest son, to Papacon and Bubumi. He and his family all grew up just outside Ul'dah in the plains of Western Thanalan. His family owned a spice farm for ages, passed down to the first born son of each generation. With his eldest brother Pawpawkaki first in line for the farm, and his own status as last, Con had other plans for life. Being the youngest on a farm worked to capacity by his three older siblings and mother; and his father away in Ul'dah selling their products, Con was generally left to his own devices.

Con's own devices generally led him to Ul'dah, safely away from the merchant's district, to meet with his older friend. For many years his friend was just a Miqo'te servant working in the Coliseum and the two spoke without names for one another. After years of off and on antics between Con's duties on the farm and his schooling, he got to start calling his friend Zane. Con was always a fan of education, but never found a purpose for math. His father would preach its importance for accounting, sales, etc.; but Con never enjoyed it like most Dunesfolk in Ul'dah.

After Zane's last fight where he earned his freedom and whole name, Con began seeing him less. The two grew apart with Zane traveling and Con attending a university and working on the farm. Con got his first true taste of other lands when he met the Tahl family. Talathar Kahlynn became his first real friend since Zane; the two all but inseparable for a few months while her family was in Ul'dah trading. Like Con's last friend though, Talathar and her family eventually moved on to trade in other lands. Con became a bit of an introvert for a time after being apart from his two friends and focused on finishing at the university.

His family duties and studies kept Con extremely busy over the next few years. With each year, however, his elder brother Wawakaki became more and more jealous of Con's givings. Being second in line for the farm, Wawakaki was forced to put all his time into it even though he would never own it because Pawpawkaki was eldest. The feelings caused an underlying animosity in them both and kept Con staying at the university more than the farm. By the time Con graduated he had come to the decision that he would leave Ul'dah altogether and study magic in its pure form as opposed to reading its history and components in school. With him separating from his family more and more, Con said his goodbyes and traveled the seas to Limsa Lominsa. Armed with knowledge and wit, he decided the best course would be to seek out the Arcanist's Guild.

Now moving along in his training in magic, Con has reacquainted with both Zane and Talathar in the Free Company Random Collective. He ventures the world righting wrongs and angering larger races; all with a book in his hand and a smirk on his face.


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