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Ul'dah-transparent.png Galvan Thrull
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Knock me down seven times, I'll rise up eight
Gender Male
Race Au'Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Server Materia
Age 25
Deity Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Orientation Aromantic Asexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Freelance Adventurer
Nameday 31st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Galvan Thrull, better known as Galv' (by his brother), Galvy (by his sister - which he hates) or simply Galvan, was born on the 31st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon. Like most Xaela he was born in the Azim Steppe, Othard as the second son and child to Oktai Thrull (a Conjuror originally hailing from the Kha Tribe) and Bolormaa Thrull (a Warrior), he has two siblings - an older brother named Stromm Thrull (a Gunbreaker bounty hunter) and a younger sister named Meganth, a Paladin.
Galvan, by his nature, roams around a lot so it's difficult to pinpoint his exact location. He has been found around Norvarandt or Gangos as of late. He does typically go to Mor Dha from time to time to check in with the Scions but lately he has been taking on other jobs in different regions.
Galvan doesn't really care for politics, they're more his sister's area of expertise.
He is a member of the Twin Serpents Grand Company serving as a Lieutenant, he picked it out of impulse.

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- Galvan's usually seen accompanied by his 'partner-in-crime' Chocobo - Divebomb and pet Black Courel kitten named Battlecat. He uses his Yol named Skydiver as aerial transportation and can be seen riding on his Fenrir SDS motorcycle (a Nameday present from his brother - just so Galvan could stop 'borrowing' his all the time).

Height: 6 fulms 8 ilms

Weight: 187 ponz

Complexion: Dark Purple, scales and horns are charcoal

Hair: Violet.

Eyes: Gold with a red limbal ring

The most notable feature on Galvan's face is the red tattoos that he acquired for his 'Coming of Age' celebrations (which is a voluntary custom) he did it to honour his late great grandmother who bore similar markings (albiet as war-paint as his sister pointed out). It was very painful for him to undergo. His scales across his face resemble a goatee on his chin and his horns sport a twin diamond pattern (the tips of his horns are dyed crimson). His hair is long, but using animal fat he styles it so it doesn't obscure his vision when he fights (in the form of a 'flame' like pattern on the front and larger spikes at the back, revealing four horn-like protrusions on the back of his head), he has braided his hair at the back. When styled his hair reaches to his nape, but when he has his hair down it reaches past his shoulder blades. He has two bangs on the sides of his face that're partially obscured by his horns. His eyes have been noted to almost 'glow' when under warm lights or near flame. His lips are a darker colour but it's hard to notice unless you look close to his face (just for added awkwardness). Galvan has pointed upper canine teeth (though not to the point of being considered as 'fangs')
He has an athletic build to him, his tail is long reaching down to his knees and padded with very thick scales. After training as a Dark Knight and weilding many great swords his upper body and arm muscle tone as increased. After the fight with Zenos, he gains a scar that extends from the right side of his chest down to the left side of his abdomen which becomes the most notable scar on his body, when he returned from Zandor and Bozjan he gains more scars on his body, mainly around his torso.
He is the tallest member of his family surpassing his brother in height when he was in his teens (and something he never lets him live it down - much to Stromm's annoyance)
He resembles his father, Oktai with his dark purple skin and gold eyes, his scales resemble 'facial hair' on a Hyur however his father has neat, long platinum blonde hair and his scales resemble more of a 'beard' than his son's 'goatee'. Galvan's violet, spiky hair and red limbal ring came from his mother, Bolormaa. His brother, Stromm has her skin colour (cinnabar) and his father's golden eyes (plus a 'moustache' scale pattern) and his sister has their father's skin and hair colour but Bolormaa's eyes (red). Galvan's eye colour, in contrast to his siblings, is a mix of his parent's.
He speaks with a deep voice. Whenever he merges with his voidsent avatar his voice takes more of a 'raspier' tone to it.
Galvan has been known to pick up strange odours due to his life living as an adventurer (the worst is if he's been fighting Morbols and their cousins), he's so used to those smells it doesn't bother him anymore but his hair does give off the odour of sun-baked animal fat.
When first meeting someone Galvan is often quiet and cordial as he's trying to decide if you're someone he wants to get to know better. After numerous betrayals throughout his journeys and coming face-to-face with bitter prejudices in his childhood he does put up a front to stop people from prying too deeply into his life and isn't one to take trust or betrayal lightly. He will give people the benefit of a doubt if he feels they warrant it, but he will make you regret it if you betray him or those he cares for. It will take time but, if willing, he will come around.
Once getting to know someone Galvan would act more relaxed and it doesn't seem like he's 'masking' anything, his interactions seem more natural to others. He has a protective side to him that will manifest if people he loves and genuinely care for (that includes random strangers) he won't hesitate to rush to their side, often putting his life at risk to make sure they're safe. He has a soft spot for children (though isn't interested in having any himself - just doesn't have the time) and assumes a tough but caring older brother figure for them, likely because he used this role for his younger sister for so long and it might be he's trying to cover up her long absence and the realisation that she no longer needs him as she's grown up and has become a capable warrior of her own. He's considered to be fun to be around and is perfectly willing to set aside dignity to get involved in any stupid shenanigans his friends come up with.
One thing that doesn't change for both of these scenarios is his blunt (and sarcastic), but honest personality. He won't hesitate to speak his mind if he feels someone is being unreasonable or if he thinks an idea is foolish.


He is reckless and impulsive
Very stubborn, when it'd be more prudent to retreat Galvan would rather fight until his dying breath. He's usually the last to leave a fight as a way to buy others time to escape but also because he doesn't want to back down from a challenge he knows would make him stronger. This has lead to many trips to the infirmary.
Is insecure about his appearance, it stems from his childhood and has caused him nursing a lot of self doubt about whether or not Hydaelyn made the right choice in picking him as one of her Warrior's of Light despite the fact he has a natural affinity to the dark - light's polar opposite.
Hot tempered and moody at times, this may be connected to his past experiences as the Warrior of Light where he encountered a lot of negative experiences that impacted his life quite significantly.
Has very bad workaholic tendencies that do impact on his health and well-being with all the stress he puts on himself to serve as 'The Warrior of Light'
He doesn't have the best amount of tact and can appear as stand-offish when being introduced to newer people.
Connecting to his workaholic tendencies he is often his worst critic whenever he fails those he loves as he feels he needs to be the 'best' to help save those he loves. He is willing to lay down his life for those he cares about but this can veer into self-destructive behaviours as he neglects to take care of himself (forgoing food for days at a time and not getting enough sleep)
He's not that imaginative or creative, if he finds a solution to a problem he tends to go for a more 'pragmatic' and 'straightforward' solution. He is known to improvise but most of his 'improvisations' rely on using what's available or what's the more rational scenario.


He is afraid of losing control to another entity (possession) who would use him to kill those he loves.
He has a fear of tight and enclosed spaces, he's not particularly fond of being indoors.
Aside from hatred of slavery, he does fear being subjected to it as his family were descended from people who were enslaved.
He is wary of people offering him drinks and prefers to pour it himself, he has a habit of either sniffing or taking a measured sip to make sure it isn't tainted. This does extend to food as well, as he prefers to hunt his food as there's less chance of it being poisoned.


Close-quarters combat as he was trained since he was a child to fight by his mother.
Unsettling opponents (and sometimes allies) with his appearance, he uses this to his advantage in a fight.
He has excellent stamina, able to keep going without food or sleep (though he still needs both and it isn't a good coping mechanism for him) for days.
His tail benefits him by helping him keep his balance when he's swimming or performing complex maneuvers when weaving in and out of tight situations that require precision (such as narrow ledges), though his tail isn't dexterous or durable enough to support his weight if he's hanging off an object. His tail does correspond with his emotions (though not as much as a Miqo'te) as it tends to droop when depressed or perk up if he remembers something or is surprised. It tends to sway more when he's feeling agitated. It's debatable if his tail is sensitive (or areas of his body that are covered in scales) but he really doesn't like people touching it.
Improvising, Galvan can find unorthodox solutions to problems if given enough time to think.
Like most Au'ri he has excellent hearing, above that of an average Hyur (but not as good as Lalafells)
He is skilled at braiding, years of practice in tying his long hair up into braids has come second-nature to him. When growing up he used to help his sister do her hair when she was too little to do it. Even when they became adults, Meganth is often jealous at how well Galvan can braid hair - while she can now do it competently, she doesn't have his skill or speed.
Due to his upbringing he is an excellent survivalist out in the wild and is able to look at the land for shelter, navigation, locating promising water sources, determining what vegetation is good for consumption and potential bad weather. He's also a very skilled hunter. He's someone you'd want by your side if you're ever lost out in the wild and far from civilisation.


Known to demolish an entire feast while standing - usually because he goes without food for so long due to his lifestyle, whenever he gets to eat he will take advantage of it.
He has a higher than average alcohol tolerance, he can get drunk but it takes him a while.
He has a very bad sense of direction when out in urban environments and it could take him hours to get to a specific place that's marked clearly on the map. Strangely, he doesn't have this issue when out in the wilds
Has a bad habit of jumping off steep cliffs to save time which leads to numerous broken bones (and being knocked unconscious if a monster is chasing him)
He is taller than his older brother, Stromm Thrull - he's actually the tallest member of his immediate family
He has a knack for befriending and empathise with fellow outcasts mainly because they can sense he's another kindred spirit.
Whenever he's low on funds or doesn't want to purchase something for someone's insane plans, he would pretend he's a problem gambler who's constantly poor due to Chocobo racing betting. This isn't the case though, it's a convenient excuse to get people to stop asking him for money all the time. He was willing to help chip in to buy back a rare sword for his comrades as it was connected to a friend of his, but absolutely refused to purchase a sentient being from an auction, the very suggestion disgusted him (though said person didn't know his personal reasons for hating slavery of any kind)



Flying on his Yol, Skydiver. Loves the feel of the wind on his face
Training and honing his skills in combat, he doesn't want to get rusty.
Assisting fellow adventurers and townsfolk in need
Journeying out into the wild, going where the paths take him.


Nighttime, especially when there's a lot of stars and a full moon
Being in the outdoors
Sleeping under the stars
Autumn season
Travelling on Skydiver
Being with his close friends
Cats (recently adopted a Black Couerl kitten named, Battlecat)
Birds, his favourites being Skydiver and his partner-in-crime Chocobo, Divebomb
Combat training, he has more fun when training with mentors he's close with such as his mother and siblings
Hot stews with mashed popotoes (his favourite being the ones his father makes)
Savoury meals that sticks to one's ribs, they give him more of a 'slow burn' of energy making him feel fuller for longer before he needs to eat again.
Darker colours, as well as being in the shade during a hot summer's day.
Good tasting ale or kumi
Driving around on his Fenrir SDS Class motorcycle - or War Panther if he's in the mood for stealth


Over-the-top hero worship
Dishonesty and deciet - he has been betrayed and taken advantage of many times before and this has left him guarded and not as trusting as he used to be. He believes that lies only delay the truth in coming out and it's often better to get it over with.
People who flirt with him (sorry, he’s just not interested)
People who take advantage over him, such as wanting him to be their errand boy for pointless tasks
People who he doesn't know touching him. It's a big deal if he's actually comfortable enough around someone to allow them to hug him.
Tight, cramped and crowded spaces, it can cause him to panic.
Fancy and elaborate decorations and places where people display their wealth in an over-the-top way. He's a guy who's fine with the simple and plain things and doesn't fully get why people go overboard with grandiose decors to display their wealth.
Extending to fancy and elaborate decorations, he doesn't like fancy parties that make him dress up.
Casinos or places of gambling, he really doesn't like the gaudy and flashy atmosphere (though he is friends with Godbert Manderville after his exploits with his son)
Overly bright colours
Standing out (he feels awkward if a lot of people are staring at him)
Sweet tasting food or drink
Morbols, he loathes them with a fiery passion
Being called 'Galvy' (like his sister does...relentlessly)
Having his hair or tail touched (especially the latter, a sure way to either get yelled at or hit if he's in a bad mood is if you touch his tail. Don't do it)
Rain, hail and snow - makes it hard for him to sleep under the stars
Staying indoors for long periods of time
Being confined to bed rest if he's sick
Slaverly and slave-holders (this is a major berserk button for him because his ancestors were slaves before they fought back)


Favorite Color: He likes black, purple and red - he prefers darker colours as he doesn't like standing out
Favorite Food: Warrior's Stew with mashed popotoes - even better if his father makes it, he loves savoury food that sticks to your ribs
Favorite Drink: Ale, homemade kumis, coffee, fresh river water
Favorite Scent: Loves the smell of freshly cooked dzo, and the salty breezes of the sea after a hot summer's day. It reminds him of Nhaama's Retreat
Favorite Place: There's too many for him to count, but he loves the open plains as it reminds him of his birthplace. He doesn't like big cities or urban areas and prefers to go out in nature.

Galvan's fighting style can be described as brutal and relentless. He prefers to use his strength in combat and withstand whatever his opponent throws at him (remembering his mother's mantra - Knock down 7 times, get up 8). When fighting he wants to give it his all and keep up the pressure on his opponents.

After gaining more self-confidence during his journeys he decides to use his intimidating appearance to its advantage in combat as a way to unnerve an opponent before striking. He also likes to troll them.

His weakness is his lack of speed which makes dodging AOEs as a tank and sometimes when he switches jobs he forgets that he isn't as 'defensive' as he was led to numerous accidents. As a Black Mage he's often a sitting duck when using his potent magics so he needs to be more strategic in battle. Reaper allows him greater momentum that he didn't have as a Dark Knight or Black Mage and is still inexperienced at using it despite showing promising talent in the area.

While he's in his Dark Knight class, Galvan's family - Bolormaa (Warrior), Stromm (Gunbreaker) and Meganth (Paladin) have a combo limit break where they syncronise their LB3 moves to create an inpenetrable, gigantic barrier to protect everyone within. The combo attack is called 'Gerel's Legacy' (in honour of the tribe's progenitor, Gerel Thrull and the four who are needed to use this technique are blood relatives of hers). It's not a coincidence that Bolormaa's children have a preference for the 'tank class' as that was the combat style she taught them. Galvan was the last of the four to decide his main tanking discipline and this lead to Bolormaa creating the LB3 combination technique with her children when they were last together. It was a very difficult technique to master as it required a lot of practice to get the synchronisation right.

He's considered brilliant, but lazy. He does have the capabilities to excell in any job or class presented to him but he'd rather focus on those that pique his interest.


Galvan utilises Great Swords when tanking as a Dark Knight (including his prized Blade's Justice), Rods as a Black Mage, Canes as a White Mage and Scythes as a Reaper.


He is skilled and has an affinity with Black Magic and has had this fascination since childhood when he first stumbled upon his great grandmother's tomes (she was a Black Mage from the Kha Tribe before being exiled). His father (who does hold prejudices against the dark arts as he sees them as corrupting influences) saw him read the tomes and saw him conjure up a small fireball, harshly reprimanded the boy for his recklessness and not understanding the full dangers of using powerful magics. This caused a rift between father and son that didn't fully heal until Galvan's adulthood when he managed to convince his father that dark magic can be as beneficial as white magic.

Lately he has been dabbling in Conjury and White Magic after speaking with his father once they mended their issues, he doesn't feel wholly comfortable with it and is making steady progress. He isn't quick to grasp it in comparison to his other roles as he isn't used to healing in combat (he much rather face enemies head on). Black Magic, he feels, is more his calling than White Magic as he has a strong connection to the umbral.


Galvan learned to be skilled in crafting by his tribe as they wanted all their children to be self-sufficient once they're adults. He likes woodworking and often employs his skills to help fix up a bar after a drunken brawl (after he nursed off a hangover) and in one instance a Dwarven home after he foolishly tried to enter through the door only to get his head stuck.

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Galvan was born in his parent's old carriage on The Azim Steppe, his father, Oktai - being skilled in medicine and healing, helped his mother, Bolormaa through the arduous delivery. Originally his parents wanted to name him 'Gan' but after a Hyur named 'Galvan' helped save their lives during his mother's pregnancy after a drought struck the area they were residing in (outside of Othard), they decided to name their second son after him. When he was 3 and his brother - Stromm, was 7 their sister, Meganth was born. Both siblings were similarly named after kind hearted strangers who his parents met during their travels. Stromm would have been named Sukh and Meganth would've been named Maral.

Oktai was a skilled Conjuror and Alchemist who hailed from the Kha tribe, he ran his own clinic from his carriage where he helped treat strangers and those needing medicine while in the area. No plight was too small for Oktai to ignore and felt everyone deserved to be healthy to experience life to the fullest. Although he never considered those jobs, Galvan was still proud of his father and the compassion he showed to strangers who had little to nothing to give. But would usually leave the carriage with smiles on their faces and hope in their eyes. This was a big influence on Galvan throughout his life.

Bolormaa was a skilled Warrior, she served as both a protector and combat instructor for the children and adolescents in her tribe. Her father is the second leader of the tribe after the passing of her grandmother, and creator of the Thrull tribe. Her grandmother was a former slave who successfully completed the Bardam Mettle and earned her Yol. When she returned she inspired her other slaves to rise up and take back their freedom leading to the creation of the Thrull Tribe. Bolormaa's never seen without her axe and her pet war-bear, Boscoe. Both Bolormaa and Oktai met as young adults and Bolormaa was one of the patients in the medical section of his tribe after a nasty fight with bandits that lead to her getting a severe injury to her face. Oktai was able to heal the damage and save her eyesight, however she maintains the jagged scar on her face. The scar on her face is her favourite as it showed how she met the love of her life.

The Thrull tribe (which was created by Galvan's great-grandmother, Gerel Thrull - one of his biggest influences in life) helped raise him and his siblings and taught them useful skills to aid them in life, which included combat (their mother was one of their teachers), domestic, healing and medicine, arts and crafts and so on. Their grandfather, Dawa Thrull is leader of the tribe, however as he is getting on in age he feels the need to pick a successor out of his six children (Bolormaa is a part of that, however she's more used to mentoring the next generation rather than leading them). The tribe was often on the move, rarely staying in the same place for long and with the numbers of the tribe constantly fluctuating, Galvan found it hard to form friendships with children his own age.

What didn't help matters was his appearance as with less open-minded strangers, Galvan was viewed as a 'voidsent' or a 'demon child' especially around the Coereaths where anti-Au'ri prejudices were high. He does have bitter memories of that area but as an adult and being welcomed by the Fortemps, he began to overcome his issues.

When he was a young boy, Galvan almost set the carriage on fire when he was reading his other great-grandmother's Taban Kha's tomes. His father discovered what he was up to and gave the boy a harsh reprimanding on the dangers of black magic. A rift was created by father and son that day as Oktai worried that Galvan's curiosity and recklessness would either get him killed or have his soul corrupted by the darkness that his boy was fascinated with.

Teen Years

Growing up, Galvan had to be strong to help defend himself and his loved ones. He was not a talented fighter at first but his gutsy attitude (encouraged by his mother) lead him to improve himself as much as he can. He used training as a way to distract himself from his personal issues, feeling like his father was afraid of him because he was different (which isn't the case - it was more that Oktai feared for his son rather than be afraid of him) and how children and their parents outside of his tribe treated him.

Another such incident happened when he was 15 and he and his sister were playing in the snow in the Northern region of the Coereaths (their father was busy healing people suffering from cold-related maladies while their mother was defending the carriage from bandits) they ran afoul of a few bored Knights who decided to harass the two children, they jeered at Galvan calling him a 'demon boy' which lead to him retaliating with a snowball. With the angry Knight distracted, Galvan and Meganth ran for it, passing by Stromm who left to go find the two. Before he could say anything Stromm instinctively knocked Galvan to the ground and getting a poisoned arrow in his shoulder from one of the enraged Knights.

Horrified, the siblings quickly took their wounded brother to their father's carriage where he successfully healed the injury to his shoulder and halt the poison's effects, however Stromm was very ill for the next few days with Galvan, racked with guilt, remaining by his bed blaming himself for his brother's illness. When Stromm regained consciousness he held no ill-will towards his younger brother, just happy that they were both safe. Stromm and Meganth were the only ones who knew the real reason why the Knights targeted them but vowed to keep it a secret for Galvan's sake.

When he was 16 he hit a growth spurt and became taller than his older brother, Stromm (much to his annoyance) and his father a year later. As he approached his 20's he started to think on what he wanted to do in the future before settling on adventuring as he wanted to explore Eorzea on his own and make a name for himself and his tribe. Stromm remained with the tribe for a while as he wasn't sure where he'd like to go moving forward with his life. Meganth left the tribe at the age of 18 to train as a Gladiator, she had her heart set on being a Paladin since she was a child.

Stromm agreed to accompany Galvan, after his 'Coming of Age' ceremony on part of his journey at the request of their parents as they feared Galvan's reckless nature could end his journey before it even began. Galvan reluctantly agreed with this sentiment as he felt it was the only way he could leave home and forge a new path in his life. To commemorate this, after the formal celebrations were over, Galvan went to the tribal inker to have tattoos printed on his face. Stylised broken chains, similar to the face paint that Gerel Thrull wore in her life as his way of honouring one of his heroes and greatest inspirations.


When Galvan was 20 he started his adventure with a 'chaperone' in the form of his much more experienced older brother, much to his dismay. But both boys did get along well so arguments weren't common place. He was envious of his sister for a time who was able to leave home without needing a chaperone, but as Stromm explained, Meganth did display more 'common sense' than he did. He hung around his brother for months, often helping him hunt and gather supplies (an 'errand boy' much to his dismay) while figuring out how he's going to walk his own path in life.

Galvan was with his brother in the Far East during the Seventh Umbral Calamity and both saw the sky being tinged with red and a series of meteors streaking through the sky symbolising the fall of Dalamud. Galvan had a strange feeling that an impending disaster was happening far away from their home. Stromm, being ignorant to what was happening was tuning his sixtar having witnessed several meteors in his life that they had lost their appeal to him. Galvan had a recuring nightmare of an elderly Elezen fighting against a giant dragon that emerged from Dalamud and the feeling of anhilation.

After the events of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, Galvan noticed odd changes to his being, this concerned Stromm as he'd often black out without explaination. One time when Stromm was out collecting a bounty and Galvan left to gather supplies at a local town, the Echo went into overdrive - bombarding his mind with various glimpses into people's pasts in combination to the Calamity that befell Eorzea. This caused him to collapse in an overcrowded street, where a small group of strangers saw the unconscious Au'Ra and took him to their hospital where he stayed until his brother arrived in a panic, after not finding Galvan at their campsite as he promised.

Realising that he can't do much there, he took the unconscious Galvan to have their father look at him. Oktai was taken aback that one of his children possessed the rare phenomenon known as the 'Echo' and noticed that there were very few patients who turned to him who displayed similar symptoms as Galvan. He felt that the Fall of Dalamud was connected to a sudden surgence of people possessing the 'Echo'.

Oktai was adamant in letting Galvan remain with the Thrull Tribe until he can gather more information on his condition to best help him, but Galvan refused to listen to his father's orders as he felt that he worried too much over his life and wanted to have that control back in his hands. Galvan managed to convince Stromm to sneak him out of the tribe one night so he can go on a new path in life. He couldn't tell what it is, but after the strange event he felt a calling to the western half of Eorzea. He knew his father would refuse to listen and his mother would side with him as she displayed similar worries over the unknown phenomenon that was sweeping across Eorzea.

During this time Galvan helped his father out as a medic and he was impressed that Galvan displayed great competency as a healer and was quick to pick up on his teachings to use his aether to heal people and to use salves and tonics to help people out. There was an influx of patients who were fleeing the war torn regions of Eorzea and refugees displaced by the Calamity. While Galvan did feel he was helping and enjoyed the time he spent helping his father out, his mind was still on the strange dreams he had of the fall. He knew he had to leave for the Far West to figure out what these visions meant. He wanted to talk to his brother as he felt he could get him to convince his parents that he needed to leave, or at least sneak him out of the tribe, but he left shortly after having taken on a bounty for a notoriously difficult target.

When he returned a few weeks later, it took a while to convince Stromm, but he eventually relented after seeing how sincere Galvan was about leaving. One night they both snuck out while their tribe was asleep (Stromm had Galvan pen a letter to their parents explaining why he left to help reassure them) and travelled to a settlement with a few people waiting for a Chocobo carriage to take them to their next destination - Ul'Dah. Stromm offered Galvan a ticket to take him there as it was an extra part of his bounty reward after killing the target. Stromm had no intentions to travel to Ul'Dah but felt that it might be of benefit to Galvan who kept telling him that he needed to go to the Far West.

Stromm didn't leave Galvan's side until the carriage arrived with an eccentric looking older man and two sleeping Elezen twins to be his fellow passengers. Before the brothers parted ways, Stromm again asked Galvan what he wanted out of this journey. Galvan paused, not knowing how to respond to it before settling on bringing glory to not only himself, but to his family and their tribe so that they may one day be as recognised as the old and distinguished tribes that are recognised on The Azim Steppe. One of his fondest desires is to walk in the path of his great grandmother and go through the Bardam Mettle himself.

Stromm grinned at his younger brother's large aspirations and gave him some advice 'remember Galvan, even glory comes with a price' with that enigmatic note Galvan climbed into the carriage to begin the next stage of his journey and watched as the carriage took off and seeing the fading view of his brother, contemplating his words.

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

‘Heard that he gets cabin fever easily, never one to enjoy bein’ inside for long. One time when he was sick with a bad case of the flu he was marchin’ out – snot drippin’ from his nose and carryin’ a large sword an’ dressed only in ‘is pyjamas. There was an enraged Mystel followin’ behind ‘im too but ‘e ignored her wantin’ to go out adventurin’. Poor sod ended up bein’ dragged by ‘is horn t’his bed ‘til he recovered. Course he tried escapin’ again this time by jumpin’ off the balcony. Lead to further shoutin’ by that same Mystel as an Eleven kid healed ‘is broken ankles. I think after that ‘e was monitored by ‘is friends so ‘e doesn’t do somethin’ that stupid again.’ ~Galdjent resident, Crystarium
‘Hehe, according to one of our neighbours, he got his head stuck in one of the foreman's homes. There was a Gunbreaker hume with him who tried to get him out. Honestly? I hope the home he wrecked was that cranky old bastard who keeps stealing our things.’ ~Dwarven resident, Komra
"Galvan? Honestly first found him kinda creepy, like some sort of demon from the void but once you get to know him he’s a really nice man to be around. I don’t think even death’ll stop him from helping everyone out." ~Coerthas resident
‘I wonder if he makes a habit of getting lost easily in bustling areas, I think I saw him pass by the same lamp post five times already. I was gonna ask him if he needs a hand but guy’s been cursing up a storm by that lamp post. Eh, maybe I should give ‘im some time to cool off.’ ~Limsa Lominosa resident

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

‘Not sure if the guy really sleeps or eats at all, rarely seen ‘im enter an inn, but he must because he does look perpetually tired, poor guy. I hope he’s got people lookin’ after ‘im ‘cause I doubt he’s able to look after himself when he’s busy helping people.’ ~ Ul'Dah Resident
"Apparently his sister’s a Paladin and brother’s a Gunbreaker, what next? His parents being Warriors? Are they trying to make a tank dynasty or something?" ~ Au'Ra Resident, The Azim Steppe
"I heard that ‘e was originally a slave, guess that’s why he hates slavers so much." ~ Kugane Resident

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"Don't know why he picked red tattoos on his face, is it to scare people? I think it’s working" ~ Elezen Resident - Gridania
"The poor kid’s not been the same since he travelled to The First then helped us out with Bozjan, has that look in his eye that you’d only see in soldiers who saw too much action...not to mention the fresh batch of battle scars." ~ Hrothgar soldier, Gangos
"I'm not sure I entirely buy this man's friends calling him 'The Warrior of Light' I thought those people were meant to be, well, less off-putting like him" ~ Ishgard Resident

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

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Oktai Thrull (father) - Galvan and Oktai have a bit of a tense relationship due to a lack of proper communication on both ends and Oktai's own fears concerning the dark arts that his son, Galvan has an affinity with. This fear continues to grow as Galvan's exploits become more well-known and he's facing new trials and traumas from his time as an adventurer and as the Warrior of Light. Oktai is always worried that Galvan's recklessness will get him killed one day and fears that his connection to the dark will end up corrupting him eventually (which hasn't happened, Galvan knows how to temper his fondness for the dark aware that excess of each element, including the light, will lead to corruption). Despite the fears though he's always relieved and welcoming to see Galvan whenever he shows up at their carriage, knowing that he's lived another day.

Both Stromm and Bolormaa have been trying to get both Oktai and Galvan to talk in private to resolve their issues, aware that it's not out of malice that Oktai keeps his distance and prefers not to talk to his son about this, but out of a parent's love and fear when their child leaves home, Galvan really doesn't like being coddled and feels that he can take care of himself without his father's constant worry. He notices that Oktai prefers not to talk about his great-grandmother, Taban Kha, who was a Black Mage during her lifetime. He's the only one in the family who knows that Oktai keeps her old Thaumaturgy and Black Magic tomes hidden away (Oktai tells him it's because they're mementos of his late grandmother despite his fear of black magic) but hasn't disclosed it to others. He just wishes his father was more open and understanding. What Galvan doesn't know is that it goes both ways and they both need to find a common ground to resolve this problem to help mend the rift between father and son.

Despite their issues, Galvan does like spending time with his father without their issues getting in the way. He loves his father's stews and always requests them when he's home, he also gives him a hand in his mobile clinic (his father notes he has a talent in healing and wishes that he uses it more often, but accepts he's more of a warrior like his mother) and when he's a boy he was inspired by his father's compassion towards his fellow man (and it still remains to this day, his father's compassionate nature to his fellow man has left a significant impact on him and something he tries to emulate throughout his travels), not charging people gil to give them succor and to help alieviate their maladies. It doesn't matter who he treats by his old carriage, all are welcome because we all deserve to live healthy lives.

Good Standing

Bolormaa Thrull (mother) - Out of his parents, Galvan was closer to his mother who is a strong Warrior class, she acts as one of the tribe's combat instructors and is one of their protectors whenever the tribe is attacked by bandits (which sadly happens often - usually they come rushing out when they see a heavily scarred, short but muscular Au'Ra woman charging at them with a powerful axe). They both bond over their love of combat and is always open to her advice on how to improve, he knows that she doesn't give out compliments all the time which is something he appreciates due to his honest nature. She was his first combat instructor and his favourite as despite the gruelling training reigemes she always had her children's best interests in heart. She taught him his favourite mantra 'knock down 7 times, get up 8' and knows how dangerous and unforgiving the world is, so she trains her children and the children of the tribe so they're best prepared for surviving whatever the world throws their way. She wants her children (both biological and in the tribe) to be strong enough to push back at the world twice as hard whenever it pushes them down.

She is aware of Galvan's tensions with his father and understands that they both need to find a middle ground as she understands that Galvan is an adult who's capable of making his own choices in life and is able to take on new challenges as the Warrior of Light quite admirably, given his young age and understands the great burden he carries with him. On the other hand she knows that Oktai's fears come from love for his son and worry that one day he'll get a terrible message saying that his son had died. They both know Galvan is stubborn and reckless (which Bolormaa agrees are traits she has) and so it isn't a completely unrealistic fear to have. She and her eldest son, Stromm both try and encourage Galvan and Oktai to talk out their issues in private lest the rift between them gets greater.

She does understand Oktai's worries as there were parents (usually friends or families) who had children as adventurers, and sometimes their children never return. The fortunate ones would recieve a letter explaining their child's fate while others were left to despair over their absence.

Whenever he arrives at the tribe, Galvan goes hunting with his mother to help gather herbs or to slay wild beasts for food to make his father's stew that everyone in the tribe loves. He also acts as a 'co-instructor' for the newest students with his mother to help teach them combat skills and valuable, as well as harsh life lessons. Bolormaa always wants her children to strive to be better and not to settle for what they are now, there's always room to change and improve one's self and not necessarily in combat. She also preaches the value of teamwork as she often puts children in groups to help compliment each other's strength and weaknesses, she knows that as powerful a warrior is they can't do it alone.

Whenever her children are in trouble she does give them a quick, clip over the horns or drags them by the horn so she can admonish them in private. She doesn't do it often though as her children are wise enough to keep their trouble-making to themselves or do it discreetly. She does it when they're adults too but not as often.

Galvan was inspired by his mother's strength and fortitude in combat and while she doesn't show 'affection' in the traditional sense, she always makes sure the family is fed and taken care of. She admonishes Galvan whenever she hears that he hasn't been taking care of himself due to his tiredness and lack of food and refuses to go hunting with him unless he has some food and a good rest. She's always proud of her numerous scars on her body, especially one under her eye from helping defend his father from bandits. Oktai helped save her eye sight after the fight and she stayed with the Kha tribe for a while until she left to go back home, Oktai offered to go with her as they developed a relationship during that time. She always regales that tale to her family (who are sick of hearing it but go with it because it's one of the stories that brings her genuine happiness). Like Galvan, her biggest hero and influence in her life is Gerel Thrull - her grandmother.

Stromm Thrull (older brother) - Out of everyone in his family, Galvan is closest with his older brother Stromm who was his closest friend and confidant growing up. Stromm is more experienced and mellow than his more fiery tempered brother and often tries to get him to see reason to reign in his more impulsive tendencies. One such experience lead to Stromm getting injured by accident when Galvan angered a group of Temple Knights after they mocked him and his sister. Stromm was nearby and tried to buy the siblings some time but had to jump in front of a poisoned arrow shot by one of the Knights to save his brother's life. He has a scar on his shoulder from that incident and the poisoned arrow nearly killed him, but their father saved his life.

Galvan still carries the guilt to this day even though Stromm had long since forgiven him for the incident ('We were kids, we didn't know any better'). He does listen to Galvan and while at first was surprised when his brother was revealed to be one of the 'Warriors of Light' it didn't surprise him because despite his love for the 'dark' he does carry with him a heroic and compassionate heart, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect those he loved and the people of Eorzea. He reassures him that Hydaelyn has made the right choice in choosing him, because it doesn't matter what his elemental affiliation is. It's in his character.

He sees both sides to the arguments Oktai and Galvan have with one another and along with their mother, openly encourages Galvan to talk things out with their father to reach a middle ground and understanding.

Stromm works as a bounty hunter for hire and is usually seen around Ishgard, he does know of Sidguru Orl and his ward and was the one he recommended to Galvan as a way to find his tanking job-of-choice after losing interest in his Paladin training (Galvan thought the role better suited his sister than him). His job classes are 'Gunbreaker' and 'Bard' (when he was a child he was more skilled with the bow and arrow, now he enjoys music and carries with him a guitar that he plays for anyone who asks of him), after he discovers his brother's bounty set by the Garlean Empire, he made a habit of tracking down would-be assassins targeting him and 'taking care of them' before they had a chance to find him.

Meganth Thrull (younger sister) - Their relationship isn't strained but they did end up losing touch after she travelled to Ul'Dah with a select group of promising young Gladiators (she was young, only in her late teens) to hone their skills as warriors. Galvan was sad to see her go but did see her sporadically until after her Paladin training where she travelled to Sharlayan to serve as a protector for the people.

In their youth they were much closer with Galvan being the overprotective older brother who was willing to dish out, and cop, a beating just to make sure she was safe. At first Meganth thought it was sweet and she was touched by it, but was quickly annoyed by it given Galvan's tendancy to lash out at people if he thought they were insulting his family (Galvan's temper got the better of him in front of a group of Temple Knights which lead to their brother, Stromm being injured).

Eventually Galvan agreed to give her space to grow, and he was amazed at how truly capable of a warrior she was. He viewed her as a prodigy of sorts given how many times she easily beat him in a fight once she recieved additional training from their mother. He was envious too of her positive relationship with their father as she had a natural affinity to light-aspected magic in contrast to his dark affinity. Meganth is aware of Galvan's issues with their father but feels that he needs to make the choice to speak to their father rather than have it forced upon them.

Despite distance and childish feelings of jealousy, they still maintain a strong sibling love for one another and Galvan finds her sarcasm about his demonic appearance refreshing compared to the looks and fears he sees with strangers. Meganth shares his dry sense of humour and often teases him by calling him 'Galvy' and he often retaliates by calling her 'Megsy' which gets under her skin a lot. They have a typical older/younger sibling dynamic between them and even though she won't tell him (mainly because she doesn't want to feed his ego), is that she's proud of him and knows that Hydaelyn made the right choice in picking him as one of her Warrior's of Light. She already has enough on her plate than rushing to 'save Eorzea and other worlds from collapse' and knows that Galvan's the right man for the job.

Dawa Thrull (Maternal grandfather) Dawa Thrull is the leader of the Thrull tribe, having taken over after his mother's - Gerel's death. He was in his 30's when he took over her duties and sired many children. In the twilight of his years he needs to pick out a successor to take over after his death. As a grandfather, he has a soft spot for his many grandchildren and maintains close contact with them. He is known for his strength as a protector and welcoming nature to all who enter the tribe. While he is sad to see members of the tribe leave, he knows that it's for the best for everyone to pursue their own ambitions and if they need to they can always return to the tribe and be welcomed home. In the winter of his years, he has experienced great joys and great sorrows - lately of which was the death of his partner from an illness that swept through the area the tribe were staying in.

Galvan does maintain a close relationship with his grandfather, and he respects his choice not to pursue leadership of the tribe as his duties as the Warrior of Light (and Khagan of the Xaela Tribes) does take him away from the tribe and the burdens it carries. He notes that the burden is great for someone of Galvan's age, but fully believes in his grandson's strength to carry it through (after all, his daughter did train him). When he heard about Galvan's exploits at the Azim Steppe he was brimming with pride as he not only walked the steps of his mother but also surpassed her when he participated in the Naadam and succeeded. Despite him participating with a different tribe, it still brought great honour to their own and for that he was proud of him.


Gerel Thrull (Maternal great grandmother) Gerel Thrull was the first hero Galvan ever had and was one of his biggest inspirations to become a strong-willed warrior, just like her. Gerel was the progenitor of the Thrull tribe after she succeeded in Bardam's Mettle and after taming her Yol, she returned to the tribe that enslaved her and her family and lead an uprising that lead to a splintering. Gerel lead the liberated slaves past the Azim Steppe to form their own tribe.

Because of this she wasn't able to participate in the Naadaam to become a Khagan as she was tribeless and knew returning would ensure certain death for not only her but her liberated people as well. Instead she decided to create a new tribe and dubbed them the 'Thrull Tribe' - her former last name was 'Thra'al' which was given by the tribe that conquered her home, they deemed them unworthy of sharing their tribal name and treated them as slaves. What they didn't know was that Gerel was secretly a 'Gladiator' class and was very proficent with the sword and shield and trained whenever she had time to herself as she had the Bardam's Mettle in her sights. Gerel used the name 'Thrull' which was a different spelling, as a way to redefine themselves.

The older tribes (those in the 50 named tribes) were often indifferent of the newer tribes that sprouted as they doubt they would last a generation or two but the Thrull tribe has thrived despite difficult circumstances, many of them haven't even heard the name 'Gerel Thrull' as the previous tribe that enslaved them kept the uprising a secret - least they'd be humiliated. They were willing to help and trade with outsiders in order to survive.

Galvan never met her as she died over 100 years before his birth, but she remains a prominent figure in his life and vows to uphold her legacy. Flying with his Yol helps give him a sense of calm and a spiritual connection with her.

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