Crooked Tarot

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Crooked Tarot
Money IS everything.
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 25
Name Day 32nd Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon
Guardian Nald'thal
Occupation Treasure Hunter/Pawn Broker
Aliases Kalderasha, Tarot, Crooked
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Tarot (or 'Crooked Tarot' if you aren't friendly), is a treasure hunter. And pawn broker. And thief. And sometimes a spy--maybe. Who knows? The fact is, he's just as likely to steal your boots and then re-sell them to you at five times their worth as he is to sell you the boots of someone else (also at five times their worth). One part magpie, one part merchant and one part tomb raider, Crooked Tarot is a figure of legendary greed and unabashedly opportunistic behaviors. He's been in Eorzea for several years now, and is proud that he knows the ins-and-outs of most of the well known (and some not so well known) tombs, crypts and dungeons. Guiding someone through this is merely one of the many services he is willing to provide...for a price, of course.


The Many Baubles

Despite being of a Midlander stock, Tarot seems to be a bit bulkier than your average Hyur, with broad shoulders and just as broad arms. His torso is wider and his powerful legs are only just hidden beneath his trousers. One of the most notable things about Tarot is his lack of shoes; it would seem that he has solidly sworn himself against obscuring his feet at any time. Beyond this one oddity, he is not at all strange looking, with sharp, handsome features and a pair of dissimilar eyes; the left citrine gold and the right topaz-blue.

Dressed in clothes that vary from bare necessities up to extravagant and gaudy costumes, he never seems to fail at leaving an impression. His form is dotted with all manner of baubles and trinkets he's picked up during his various trips and excursions with some being purely decorative while others serve some purpose or another. Among these include a pair of goggles, a pair of manacle-style anklets made of some odd metal, earrings and bracelets and rings.

The only ones that seem to remain regardless of his current dress are the anklets.


Ever the opportunist, Crooked Tarot's first and foremost desire is the gain for himself. He does not hide this fact and will bluntly and boldly demand what's in it for himself when asked or pressed into service. He bears an almost trademark grin (likely where the name 'Crooked' came from) and Seems ever enticed by riches before even his own sense of preservation. He seems to bear little genuine sympathy for his fellow man (or woman) but is not overtly cruel or entirely without empathy. If hired on for a job, he sees it through to its completion, regardless of what arises and will not hesitate to make friendly banter with anyone he's working with so long as they don't get in his way to payment.

One behavior that stand out despite all is his change of behavior while in his shop proper. Within the confines of his business, he seems to be entirely about said business--he remains cool, almost smug or aloof to a certain degree when dealing with anyone coming in to buy something. This changes when someone comes in that would be marked as being 'Poor'. Refugees and those lacking in funds are not welcome in his store to the point of almost violent shouting and threats made if they attempt to come into his establishment. This occurs regardless if the person in question has done anything wrong.



Style: Tarot is a trained acrobat, using a style akin to dragoons to move around the field with grace and accuracy. Tumbling, ducking, flipping and jumping, he keeps himself well out of harms way, preferring to either avoid combat altogether or to engage in a game of sorts, striking and annoying his opponents rather than outright melee.

Beyond his staff (which can telescope into a lance if need be), he employs a series of tricks that slow down or weaken his opponents over time such as poisons, minor hexes and smoke bombs. He knows how to use knives though he generally avoids using them since they obviously can lead to far more fatalities than he feels comfortable with having on his hands.

Specialization: Favors his polearms and combat staves, counter-attacks and combat tricks.

Strengths: Dodging and countering, moving around the field of combat with ease and finding the high ground or best vantage points. Hiding and springing from the shadows or using others as a distraction.

Weaknesses: Ranged combatants such as thaumaturges or archers are his primary concern, especially perceptive ones. His own magics are relatively simple and easily undone by any healer or arcanist worth their salt.

Armor: Tarot prefers to not wear armor, but if he must, will stick with leathers to allow more movement.



  • Exploring/Raiding tombs and dungeons
  • Haggling
  • Making money


  • Cheapskates
  • Arrogance (in others)
  • Coblyns
  • Chocobos


  • Acrobatics
  • Games
  • Haggling


  • Has a 'partner' moogle named Moggie-Moglin
  • Tends to become over-dramatic when bored or wanting for attention.
  • Seems to enjoy keeping people on their toes around him.



Has not yet revealed any familial ties.


Crooked Tarot has not yet made any significant lovers.


alt text

Moggie Moglin is a moogle that has been with Tarot for what seems to be forever. While the stories of their meeting vary (Tarot tels several different variations, while Moggie outright refuses to discuss it), all seem to agree that Tarot met Moggie at some point when Tarot was a child and have been together ever since. The various stories shared so far have been:

  • "I was raised by Moogles and Moggie is my brother."
  • "I won him off a black market dealer in a game of cards."
  • "I keep him around to charm the ladies."

Berrod Armstrong - Tarot's current employer. Tarot originally was recruited into the Astral Agent's Free Company by Berrod shortly after the previous owner and leader of the company departed. During their initial meeting, Tarot expressed an interest in working as mainly a supplier to the Company, acting as a middle-man to get them whatever they needed, be it supplies, weapons or gear. His time, dedication and general interest in the Company waxed and waned but eventually solidified enough that he offered to act as the accountant and financial guardian to the Company as a whole. Through all of this, Tarot has grown a respect for Berrod as a leader and a man, and was there for both 'incarnations'. They have shared a few moments, such as Berrod's guiding Tarot through the Highlander coming-of-age ceremony (though Tarot was already far beyond that in terms of age) on his Namesday. For this and other things, Tarot's current view of Berrod is something like the older brother he never had, though he'd never admit it out loud.

Lottie Forsaidh - Although he has only just met her recently, Tarot sees Lottie as a combination of both meddlesome and needful; as a healer, he knows she is important, but her scolding of him makes him feel annoyed at best. He also regards her with a vague sort of distance, seeing her almost as the stereotypical 'spinster' sort that will grow old, have many small pets and live alone in a hovel in the woods. Despite this, he occasionally finds her amusing, if only to himself.

Kayllen Stormbringer - Having met Kayllen through the Company, Tarot enjoys having this clever and capable man around. While they don't talk very often, when they do, Tarot enjoys himself immensely and has built up a fondness for him. He does feel that Kayllen can be a bit stodgy at times or sticks his nose in where it's not asked for, especially concerning Tarot's more illicit business deals. He also becomes a bit annoyed when the man takes charge of the finances of the Company (though this is usually due to Tarot's excursions leaving no one else to fill the void). All in all, Kayllen holds a firm and useful place in Tarot's grand scheme of things.


Crooked Tarot has not yet made any significant enemies.


Common Rumors

  • "I saw him throw a refugee out of his shop with his bare hands!"
  • "He's so greedy, his eye turned that gold color!"

Moderate Rumors

  • "If it exists, Tarot can get it. Heart's desire without making a Voidpact...maybe."
  • "Where the hell does all that gil go, anyroad?"
  • "If you've a purse with gil in it, he'll make time for you."

Rare Rumors

  • "I could have sworn I saw him handing out--nah, but that couldn't be right."
  • "He broke that man's knee caps--you know, that one usurer that's been after the refugees."
  • "He bought me a drink."

PC Rumors

  • "You would think a guy trying to sell things wouldn't want to call himself 'Crooked'! He said it was because of his smile... mmmmmm... yeah..."- Aya Foxheart
  • "A very... odd man. At least his wares are not dubious."- Coatleque Crofte
  • "He keeps trying to sell me stuff. How many times do I have to say that I don't carry gil?"- Averill Rooks
  • "If it's Tarot's Emporium you're visitin', walk in there with double the weight o' coin you're meanin' t'spend. Just... just trust me on that." - Osric Melkire
  • "He's a damn good accountant, even though he likes ta pinch ev'ry coin we've got. Ain't afraid to go out there an' beat some skulls either. Man's capable -- even if he's always trynna sell ya somethin'." - Berrod Armstrong


Once upon a time, there was a child that was very unfortunate. He was unfortunate for several reasons, not the least of which was that he had parents that were both very poor and very meek. His mother gave birth to a son that she and her husband could not afford to raise, while his father sought to find easy money for himself wherever he could--this included gambling. What little money they had soon dried up and his debts compounded until he and his wife were very nearly crippled with it. They grew so fearful of those they owed money to, they could not even leave their home for more than an hour or so.

The little boy was not even a year old when his parent's debtors came to collect for the final time. These were people that knew how to make money easily and so offered a trade; by giving them the child, the debt would be paid in full. The boy's parents needed time to think--not to decide if they should, which they already had done--but to instead consider a way to make the disappearance leave them without blame or suspicion.

Very few neighbors knew them, let alone that they had a child. It would be easy.

But then the mother had second thoughts as she looked on the sleeping face. So to did the father--for a moment, they were not the selfish and cowardly people they had always been. Whether by Fate or otherwise, they took the child and fled. The old tales of Gridania said that if one left something in the circle of mushrooms for Moogles to fix or tend to, that they would. Perhaps some stranger would come to leave something for the Moogles and instead find their child--it was a better chance than to sell him to those that would only do him harm.

And so, with heavy hearts, the mother and father left their child to the whims of Fate.

And indeed, he was found, though not by whom they expected. This child was discovered by the very creatures rumored to inhabit those woods. It is said that they took the child into their own, raising him deep within the woods and teaching him many things. The boy grew up healthy and strong and clever and he quickly learned of the ways of both Moogle and Mortals. For a time, he was happy, and lived alone with his family in both satisfaction and love.

When the Calamity came, and struck the Twelveswood, many lives were lost. While the family of the boy--now a man--was spared, he soon saw that he could not remain within the sheltering boughs of the woods any more. The world was encroaching and so he needed to go out and find his own way. In those six years since he departed, he learned much. He also learned that to have power was to have gil. To have gil, one needed to take as much as one could. But the gil he took was not for himself--what use had he for such things? He could take whatever he needed when he wanted it.

It was when he began to give this money to those that did not have, to give power to the powerless, that he discovered the simplest truth of his life.

'If everyone were rich, there would be no monsters'.

This is what he made his life's ambition. To gather as much gil as he could and then ease the suffering of those who suffered the most. He ignored what others said as he scrimped and hoarded and swindled from the rich and fellow misers. As his own coffers grew and grew he simply watched with bemused satisfaction; he didn't need to be seen as good or bad. He only cared if he was seen as right.

And with his motto, 'If everyone were rich, there would be no monsters', he knew he was indeed very, very Right.

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  • Appearance: Original design, but borrowing elements from The Prince of Persia
  • Personality: Esmeralda from 'Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame', Dante from 'Devil May Cry' and Carnatux from 'Soul Sacrifice'
  • Music: "A Whip and a Witch"
  • Voice: Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi)


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