Dante Abigor

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Eligor Abigor
Beware what ye seek, for here there be Monsters
Curious Beast
Gender Male(?)
Race lalafell
Clan unknown
Citizenship Unknown


Full name: Eligor Abigor(Still known to many as Dante)

Nicknames: Kid, Creep, Papa, Shortblade, Mr. Reads-to-fast, kinslayer, Chico, Little one, Sharptooth, Weirdo, The Howling Fist, Eli, Shorty , Imp


Date of birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Place of birth: Unknown

Current residence: Silver Nexus(lavender beds)/somewhere in the Mists/???

Occupation: Will apparently do anything as long as he is getting paid, or feels like doing it. Has recently taken a more active role within the Maelstrom for reasons unknown.


Hair: confirmed redhead

Forehead: Keeps cracked crystal on forehead hidden with unkempt bangs.

Eyes: Unknown. Keeps eyes obscured out of a certain fear. Refuses to show them in the company of those he doesn't fully trust. Confirmed link to past trauma/history, escalated into phobia.

Clothing: Typically wears appropriate clothing for whatever task he intends to perform that is comfortable for him. When not working at all(Which is rare) he will often wear robes or near rags, as he does not really care for looking fancy if he can help it to reduce attention on himself. Otherwise, he keeps his attire ready for battle.

Other: Wears a pair what appears to be poorly crafted earrings on his left ear. When inquired as to why, he claims he does not know, yet refuses to allow them to be tampered with in any way. Keeps his Eternity Ring either on his finger or somewhere on his person at all times. Either other notable traits hidden from those he does not yet trust, or is not yet aware that they are worthy of mention.

-He also has a row of surprisingly sharp teeth, contrary to his mostly "cute and cuddly" appearance to strangers.


Pre ARR: Completely unaware of the oddity of his actions most of the time, his random & curious nature are so extreme that they even lead him to self harm, resulting in the maternal instincts of even the most stubborn & irritated individual to activate against their will. This personal flaw acts doubly as a veil, as Dante is known to display astounding amounts of knowledge & intelligence, though sadly usually only while busying himself with work. There have been rare rumors that his personality is a farce, and that he is indeed only pretending to act the way he does as a ruse, but his supposed naivety usually burns such rumors into the winds.

Post ARR: Dante's return from the crystal was not a happy one, either forgotten or hated by everyone he knew, he has become far more bitter towards everyone he meets, viewing their relationship as a time clock that would eventually break away & leave him alone forever. He has attained a massive amount of knowledge from his time reading through libraries, talking to others, & conducting both large & small scale experiments, but due to the constant trauma on his mind, he has trouble actually utilizing it beyond fragmented snippets. Having decided that he still wants to learn, he will often still ask interesting individuals many questions. Due to his anger from constant rejection, he shares his actual opinion far more often, but will still respect others view of the world, provided they do the same for him. His naive antics still earn him the worry of many a stranger against their better judgement. He has also become far more sadistic in his loneliness, finding that extending another's pain is an entertaining way to both teach lessons and kill time.

After ARR behaviour(2.4):

^795BE765C083D9464D76BA5904779F0146BD18E2C5DB332583^pimgpsh fullsize distr.jpg

He has become much more brutal after the removal of the seal that was ailing him, his mannerisms becoming slowly but steadily more beastial in nature in one way or another. More often than not however his mannerisms and words are seemingly chosen at random, often to the befuddlement of those unfortunate enough to be caught on the wrong end of his whimsy.

Post Eternal Bond Ceremony: He has taken to attempting to find more peaceful solutions and nonviolent endings to how he approaches anything, having less to do with his views on life changing and more to do with his desire to not cause trouble for his wife and children. This has started to slowly change him into someone who can switch from being nearly pacifist to being somewhat demonic in the blink of an eye. All of his ruthlessness and bitterness is retained, thinly veiled behind his increasing desire to keep his family safe and happy. Sadly, the lack of battle is also beginning to wear on him, his previous way of life so ingrained into him that he becomes stressed if he does not fight or kill for too long. He tried to find a solution to this dilemma.

DragonSong War (3.1) His paranoia and rage along with his failures have seen him to new extremes, and the resulting solution is destructive at best. Along with his Thirst for power being stronger than ever, his desire to protect his loved ones despite what he believes to be his shortcomings has sparked return of something within him; a darkness that he has dealt with for so long he hardly notices the difference between "it" and himself, the nightmares the only indication he truly has had that something was wrong. He ignored these confusions until he met a certain woman whom claimed to be a kindred spirit, one that aimed to guide him on a path to mastering his Dark side. In the end however he only believes it another path to getting stronger, and approaches the deadly trials as such. His aches for battle have exceeded what he is able to bear, and now actively seeks out conflict on his own, using the excuse of gathering "samples" for his Chakra.


^21CFA3FD18C45AC285D8AE660AC393FD15A035829A9305D457^pimgpsh fullsize distr.jpg

-Proven to be very proficient with almost all manner of blades, he is capable of picking up most blades and easily devising the most effective way for him to use them.

-Fighting Style: -He fights as a beast would, tearing into his enemy with speed and tenacity without allowing them to rest, rushing and overwhelming most opponents before they realize what is happening. This seemingly reckless form of fighting can be heightened further by the Howling Fist technique, which he often uses to dodge blows and increase pressure upon the enemy. Due to his size, he cannot truly block a strong opponent without some form of damage in exchange, and ultimately cannot risk too much damage, because -REDACTED- Rather than risk this, he will either stop the fight on his own or retreat more often than not. At some point, Eligor managed to unlock seven of his Chakras, making him a fairly accomplished monk as well.

Weapons:-To enhance his ability to fight armed foes, he crafted a special set of gauntlets & greaves. Hardest steel only in specific areas where he would block, he constructed the gauntlets with metallic wires running throughout the palm and armguard, slicing through most things with ease. The wires double as a tension trigger, which extend four claw like hook blades from beneath a plate on the backside of the hand, with poison cartridges lined into hollow points in the tips, ready to unleash if a hard enough strike could shatter the vials holding them. While the greaves are far less intricate, they house a number of jagged edges along the protective plates that would easily rip & tear flesh, similarly boasting light weight & housing one concealed dagger in each at the tip that are activated by impact. After the creation of Eitr he has needed these tools less and less.

-carries a number of knives as well as spare metallic wire on his person at all times, often keeping it somewhere easy for him to reach in a pinch.

Weaknesses: Eligor is a time bomb in battle. He needs to complete battles as quickly and efficiently as possible, because prolonged battles increase the risk of him losing control or his own abilities injuring him. Despite his ability to resist pain for the sake of battle, he is not terribly durable, so battles of attrition where one must simply outlast the other usually will leave him at a severe disadvantage. He is also vulnerable to excessively defensive foes in general, as many of his most destructive techniques and abilities damage him as well, and in particular, foes that are resistant to attacks heavy in aether counter him easily. He can also easily get caught up in the euphoria of battle alone, which makes stopping harder for him and hurting allies that get in the way more likely. Despite having unlocked Seven of his Chakras, actually opening them damages Eligor quite a bit, which in the long term makes fighting more dangerous for him than his opponents.

Eitr, the Grimoire

Eligor's most current and most dangerous tool, Eitr was originally a blade he forged to remind him of his failure to protect his loved ones. By as of yet unknown means, he managed to trap four voidsent in the blade, with the intention of adding more as time went on; having the idea that he would individually make the voidsent trapped in his blade submit to him, using his inability to be possessed to his advantage. Over time however he realize the danger such a blade posed for both his family and anyone else touching the blade without the same resistance as he. Thus, he sought a different and safer way to utilize Eitr. After much thought, trial and error, he managed to convert the blade into a Grimoire, one who's shape he can manipulate at will. With the ability to store more aether as well as having more uses, the Grimoire comes with a number of perks.....and prices.


  • It is grows more powerful the more aether it has to devour as its source.
  • It can "eat" the aether in living or recently killed beings, allowing it to increase its destructive output (This ability has varying degrees of success, with each new target)
  • It can shapeshift into any form desired, provided the wielder can sustain the form. The more complicated the form taken, the more aether drawn for maintaining it.
  • Due to its shapeshifting quality, it can be carried a number of ways, including a self sustaining liquid form that draws almost no aether at all.
  • Items and objects can be broken down and "stored" in the Grimoire for later use. Stored objects require less aether to form and maintain.
  • The Grimoire can trap living things within it as well, including but not limited to: Voidsent, people, flora, and fauna. (In order for something to be sealed within, the target must be unable to resist at the time.)
  • The Grimoire can only be used by the current wielder (This does not include users of their own fragment)
  • "Pieces" of Eitr can be placed in any source of aether to temporarily prevent its aether draining effects on the wielder, provided that source is near the main body.
  • Fragments broken off from Eitr and used by another can grow into fully useable grimoires, but they develop according to the wielder and their ability to manipulate it.


  • The Grimoire constantly draws upon some form of aether to sustain itself. Should the wielder be unable to provide the aether willingly, the Grimoire will take it to sustain itself, including wounding the wielder to obtain it.
  • The Grimoire induces a light aether poisoning effect the longer it is in use due to the aether of the Grimoire and the wielder meshing together to chaotic effect. Side effects include anemia, nausea, inability to teleport properly, vomiting, numbness, and a telltale mark somewhere (or multiple places) on the body indicating where the affliction is affecting the body the most, usually in the form of a bruise with an unhealing cut across or around it. (Over time the poisoning effect will disappear, but at that point Eitr becomes permanently attached to the host, and must be forcibly removed.)
  • While the Grimoire can be made heavier, it cannot be made lighter than its original base materials, despite the form it takes.
  • It gives its current wielder nightmares and visions, some of them while awake. (The effects intensify over time, and may drive the wielder insane if they cannot control them.)
  • The Grimoire instills in its wielder a desire to feed on aether. This desire can eventually drive its wielder mad should they not heed it. (Due to the aether draw effect)
  • Due to the weight of the Grimoire, many of its forms can put someone inexperienced with the weight into danger, as well as affect their fighting prowess.
  • Complete synchronization with the Grimoire draws the least amount of aether from the wielder, but spreads the poison throughout the body at a much faster rate. Even if the wielder stops before the poison takes their life, they will still be extremely sick and weak afterward, made even more dangerous by the fact that the Grimoire will not cease drawing aether despite this. Fusion with the Grimoire is accelerated as well.
  • Use of the Grimoire increases the wielders aggression. Degree varies with the wielder.
  • Prolonged exposure to the aether poisoning effect over time will increase resistance to the effect, however in exchange parts of the flesh afflicted by it may mutate or transform entirely if left untreated. This eventually leads to fusion with the Grimoire.
  • Due to the appearance of the Grimoire, one is likely to be mistaken as a void contractor, or voidsent entirely.
  • Eitr can store aether beyond the capacity of the user, but using that much aether runs a high risk of physical injury, aether poisoning and sickness, internal incineration, and temporary madness.
  • Should the wielder die while using the Grimoire, Eitr will devour the body and use the remaining aether to seek out another wielder, forcibly if necessary.
  • With no one to bind it to their will, Eitr becomes an aggressive creature made of black liquid that devours aether around it. If left unbound the Grimoire will force itself upon a new wielder.


Maelstrom: After reenlisting into the Maelstrom, Dante has risen through the ranks and attained the rank of officer. He has taken to using his rank to his advantage, but hardly ever mentions it without a reason, which often leads others to forget altogether.

Silver Nexus: Eligor is the headmaster of the oddly unfocused Silver Nexus. Seemingly, various people ranging from children to the elderly have been seen capable of gaining entry, but odd rumors constantly circulate about the building.

Aeka: A wild(?) female chocobo with purple and obviously blood stained feathers, adorned with greaves on its talons and a dapper suit on its torso. Conspicuously eating meat in most cases, it is implied to be highly dangerous, and the dust clouds it leaves behind imply an exceptional amount of speed(and force) behind the legs. A closer look however would reveal a much more complicated creature. Eligor's one constant companion through his journeys through Eorzea, Aeka is arguably his closest friend, and one whom has not failed to save him on numerous occasions. Becoming survival buddies of a sort, they often sleep together outside and occasionally hunt when working long jobs in the wilderness. Most seeing them together will be witness to Eligor's coddling to her whims, usually earning him painful pecks to the head if he fails to give her exactly what she wants. He eventually grew so fond of her that he forged her armor himself to protect her from harm when he was not around to watch her back, prone as she is to getting into some kind of trouble. Most recently she can be found in the Twelveswood or the Lavender Beds at the Roots Estate, having taken a liking to hunting and exploring in the former and pecking at the unfortunate caretakers that come by to feed and attempt to train her in the latter.

Monchy: A gobbue that is somewhat peaceful, keeping to the Twelveswood for the most part. Eligor hardly interacts with the gobbue much, as it refuses to leave the Shroud, but a vague friendship was made between himself, Aeka, and the affectionately named Monchy(For his habit of constantly chewing on SOMETHING, including branches).

Mysterious Adamantoise: Eligor has yet to explain the sudden appearance of this beast, and the thing seems to follow him everywhere, although it is most often seen in Thanalan. Strangely devoid of any defining traits unlike Eligor's other beastly companions, it is strangely fast, and often seen rolling down nearby mountains when Eligor calls, implying it likes high places.


Eligor has a tendency to observe the world around him, and usually catches small details others would overlook or miss. His thirst for information after losing his memory lead to his mass reading of books and text, which in turn bred a wealth of knowledge on a number of subjects. This in turn lead to his interest in research wanting to learn the fundamentals and intricacies of how the world worked and, if possible, change some things. His adventure into the land of knowledge has done nothing for his mannerisms or basic etiquette however. At times he can come off as extremely rude and opinionated, and other times seem to outright lack common sense altogether, as he finds many things concerning interactions with other people actually beyond his comprehension.


  • His family.
  • Wandering and working, and enjoying scenery.
  • Aquiring new tools and information. Becoming stronger.


  • ANY form or hints of danger being imposed on someone he cares about.
  • Being forced to rest, as it makes him feel useless.
  • Above all else Eligor despises having others opinions of his actions imposed upon him without request. His morals are grey at best, and he will lash out at anyone seeking to judge him.


  • Apparently a very gifted blacksmith and a decent weaver, having made the majority of his attire himself, even specially crafting his gear to have extra bits and bobs.
  • Has researched a great deal into the intricacies of aether and the applications of machinery.
  • Has Mastered the Howling Fist technique, using it in various ways for somewhat surprising effects. Mostly running away and dodging.(EXTRA INFO: Because of a certain incident, he began using his own internal aether rather than manipulate aether from the environment, so his Howling Fist has turned black in color, rather than the normal colorless or green.)


  • His old alias as the Short Blade was spread by his handler Ihana in jest, and happened to catch on(Much to his irritation).
  • Is capable of healing from most injuries within days or weeks despite common understanding. It is implied the reason has something to do with his aether.
  • Was issued seven hand cannons upon request, but hardly ever makes use of them anymore.



Pheria Darkshines: Eldest Daughter, and the first to be adopted into his family. Constantly travelling Eorzea as the "Wandering Housemaid Nalla", none would suspect she were daughter to Eligor, much less an individual that very well may be more dangerous than he is. How she even came to encounter Eligor is unknown as both refuse to speak of it. Often getting exactly what she wants, she will can catch most off guard with her mannerisms and solutions to problems.

P'Lami Darkshines: Was brought into the family along with Bonslette after an incident of some sort. A lively Miqo'te that often gets into some kind of trouble because of her impulsiveness. There may be more to her than meets the eye, however.

Bonslette Darkshines: Was brought into the family along with P'Lami after an incident of some sort. A quiet Elezen that attempts to make as little waves as possible in life, she is often dragged along with P'Lami and Pheria for their many antics, secretly having fun most of the time. Underneath her quiet persona lies the heart of a dancer, but she refuses to admit it.

Kerori Perori: Eligor's adopted brother and the second to be named as his sibling. Why or how this was even accomplished is a mystery, as the two seem at odds more often than not, but there seem to be certain hints of affection from both at the very least.

Luna Darkshines: Eligor's fourth daughter to be brought into the family, she actually met him first after attempting to kill him. Crippled hopelessly after the fall of Dalamud, she went through a number of hardships before obtaining a "new body" from a madman using her as a test subject. Effectively becoming a chimera of sorts, she lived on her own for a while until the runes on her body began to wear off, causing her to grow beastly appendages and a tail. Not knowing where else to turn, she attempted to find Eligor, only to find his daughter Pheria instead. Immediately accepting her into the family(despite some protesting), she now mostly hides out in the Mists and in Eligor's home. Though a gentle and meek sort, she is the most powerful among his children, and arguably the entirety of his family.

Xao Ganajai: His adopted Sister, and the second to be accepted into his family. The two share a bond of acceptance and affections, getting along rather well on most occasions. Alas, the nature of both appears to have them separated for exteded periods of time, rarely coming into contact with each other outside of coincidence or a need of assistance. Still, Eligor would readily throw himself into harms way for her without a second thought, a testiment to their bond.

Ruruni Runi: Eligor's wife and long time friend. Their relationship has been mostly smooth and innocent, a series of incidents and occurances bringing them closer each time. His feelings for her escalated to a point where he attempted more than once to sabotage the relationship and cause rifts for what he believed was her own good. Luckily this did not permanently damage the relationship, possibly making them more fond of each other in the stretch of things. His love for her is so extreme he can become irritable if he is away from her for too long, making him somewhat clingy and protective at times. Being the single person that has managed to calm his lusts for battle, he attempts to keep her happy however he can.


Endemerrin Rosethorne: Among his friends in Eorzea, Endemerrin was one of the first. The relationship never deepened much beyond helping each other with the odd adventure or job here and there, and since the fall of Dalamud Eligor has not once met him again, assuming he died.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Eligor worked with her while in the Sentinels Ark, but has not since seen her again, believing her to have disappeared, or worse.

Deirdre Ta'ea: Eligor could not truly call her a friend without also calling her a possible enemy. The two have interacted on multiple occasions but never really developed a solid understanding that they have already met before. Time and again their paths cross, but it is more of a vague aquaintanceship than a real friendship. Eligor feels she is dangerous, and so keeps his distance.

Tahrara Kivenera: A lalafell that held his interest for a time, often contacting her and speaking with her, even while doing his "jobs". Unknown to him, his opening up to her inspired no small amount of discomfort and fear in her, eventually leading to one Dyne Ikapine stopping the interactions altogether when he heard word of Eligor's possibly being a "Kinslayer". He has seen her once since the fall of Dalamud, but he did not recognize her.

Banryu Minamoto: The first to witness Eligor's return to Eorzea, the incident became something of an inspiration for the man, leading him to train and seek Eligor out, determined to become his friend and bodyguard. The two get along surprisingly well, and they seem to feed off of each others behaviour to an extent.

Manari Onai: An old friend of Eligor, their friendship started in the deserts of Thanalan, hunting Beastmen. Since then, she has seen some of the worst and weakest parts of Eligor, still remaining his friend, even if somewhat cautious, to this day. Still in contact with her even after the fall of Dalamud, she is arguably his oldest and closest friend in the realm.

Quarimar Baenund: The two have gotten along rather well in the past, and seem to remain so to this day. The two arent especially close, but seem to respect each other to some degree.

Rai Vaara: The exact nature of their friendship is unclear, but it is at least assured that they are friends. Eligor respects her strength, even if he may openly mock her morals to her face occasionally.

Erik Mynhier: The two met at the Gold Fountain, and have since become pleasant friends with each other, even if their paths do not often cross.

Darwyn Ulondarr: One of the first male Elezen Eligor was actually able to befriend without nearly having to fight to the death with, they remain good friends to this day. Eligor occasionally asks him for advice or assistance when he can, something that he rarely does.

Rheah'na Serras: Meeting her the same timeas he met Darwyn, he gets along with her just as well. Being Darwyns partner, she often gets subjected to the same questions and dependence Darwyn does.

Jajara Jara: The two have only met a few times, but the few occasions they did so were rather pleasant, to say the least. They do not know much about one another.

Ninifae Nira: The two have as many differences as they do similarities, but they manage to get past them time and again to cooperate. They very well may be closer friends than they realize.

Poe Lhyzeal: Their relationship is rocky at best, distrust having splintered them somewhat. They remain friends, but more so on terms of work than an actual personal level. If this can change remains to be seen.

((There are more, but there are TOO MANY TO FINISH RIGHT NOW. I will update more later. Much, MUCH later.))




Common Rumors

  • Saw him feeding some homeless and beggin sorts the other day. Cant figure that one out one bit, working days on end just to feed beggars.
  • Saw him skulkin about the Roots estate in the Lavender Beds. Guess that lot is taking in any filth long as it can follow an order.
  • I heard his teeth were sharper than the ends of a fork, that one....

Moderate Rumors

  • He made me some armor. Looked like shite and sticks glued together from first sight, but damned if it hasn't saved my arse more than thrice.
  • Stay FAR away from him, or youll end up in tiny little pieces and thrown in a sack bound for the deep.
  • Saw him walk right out of a burning building I did, whistling like nothing ever happened! Staying far away from that sort...

Rare Rumors

  • I saw smoke come out of his mouth. That aint a lalafell, its a monster.
  • Saw some girls tossin' him about in the markets, squeakin' somethin' about Papa....
  • Heard he might actually be a pretty respected person within the Maelstrom. A bit odd, that. Never seen 'im on a ship proper.

PC Rumors


Spoiler notice: The following contains spoiler information. Proceed at your own risk.
Pre 1.0

-Was not in Eorzea.


-Little to nothing is known about Dante Abigor aside from his apparent habit of randomly wandering about & his seemingly endless thirst to aquire gil that he seems to never use, for a purpose that he has never clearly defined beyond "She told me to get lots of coin".

-Was "convinced" to join the Maelstrom after a run in with the proper authorities saw need of his abilities, willing or no.

-Appears to have adopted a young girl. Keeping her fed and cared for in Limsa Lominsa.

-Was confirmed by Maelstrom authorities that he is indeed the assassin known as Shortblade.

-Disappeared after suspected connection to Garlean sabotage, believed to have been seen last at Carteneu Flats.

-Daughter confirmed to have survived the devastation of Bahamut, but disappeared soon after.


-Suddenly began to appear in the Black Shroud under the "Short Blade" Alias. After a time, began appearing around Eorzea in random places, namely Limsa Lominsa.

-Reenlisted in the Maelstrom, claiming he was an officer before, his skills and documents matching records of those lost at Carteneu.

-Began to search endlessly for his daughter inbetween work, finding next to no leads.

-Joined the Sentinels Ark

-Supposedly located daughter, but only before she perished.

-Left the Sentinels Ark

-Returned from an assignment in Coerthas. Report suggests an experimental being along with a newly acquired magick of some sort plastered upon his forehead, yet no corpse was ever confirmed.

-Submitted a report on aether conversion.

-Disbanded security unit.

-Submitted report on slavers posing as adventurers found in the Lavender Beds.

-Appropriated estate.

-Location unknown

-Activities unknown

-Announced affiliation with -Roots-, failing to elaborate in what capacity.

-Submits leave to depart Eorzea. Reasons unconfirmed.

-Location unknown

-allegedly found deceased daughter alive, adopting two more daughters in the process.

-Confirmed as possible threat to security

-Security threat removed

-Currently traveling?


-Sighted in numerous locations, albeit only briefly.

-Confirmed to be researching some kind of project, but details remain ambiguous.

-Reported a "Ruin" to the Maelstrom, but requested authority to explore and clear before others are allowed to enter, refusing to disclose the location.


-Activities unknown

-Activities unknown


-Registered a "Luna Darkshines" to his residence. Assumed newly adopted child.


Eternal Bond with Ruruni Runi

-Appears to be altering house.

-Ordered custom fitted armor for a chocobo.

-Ordered a bulk of rations.

-Recieved order to reestablish his unit.


-Ordered a bulk of medicines and first aid supplies.

-Activities unknown.


-Promotion within the Maelstrom, put in charge of another squad despite protest

-Placed in charge of an unspecified experiment.

-Experiment failure. Placed in charge of an imperial suppression mission on an unspecified island.

-Reported casualty in squad. Body not recovered.

-Increasingly erratic behavior.

-Submits several reports to cover for strange happenings in the Silver Nexus



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