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Ul'dah-transparent.png Eirikir Lumiere Mynhier
Captain of the Red Wings
Erik Mynhier head avi.jpg
"Some must sometimes dirty their hands so others will not have to."
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Paladin
Main Tradeskill: Miner
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Neutral Good
Reputation: Immortal Flames
Occupation: Soldier
Education: Private Study, Stillglade
Marital Status: Widowed
Sexuality: Legendary
Guardian: Halone, the Fury
Free Company
The Red Wings
Items Carried
Family sword, shield, his Flame and Sworn sigil rings.
Race: Hyur/Elezen
Clan: Highlander/Midlander/Wildwood
Age: 34
Height: 7 fulm 6 ilm.
Weight: 260 ponze.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Muscular Athletic
Notable Features: A False Right Eye
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


Erik is an Ala Mhigan refugee, now a citizen of Ul'dah. He has been living there since he was sixteen years old. He sought to repay his new home by becoming a soldier in the mercenary armies of Thanalan, and later with the Immortal Flames. Serving valiantly in several campaigns, he has been highly decorated for his participated in battles large and small, most notably at the battle of Castrum Novum. Erik serves his nation faithfully, seeking to help the helpless ones and to defend them to the end.


Erik's father was a Dark Knight in Ala Mhigo before its conquest. He was trained in combat by his father for the first few years of his life as was customary for Highlanders. After being cast out and the subsequent death of his father, his training shifted to that of his mother who was a conjurer. Her training, which was intended to stifle his inner rage, lasted until he was 16. He moved to Ul'dah and found gil to be hard to find, so he began working as a mercenary to survive. In that time he realized he was more comfortable with combat then he was with healing so he resumed his martial training. He chose gladiator because several of the defensive sword techniques were similar to the techniques used by his father. His training, including his conjuring, was long but fruitful. All was instrumental to his selection by the Sultansworn to become a Paladin in the days following the Calamity.

Current Relationships

Cliodhna Eoghan
A child of Ala Mhigo like him. Cliodhna, Clio to him and select friends, has the sharp mechanical and mathematical mind of her father, and the crash personality and strength of her mother. A mix that lead her to the service of the Empire at a young age. Her father, wanting to curry favor with the new Imperial masters of Gyr, offered her to the army to secure trade relations and access for his businesses. Her technical mind and hardened body made her a candidate for covert missions involving technology, which at sixteen took her to Camp Bluefog to observe the processing plant being built to the north. She was soon tangled into the affairs of a young counter-intelligence soldier, Erik. From that mission on over the years their paths would cross many times, each time causing the fire of their feelings to grow. With recent events as they are, she has left the Empire to follow him. Taking at first false paperwork to join the Flames. As part of the agreements made to restructure the Red Wings, she has since been given an official commission as a Second Flame Lieutenant, matching her former rank in the Imperial Forces.

Lenna "Faris" Mynhier
The mixed breed daughter of Erik and Gummie, Lenna has lead a life of adventure one would not suspect in one so young. At the age of one, while flying with her father in the Red Wing's former flagship, the Blackjack, the airship was shot down by Garlian gorilla-fighters over the skies of the Black Shroud. By the blessings of the twelve the child was thrown from the wreckage into the encampment of a friendly Seeker named U'Hadi Faris. Hearing the sounds of the explosion not far off, the blind fighter took the child as a lone survivor. Hearing the approach of the imperials who had destroyed the ship, U'hadi made short work of them and took the child with him to his home in Forgotten Springs. In her time in the Forgotten Springs, under U'hadi and his wife Sheila Faris' care, Lenna grew bright and strong, training in the art of the fist under U'hadi as soon as she could stand. Through a kindness of fate, Lenna and Erik were reunited a few years later. Due to her father's work, she lives with her gods-parents in the Forgotten Springs, where her father visits often.

Tellah Fortemps
A long time part of Erik's life, Tellah's tale begins in Ishgard as a young man, a minor Steward and common member of the House Fortemps. When Erik's mother, Heather, came into the world, Tellah took pity on the child due to the cruelty of the family toward her. As she grew and eventually fled Ishgard, Tellah accompanied her to her new life in Ala Mhigo. Once there, he took the unofficial role of Steward within the Mynhier household, even though there was no social calling for it. Later still after the Fall of Ala Mhigo, Tellah again loyally followed Heather and Erik to the Shroud, where he stayed when Heather died and Erik left. Some time on, once Erik had esstablished himself, he asked the old Elezen to join him in his home in Thanalan, where he has lived ever since. Erik has often looked on Tellah as a grandfather, often seeking his wisdom in matters of morality as well as matters of the heart.

A gift from Captain Solkzagyl upon Erik's induction into the Order of the Sultansworn, Fury, just a chick at the time, showed great courage. While most chocobo chicks are timid, Fury was never afraid to explore and be playful, something Erik liked very much about the animal. A red downed Courser breed, Fury acts as the defacto mascot of the Red Wings. Once he was old enough, Erik sent him through the Immortal Flames' exclusive chocobo training course. Now approaching their fifth year in service together, Erik finds himself more confident in his feathered friend then he is in some of his fellow soldiers.

In his early days in the Immortal Flames, Erik was sent to Camp Drybone to search for a caravan of goldsmith who had been taken by bandits. The bandits had killed the goldsmiths and fled by the time the Flames had reached them. Though the caravan had been sacked burned, Erik found a badly damaged mamment in a pile of rubble. Erik painstakingly repaired the mamment over the course of a year. When he finished, the mamment became his loyalist friend. Given the name Montblanc, from a ancient tale of a boy who fell into a book, he seeks only to aid his friend and savior. Montblanc can always be found at Erik's side.

Tietra Mynhier
Erik's sister, Tietra was thought killed in her mother's arms as Heather and her children's escape from Ala Mhigo. Though extremely young, only a year old at the fall, she was very spirited and showed great promise. Erik was very protective and felt great love for her. Her killing lead to the first death Erik would ever deal, killing the mage who had killed her with a stone and his bare hands. In the year 0005, he was reunited with her for a short time, learning she had been spared her fate by the kindness of another. Though their reunion brought much joy and closure to Erik, he was sad to see her go as she left Eorzea, a wanderer to her core.


Birth and the Fall of Ala Mhigo
Eirikir Lumiere Mynhier was born in the great city of Ala Mhigo, on the 30th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon, in the year 1544. His father was Ulrich Mynhier, a Ravager and Palace Guard commander from Ala Mhigo with a decorated career in service. His mother was Heather (Fortemps) Mynhier, a Conjurer, formerly of the House of Fortemps. Hailing from Ishgard, Heather was also highly regarded in Ala Mhigo as a renowned educator.

In 1557, Erik witnessed firsthand the invasion and downfall of Ala Mhigo at the hands of the Garlean Empire. The empire advanced through the city's defenses with their tech. The first push came from the skies, airships filling the sky, firing upon the people below. Erik, his mother, and one-year old sister were in the palace that afternoon, visiting his father to bring him lunch. The joyful time was lost when the explosions came and the guard rushed in to tell Ulrich what was happening. He looked to Heather and spoke to her for a moment in private then touched the small stone around his neck, causing darkness to envelop him. He stood before them, a Dark Knight. He placed his armored hand on Erik's shoulder and spoke to him about his pride in him and the importance of honor, even in the darkness. He then lifted his little daughter Tietra in the air, she laughed, unaware of what was happening. He kissed her forehead and handed her to Erik. Ulrich then took Heather in his arms and the two kissed as they wept, Ulrich's tears made of blood. He then placed on his helm, the very face of Rhalgr himself. He took his sword from its place near his desk, nodded to Heather and disappeared out the door. Heather wiped the tears away and steeled herself. She rummaged through Ulrich's desk, finding the book she had been instructed to find, an intelligence report. She then took her children and left herself.

As the family raced through the courtyard, many of the workers and servants of the palace joined them. Before they could reach the gates, Garlean mages repelled them from the low flying airships above and began to let loose fire upon the crowd. A commander emerged from them spouting orders. As was to be found in the report Heather had, his name was Theodor von Hostem. Hostem had been tasked with securing the palace, something he reveled in. He knew the palace guard was led by a man whom he had faced before, a Dark Knight who he would see dead. He directed a mage to fire upon a woman and children that he recognized to be his enemy's bride and children. The explosion of flame threw Heather against a wall, casting Tietra into a cart. All Erik knew was the mage had hit her, and that was all he needed to know as he rushed the wizard, a blunt stone in his hand. The mage was the first man Erik would ever kill, his skull crushed by the stone. Friends of Erik and his family pulled him off the dead man and helped Heather to her feet and dragged her and Erik away, as they screamed for the baby that had been lost. Hostem had Tietra's body retrieved, so that he could show Ulrich what he had done before killing him.

Regaining her focus, Heather pressed down the pain for another time. As the people ran, Garlean forces met them at every turn. As there were fewer and fewer surviving Ala Mhigans, Heather took command and led the fifty or so survivors with her through the city's aqueducts to a main drain outside the city. The journey was long and dangerous. They traveled through the mountains, avoiding scouting parties, making it finally to the Shroud. It did not end there, the spirits of the Shroud were not welcoming to the refugees and several were lost. Finally reaching Gridania, it was Heather that negotiated sanctuary for the survivors with the Stillglade Fane.

Time in Gridania
For Three years "Heather's Survivors", as the Ala Mhigan refugees were called, strived to build a life in the Shroud. Of the fifty that left Gyr Abania, only thirty-five made it to Gridania. The hardships they endured made them a close-knit community in Old Gridania. Heather became a teacher at Stillglade for small children, teaching conjuration to Erik also in that time. She also found work in aiding the Twin Adders with her healing.

While living there, Erik made a friend that would change his life. A young and reckless midlander lancer named Cian Highwind. In time Erik and Cian became inseparable. While Erik would come at things calmly and reserved, Cian would literally jump into trouble. Looking back, this was probably the happiest time in Erik's life. The happiness however would be short lived.

Moving On
At the end of three years, Erik found himself content to live a quiet life out in the Shroud as a conjuer. He had signed on to apprentice with Priest of Halone from the Sanctum of the Twelve. Living in the Eastern Shroud he had began his life as an Acolyte when tragedy found him again. While part of a search party looking for a lost merchant, Heather and her group were attacked. Heather herself died of a poisoned arrow, unable to cure herself as the Garlean scouts who had found them made her last moments alive a testament of fear. When her body was found it was entombed in Stillglade for her kindness, skills, and leadership not only in the refugee community, but in Gridania as a whole. When found it was discovered that she had on herself two rings, made of unicorn horn, each engraved with a name of one of her children, and the sigel of the House Foretemps. The Garleans either did not notice the rings as the ravaged her, or did not care. Both were given to Erik, who wears the one bearing his name to this day.

Not just her son, but the whole of the Ala Mhigans of Gridania mourned their leader's passing. With her gone however, and the fact that many of the hardy people were uncomfortable with the quiet life in Gridania, many decided to leave for Ul'dah, seeking work as merchants or mercenaries. Driven by hate and mourning, Erik to considered this. His course of action was set when Cian prodded him on, stating that Erik needed a fresh start and that he would go with him.

Coming To Ul'dah
In 1560, at the age of sixteen, Erik arrived in Ul'dah hoping to start a new life, Cian in tow. The two friends spent the first night in the Hourglass, spending money in the big city. The following two weeks were spent in the streets. Erik had decided on the way to the city that he wanted to join the Immortal Flames. He remembered how his father use to tell him that he thought of the Flames as second only to Ala Mhigo's forces. This vote of confidence spurred him to throw himself entirely into this new home of his. Cian was unimpressed, but followed suit, more interested in the dry beds and hot meals.

For the first year Erik and Cian excelled in their training. They were soon to find themselves on missions throughout Thanalan. It was a golden time for them both, high adventure, food in their stomachs, and each other. It was the grandest of times. A year into the service of the Flames, Erik and Cian were inducted into the Crimson Watch, Ul'dah's Special Intelligence Unit. There they met dear friends, a gentle Ishgardian wildwood archer named Loria Haillenarte, a sea wolf pugilist called Iyrnfyst Junghblaetsyn, and a pair of dunesfolk mages, a thaumaturge woman named Raraku Raku and her boyfriend Mamaku Maku the conjurer, and a seeker craftswoman named D'zhumii Sato.

The Seven Hells of War
At the end of 1571SAE all fortune began to turned. Cian and D'zhumii had began to talk of retiring from the Flames, wishing to settle into a quiet life in Gridania. Iyrnfyst and Loria had become close and were contemplating getting a ship together, and wedding rings. The Lalafell had begun to plan for future studies of their crafts. Erik, who had focused on his career, had been his team's commander for seven years, he decided that if the others were set to disband, he would seek a career commission in the Immortal Flames, wishing to climb from Master Sergeant. It was decided that before the disbanding that they would take one last mission as a team. The mission was different then what they normally did, direct combat as apposed to covert combat, but the mission bonus would give all its members gil enough to start their new lives. The Grand Companies had joined forces and had called to every soldier, mercenary, and adventurer they could find, for a mission to attack and take the Garlean Fortress of Castrum Novum. Erik and the others agreed to go, but Cian was reluctant. He feared for D'zhumii, stating that with such a large drive for soldiers and such high pay, that the danger was to great. D'zhumii told him that there was nothing to fear, as long as they stood as one, they would carry on as they always did.

The battle began a month later. It was to that time the largest show of force any of them had seen, except Erik who continued to see flashes of the empire's invasion of his homeland. The battle had been going for the better part of an hour when tragedy struck. D'zhumii who had remained behind the main line as the rest of the units slowly worked through the opposing forces was attacked. A Vanguard had broken through the line, attacking support troops. The team stood silent, in shock as the sight washed over them. The stillness was broken by Cian who in rage, rushed the Vanguard. Seeing this snapped not only them from their trance, but rallied the surrounding soldiers to destroy the Vanguard. Once it was defeated the Watch moved to aid their fallen. D'zhumii was still alive, barely. Cian cradled her in his arms as Mamaku moved to cast a healing spell upon her. As the little Lalafell cast his spell, Erik, Iyrnfyst, and Loria looked on for signs of enemy movement. It was then that the Garlean forces nearest to them noticed their weakness and advanced. Before the spell was cast, and before anyone could do anything, an arrow struck Mamaku dead. Enraged Raraku turned and used all her might and skill to cast a massive Fire spell on the archer who dared to kill her love. The other Garlean archers in turn struck down the Lalafell with a rain of arrows. With the attention drawn to Raraku 's death, the remaining melee units moved in close. Loria was the next to fall, followed by Iyrnfyst, his reckless attempt to save her met with Garlean numbers. With Cian catatonic Erik took his place by his friend's side, ready to die with him. As the Garlean forces moved in for the kill there came a series of great explosions. The Lunar Transmitter had been destroyed. Explosions erupted all over Castrum Novum. The last thing Erik remembered was the sight of Cian holding D'zhumii as they were swallowed by flames. There then came an explosion under Erik's feet, and then nothing.

Erik awoke in a healing room within the Immortal Flames headquarters a week later. Though he had survived, his friends were dead, even Cian. News had come through that despite the victory at Castrum Novum, if it could be called that, Dalamud still approached. There would be one more attempt to save Eorzea. Even though his commanding officer excused him from this assault, Erik could not be dissuaded. The Empire had taken his home, his parents, his people, and even his friends. He would not stand idle as they took the world. He set out for Mor Dhona, to the Battle of Carteneau.

The Fall of All
Preparations were made and soon the forces of Eorzea moved toward their shared fate, but Erik would not join them. As his unit reached the outer mountainous border of Mor Dhona, the night before the great battle, his commanding officer called for the company to set camp for the night. As the soldiers slept they were killed one by one, silently, until only Erik remained. A voice called him from his dreams, it was Cian. As Erik awoke he saw Cain, soaked in the blood of the dead soldiers around them. Full in madness Cain explained that D'zhumii had died because the world was mad. She had died not only because of the Garlean Empire and its aggression, but because of the Eorzan Alliance's weakness, and most of all because of Erik's leadership. Erik tried to calm his friend but Cian would not hear of it and attacked him. As the sun rose, the Gladiator and Lancer traded blows. So evenly matched and so attuned to each other, they did not notice the battle that raged far to the distance. Erik continued to try and reason with his friend as they fought until, in his rage, Cian struck with poor aim, missing Erik and falling into the path of his sword. He knelt beside his fallen friend and apologized for how things had happened. Caught in a moment of reflection Erik moved to the edge of the cliff and saw far beyond him the Dragon King burst forth from Dalamud. Emotionally drained he watched as Bahamut reek his havoc. He thought on how all the fighting and war had meant nothing. Here he stood, alone at the end of the world. From his vantage point he watched as the dragon launched his mighty MegaFlare. He waited for death, yet it still never came. The dragon moved on and an eerie peace settled over the decimated land.

After the Fall
Since the events of the Calamity, Erik's life has gone through many changes. Upon returning to Ul'dah with the other survivors of Carteneau, Erik's service was recognized and he was awarded the title of Sultansworn and given a position in the palace guard of the Sultana. He also married his longtime love Gummie Chalahko in a lovely service in Limsa Lominsa. And overall, his fortunes were bright.

Three years later, things turned sour. While on a mission for the Maelstrom, Gummie's ship was lost at sea. Thinking her lost, Erik has become convinced that she lives when he learned that a crew member on her ship, a roegadyn named Wolfbiter, had been found alive. The crewman reported that their ship had sunk for unknown reasons, possibly sabotage, but that there had been many survivors. This report was strange as there were no other know survivors, and for the fact that Wolfbiter soon vanished after recovering from his injuries.

In order to search for Wolfbiter, and his wife herself, Erik resigned his title as a Sultansworn, and his commission with the Immortal Flames in order to carry out his search. His journey took him all over Eorzea, but to no good. At the end of his fruitless search Erik found himself two years older, depressed, and sitting at a dirty table in the Wolf's Den. It was at this point that he considered ending his life, tired of seeing everyone he loves passing before him. The only thing that stopped him was a stranger who approached his table. His name was Ambric, a Captain of the Immortal Flames, and he carried a message from the Flame General himself.

With the fall of the Praetorium, and the retreat of the Empire, Eorzea seemed set toward a path of peace, but Raubahn is not a trusting man. The Empire would return, Ishgard required attention, dragons, primals, and threats withing the alliance and Ul'dah itself called for something new. An intelligence agency that would be the eyes and ears of the Sultana. And with his unique background along with devoted service, the General had chosen Erik to be it's commander. The command also came with an offer, the weight of the Flames behind his search for his wife. With such an offer, he could not refuse. Erik became the commander of the Red Wings, the new military intelligence unit of the Immortal Flames, and regained his former title of Sultansworn.

A Realm Reborn
In time Erik's depression had reached a breaking point, it was then that he encountered a mage called Nadeau Celeste. Nadeau's master had developed a mysterious technique using crystals to remove unwanted or painful memories. Feeling that his emotional state had become a liability, Erik decided that he would try the procedure. Against her better judgment Nadeau preformed the rite on Erik, however the sorrow in his heart was so great that the crystal shattered causing unforeseen side effects. The first was a complete wiping and continual re-wiping of any thought or memory that was the slightest bit uncomfortable. 

While wondering through the Shroud aimlessly, with no memory of being a Paladin, Erik encountered a friendly group of traveling gatherers and craftsmen. While traveling his condition was noted by the groups Alchemist, and he began treatment of the Stigma. While traveling the group was attacked by bandits. With his friends in danger and his mind unable to hide the current state of things, the binding of his mind and memories broke with the surge of energy from his Paladin's Soul. Becoming a Sultansworn again, he protected the caravan and regain his memories, though in the process the stage of his Stigma Disease advanced. Its advancement has lead to Erik being unable to access the Aether Crystals. He has not lost hope however. Turning over his care to his Oath-Sister Siha, Erik has faith that together they will find a cure.

The Death of the Knight
Hostem, the foe of the Mynhier line arose again to strike. First attacking Erik in Little Ala Mhigo in South Thanalan. Though Erik managed to prevail over the monster in that fight, Hostem's undead nature ultimately made the victory a hallow one. He returned to Ul'dah to investigate the strange activities of Roen and Siha, as well as to put his final affairs in order. He found peace in his coming death, knowing that his falling to illness and not by the lich's hand, as the last of Ulrich's kin, would nullify Hostem's pack with the Luvavi, destroying him. He also took peace in knowing he would be with his family once more.

The peace shattered when one night while walking the streets of Ul'dah, he noticed a young girl following him, a Miqo'te with plum colored hair. For several days he would catch the girl in the corner of his eye. One night while in the Quicksand the same girl ran up to him, kissing his cheek whispering that she couldn't resist any longer, then vanishing into the crowd. Erik noticed that her kiss, was like that of his long dead daughter, as well as the color of her hair. His years in intelligence also lead him to note her height, her nose, and her eyes, all features like his own, as well as her stride, ears and tail, all features like his wife's. There was no other explanation that fit other then that she was his daughter Lenna. Overcome with emotion he made his way home and sat in his chamber, tears of joy washing over his face. Then terror awoke in him. If he saw her as an adult then time was in question. Reports to the Flames about the Calamity had reported that an unknown Mage had managed to invoked Althyk, and allowed people to travel in time, escaping the destruction. His mind raced as he surmised that if this adult was his daughter was Leanna, somehow traveled from a future time, then she must exist in his time, still a child, alive. And if she lived, then his death would not kill Hostem. Worse yet, his death would leave none to protect her. Hostem would learn of her and come after her.

Immediately he set in motion a plan to end this monster before his fate came to him. Using his Red Wings he tracked the Lich to Mor Dhuna, and readied to fight. By this time the older Lenna had met with him, and though she thought herself hidden from him, using the name Faris, he knew to well how to direct her from his fight. Inducting her into the Red Wings he sent her on missions that would lead her to different places to find a weapon against the undead. When it became clear to her that he was planing to go alone to fight Hostem he convinced her that he only wished to seek information, a lie. He sought out his student Roen and his sister Siha and said his final goodbye, lying to them, leading them to believe that he was unaware of Leena's true identity and that she would be coming with him, so that they would not join him, keeping them from danger.

Once in the hills of Mor, Erik found Hostem, posing as an Imperial officer, commanding hundreds of troops in a far flung camp. Erik wasted no time as he made his way through the legions, reaching his enemy quicker then either thought he would in his weakened state. As the two clashed their battle was so mighty, the soldiers around dared not enter the fray, for fear of being destroyed themselves. It was at this critical moment that Lenna entered the battle, having figured out her father's true plan. She was quickly overrun by the soldiers. Seeing this Erik broke from Hostem, and rushed to his daughter's side, shouting her true name, much to her surprise. With a single Circle of Scorn, Erik laid waste to the soldiers. He took hold of her, tears of joy in his eyes. He looked at her and the world seemed to disappear as he told her he loved her. His eyes a moment later turned cold, as he heard the crackling of flames racing toward them with his elezen ears. He turned to see the Flare rise from Hostem's hands, flying toward them both. As he covered his daughter, absorbing the damage for both of them, he fell to the ground. The mage sang with joy at the Sultansworn's death and teleported away to complete the rite that would be impossible to with Lenna alive.

Leanna held her father as he died. He confessed to had knowing who she was, and that he was proud of the woman she had become. She in turn wept as he spoke his last words to her, "I lived well if you were what came of it." He then died, and vanished into aether. The Sultansworn, Eirikir Mynhier, had fallen, a hero, and a father. His story was complete.

The Return of the Sultansworn
For a time, Erik wandered the aether and Eorzea as what he assumed to be a spirit. He traveled to his friend's sides and saw their reactions to his death. He traveled and met spirits of the dead, spirits of his past. First he met his wife. She came to him to say a proper goodbye, having died in Garlean captivity. They shared this time together until she had to move on to her final rest. Following that he encountered his mother and father, who conveyed their pride in what he had become, his best friend Cian, who he reconciled with, and Bok, the first soldier who ever died under his command, who forgave him.

With his conscience clear and his soul lighter Erik began to realize that even though he wandered the aether, encountering spirits, he himself was not dead. His illness had not been an illness at all but a process by which his body was being drawn into the aether cell by cell. He was alive and would find a way home. At that same time Siha, Roen and Lenna had realized the same fact and began to work toward rescuing Erik. It was discovers that he could be seen by Aumeric Chassebel, a dear friend and actor from Gridania. With their combined efforts Erik was freed from the aether. After much to do over the odd event, the Immortal Flames concluded that Erik truly was who he said he was, and his commission, property, and command were returned to him.

A New and Hopeful Life
With his health and life restored, and his soul unburdened Erik threw himself back into his life with a new zeal and focus. Having proven their true colors, the Sand Vipers were the first order of business. Not more then a week after his return, Erik and several of his former Red Wings began a secret war against the Vipers, eventually gaining the ground and proof needed to root them from Ul'dah, restoring the Red Wings to their former place, but at the cost of most of the agents involved. This and the reports he had began to see, lead Erik began to recruit a new generation of agents, beginning with Kahn'a Od'hilkas. A cunning and loyal Keeper, Erik chose him first due to the approach of another man, Askier. Knowing of his own up coming mission, Erik felt Kahn'a would be the perfect counter to Askier. Arranging things while preparing for the Royal Ball, Erik left soon after, leaving the fate of Ul'dah in Kahn'a's hands.

The One Year Later Saga
In the following year many changes overtook Erik, foremost of which was his long time flame, a former Garlean agent named Cliodhna Eoghan. Her arrival changed much in the Sultansworn's life, giving him a new sense of joy in life. Along with all of this however came the return of many old friends..... and enemies. First came the return of the Sand Vipers, now calling themselves Blood Vipers. It was these agents which aided the Faces of Mercy in his capture and holding for the first few months of the year. Following his escape they continued to trouble him, attacking his closest men and friends, attacking his family, even going so far as to place a curse on him temporarily that turned him into a sixteen year old version of himself. Eventually he and a trusted few managed to track them all down and eliminate all but one.

This Viper, though not shown, was the cause of the framing of his unit in a crime they did not commit. As his men were chased from Ul'dah and several captured and badly injured. To stop the madness of the redaction, Erik secretly leaked sensitive information about the Red Wings, in effect making them and their mission public knowledge. Following that the Viper behind the conspiracy escaped, but not without leaving proof of the actions. The Red Wings were restored, but the stress of the events had proven to much for many of the members. Having most to leave in new directions, a new crop of soldiers has risen to fill the seats of the War Room.



"He's got a sharp pair of eyes and even sharper pair of ears. Don't let your guard down, he looks like a hyur, but its like being in a room with an elezen, he hears and sees everything." -Miner in the Quicksand

"That guy? He acts to big if you ask me. All he and his team do is deliver rice to refugees and sandbag overflowing creeks. He walks around here like he's something important." -Merchant from Ruby Road

"I always thought highlanders.... well uneducated, brash, unmannered. But once I was visiting with my brother and he overheard us talking about just that, from the other side of the street mind you. He approached and in perfect Ishgardian, offered a calm, polite, and intelligent rebuttal to our prejudices. I must say I am more cautious in my judgments of people because of it." -Eleven Traveler

"Really? He's a Flame? And a Sultansworn!?! He lived up the road from my grandmother for years. He use to visit her every other day, that little mammet right behind. He would even take the time to have dinner with her and fix her house as things broke down. I never knew what he did for a living." -Supply Clerk, Goldsmith Guild


"I was a private in the Flames years ago. I never served with or under him, but I saw things, heard things. We once caught a imperial, in the north. Our commander told us some people were coming to interrogate him and that they were not to be bothered. An hour later two boys, no more then seventeen showed up and entered the tent we had the prisoner tied up in. Both wore cloaks, one had a blade and shield, the other a spear. Fifteen minutes later they came out and spoke with my commander, I just happen to be by. They told him frightening things, then the one with the sword looked at me. It's been over fifteen years, and I never forgot the evil look in that man's eyes. That boy and the Sultansworn, they're the same, I'm sure." -Homeless Veteran

"They say that highlander, the Paladin that runs the charity unit, they say he's immortal." -Merchant in Ul'dah

"Watch out for him. He seems alright to your face, but people tend to disappear around him. There was this man he overheard in the Quicksand. The guy was talking about some Keeper girl, talking to his buddies about how he was sweet on her, and how he was planning to follow her home and get what he wanted. I never saw such a stone face with such hate filled eyes. Well it seems that the Miqo'te was someone special to the highlander. When the man left, that big Sultansworn followed him right out the door. As he left he touched a pearl in his ear and I swear three men stood up in the Sand and followed right behind. That big talking guy? I never saw him again. I'm not even sure the Miqo'te he was talking about noticed it happened." -Patron of the Quicksand

"I knew him as a boy, I fled with his mother from Ishgard and served in his father's household, they were aristocrats in Ala Mhigo you know. Like many others I fled with her once again, with others this time. When he was young he would bound between divine sweetness to bitter rage. His mother told me once that his father, who had been a Dark Knight, had preformed the rite of the Dark Blade on their son right after his birth. She loved her son, but always knew there was something inside him, growing. We may see it come to maturity sooner rather then later." -Tellah Delacroix

"You want to know the truth? The Red Wings aren't some humanitarian organization. They are a spy ring, organized by the Flames and the Sultanate. They are involved in everything and no one ever notices." -Conspiracy Theorist found dead in the street the next morning


  • "He's kind of mysterious; I can never quite tell what he's thinking, but he seems to be a man who gets things done. He must have an impeccable sense of timing, returning as he did just at the moment he was needed. Our good fortune, hmmm?" -Aya Foxheart
  • "Erik is a tower of a man with a heart and spirit just as big and noble. When the Garleans attacked Ul'dah, he was the first out the Gate of Nald. When I returned from my short captivity, he was the first to come check on me. I was surprised, and flattered. I do not know everything about him, but he is a truly great man." - Kiht Jakkya
  • "A pious knight clad in pure white armor. His untarnished soul enables him to wield a Holy Sword to smite enemies. It's a passage in an old storybook that describes a White knight. It's...embarrassing...but I see him as that. So many people look to him for guidance, and rely on him for strength-of all kinds! I'm...envious...of him for that. I honestly want to be a little more like him. Someone that people can trust in, and rely on instead of hesitate to even ask for a favor..." - Zachary Evans
  • "'I met Erik completely by chance, well, maybe not entirely by chance they way he described it but ever since that day we've been as thick as thieves. We don't always get to spend the most time together, and one or both of us is always in some kind of danger or trouble but no matter how long we're apart our bond never changes. He'll always be the first person to see the worth in me, and always someone who won't lose faith in me, that's more valuable to me than my own life and I'd give everything away I had to protect him.'" - Siha Xinkei
  • "I know he's out there, but I barely see him any more, like the Red Wings themselves. I guess they really do just disappear into the night." - Aya Foxheart
  • "I wish I had known him back when he actively served. The stories from those in the Order paint him as a model soldier. I gladly give him the respect he is due." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Sir Mynhier has a lot of heart. Did I hear him speak to Cici about faith. He seems to understand the reason behind words and laws. His words could touch a lot of people; let alone the few honored with his presence." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Erik's the kind of guy who changes your life when you meet him. He sure did mine..." - Mikh'a Korofi
  • "I'm not sure how the Captain manages to keep up with everything he's involved in. And that's not to speak of what I don't know about. Mayhap there's something to those "superhyur" whispers..." - Anzio Zansio
  • "He gave me Kuchen for eating a lot of pie. Not as much as his daughter, though. Mayhaps he wanted to be rid of another under his, ah, roof who could eat so much, but I do not think so. I like the little one quite a bit." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Cap'n is one'a the few men who can silence me in awe. I don't get t'see him terribly often, but I'd heard the stories. It's been somethin' of a shock, a rough girl like myself bein' allowed into th'Red Wings...let alone bein' let in with a smile from him." - Steel Wolf

Theme Music

Highlander by Michael Kamen - Main Theme
Where The Truth Lies by Exchange - Erik's Will
Fake Wings by Yuki Kajiura & Emily Bindiger - Light Theme
Fear Of The Dark by Flightstar - Dark Theme
Final Fantasy IV Red Wings Theme(Orchestrated) by Nobuo Uematsu - The Red Wings Theme
Adieu by Emily Bindiger and the Seatbelts - Cliodhna
If by Rudyard Kipling - Tellah's Teachings
Defender by Manowar - My Father's Letter
You're Not Alone by Nobuo Uematsu (preformed by Erutan) - My Mother's Lullaby
Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk - Siha's Song
Lost and Found by Sick Individuals - Tietra's Song


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