Khyran Oisin

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Khyran Oisin
The Anorexic Memory-Healer

Name... Khyran (KHY-ruhn) Murtagh (MUR-tog) Oisin (Osh-EEN)
Alias... Vulture
Age... 28 years
Gender... Male
Race... Hyur
Clan... Midlander
Orientation... Asexual
Marital... Partnered (?)
Deity... None
Nationality... La Noscean
Occupation... Founder of Ark, a nonprofit voidsent hunting collective.
Alignment... Depends on what side of the coin you’re on.


Life is something suffered, and Khyran Oisin is the picture of this. He’s slight of build and skeletal, his skin stretched taut over bone. His left leg is gone from the middle of his thigh. An eyepatch covers the gouged-out socket of his skull. He has sharp, high cheekbones, keenly seen in the thinness of his unshaven face. He has a crooked, hooked nose like a hawk’s beak. His greasy hair sticks to his neck, frames his face and tumbles across his shoulders. His teeth are misaligned. His only eye is dull-brown and shadowed.

He walks with a crooked limp. His left leg is a wooden prosthetic.

Scars & Markings: His right eye is gone. His left leg has been amputated. He has a bird tattoo on his trapezius.

Distinctive Clothing: He usually wears a red scarf.

Faceclaim and Voiceclaim: Adrien Brody and Kakashi

Khyran Oisin is the human equivalent of a toothache. He is hard-working, prudish, pessimistic, lacks a sense of humor, lacks regard for his own hygiene and well-being, and knows no pleasure. Despite this, he is a gentle soul who genuinely seeks to do no harm. He talks to sparrows, dotes on cats, and cheerfully gives. But something has gnawed the man hollow from the inside as it chewed the flesh from his bones. His disregard for his own life are marionette strings. He knows no fear, because his life is not worth fearing over. He takes nothing without earning it, for he refuses to be a burden. What good he does, he accepts no credit, for every act of kindness is repayment of an unspoken debt.

He struggles with a martyr complex and often sees himself as the only person capable of solving the problems of others while frustratingly blind to his own. He has no motivation other than to be helpful and mitigate damage, even though his good intentions can often backfire by angering his friends, breaking promises and stirring up controversy where it was not needed. He is often seen as untrustworthy and impulsive due to his tendency to try to “fix things” in his well-meaning desperation. He is very set in his ways, often deaf to criticism. At his core, Khyran sees himself as fodder in the hands of just and vengeful gods, his only path to atonement one paved by blood sacrifice.


  • Intelligent
  • Selfless
  • Loyal
  • Generous
  • Hard-Working


  • Self-Destructive
  • Sickly and Flimsy
  • Bleak and Humorless
  • Sometimes Dishonest
  • Overconfident with Voidsent


  • ISFJ, Type 4/6 Enneagram
  • Restricting-Type Anorexia
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Phobia of Drowning


  • Favorite Food: N/A
  • Favorite Drink: Sugar-Saturated Green Tea
  • Favorite Color: Red

Color Key and Disclaimer
 ! Note: Due to Khyran’s long-term presence on the server, characters that appear here must have had several significant interactions with him to be added on this list. If you’re not on here and want to be, please contact me. Note that it is also a WIP. I am still adding folks.

In A Relationship: Khyran is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Khyran is romantically interested in this character.
Expired Crush/Ended Relationship: Something didn't work out between this person and Khyran.
Sexual Attraction Khyran is physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Khyran considers this person family.
Friend: Khyran considers this person his friend.
Good Standing: Khyran generally feels good about this person and enjoys their company, but he does not believe he is close enough to be considered their friend.

Neutral: Khyran doesn't know this person extremely well, but feels as though they consider themselves mutual allies.
Friendly Acquaintance: Khyran hasn't had enough direct contact with this person to form his own opinion, but has a positive impression.
Bad Standing: Khyran has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike/On Bad Terms: Khyran doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: Khyran considers this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Freinemy: Khyran's considers this person's standing with him complicated- either simultaneously friendly and unfriendly, uneasy, complicated, or uncomfortably cordial.
Fear: Khyran is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Khyran consider this person a rival. They grate on him or disagree with him, and he may conflict with their viewpoints and desires and cause difficulties.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Khyran.
Business: This character is either Khyran’s employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Complicated/Unknown: Khyran doesn't know how to mentally categorize this person.


Kane Oisin ( ) ( NPC ) - Older Brother
A little sibling rivalry isn't all that bad.
Sairah Oisin ( ) ( NPC ) - Mother
She might have loved him once.
Ray Oisin ( ) ( NPC ) - Father
The sound of a hammer on anvil still echoes sometimes.
Lily Oisin ( ) ( NPC ) - Niece
He still remembered the look in her eyes. She wouldn't remember anything.
Anujin Sundsteigen-Borlaaq ( ) ( NPC ) - Goddaughter
She will grow up alive and happy. He gave up everything for that.
Isolde Wren ( ) ( NPC ) - Mentor
Isolde pulled him out of the ocean and gave him a purpose. He never wanted it.


Defiant Bride ( ) ( PC ) - The Amber Ring
"Thank you, for not giving up on me."

Defiant Bride and Khyran have a storied history together. Nonetheless, she has remained one of his most steadfast friends, and is often the first person he consults when he's having a problem.
Selthrana White ( ) ( PC ) - The Anchor
"I'm not good enough for you."

Khyran and Selthrana's meeting was rather uneventful. He hired her to help at the old caravan as pest control, for her various alchemical potions impressed him. Now, a year later, they are tentatively dating- though Khyran often feels she's far out of his league and has difficulty reciprocating. To any casual observer, they might appear as if they're not dating at all. Khyran rarely touches her, or speaks to her. Even so, she seems invested in him and often supports him in his ailing health.
Sigurd Sundsteigen ( ) ( PC ) - Asshole of a Brother
"I might have hated you had we met in any other way, Sig. But somehow I ended up loving you."

Sigurd found Khyran when he was at his lowest, and the two became unlikely friends. Khyran thinks most of the man's qualities are horribly infuriating and can hardly have a conversation with him without getting angry. Despite this, Khyran considers Sigurd like a brother, and would follow him to the void and back... again.
Odette Saoirse ( ) ( PC ) - Hellwalkers
"It's been a while, but I still think about you."

Khy and Ode have been through hell together. Sometimes, that can make or break someone. In their case, it was perhaps both.
Llinos Silvernail ( ) ( PC ) - Rocky Road
Description TBA
Noah Kelten ( ) ( PC ) - Admired Friend
Description TBA
Connor Tavarin ( ) ( PC ) - Trusted
Description TBA
Aran Aethersmith ( ) ( PC ) - Secrets Kept
Description TBA
Sokhatai Urumet ( ) ( PC ) - Holds the Raven
Description TBA
Cordellia Finch ( ) ( PC ) - Partner in S.T.O.P
Description TBA
Sizha'to N'az ( ) ( PC ) - Two Souls
Description TBA
Nazyl Tharazyl ( ) ( PC ) - Phoenix
Description TBA
John Waterstrike ( ) ( PC ) - Similar Minds
Description TBA
Mikha Sunthistle ( ) ( PC ) - Unfortunate Teen
Description TBA
Rosalin Menoly ( ) ( PC ) - Lifeline
Description TBA
Eduard Harlow ( ) ( PC ) - Co-Founder
Description TBA
Wemrys Quintos ( ) ( PC ) - Fellow Officer
Description TBA
Senah Bajihri ( ) ( PC ) - Gentle Hands
Description TBA
Fabebe Fabe ( ? ) ( PC ) - Imprisoned Strong
Description TBA
Regal Bride ( ? ) ( PC ) - Carries a Weight
Description TBA
O'jirho Tia ( ) ( PC ) - Blind Rage
Description TBA
Glace Silencieuse ( ? ) ( PC ) - Uneasy Friend
Description TBA
Vi Lindon ( ) ( PC ) - Co-Founder, Complicated Opponent
Description TBA
Nathaniel of Salem ( ? ) ( PC ) - Uneasy Brotherhood
Description TBA
Lathu'a Jhiyati ( ? ) ( PC ) - The Balance
Description TBA
Serjei K'satria ( ? ) ( PC ) - The Chains
Description TBA

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!



◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Khy is still alive? I thought he'd have shriveled up and blown away by now." — Proprietor of a Gridanian Bar.
    "He has this... look, you know? Like he's seen things and he'll never be the same because of it. Wonder if it was the Calamity." — Quicksand Regular.
    "What a kind man. He helped me let go of things. I wish him the best of health." — Doman Refugee.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Khy doesn't look like much, but he's actually a Voidhunter. One of the really good ones, too. I've seen him in action, up in Coerthas. People like that shouldn't be judged by their looks." — Adventurer.
    "I could have sworn that man drowned. Didn't he? Please tell me he's dead. If he weaseled his way out of that one, he has something coming to him." — Costa del Sol Fisher.
    "What a liar. He just wants people to feel sorry for him. He pretends to be some kind of high-and-mighty savior while he wallows around in his own filth." — Pearl Lane Beggar.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "That man is cursed. He cursed his family, cursed our entire city. He was born a demon in a child's skin. He deserves to rot in the seventh Hell." — A Blacksmith in Costa del Sol.
    "There used to be a bounty for that man hanging up on the post right here, but it was a warrant that was out for several years and no one ever found him. We heard the warrant expired, or was abandoned, or something, so we took the poster down. But some of us folks still burn to see him hang." — A Villager in Costa del Sol


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "I trusted the bastard—let him see me in my weakest moments—and he was hiding the fact that he did that..." — O'jirho Tia
    "He may not always have been Twelve-guided, but he is now and that's what matters. Mayhap not in matters of personal hygiene, but in matters of action? Certainly." — Vi Lindon
    "Khyran Oisin? He is /insufferable/ company on most occasions, as he is grievous on the eyes, socially inept, devoid of humor, and fails to appreciate the finer things in life. He'll likely never understand why the rest of us stop to smell the flowers. But I love and owe that frail little man so much that I will never stop trying to show him the value of simple pleasures. We've weathered many storms together, and Khy has always shined at times when all light has puttered out." - Sigurd Sundsteigen
    "That man is so far in over his head I am surprised he hasn't developed fish lungs yet." — Jikam Constans
    "One cannot be more proud of Khy. From the beginnings met upon that fateful bridge to this sun.. Khy has grown so much, more than one ever hoped for. Took much pushing for Khy to finally accept this one into heart and now allowing others in. For Khy to be truly happy, will bring this one such joy." — Tsaganarii Dhoro
    "Sir Khyran? I meet him twice and he seem like a man of good heart. I worry about him as he seem to carry such sadness in him. Maybe I'll have a chance to work with him as both of us are healers of the mind." — John Waterstrike
    "I am not a woman t'believe in fate, yet circumstances have seen our paths cross as of late. As for the man himself? Khyran is... an enigma to me. A self-sacrificing shadow weighed down by the world. I can only imagine the things he has seen and had to do. Pray, he will go it alone no longer." — Odette Saoirse
    “…I know him. I know Khyran. Please don’t do that. That — looking at his picture that way. Don’t judge something you clearly know nothing about!” — Elyon Eba
    “Yes, Mister Oisin, he leads my company. Though frail of form, he has a formidable mind, and a talent that is unique and terrible, and I owe him more than I can count.” — Izanami Tatewaki
    “Mist--no, K-khyran's a kind man. H-he'll sacrifice everything h-he has and then mourn he has nothing left t-to give. I-if I can give him a-anything, if I can only h-help him feel okay, if I can just be allowed t-to stay at his side, I would happily d-do so for as long as he'd h-have me.” — Defiant Bride
    “A man feigning charity to be accepted by his peers... What can I say? He will die sooner than most if he does not take care of himself. This man never realized that self-preservation and selfishness were two very different things. The man fancies himself a tool? Then he will be used like one. And it will kill him.” — Nathaniel of Salem
    “I don't entireleh know what ta think of him. He's helped with my...issues, but acts like his own birth was a mistake. It bothahs me a lil', 'cause I've seen that kinda attitude give sheltah ta the wicked. I onleh hope fer his sake n' mine that I'm wrong there.” — Nazyl Tharazyl'
    “His concern for others is, at times, damning. He wants to be trusted, but will he regret his own generosity once the truth becomes too much to bear? I would call him friend, but time will tell if that's even possible for people like us.” - Glace Silencieuse
    “I've known a few people now who try to damn themselves for things they have done in their pasts. I've known the atrocities these men have committed. But I've also seen what it's like when these men give and risk everything of themselves to be better people. Khyran is one of these and he deserves all the help we can give him.” - Madison Brookstone
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    “Your Rumor Here” - Name Name

Read about Khyran's development through the years: his various appearances, collections, and short stories.

    Rebirth: Part One
    Context: The first part of a short story explaining the character's history.
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Mists: Very High probability.
Pearl Lane, Ul'dah: Very High probability.
The Goblet, Poor Districts: Very High probability.
Gridania, Poor Districts: High probability.
The Lavender Beds, Poor Districts: Moderate probability.
Limsa Lominsa City: Moderate probability.
Southern Thanalan Desert: Moderate probability.
Costa del Sol and surrounding areas: Never.


Ebonbrand Technoworks: While no longer an employee, Khyran has close ties with many who work there, and can often be seen at their estate.
Wayfinders Solace: The caravan seems to be out of business, but anyone who was once associated with the traveling merchants may have heard of him or remember his face.
But Did The Hound Bark, My Lord?: If you know not the answer, then you're free to go about your business.
Aethertide Ventures: Khyran is known to be a founder of the Free Company, which has gone bankrupt.
Ark: Khyran is the founder of a nonprofit voidsent hunting charity.


Khyran is an exceptionally rare find: he can remove your memories, and remove voidsents from your body if you are possessed.

Anyone from, or spends a lot of time at, Costa del Sol might have heard of him. Let's talk about how our characters might have known each other in the past!

Khyran often lurks in places where people are poor, desperate, and struggling. He might approach your character by his own volition if your character happens to appear "desperate".

The Arcanist's Guild and Thamaturge's Guild both wish for Khyran's cooperation to study his abilities. He continually refuses and avoids confrontation with scholars who wish to probe him for his knowledge. If your character works for such associations, they might have heard of him.


The Bonding Ceremony of Sigurd Sundsteigen and Khana Borlaaq: Khyran was one of the guests and carried the couple's baby with him, suggesting he is close to them in some way.



A white, featureless undershirt
Black, loose leggings
Thigh-high, loose white boots
A fancy black leather jacket with white wings emblazoned on the shoulderblades
White fingerless gloves
A red scarf and a red sash of the same material
A white leather side-satchel


A tin box of sewing supplies
A waterskin
A bundle of meager rations: bread and dried vegetables
A beaten compass
A sack of seeds
A roll of bandages
Assorted medicinal vials, several with thick black labels that betray nothing of its contents
A red journal
Charcoal pencils


A floral hat
Crude, tribal earmuffs
A book of art


A recently-hatched chocobo in Khyran's care was named Bastion by his business associate, Connor Tavarin. The bird was lovingly purchased for Khyran by Sigurd Sundsteigen. His friends additionally felt that having such a companion to care for would help give Khyran purpose. The bird is not yet saddlebroken and is too young to ride. At nearly two months old, however, the chocobo is growing bigger every day. Khyran often entrusts Mikha Sunthistle to the bird's care, as he is often busy traveling.

A mandragora creature was given to Khyran as a Starlight Festival gift by Mikha Sunthistle, and was named Pink by Khyran. The plant-creature can sometimes be seen following Khyran around, however, he often leaves it in the safety of a fenced garden at Nathaniel of Salem's estate.


Section is intentionally vague and only meant to chronicle significant portions of this character's life and arc as he is roleplayed in-game. If you want more details, ask him IC!


IN THE PAST: Few in Costa del Sol may know his name and loathe it. Popular theory is that he drowned. But Khyran Oisin lives. His power remains. How is he going to use it?

JOINS WFS. JULY 2015: Despite his misgivings about traveling with people, Khyran's hand was forced by his own poor health. He could no longer do what he intends to do alone. He joined the Wayfinders Solace Caravan, and made known his secret to the caravan master, Jikam. His intent was not to make friends, or family. It was to be useful. The caravan encountered a brief spat with gremlins, and he injured his leg. He recovered well, but his self-sacrificial actions that day were observed as foolhardy and stupid.

WFS FIGHTS THE VOIDSENT. EARLY AUGUST 2015: The Wayfinders became embroiled in a plot involving a Voidsent. Taking great personal risks, the Wayfinders defeated the Voidsent monster in the frozen mountains of Coerthas. The caravan generally felt Khyran's foolhardy- and unexpectedly effective- contributions were helpful against the metaphysical monster, and he won some respect among them.


OUTED AS A FUGITIVE; CRIPPLED PERMANENTLY. LATE AUGUST 2015: Following a complicated string of events, Khyran's secret was revealed to the majority of the caravan's members. Driven by guilt, fear, and external pressure, he left the caravan. He was tracked down and taken back by force, but not after he made a terrible mistake and was shot in the leg by someone in self-defense. His left femur was shattered. He awaits trial within the caravan's own system of government. He will likely never walk on his leg again without external support, and is permanently crippled.

TRIAL COMPLETED; GOING THROUGH CHANGES. EARLY SEPTEMBER 2015: The outcome of Khyran's trial was as good for him as it could have been, given the circumstances. He is now trying to re-evaluate his life and figure out how he can best make up for his sins and be stronger for others. But because of his shattered leg bone, he's having difficulty doing *anything* beyond lie around in bed or struggle to get places on crutches. He is staying on a regular supply of pain relief injections just to stay sane, and he's developed an addiction to them. He's struck up a very difficult deal with an engineer in hopes to have a replacement leg built for him.

LEG REPLACED. EARLY SEPTEMBER 2015: Khyran now has a prosthetic leg, and modified his existing leg to accommodate a new ability. He now has a limited-capacity jump boost, as well as increased stamina. As far as the rest of his weak, withered body goes, however... there's little to be done about that.


ON THE HUNT. LATE SEPTEMBER/EARLY OCTOBER 2015: Khyran became aware that two of his acquaintances are dealing with Voidsent enemies. Though he is still struggling to walk on his still-healing legs, he began the struggle to locate, and kill, these Voidsent creatures. One of them, he barely managed to remove traces of its influence from his friend's mind. The other, he only managed a slight lock on the creature before it eluded his attention. As so much of his time is absorbed in trying to track down these creatures, he hardly had a chance to rest, and his abuse of the painkillers reached a critical level. He began stealing from his friends and co-workers, which led to an eventual intervention by Khana.

LEAVES WFS. IN THE SHADOWS. LATE OCTOBER/EARLY NOVEMBER 2015: Khyran left his previous company. Many who he considered himself on friendly terms with no longer associate with the company, and due to a recent issue involving Voidsents, he felt it was no longer safe for those remaining in WFS for him to stay. The few he considered close enough to be his friend, he harshly turned away, in hopes that they would not try to follow him. Depressed and homeless again, Khyran began searching for meaning in life beyond his desire to hunt and kill Voidsents. Alas, finding a new home has eluded him as of late, and he has put himself completely into his work. While drunk, his friends Sigurd and Mikha convinced him to buy a chocobo chick, which has given him some hope.


EVIL REARS ITS HEAD. DECEMBER 2015: Khyran made a great sacrifice for his newborn goddaughter, Anujin. Now, it seems an old enemy of his friend Sigurd is rising up again, after he was once thought banished. Khyran is scrambling to put together what meager resources he has in order to stop this creature- all the while balancing new and difficult health problems that arose due to his sacrifice. He feels this is the deep breath before the plunge.

PARANOIA. LATE DECEMBER 2015: Khyran is crushed by a tremendous amount of pressure, facing off a Voidcreature more powerful than anything he has ever seen. He gathers impromptu, unlikely allies in his haste and desperation to stay a step ahead of the Voidcreature, and must make many difficult decisions to ensure the safety of said allies. Unfortunately, he is nearly beaten at every turn. His body is pushed to its brink and beyond. He must learn to rely on the love and support of his friends, or risk an untimely demise.

RELEASE. JANUARY 2016: The Voidsent, Hunter, is gone. Khyran quite nearly sacrificed his own life to ensure Hunter's end. With the great enemy gone due to the brave efforts of many, and Khyran's odds-defying survival, he found himself renewed and reinvigorated with purpose. His life feels open to the possibilities, and he feels confident that he is well on his way to redeeming himself. He established a new company with hopes to continue making Eorzea a safer place to live. Aethertide.


AETHERTIDE BEGINS. JANUARY-MARCH 2016: Khyran and his old companions, Vi Lindon and Eduard Harlow, have established a new company, Aethertide, with the goal to give himself and others a viable platform to protect Eorzeaa and bring safe, fair trade to the various regions of the world. Taking up temporary residence in the Golden Bazaar of Eastern Thanalan, Aethertide rises up from nothing and quickly becomes a formidable force. They have fought void threats, Garlean robots, bandits, and troublemakers. They've brought safe, affordable goods and services to the poorer regions of Eorzea. And they've spread warmth, happiness and love to those who need it most. Khyran is proud of Aethertide, and it's becoming a family to him.

THE ARREST. APRIL 2016 Khyran and Fabebe Fabe were arrested in front of the entire company, following a complex and suspicious series of events. Khyran's brother, Kane, apparently wanted him behind bars or dead, and pulled the strings on a multitude of circumstances to ensure both he and Fabebe were thrown in a cell. Assured that his execution was at hand at last, Khyran was crushed under a considerable amount of anxiety and pressure. Just when he thought he had a family and stability, Kane swept the rug from under his feet. However, unbeknownst to him, Aethertide worked tirelessly to amass evidence strong enough to free him and Fabebe at their trial without incident. They were prepared for a multitude of scenarios and possibilities, and when it came down to the wire, Aethertide prevailed. Khyran and Fabebe were freed, and cleared of all charges. Even so, the deep breath of peace was short-lived. Questions about whether or not Khyran truly deserved his imprisonment were still swirling in the company, and fear and distrust was kicked up in the dust. He found that even after being declared a free man from the law, his guilt did not leave him, nor did his flaws, nor did his mistakes.

ANOTHER REBIRTH. MAY 2016 Desperate to ensure Aethertide remains safe, Khyran has made some drastic decisions. He struggles with what he feels he had to do, but he knows it was for the best for his company... despite slighting his best friends in the process. Ever since the trial, the man feels like he is in an agonizing metamorphosis, his "real" self struggling to emerge. He continually makes mistakes and backpedals, and he is growing sick of it. He constantly berates himself, and tries to find some new problem to latch onto, and throw himself entirely into his work.


Khyran has an unusual magical power. He can go into people's heads. All he has to do is touch them on the forehead. It is based on the magics involved in spiritbonding, materia, and the aether which encompasses one's being.

Once he touches a forehead, he spiritbonds with that person. He can view their memories, replaying like a dream. He can place himself within the context of that memory, as a dream-version of himself. He can also be joined by the dream version of his patient. Within their mind, he can snag his patient's memories and convert them to materia. It is drawn out and forgotten by the patient entirely. Though his ability comes with varying degrees of suspicion and discomfort from those who know of his gift, there is always the few desperate enough to ask him for help. Khyran can do any number of unusual things with the mind and aether, which make him versatile in many situations.

    Inspiration, Lore-Bending, OOC Details:
    Khyran's power is inspired by a common theme found in Final Fantasy games: materia as crystallized memories. Though there is no evidence in FFXIV that materia is directly 'memories', I believe such an assumption is safe to make.
    The idea was not wholly mine. My FC co-founders Eduard Harlow and Vi Lindon provided me the idea as the basis for my character's magic, which I further detailed and designed with its strengths, weaknesses and usage.
    Khyran's ability is made possible because of the Echo. He is not ICly aware that his gift is because of the Echo, nor is it my intention as a writer to use this "uniqueness" flippantly or just character flavor. His ability to view, alter, and remove memories were best explained in lore as an Echo power because it made more sense that way. In researching the Echo as it is used in lore, one can determine that despite its extreme rarity, it can do any number of different and unusual things to the few people it has touched, and it seems not everyone with the gift- Khy included- is fully aware that they even have it.
    Though Khyran's ability is extremely powerful from a roleplay standpoint, I will never use it to metagame, godmode or infringe upon your character or storytelling desires. Khyran's power ultimately exists as a plot device for your enjoyment. It is my intention to use him to further your plot, not throw a wrench in it.
    There are many ways a memory-altering character can serve your story, and that's what he's here for.

    MEMORY REMOVAL: He can remove memories once his patient recalls it. Materia removed in this way can be returned to the patient’s head if they wished for him to do so. Khyran can also place materia from other people within someone else’s head, giving them a first-hand experience from someone else’s shoes.

    MEMORY RESTORATION: He can restore memories sometimes. If a patient has been injured or cursed in a way that has given them amnesia, Khyran can attempt to restore those memories by assisting the patient in surpassing whatever mental blocks have formed to hide the memory. However, there are some cases when the memory is outright removed in a way that he cannot retrieve.

    MEMORY ALTERATION: Because Khyran can't make something out of nothing, he cannot create false memories in normal circumstances. However, given a lot of time and care, he can perform something he calls "grafting": snipping tidbits of dialogues, emotions, people, and places out of one memory and placing them in another. Jobs like this are almost always imperfect and with noticeable seams, and Khyran only does this if he feels there is no other choice to help the patient recover from a circumstance. It does come with its own set of risks.

    CONTEXT: Being able to dive into someone’s head allows Khyran to search for the truth in a first-hand account of a situation. He can view memories without taking them out, and he can insert himself into the context of a memory.

    OTHER MATERIA USES: Khyran can create materia out of objects in the “normal” fashion. The process breaks down the object and reforms it as a crystal. If he concentrates upon an inanimate object, he may be able to catch glimpses of what “memories” that object might hold, though its nothing as concrete or as complex as what he sees within a person’s mind. He also knows how to affix materia into objects, in a similar manner as goblin craftsmen.

    ON VOIDSENT: Khy can perform exorcism. If a character is possessed, Khy is uniquely equipped to hunt the thing down. He can enter a character’s mind and search them for the void taint. If he and the patient can defeat the voidsent inside their head, Khyran can weaken it enough to turn it into materia and rip it out. Once trapped in materia, the voidsent will have difficulty returning to the void... unless it is released from its crystal prison by manner of powerful magic. He is also very difficult for a voidsent to possess. He has a very limited aetherpool and is very highly trained as a voidsent hunter.

    DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIM: Khyran's power is terrifying. If he so chose, he can wipe away everything about someone. He could cause a great deal of pain and damage simply by touching someone on the head. He can steal their secrets, weave through their darkest closets, remove aspects of their personality, history, and core memories, and expose them to a most bitter end.

    CONTACT REQUIRED: Physical contact is required between Khyran and the patient in order for any of his powers to work. If Khyran can’t touch them on the head with skin-on-skin contact, he can’t do anything at all. If he is able to touch someone on the head, both of them will be paralyzed and unable to move unless the patient’s mental willpower is strong enough to break free of him, or if an outside third party removes Khyran from them.

    IF CONTACT IS BROKEN: If the connection is severed prematurely by a third party, then there is the particularly chilling risk that Khyran's mental aether would be trapped within the patient's mind, or the patient will be trapped in his. Their body, alive, would be left behind, mindless. One would be forced to carry around the other in their head until a solution could be found.
    RESISTANCE: It is possible to put up mental resistance against Khyran, even if he currently has physical contact with the patient. If your character is strong-willed, well-trained, or magically gifted in any way, they can resist him even if he grabs their head.

    TAXING POWER: The power is physically and aetherically draining on both Khyran and the patient. After a session, a patient might experience headaches or terrible pain in their body. On occasion, Khyran himself can be caught suffering nosebleeds or headaches, and has trouble focusing. The more he does it without rest, the weaker he becomes.

    KHY CANNOT TELEPORT OR CAST NORMAL SPELLS: Khyran is completely incapable of casting spells of his own, and he cannot teleport by will. He can only teleport by directly touching an Aetheryte and entering the Aetherstream through them. It takes a great deal of aether to transport him, and anyone attempting to drag him with them through the aetherstream will find the attempt is very difficult. This is because Khyran's abilities are tailored specifically to leeching the aether of others. He can gather it up in great quantities, but he cannot make any use of it other than turning it into materia. His ability to spiritbond with others is due to the Echo, and not any ability of his own.

    KHY IS A PACIFIST AT HEART: He is very unlikely to be willing to harm anyone, not without a very good reason. He also rarely uses his power, unless he feels his patient has no choice, or if someone puts his loved ones in a life-threatening situation. He does carry a weapon- a small pistol- but otherwise his only "weapons" are his hands. He requires skin-on-skin contact to do anything with his power. He is also very physically flimsy, being anorexic with poor combat ability.



All art belongs to me.

These songs inspire me when I write my character.

    Escaping the Ruins
    OST: Ori and the Blind Forest. Inspiration: Khy dives into the memories of other people, taking them through a landscape of their own suffering.
    The Call
    OST: Journey. Inspiration: Khy is chosen for his purpose as he is pulled out of the ocean, surviving his baptism of blood and fire.
    Mountains of Thunder
    OST: Wrath of the Lich King. Inspiration: Khy researching and hunting voidsent with the assistance of his secret order.

    Pound of Flesh
    Artist: Radical Face. Inspiration: Fitting lyrics. The song is about a man guilty of murder.
    I Have Made Mistakes
    Artist: The Oh Hellos. Inspiration: Fitting lyrics. The song is about redemption.
    Artist: Koda. Inspiration: Fitting lyrics. The song is about rebirth.

    Barton Hollow
    Artist: The Civil Wars. Inspiration: Fitting lyrics. The song is about damnation.

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“As winter takes me now, of cold and clammy skin- a barren, empty womb, as I am born again. The monster in your head won’t surface again. Be still my child- wash away the sin.” ― Koda, Staying