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Syhrwyb 'Dex' Guolhimalwyn

"Never take from those that do not owe."

Dex is Hydaelyn's richest and most vainglorious Sky Pirate of the Seventh Astral Era... At least, that's what she'd like to be, but she still has a long way to go before she can rule the skies for certain. Once an orphan in Limsa Lominsa, she grew up into being the Maelstrom's youngest navigator before she quit her job to seek something more rewarding and fulfilling. Tragedy struck her after hearing about 'bandits living in the sky' pillaging helpless travellers, for when she set her course for the Sea of Clouds to stop them, she too was also robbed of everything she carried.

Despite the horrible event, it was only a mere setback to Dex. Reinvigorated into a hardy and strong-willed tech lover, building her own airships and trinkets, she quickly took up the new life of Sky Piracy with the aspiration to reclaim all she lost, and gain more in the process.

Nickname(s) Dex Swiftsteel, Dex Skyfire, Dex Stormfang, Captain, Legless Sparrow, Lady of the Clouds, Storm Queen, Stormbringer, Dear Tempest
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Age 35
Nameday 28th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Deity Oschon, the Wanderer
Marital Status Single
Occupation Sky Pirate, Airship Pilot, Airship Engineer
Height 6 fulm 5 ilms
Weight 225 ponze
Orientation Hetro/Demisexual
Alignment Chaotic Good

General 🕱

Dex is an unusually short, but strong woman, light in skin tone with dark red hair and amber eyes. Dex has an hourglass figure, but because she works out on a regular basis around cardio and weightlifting in the mornings, she has defined muscles, similar to the build of an athlete. An example of her build can be found here.

Markings & Scars 🕱

The most notiable features of Dex is her magitek-infused left arm and legs, replacing the stumps that she had lost from her adventures across Hydaelyn. Her prosthetics have been upgraded to pure-white limbs, sleek and cutting-edge in design, as well as complex internally, with neural wiring coursing within the flesh and connecting to the spine. The preceptors of the lining of the limb allow Dex to feel textures again as if it were a normal hand. Whereas with her old limbs where joint pain, disfunction and phantom pains were commonplace, the new prosthetic nullifies those issues entirely and is also removable.

Over the course of her life, she has obtained one long scar down her left eye and many scars and bullet wounds over the abdomen, arms and back which differ in size, length and direction. They are easily visible when clothing is not covering them. She has ceruleum burns all down her left side of her body and over her left cheek beneath the eye. Dex also has red tattooes over her eyes, designed to mimic the wind. Recently, she obtained a long scar down the center of her neck and a smaller cut to the left of it in a curve.

Clothing 🕱

Dex has a different outfits for different occasions, be it casual or formal. Her style is consistantly flamboyant with splashes of reds, whites and golds. She used to be seen wearing silvers and fancier coats to assert her image as a Sky Pirate. If one is lucky, however, they may catch her in her 'gym' clothing or even more rarely, snugly pink pyjamas.

Voice 🕱

Being a confident and vocal person, Dex almost loves the sound of her own voice and often makes it sound quirky, croaky or cracked for emphisised expression on her current mood. Her vocals are low, but not deep. One of her surprising talents is being able to sing slow jazz-esque sailor songs with ease, having sang so often back in her Maelstrom days. Voice claim for Dex (Laura Bailey).

Habits 🕱

Dex has many noticable habits, one of which being continuously smirking in conversations, regardless of the topic. Dex in her exciteable state will bump her fists together and when embarrassed or flustered, she will rub the back of her neck and become erractic in her speech. When drunk, Dex's speech will slur and she will start to sway uncontrollably.

Dex is confident, cocky and reckless. As a hot-headed fighter for freedom and progress, the overzealous Sky Pirate always follows her own mind and sorts situations out her way. Dex can be irratable if she remains on the ground for too long and she takes solace in higher places. She is an adrenaline junkie if it is not apparent already from her numerous injuries obtained from her endevours, enjoying free-falling when she isn't cooped in her company workshop.

Despite Dex being a brash individual in the eyes of many, she a deeply caring woman who is pensive at heart. Her reckless and self-damaging behaviour counteracts the melancholic state she endures frequently. Constantly worrying over the health and wellbeing of her closest friends, she will sacrifice herself for their safety no matter the cost.


Building things
Shooting things
The Gold Saucer


Corrupted Bandits/Pirates
Overly pompous/prissy people
Members of the Garlean Empire
Lawful Authority
Vundu Beastribe
The Quicksand


Losing her humanity
Losing her friends
Children dying
Burning alive
Remaining on the ground too long


Positive Traits: Adventurous, Charismatic, Insightful, Organized, Passionate, Skillful
Negative Traits: Angry, Coarse, Destructive, Erratic, Indulgent, Sadistic
Favorite Food: Spaghetti Carbonara
Favorite Drink: Whiskey
Favorite Color: Wine Red

Childhood 🕱

Dex was the only daughter of Blynwyda (Blind Willow) and Guolhimal (Glorious Sky) and sister to Doendraeg (Thunder Carrier). Before Dex was born, the two Sea Wolves exchanged their fishing life in Lower La Noscea for something more; the thrill of amounting a wealth to last them for a lifetime of comfort. They travelled far into the northern regions of Eorzea near Ishgard to take up the mantle of daring Sky Pirates of Abalathia's Spine after hearing many legends of wealthy heroes in the clouds. Guolhimal adapted and learned the craft of using metals and woods to create their own basic airships, while Blynwyda used her cunning to search for treasure with maps worn down through the eras. After years of pillaging the skies and battling other Sky Pirate groups, Blynwyda and Guolhimal found themselves at the peak of their piracy and felt that their legacy should continue, and so twins were born; Syhrwyb (Fearless Woman) and Doendraeg.

At three summers old, Syhrwyb and Doendraeg grew acustomed to the environment of airships and worshops, her parents gradually introduced her to many things in the Sea of Clouds, cultures and lifestyle. However, a few moons before thier fourth nameday, several Garlean fleets of the VIth Imperial Legion patrolled the area which the family dwelled. Retaliation from other Sky Pirate units forced the hand of the Legion to attack and a small war raged in the heavens. Fearing for the safety of their children, Blynwyda escaped the conflict with the baby Keeper while Guolhimal stayed behind to distract Garlean ships. The vessel flew towards the lone island at the south of Eorzea; Vylbrand. Unfortunately, the vessel passed over Castrum Occidens and cannonfire struck on Blynwyda's ship. Tumbling to the rocky mountains near Wineport, Blynwyda parachuted her babes to safety.

The poor twins, disorientated and confused, was found by a wine merchant in the main winery district. The merchant delivered them to an orphanage situated in Limsa Lominsa within the day and thankfully, name tags on their necks allowed the staff to identify them and raise them as part of the other groups.

Teenage/Early Adult 🕱

Syhrwyb remembered fragments of living on her parent's airship in the clouds and it allowed her to gain aspiration to become her very own captain of a ship, exploring the skies just like they did. By the age of eighteen summers old, she took the first step in that direction by acting as one of the Maelstrom's most successful navigators while her brother served under the Marauder's Guild. However, a few months after working for the Maelstrom, she found her brother died in a freak accident while on a task. After a few years, the melancholic Syhrwyb grew tired of being told where to direct the ship and she quit her job to seek something that thrilled her.

She migrated to the icey lands of Coerthas after hearing rumours of 'bandits in the sky' pillaging the less fortunate. She hoped that she would cross her parents in the process, and wasted no time in travelling to Abalathia's Spine, and eventually the Sea of Clouds. The woman took up arms and fought against these so-called bandits, only to be robbed of her goods instead. Despite the terror she witnessed, Syhrwyb couldn't help but feel at home in the skies of the Sea of Clouds, soon realising that this may have been the place in her memories. From that point, as well as wanting her stuff back from the bandits, she wanted to prove her worth as a Sky Pirate.

Defeated and without a coin to spare, Syhrwyb regressed to living in the Brume with the poorest Elezen lowborns. On the verge of starving, she began to beg across the Foundation for food. She accidentally came across a man with a gun making his way back to the Skysteel Manufactory, which piqued Syhrwyb's interest. Looking through the cracks of the entrance doors and peeking through the slightly steamed windows, Syhrwyb was welcomed to the sight of steam, metal and pistons pumping in a choreographed dance of progress. A fire lit inside her - remembering being comfortable with the similar setting - and she wanted to learn everything about what she witnessed. To her surprise, Syhrwyb was welcomed by Stephanivien, the founder of the Skysteel Manufactory and the job he dubs 'Machinist'. She was taken under his wing for another five years, learning the arts of heandling fire arms, while conducting private research into machines and their adaptation to life in Eorzea and other continents. Syhrwyb eventually left the Manufactory in pursuit of the happiness she felt in the skies. However, before she departed, Stephanivien gifted Syhrwyb her very own Manacutter ship. Since then, Syhrwyb vanished. There had been no mention of her since she left all those years ago; not a single soul knew of her whereabouts. All that was known was the rumour of a mysterious 'Legless Sparrow' roaming the skies.

Present 🕱

AS OF 3.56 - On her travels in Eorzea, she was offered a great sum of gil by a miner to return her items and linkpearl to a home by the name of The Blades. When she arrived at the place, she was quickly whisked into a job by Valirelia Hirano and Nataru Hirano. The task that involved dark magic, lawbreaking and not at all a hero's work. Dex eagerly accepted the task with gil being her ultimate motivation. It was then that she was offered a place with the Blades serving them as their mercenery for a sweet wage. Although Dex initially was skeptical about working for others, she agreed to join them. Some time after whilst pondering in the dark of the Quicksand, she bumped into another Sky Pirate by the name of Lukas Madrazo, to which began the new era of adventures for her. At first, she was her usual cocky self around the likes of Madrazo, Hirano and others in both groups but over time, she has settled into a newfound feeling of brotherhood.

AS OF 4.0 - Dex hatched a plan to travel to Ala Mhigo in hopes of striking it rich. However, her entire endevour backfired when she was attacked by Garleans, bringing down her ship from the skies. She survived the crash, only to come face to face with the soldiers defenseless. In a desperate bid to escape, Dex used one of her ceruleum tanks from her shins to blast the soldiers to smitherines, leaving her burned on her left side to the point where her face was scarred and her left arm disintergrated. Since then, along with the shocking sights of child deaths in the war, Dex had gone into hiding with a deep depression that set onto her mind. For so long, she had closed herself off to her own group of friends, wallowing in the misery of losing more than she had bargained for, even deciding to leave The Blades out of shame. It wasn't until weeks later that she eventually came around and decided to get back onto her feet, reliving her dream of being the richest Sky Pirate in Dravania.

AS OF 4.05 - Dex returned to the Red Shop, the homeplace of Team Red - founded by Lukas. She asked him to allow her to build herself replacements using his workshop and he abided, to which he extended an offer to her of becoming Team Red's official lead engineer. Taken aback by his offer, Dex accepted and began to become prideful of her place in the team. Dex was happy with life, however it was clear her experiences with Ala Mhigo drove her to be more aggressive to the point of not caring for her own wellbeing. She had regular scuffs against Lukas' teasing and her anger lead her into volatile situations against him, despite having developed a strong bond. A heated argument caused her to reconsider her actions and her plan for the future. Dex began a new process of opening up and trusting Lukas and his mates, breaking down her walls and allowing her true name to come into fruitition, much to her initial protest.

After much debate, Dex attempted to solve her problem of being limbless by manufactoring megitek limbs to fuse with her body. She spent a night drinking strong alcohol and numbing potions and operated on herself, however the procedure resulted in Dex losing a lot of blood and botching the fusion. It wasn't until Suuka Haishin stumbled into the company workshop to find her dying and out of her mind, as he contacted the linkpearl for assistance despite being in major distress. Rayla Black responded first and enters and attempted to heal Dex of her wounds, but to no avail. Eventually a medic named Crezelle Dullclaw and Kri'sie Crimson'lion arrived to assist with saving Dex from total fatality.

Dex was taken to the infirmary where she remained for some days to recover, until Kri came with news that there was someone who was able to help her attach the limb professionally. Overjoyed, Dex welcomed this stranger named Marcus. He operated on her whilst Kri assisted once again, and the operation was successful. She awoke to a megitek limb attached to her left arm and it overwhelmed her with joy. Eventually, she appointed the same doctor to grant her magitek legs to replace her prosthetics, rendering her technically fully limbed again.

Some time after recovering, Dex felt that she lost sight of the woman she yearned to be all those years ago; a ruthless Sky Pirate questing to be the richest of them all. Without a warning, she informed Team Red and Suuka of her departure and headed to the Sea of Clouds on the same day. She resided in the Clouds, looting whatever remained on the floating islands and attempted to reconnect with a distant ally, Leofard of the Redbills. She was successful in doing so.

She returned to the Red Shop as a meaner and leaner Sky Pirate. However upon her return, she found out very quickly that most of her close friends have made dramatically dark decisions. Rayla grew increasingly aggressive towards her past business partners and in turn made Dex become extremely wary of her presence and actions. Not only this, but her paranoia caused her to be aggressive towards her boss, Lukas. She aimed her anger at his carefee antics and even herself for allowing herself to fall for him. She decided to close herself off from everyone around her, except Suuka who had become her main priority.

Sometime after, Dex encountered Harzonald Nonofono one day at the Grindstone tournament and thanks to this, the Roe suddenly found herself in a whole different dimension of discovery and adventure. She fell in love with the man rather quickly and she shared this with her close friends for advice on how to handle her sudden attraction to him. Eventually, she managed to confess to him of her feelings and in turn, she received more than what she bargained for; she learned of his purpose of his existence involving the revival of his wife, which contributed to Dex's continuous downfall of her emotional state.

AS OF 4.1 - Struggling with her own emotions flaring over the loss of another relationship, she finally snapped when Lukas sold off the shop she worked in and all of her projects within it. Dex felt utterly betrayed by her boss and refused to engage with any of her friends. Unable to speak of what she knows of Harzonald for fear of sounding crazy, along with the reminder of the loss of her former mentor, Lukas' abandoning and the mistrust in Ray, the lost freelancing engineer contemplated taking her own life with the belief that there was nothing else for her to carry on.

Suuka encouraged Dex to participate in an early All Saints Wake event in Lower La Noscea in a bid to cheer her up. Dex complied and arrived in a black armoured costume, readying to partake in the costume competition, however, her lack of funds to cater to Suuka's needs caused his friend, Ulfarr Reddwing to have her work under his stead for the night in exchange for repaying him money for the drinks that Suuka wanted to purchase. As the night progressed, Dex became involved in solving a robbery, to which the culprit and the cash could not be found. Dex at that moment felt completely useless, despite keeping up her mood for the Au Ra lady who was the victim that night. The costume competition arrived and Dex managed to squeeze into the line-up last minute for the spookiest catagory. She unexpectingly won first prize of one hundred thousand gil, instantly placing her back into comfortable funding. She was able to pay Ulfarr back in expense.

Dex had a case full of money and decided to seek something in Hingashi that she believed was missing in Eorzea as an alternitive to taking her own life. Suuka protested for her to stay, but the Miqo'te's mind was made up. Dex arrived in Kugane no less than a sun after with the case and the clothes on her back. With the money in hand, she eventually set up a home within the Goten Kobai apartments in Shirogane, immigrating herself into the culture of the Far East.

AS OF 4.11 - A rejuvinated Dex returned to Ul'dah with a new sense of purprose to her life after discovering EQUINOX, a magitek engineering facility and medical research institute. She quickly proved herself to be a worthy member of the team with her unique knowledge and engineering skills on airships and gunsmithing. Alongside her new place of work, she also set aside her grudge for Ray. She also reconciled with Lukas and broke her ties from Harzonald.

Dex, finally free to live her chaotic life, found herself in the troubling events of a recent airship crash, to which the vessel belonged to her free company. While deducing the cause and the reasons for the crash - simultaniously balancing her pirate work and her social life - she also took on several airship commissions assigned to her by Rayla, to which she was able to complete in time.

AS OF 4.2 - The bored Roegadyn attempted to try and start up her own crew over with the help of Galto Zalto, Sqaureth Upeth, and her recent former lover, Khulan Jindir, however shortly after gathering a few people, Dex was caught by Rayla, along with five others inlcuding Griffin. They beat Galto into a bloody mess to teach the poor Sky Pirate a lesson in trust, also discovering her own crew worked for Ray as well. Having learned her lesson, she went tosign on with Rayla's crew which resulted in the loss of her lover and friends leaving her to her own devices.

As time progressed, Dex landed herself into a heap of jobs, including searching for a missing person, searching for an ancient statue underwater and helping out a mysterious armored knight in his quest to rid the world of the Voidsent menance. Among juggling professions did she meet Nero Varus through Gaves Hillvack one day at Ul'dah. Their interest in airships caused them to work out business between them and it was during this time that the Miqo'te had discovered Nero to be a pure-blooded Garlean and it intruigued her greatly. The more she got to know him, the closer she grew to him. At first, they agreed to aid each other in their long term goals; for Dex to become the richest Sky Pirate with her name revered and Nero to claim revenge against the Imperial armada for their betrayal and achieve immortality. Then, the pair grew affectionate towards each other, and prompted another mutual agreement. shortly after, Dex and Nero banded together as the deadliest couple to walk Eorzea.

The first step to reaching their goals was for Dex to recieve upgrades to her prosthetics, replacing them entirely with garlean-steel counterparts, removable at will, sleek, pristine in its shade of white, and also outfitted with unique weaponry. A bell or so after the surgery allowed Dex to become a new and improved version of herself, moving ever-closer to becoming a truly deadly Sky Pirate.

AS OF 4.3 Dex and Nero embarked on their first raid in Castrum Velandris off the coast of Vylbrand, which was successful. The pair managed to obtain magitek supplies enough to sustain them. During the raid, Dex learned of Nero becoming resonant, able to manipulate certain dark magicks to his will, much to the contradition of his pureblood nature of not being able to acquire such things. It lead to the Sky Pirate keeping a close eye on him, though her trust in him had not faltered. Weeks after thair raid, the pair became engaged.

After things started to look up for the Roegadyn, her fiance then vanished from her life. Dex grew continuously worried for the disappearance of Nero until she recieved word from an annonymous source that he left for unknown reasons, and without notifying Dex prior to leaving. Heartbroken, Dex vowed that this would be the last time she would fall for love again, drinking alcohol at a much more worrying level and induldging in very self destructive activities to distract herself from anguish.


(easy to overhear)
"That's her! The Stormbringer! The Legless Sparrow of the skies, the woman who's got mechanical boots for legs!"
"The red-haired -hic- wwwoman there w-won't say no to whiskey. Seriously, ask her i-if she wants one. I mmmight just do it m-myself. -hic-"
"She is something of a grease monkey. I can smell the ceruleum on her. Foul..."


(moderately difficult to overhear)
"I heard that lass has no legs! She got them eaten by those Sahagin bastards!"
"That Roe consumed the tears of a wyvern in a drinking challenge, and Hells have it, she won! She chugged the damn beverage like it was nothing!"
"Did you hear about what happened to her at Ala Mhigo? She lost her left arm and barely made it out of Garlean territory. Lucky to be alive, eh?"


(very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I can't imagine her being a parent type, ye know? Yet I've heard she's great with kids."
"Yeah, I've harked to all the stories about her legs. After some... Financial persuasion, she confessed to having them cut them altogether for kicks. She's a fucking lunatic."
"She calls herself Dex, but I caught her stating her real name once. Syhrwyb. I don't understand why she has to hide such a beautiful name..."


(rumors from the characters of other players)
"If yer havin' airship trouble, Dex here's yer girl!" - Lukas Madrazo
"A-after hearing about her legs...I-I can't help but think about w-what kind of sweets she stores in them...s-she can do that right?" - Suuka Haishin
Romantic Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing Rival 🕱 Deceased
༄ ༄ ༄

Nero Varus - The Memory - Dex met Nero through Gaves, and quickly learned he was acting as the bard's superior. Their initial meeting was short and sweet, their interests in airships being the catalyst for their interaction. After getting to know each other for brief period of time, Dex felt a growing love for the pure-blooded Garlean much to her shock and delight. The pair worked together, and have formed an unyeilding love for one another up until his sudden disappearance. Dex considers the Garlean the cause of her recent vexation.

Lukas Madrazo - The Sky Dandy - Dex and Lukas share a very chaotic history during the time that they've known each other. They enjoy each other's comapny as much as they regularly scuffle over both major and minor things. Above all else, Dex is proud to know a loyal and trustworthy man and considers him as her closest, most beloved friend.

Suuka Haishin - My Dearest Friend - Dex finds Suuka the 'Noodle Fish Boy' adorable, much to his dismay. She sees him as a little brother she never had and gets very defensive over his wellbeing most of the time. Although she does tease him, she understands that she owes him her life for saving her from certain death on one occassion.

Rayla Black - Ruthless Roulette When it comes to Ray, Dex just doesn't know when she's going to get along with her or want to tear her eyeball out from her skull. She generally keeps it neutral unless one of her other friends is affected gravely by her antics, or she crosses the moral line that conflicts with Dex's.

Kri'sie Crimson'lion - The Amazonian Moko Smoker - A thicc Roegadyn with a likemindedness to Dex, the pair get along uncannily well, even at different ends of the lawful spectrum. One thing that they definitely share a passion for is adventure and keeping strong. She sees Kri as the big polyamorous auntie when Dex is going through troubles - be it romance or finance.

🕱? Augustus Yandral - My Old Mentor - Augustus and Dex were the dynamic duo of the Black Sparrows. Augustus found her alone on one of the islands in the Sea of Clouds and saw potential in her to grow into a foolhardy Sky Pirate - where after many months of blood, sweat and tears - Dex earned her title of 'Legless Sparrow'. It's believed by Dex that Augustus had died in an airship crash in the Dravanian Hinterlands six years ago.

Auron Savaris - The Awkward Companion - Auron and Dex go way back since bumping into each other at the Quicksands. Some awkward occassions arise between the two whenever they attempt to hang out, but overall, they maintain a respectful, friendly relationship.

Alfeaux Jeulerand - My Child Equivelent - Dex encountered Alfeaux through an unlikely situation where she lost her coinpurse and he stumbled upon it. He returned it to her and since then, they have become relatively close. She knows his darkest secret and will go against her chaotic nature to ensure his safety.

Ryanti Veanysus - My boss - Not long after joining the Equinox Free Company, Dex found herself at the authorative mercy of Ryanti, having been forced to participate in an invention showcase. Despite being caught off guard by his sudden businessman approach, she found an unique solace in his wisdom and manner to life. She considers him to be the only authorative figure that she respects and holds him in her highest regard.

Reyceid Moonblade - Pastry Boy - Dex initially mistook Rey as a noble Doman, however that impression very quickly diminished when he revealed himself to be a coastal boy who enjoys his cooking and baking. She greatly enjoyed his company, as well as always finding opportunities to nab at his treats.

Kintoki Takahashi - The Next-door Neighbor - Kintoki and Dex are neighbours, both residing in Hingashi's residential islands of Shirogane. The pair of them demonstrate friendliness to each other and Dex is especially fond of his daughter, Suzu.

Shiroi Akuma - The (Friendly) White Demon - Shiroi and Dex became acquainted at the Quicksand, exchaning small words to each other and eventually, sweets and treats. Now, she wonders how he's doing after not speaking to him for a long time.

R'ghil Kibe - The Lord - Dex and R'ghil met some time ago in the Lane when she found him and his style to be interesting. The pair have demonstrated friendliness towards each other and even went on a date, much to their delight at their mannerisms and interest with treasure hunting.

Qiqinoba Yeyenoba - Little Buddy - Dex met Qiqi in the Quicksand and the pair share a smiliar humourous banter, as well as fashion sense and drinking habits. She considers him to be a brother from another mother and a fairly innocent Lalafell.

Khulan Jindir - The Shadow - Dex came across Khulan when he was trying to work for Rayla, but ultimately failed his attempts. They both got to know each other and fell in love, however they recently broke up and disconnected from each other. Dex is unsure of how Khulan is feeling at the moment, but hopes he is okay.

Galto Zalto - Lusty Engineer - With both of them being engineers, Dex and Galto became well acquainted and even worked on a project to help secure a crew for Dex and take over Limsa. He recently left her life under unknown circumstances.

Notes 🕱

■ I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Erotic roleplay as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.

■ Ask about long-term relationship roleplay, long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.

■ I won't play permanent character death or rape plots.

■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.

■ Everything in history tab is to be kept in OOC, unless my character states it IC.

In-Game 🕱

■ Time Zone: EU UTC+00:00 GMT

■ Server: Mateus

■ Discord: dex.terous#2847

■ Tumblr: Dex

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