Doctor Oak

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Zealous Oak
"I am my faith as much as my faith is me."
Chief Medical Officer: The Red Wings
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nickname Doc
Height Tall
Weight Stout
Profession Healer/Alchemist
Patron Deity Thaliak
Server Balmung



A large Roegadyn man with a swarthy, deep complexion and well groomed hair in a short, professional parted style. He's clean shaven unlike many of his Hellsguard brethren. A three-gash scar mars the left side of his face, mirrored by a woad-mark under his right eye.


From the moment Oak could walk and talk, he loved the flora and fauna of the island he was born on. Mesmerized by the tales of old, particularly legends of the Twelve, he was given the name Zealous Oak in tribute to his love of trees as much as his stubbornness. At his rite of passage, he chose to leave his home and travel to Gridania to seek the wisdom of the ancient ways and there became enamored with the art of Conjury. The order guided him on his path to balance, teaching him to read and write in the process. His first written work is a small hardbound book he carries with him always, The Eternal Balance: A compendium of the Padjali Wisdom.

Upon reaching the third circle of Conjury under the vigilant eye of E-Sumi-Yan, Oak believed that his path to balance involved a period of penitent giving. His sacrificial period would lead him into the ranks of the Immortal Flames of Ul'Dah first as a simple Combat Medic in the constant war with Garlemald and the defense against the Amal'jaa. Eventually, his skills and resilience were rewarded with the title "Triage Specialist" and a minor command rank among the Grand Company's army. However, the horrors of battle had squinted the once wide-open eyes of the strong, young healer. He had seen the darkness of men and the devastation their squabbles had on the earth itself. It was one thing to acknowledge the disaster of Carteneau, but another to watch as a field burns and bodies break each other. Oak clung to his faith much more tightly, but his heart had grown just a little colder, just a little harder.

Time passed for the Doctor in a march of simple days of learning, until he was offered the commission of Chief Medical Officer for The Red Wings under Erik Mynhier, accepting the opportunity to do more and once again feel like part of something greater than himself...


These days, Doc can be something of a cynic. He's seen enough to know the gray area, but his faith keeps him firmly centered in hope and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. His sheer size can be somewhat intimidating and his quiet, unobtrusive demeanor may give the impression that he's standoffish but it is purely unintentional. Once engaged, he is warm in a surly, grandfatherly way despite appearing to be in his prime and he speaks with a gentle strength of character.

Men are treated like men. He doesn't pry into their affairs, but regards all with open respect unless given a reason to do otherwise. Often, his bedside manner toward males can be heavy-handed, "Man Up" being his motto when treating them.

Women are treated with an accidental misogyny. This can cause conflict in certain situations and it is wholeheartedly expected. As they are widely considered the fairer sex, he treats women kindly and gently. Sadly, that leans toward treating them as fragile in some cases. It is not that he has no respect for women, but the opposite to extreme.

Affiliations and Known Associates

The Red Wings: His company, of which he is (as his name suggests) zealously protective of. They are his new family as well as his new unit and they will be treated as such in every regard.

Warren Castille: Doc likes Warren, though he only knows the man through his Arbitership of the Grindstone. In the few instances where Warren has had to come down off the rock, Doc feels that he has done so with the best of intentions and with great strength of character and honor.

The Grindstone: With a few minor exceptions, he's wholly impressed with the combatants, healers, and overseers of the Grindstone and has personally committed himself to it because of this. Their respect for each other and the tournament itself, as well as its leaders, brings Doc great joy and he's found himself looking forward to each week's gathering.


  • Green things
  • Knowledge
  • Honor and a sense of Duty
  • Conversation
  • A good mug of ale


  • Barbarism

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Staff Fighting
  • Crafting: Alchemy, Surgery, Holistic Healing
  • Other: Bookbinding, Reading and Writing.


  • Strong Willed
  • Devout Faith
  • Compassionate
  • Intuitive
  • Friendly


  • Slightly Misogynistic
  • Cynical
  • Appears intimidating
  • Near-Sighted (Wears Glasses to read)
  • Impatient in Crisis Situations

Other Notes


Devoted Follower of the Twelve, specifically Thaliak, the Scholar. Believes in the tenets of Conjury, Balance, and the continued peace pact with the Elementals of the Shroud.


Gruff. Uses traditional Conjury method of equivalent exchange, drawing aether from living matter to heal and cure injuries and ailments then he returns the borrowed energy through acts of gardening and preservation. On occasion, he will use his own essence to heal through Conjury if the need is great.


Small hardbound book Pouches of alchemical supplies used in holistic medical applications Staff Glasses for reading Magnifiers for surgery


The following rumors can be heard about Doc Oak. (If your character has an opinion about him, feel free to add it here.)

  • "I know the man you're talking about. He tends to keep his face in a book, but I don't think he's reading. Doesn't strike me as the type to draw attention to himself. We're grateful for him, though, and we notice him. *beat* Kind of hard not to, eh?" -Warren Castille
  • " 'Strange even for our kind' my maggoty white ass. Pretty sure he came down a different mountain face than the rest of us." -Flameson Hammersmith

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Doc from:

  • The Grindstone
  • The Red Wings

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