Chuchukepa Hohokepa

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Chuchukepa Hohokepa
"Chuch, for those without a penchant for Dunesfolk names..."
Would-Be Force of Nature
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk (Clan Nanadara)
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Nameday 10th Sun, Fifth Umbral Moon
Age ~26
Guardian Menphina
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General Info

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Once known for his prickly demeanor and glib tongue, Chuchukepa Hohokepa has appeared to have given in on his social "wall of thorns." Being employed by the free company Coral Sea seems to be the drive behind this change in behavior, the same of which has also brought about his departure from what little residence he took up in Ul'Dah. He now lingers in Limsa Lominsa, though he frequently returns to the desert city.


Chuchukepa is of typical height for male Lalafell, and still sports the hard lines of a desert dweller even though it's been countless years since he actually wandered the Sagolii on a regular. His skin is a deep shade of brown, while the only distinguishing marks upon it are an odd tattoo beneath his right eye and his birthstone, which he wears in typical Dunesfolk fashion upon his forehead. His eyes are a deep violet, weathered considerably but still retaining something of a spark of innocence to them. His hair is a shade of brown that borders on the color of a plum, kept relatively short and sporting a cowlick that just doesn't seem to ever go away.

In the past he has taken care in dressing himself respectably. It began as an amusement for him, as he never wore fine clothing while he struggled as an under-merchant, and wished to find out how the wealthy felt when they dressed. Lately however, he has strayed from propriety in favor of more functional clothing; a wide hat with a bent tip seems to be treasured in particular by him.

Personality & Philosophy

Wary, shrewd, and dry would have summarized Chuchukepa some months ago. Since taking up his new home in Limsa, that hard callous that built up as a result of growing up alone in Ul'Dah seems to be peeling off. That said, he is painfully awkward when dealing with almost any affectionate emotion that isn't skin deep, and is uncomfortably aware of it... which, ironically, does nothing to aid him in figuring it all out. His rare smile has been coming out more often as of late, coupled with him opening up to others which he hasn't felt comfortable with doing in the past.

While he is humble in his self-opinions, if not outright self-deprecating, he does seem aware of his own abilities and their potency. It doesn't appear to have awoken any significant sort of hubris in him however, and he seems to regard his abilities as hit-or-miss at best. He prefers to stay safe and comfortable if he can help it, but he has been venturing out more and more on behalf of his newfound friends.

While he does not go out of the way to mock the gods, he does have some negative opinions about them and does not pay into worship of them.

Player Standing

Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
Jajara Jara - A fierce fist-fighter and unexpected companion, who he had become allied with during the Great Coral Sea Sand Coffin Battle of Mist Beach. Their fondness for one another only seems to get stronger every day, even with the permeating oddness that involves living with their free company. They've been making plans to become bonded permanently, though they've been keeping it secret for the time being... partially out of familial concerns and partially because they're both still painfully awkward and skittish.
Augustine Frost - A mysterious Hyur ruffian employed by Coral Sea. Chuchukepa's dealings with the man have been sporadic, aside from being assigned on a mission into Western La Noscea together. Chuchukepa fears the man's chocobo, insisting that it's vicious beast intending to eat him. Augustine has been known to appear from time to time when he feels Chuchukepa's abilities are needed. In this he gives the Lalafell little to no warning before picking him up like a child and kidnapping him temporarily, while holding the mage in the direction that destruction is needed. Chuchukepa apparently does not like being picked up. Recently the man shocked Chuchukepa by lending an ear and with his sound but unexpected advice. After asking some very awkward questions, Augustine has convinced Chuchukepa to resume searching for his mother and sister.
Reinette Sompt - Chuchukepa's oldest friend and confidant. She was assigned to be a study partner with Chuchukepa while they both attended training in the Thaumaturge Guild, but was assigned a secondary role to observe and study Chuchukepa unbeknownst to him. She has since found her way to Limsa Lominsa, and has joined Coral Sea as well, causing a small panic in the little mage. Even though their work carries them separate directions more often than not, he still thinks of her fondly. Her pyromania not taken into consideration, of course.
Sigurd Rainecourt - A fellow desert dweller and Thaumaturge from Ul'Dah. Sigurd and Chuchukepa seem to have struck something of an accord, on account of their interest in gemstones and voidsent, even though the Midlander seems to have a much greater interest in the latter. They both serve in Coral Sea together, and have collaborated on a few projects that the free company has undertook.
Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn - A scarred and fierce Sea Wolf almost-paladin in the employ of Coral Sea. She was assigned the task of protecting Chuchukepa on his journey from Ul'Dah to Limsa Lominsa, along with her partner and lover Tausenadel. Since then she has become someone for the Lalafell to look up to; figuratively as well as literally. She is possibly the one person Chuchukepa trusts as much as he fears. She and Chuchukepa have sworn a pact of secrecy with an exchange of personal secrets, after Chuchukepa inadvertently discovered Dhemgeim's.
Tausenadel Geispyrsyn - The boisterous and gregarious Sea Wolf version of a warrior poet. He and Chuchukepa initially clashed upon meeting one another, with Tausenadel commenting about Chuchukepa's lack of protective wear in favor of wearing a "dress", while Chuchukepa insisted that Tausenadel was wearing "battle suspenders." Since then they seem to have formed a sort of camaraderie, even though their personalities appear to differ vastly. Tausenadel is also a master at giving Chuchukepa poor advice, though it's unclear on whether this is intentional or not.
L'aenoh Tia - A Seeker free paladin who was once in the employ of Coral Sea. When he and Chuchukepa first met, it had nearly come to blows thanks to L'aenoh lowering himself to address Chuchukepa, and Chuchukepa's instant anger over being patronized (as he saw it, anyway). Since then they've become fast friends, even after L'aenoh's departure from Coral Sea. They seem to be fond of tormenting one another, as made evident by L'aenoh's playful bullying and Chuchukepa's inevitable revenge.
Renaud Becquerel – Coral Sea's mysterious and flamboyant Wildwood leader. Chuchukepa's impression of the man has been conflicted, mostly due to some alarming comments that Renaud has made in regards to "romancing" Lalafell. The only saving grace to this seems to be the fact that whatever Renaud had said implicated Plainsfolk instead of Dunesfolk. Chuchukepa often has nightmares of Renaud pursuing him wearing near next to nothing save for a leather subligar and a horse head mask, though he has difficulty admitting it to others.
Rinilda Stonebreaker - A fluffy Highlander fist-fighter from the lost city of Ala Mhigo. She and Chuchukepa have become friends by way of their journeys together through Stone Vigil, and he has come to trust and value her friendship. When he thought that Dhemgeim was going to slay him, it was Rinilda who found him and (after laughing at him) agreed to make sure nothing happened to him. She seems to be vastly entertained by teasing the Lalafell, despite the reclusive Ala Mhigan's sporadic visits.
Nixa Shaana - A fist-fighting Keeper who first encountered Chuchukepa in the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa. They became friendlier after she managed to find Lalafell-sized cups for Chuchukepa to drink from. She seems to enjoy watching the Lalafell's non-existant tolerance for alcohol.
Memeli Meli - The mad little Dunesfolk made her first impression on Chuchukepa by telling him he had pretty eyes. Shortly after that, they had scuffled and fought each other while rolling around in the dirt. It's unclear whether they're friends or mortal enemies, but Memeli recently declared Chuchukepa her rival after he claimed to also have past lives and secret powers. It's also absolutely certain that she is able to frustrate Chuchukepa with little or no effort.
I'tsu Fhuz - A Keeper with a penchant for healing magic and dancing. She and Chuchukepa had gone on a few expeditions together, and the two seem to get along well. For her part, she seems to adore the Lalafellin mage, though it's fairly certain this might be innocently condescending on account of her adoration being driven by his stature. They apparently have differing opinions on the nature of power and its use, after discussing it at some length.


Common Rumors

  • "Such a little gentleman, at least until he's drunk. And that don't take much, mind..."
  • "Ne'er seen someone actin' like 'e di'int care about 'is chocobo stop by th' stables wi' a sack fulla gysahl. Hah!"
  • "Saw'em dressed up like one o' them Brass Blades. Even carried around a rusty ol' sword if you can picture that."

Moderate Rumors

  • "That giant lizard came crashing through, spitting fire every which way you please, and here comes a little brown Lalafell charging straight for it. Snatched up a hat off the ground just a few yalms from it and stuck it onto his head. Damnedest thing I've ever seen!"
  • "You'll see him take a ship to Ul'Dah, more often than not. Always heads for the same places, too. He'll just sit in the market for hours watching with that strange look on his face, then he disappears beneath the Thaumaturge's guild. Sometimes you won't see him again for days."

Rare Rumors

  • "Comes by around the same time once a year and orders the same thing every time: flatbread topped with minced vegetables and aldgoat cheese. Just sits there and eats it by himself, then leaves more gil on the table than what it cost... then he disappears 'til next year."
  • "Saw'm head on out by himself into the Sagolii once, sure as daylight. Set his provisions right and did up his robes and that miny'ture chocobo just the way he needed to, didn't hafta tell'em anythin'. Come back some weeks later run ragged with nothin' but his small clothes 'n that lil' bird, 'bout on death's door from thirst. We patched'em up alright, but he just sat there starin' into space with them dead eyes. Couple days later he said thank you and just left. Ain't seen'em back out this way since."
  • "Don't know what to make of him. Stood around here fidgeting, like no one would recognize him if he wore a turban. Grabbed one of my short mannequins by the head and kissed it right where the lips should have been! Then he took off, red-faced as you like. Peculiar's too weak of a word, but either way, I'm taking a broom to him if he comes back!"

PC Rumors

  • (( True to form, if you have any rumors about Chuch from IC please feel free to add them! ))
  • "It's... it's somethin'. Most times he's real serious, gloomy as a raincloud when he ain't gettin' irked by one thing or another. But when he ain't? Ain't no smile better'n that from a man who ain't had much in his life t'be smilin' about." - Jajara Jara
  • "He is the most polite and gentlemanly person I have met. He climbed a tree to pick oranges for us when we first met! It warms my heart to see that he and Miss Jara have gotten close -- oh please do not tell them I said that. It is just something I noticed. But aye, they seem happy in each other's company." - Roen Deneith
  • "This little nugget bastard... Made Threed scared for weeks, WEEKS, afraid of GHOSTS! He's not so bad, though. Has good taste in.. stuff in general. Like, foodstuffs." - Augustine Frost
  • "Ah.. if you- if you happen to see him, tell him I'm sorry. ...sorry for what? Well, if there's nothing to apologize for now, I'm sure there will be something in the future." - Threed Crowley
  • "I have met few people as brave as Master Chuchukepa; he is there for those he cares for. Dare say he would dive into the worst of peril, regardless of his own fears and safety, and will answer a call of duress. He also has a comforting aroma of saffron." - Jancis Milburga
  • "I were a tad suspicious o' the fellar, at first...But then he got Jajara t'wear a dress. It takes a special kind o' person t'make her feel comfortable enough t'drop the tomboy act. Needless t'say, big brother approves." - Koporo Aporo
  • "An easy man to talk to, though he seems to avoid discussion about himself. …I do think he could stand to allow himself to have more fun. It would do him good." - Edda Eglantine


He is naturally inclined towards the arcane, and is a powerful Thaumaturge despite his abstinent self-opinion. Evocation appears to be an almost trivial feat for him at times, and he is able to channel aether through a band that would warrant consideration by even the most powerful of mages. Self-guided research and experimentation have lead to him beginning the process of forging his own spells, while he makes subtle variations to traditional spells in the meantime.

Despite being able to call forth fire on a whim, he has no illusions about the shortcomings of mages. He has even commented that it would be a simple thing to lift him from the ground and throw him off a cliff before he was able to do anything. Despite this negative perspective, he has had a strength and quickness to him as of late that was not present previously.


Chuchukepa was born in the Sagolii desert, while his family was attempting to make it back to Ul'Dah. He traveled with his family for some time as they did business with neighboring clans, until a raid destroyed his family's caravan and slew his father, Xuxuyoli Hahayoli. His mother and sister were taken by the raiders to be made slaves. Chuchukepa survived thanks to his father shielding him, and by the luck of a passing caravan discovering him among the destruction.

After being separated from his mother and sister, he was taken to Ul'Dah. The caravan which had discovered him felt it best to leave him amongst Dunesfolk rather than dragging him into a society where he didn't belong, unknowingly subjecting him to the harsh realities of the desert city. He was soon "adopted" by a Hellsguard over-merchant, who worked the young Lalafell in the markets without sympathy.

He lived a life of poverty working for the over-merchant, making only enough to survive. Mere months after the calamity, he encountered the Hyur who had destroyed his family, and subsequently killed him. The manner of the Hyur's death was something of a curiousity, as no wounds had been present upon his body. Chuchukepa was charged with murder after being arrested by the Brass Blades, but he was spared a death sentence thanks to the council's interest in the manner of the Hyur's death. He was subsequently sentenced to servitude and study under the Thaumaturge's Guild in Ul'Dah.

He trained under the Guild's tutelage for a number of years before finally taking his leave. He had grown suspicious of his surroundings and the whispers that accompanied it, and innocently suggested that a journey might assist in his studies. He then took an airship to Limsa Lominsa before joining Coral Sea, in the hopes of finding amnesty from the long arm of Ul'Dah. He continues to serve the free company's interests to this day...

Potential Relationships

  • His mother and sister are still missing, though it's unknown whether they even survived the Calamity, much less captivity
  • His extended clan still does trade deep in the Sagolii desert


A portrait of Chuchukepa with an expression he'd probably wear after discovering Memeli Meli raiding his kitchen. Created by Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn!


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