Chuchukepa Hohokepa

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Chuchukepa Hohokepa
"I'm not leaving without my hat!"
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk (Clan Nanadara)
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Nameday 10th Sun, Fifth Umbral Moon
Age 29
Guardian Menphina
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General Info


Chuchukepa is of typical height for male Lalafell, and still sports the hard lines of a desert dweller even though it's been countless years since he actually wandered the Sagolii on a regular. His skin is a deep shade of brown, while the only distinguishing marks upon it are an odd tattoo beneath his right eye and his birthstone, which he wears in typical Dunesfolk fashion upon his forehead. His eyes are a deep violet, weathered considerably but still retaining something of a spark of innocence to them. His hair is a shade of brown that borders on the color of a plum, kept relatively short and sporting a cowlick that just doesn't seem to ever go away.

In the past he has taken care in dressing himself respectably. It began as an amusement for him, as he never wore fine clothing while he struggled as an under-merchant, and wished to find out how the wealthy felt when they dressed. Lately however, he has strayed from propriety in favor of more functional clothing; a wide hat with a bent tip seems to be treasured in particular by him.

Personality & Philosophy

Player Standing


PC Rumors

  • (( True to form, if you have any rumors about Chuch from IC please feel free to add them! ))
  • "It's... it's somethin'. Most times he's real serious, gloomy as a raincloud when he ain't gettin' irked by one thing or another. But when he ain't? Ain't no smile better'n that from a man who ain't had much in his life t'be smilin' about." - Jajara Jara
  • "He is the most polite and gentlemanly person I have met. He climbed a tree to pick oranges for us when we first met! It warms my heart to see that he and Miss Jara have gotten close -- oh please do not tell them I said that. It is just something I noticed. But aye, they seem happy in each other's company." - Roen Deneith
  • "This little nugget bastard... Made Threed scared for weeks, WEEKS, afraid of GHOSTS! He's not so bad, though. Has good taste in.. stuff in general. Like, foodstuffs." - Augustine Frost
  • "Ah.. if you- if you happen to see him, tell him I'm sorry. ...sorry for what? Well, if there's nothing to apologize for now, I'm sure there will be something in the future." - Threed Crowley
  • "I have met few people as brave as Master Chuchukepa; he is there for those he cares for. Dare say he would dive into the worst of peril, regardless of his own fears and safety, and will answer a call of duress. He also has a comforting aroma of saffron." - Jancis Milburga
  • "I were a tad suspicious o' the fellar, at first...But then he got Jajara t'wear a dress. It takes a special kind o' person t'make her feel comfortable enough t'drop the tomboy act. Needless t'say, big brother approves." - Koporo Aporo
  • "An easy man to talk to, though he seems to avoid discussion about himself. …I do think he could stand to allow himself to have more fun. It would do him good." - Edda Eglantine



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