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Edric Wolfgang [WIP]
One Man Mob

Name... Edric Wolfgang
Alias... Ed, 'Wolf', 'Ink'
Age... Early 30s
Gender... Male
Race... Hyur
Clan... Highlander
Orientation... Straight
Marital... Single
Deity... None
Nationality... Ul'dahn
Occupation... Unknown
Alignment... ????

Edric stands at above average height for a Highlander man, with broad shoulders to match. His head is topped with a short mess of dirty blonde hair; his face a set of dull brown eyes, a thick eyebrow above each, a nose that’s been broken more than a handful of times and looks it, two noticeable scars, and a dry mouth that seems stuck in a slight frown.

His body is built for function over aesthetics, it being the main weapon he uses in both training and work. His knuckles protrude from his fists, and his muscles are compact and powerful, but unpleasant to look at: his abs lopsided, his arms an unsightly mess of muscle, scars and ink, his thighs swollen; whether these came about due to simple neglect or from past injuries, it’s unclear just from first glance.

Scars & Markings: On his face is his most clear, and possibly most recent, scar, starting wider in his cheek and thinning as it cuts vertically into his eyebrow. Other than that, he has a faded scar on the other side of his face, barely visible unless someone is within a few inches of it. Scattered along his forearms and hands are clear, if old, knife cuts, white scar tissue standing out against the slight tan of his skin and disrupting the patterns of ink tattooed from his wrists to his shoulders.

Voice: Edric's voice has a rough, slightly gravelly tint to it, though whether this is natural or a result of something else, such as smoking, is hard to tell. While doing business he tends to use a serious tone, and subconsciously makes his voice deeper. In the rare occasion that he’s in a casual setting with someone he trusts, it is lighter, but still deep, and often takes on a sarcastic or joking tone.

Clothing: Edric doesn’t care too much about his appearance. He opts for practical and often comfortable clothes during every day wear, and when working he prefers to stay light and not give the enemy anything to easily grab on to, any armour being reserved for places a glancing or deflected blow might land. When doing regular work that requires a uniform, or when he's simply running low on things to wear, he will usually ambush someone of similar build and take their clothes, keeping them if they fit well enough. Occasionally he will also buy specialised clothes or armour, but he doesn't like spending money on what he considers 'cosmetics'.

Edric is a product of his environment, being every bit the ruthless thug he was raised and trained to be. Untrusting of new people, stubborn in his first impressions, and sometimes selfish: he will use any weapon, tactic, or skill in his possession to get the job done or benefit himself, if he believes it’s worth it in the end. Underneath the cruel prick of an exterior, however, is someone loyal to the few he trusts, who is dedicated to his training, and whose only end goal is to have a happy and safe life for himself, even if he gets his hands dirty getting there.


  • Money: Edric’s mother was a merchant, and her lust for gold is one of the few things he inherited from her. She taught him how to haggle like a Dunesfolk, how to spot when someone’s ripping you off, and most importantly, how to manage money both legally and otherwise.
  • Privacy: Privacy is possibly the most important part of Edric’s business, and the basis of any kind of business relationship he forms. On a more personal scale, he also needs regular time to himself to think, plan, or just relax. If overloaded with interactions and not given time to absorb them, it can make his temper flare.
  • Excitement: Edric likes to relieve stress by getting his blood pumping enough to block out anything on his mind, often doubling as good exercise. Whether it’s sparring or just working out, he thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline rush, and will normally force physical activity into his day if there isn’t any already.


  • Authority: As a rule, Edric doesn’t trust people. When that person tries to boss them around and holds power over him, even if it’s imagined, the rule is practically permanent. Whether it’s guards or employers, he doesn’t like to be bossed around, and if he’s hired to do a job, he gets it done by his own means, not by following every little order he’s given.
  • Emotions: In his line of work, mistakes or slipups can result in a knife in the gut, so Edric must look at things as objectively as he can, and try to take a pragmatic approach. He has been taught from a young age that when emotions get involved, bad things happen and people get killed. This idea has stuck with him, so he tries to avoid situations or people that can get too emotional.
  • Unemployment: Sometimes business can go through a dry spell, where all he has to do are his routine exercises and drills, and nothing else other than the occasional trip to a tavern or whorehouse. In these times, he easily gets bored, and can make rash decisions just to get out and do something.


  • Weakness: For a long time, Edric was helpless. He couldn’t fight back against the authorities, older and/or bigger children, or even random thugs who thought they’d steal from some refugee kid. This has been the primary motivation behind his strict training, and although he’d never admit it, anything that makes him feel that powerless again terrifies him.
  • Commitment: A lesson both forced upon him and experienced first-hand is that people and situations can change with the wind. A stable business connection can become an enemy within a bell, and a meeting can turn violent in even less. Edric has those he trusts, and outside of that he always assumes that things will be temporary, which means when he feels himself getting attached to anything, he naturally recoils.


  • Favourite Food: Warm bread.
  • Favourite Drink: Aldgoat milk.
  • Favourite Color: Sky Blue.


  • Style 1.
  • Style 2.
  • Style 3.


  • Haggling
  • Training
  • Climbing

Gear: Explanation
Gear: Explanation
Gear: Explanation
Gear: Explanation
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Seen the bastard around Ul'dah before, he's just a troublemaker." – Random Brass Blade
    "The one with the tats? I hear he put a knife to the artist's throat and forced him to do it, that's why they're so weird looking." – Suspicious Pearl Lane resident
    "That prick with the ink is back? Was half hoping he'd kicked the bucket." – Shady Merchant

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "I hear he gets free drinks at the Coffer & Coffin. Hmm, can't remember why..." – Coffer & Coffin Patron
    "Goes to the Wench every now and then. Normally seems quiet, though." – Limsa Lominsa Citizen
    "He's everything wrong with this city: violent, filthy, and, pardon my language, a real bastard! Ugh, I hope the Blades sort the ruffian out, and soon." – A Rich Ul'dahn

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "Worked for his dad years an' years ago. Might as well be the same bloke, they're so similar. Talk about a rough family." – Very Old Ul'dahn Criminal
    "Slips us some bread when no one's watching. Reckon he just wants us to stay quiet about them trips he makes down the alleyways. Oh shite!" – Pearl Lane Beggar
    "He's not a Hyur, he's some kinda G-garlean machine, you know. Saw him fighting some men with swords, and they w-weren't even cutting, and it's because his skin is metal! A-and he makes fire come out of his fingers, and laser beams from his arse!" - Nosy Somnus Addict


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "His eyebrows are some of the thickest I've ever seen. 'Like two hairy caterpillars fighting one another' a woman said once." *chuckles* Vincent Sarkoza
    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name

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Personal RP Limits

I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death or rape plots.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.
RP Hooks
Reasons you might be able to start up some RP with Edric.
■ Edric's tattoos, when visible, could be noticed and brought up in conversation. They also include imagery from Ala Mhigan shamans, which could be recognised.
■ If your character is a criminal in Thanalan, or a well-traveled mercenary that has done jobs in La Noscea or Thanalan, it's possible he would recognise Edric from a job or other business.
■ Edric has had more than a couple poorly drawn wanted posters posted in Ul'dah with a decent reward on them. They're all out of date, but someone could put two and two together and bring it up to him.
Rare: There are people Edric has worked on opposite sides to who may hold grudges. If your character takes dirty jobs, it's possibly one of his enemies hired them to rough him up.
Time Zone/Server
■ GMT+0 (UK)
■ Balmung

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