Enkhjargal Dalamiq

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 Enkhjargal Dalamiq
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"How interesting."
The Sable Stone/The Bloody Lion
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship None, Unofficially Lominsan
Age Unknown
Guardian Formerly Dalamud; Currently Althyk, the Keeper
Namesday 25th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Occupation Freelance Arcanist
Sexuality Heterosexual
Affiliation None


♦ General

Enkhjargal is an Au Ra Summoner who was born into the Dalamiq tribe of Othard. He seems to have a difficulty understanding his own identity as well as the significance of the many social aspects that exist within this realm. He constantly wears a stern face until the rare occasion when this stony expression cracks. He is still getting used to socializing and opening himself up to others, thus he finds it difficult to guide conversation. Before his coming to Eorzea, he was responsible for the slaughter of hundreds in Othard as sacrifices to his tribe's god.

♦ Appearance

The Au Ra's skin is shaded a pale blue-ish color and is covered in black scales, as expected from a Xaela. In general, he has a lean body that possesses as much physical strength as what you may see from someone who might be twice as thick as he currently is. His scales are quite apparent on his face, even on the bridge of his nose. These black scales also extend to the rest of his body, appearing on his legs, his hands, his chest, and his ankles. Speaking of his face, Enkh has a fairly apparent, black tattoo spanning from the top of his forehead to just below his cheeks, which contribute to an almost fearsome appearance.

He prefers formal wear outside of his combat garbs and dislikes wearing anything that exposes more skin than what he deems as 'necessary', which is usually anything below the neck excluding the hands. He has seemingly no sense of layers and is unconcerned with how much he wears within any sort of climate; it's not surprising to find him dressed like an Ishgardian trapper in the middle of the Thanalan desert, even if it causes his insides to boil.

There is something strange about the way his eyes glow...

♦ Behaviour

He has a flinty expression on his face, but that doesn't necessarily mean he hates you and wants to wear your lungs as a nice bow tie. Actually, he is apparently devoid of any and all emotion, and it is difficult to elicit any sort of feeling that would cause him to turn that apparent smile upside down. The Au Ra would actively attempt to distance himself from making any sort of emotional attachment towards another, and would prefer that he does not depend on them. However, he expresses a curiosity towards things that others would consider social norms. He finds fault in the way he interacts with others, and thus has recently encouraged himself to learn more about interaction with others in a manner that can finally be called 'normal'. To do such a thing, he would need to learn how to 'feel'.

But, the purpose of this facade is to repress the madness that still remains within him. He chooses the path of detachment so he would not have to take the risk of feeling the weight of friendship shatter underneath him and cause him pain. Physical and emotional pain are the triggers that loosen his ability to hold it all in, and so far, he is rather adept at avoiding them. Embracing it is out of the question, for the sake of those around him and himself. Thus, within those disconnected eyes lies great sorrow and fear, conflicted between a fervent desire to feel and a fear of doing harm to another human being out of bloodlust. Conflict is in his mind, in his heart, and in his blood.

Enk is always thinking. Enk is always watching. Every detail in the conversation is his to manipulate, even if it is an element that he does not understand. This is a quality that he has continued to retain since the very beginning. This is what has made him a successful spiritual leader in the past, and it is a talent that he is open to utilizing should the situation deem it "necessary".


  • Arcanima

Enkhjargal is almost a master of arcane geometries, using them to both hurt and heal. He is able to call upon the essence of primals and utilize them in combat, to the extent of being able to destroy buildings if he really wished. But, as he believes himself to be a different man than that, he tries to use the absolute minimum of their power as well as his own for the situation at hand. Though not as capable as a seasoned healer, he knows enough about the most basic of Nymian arcanistry to heal in the back lines. In his free time, Enk retreats into his room to craft more potentially useful spells, hoping to develop his skills further for the sake of defending his charge and, by extension, those around him.

  • Void Magic

He knows how to beckon to the Void with sacrifices of blood, flesh, and organs, bringing creatures from that realm over to Hydaelyn. He is also capable of enthralling and controlling them to the extent that they function similarly to Egis. Needless to say, he doesn't like showing off this skill, reserving its usage only for when he can afford it.

  • Throwing Weapons

After spending much of his time in Eorzea in Vylbrand, the variety of threats that roamed the land warranted that he learned how to defend himself outside of utilizing magic. Thus, with the help of various pirates and rogueish figures, he learned how to utilize throwing daggers and darts with deadly accuracy and effectiveness. He keeps several darts behind each of his sleeves for easy deployment.


  • He likes to label things as either "unnecessary" or "necessary". As well, he likes using the word 'interesting' to describe anything that catches his attention in a particular manner to the point of over-usage.
  • Unless you are of a race centered on tribes, clans, or high families, he will refer to you by your last name. He's getting better, though.
  • When anxious, he fiddles with his coat cuffs or his wrists, a result of Camille's continued presence.
  • His eyes seem to glow...?








Favourite Food/Drink: Fish and meats, both raw and cooked
Favourite Place: Anywhere the night sky is clearly visible.

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💘 Crush 💗 Sexual Desire In love with 💑 In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


💑 Camille Everardi – The rose-hued sweet and his wife. They were formally introduced to each other during a tour of the Black Vault, a collection of assorted tomes managed by the Eldritch Collective. For some reason, her curiosity gleams when she is around him, and he finds himself constantly answering her questions no matter how inane they seem to be. This went on and on, until he fought back with his own questions. Because of this, they know much about each other, and Enkh has grown to care about her deeply. Very deeply now, after her helping through troublesome times. They have since claimed that he is hers, and she is his. A unique specimen.
Zypheros Vinne – He owes the man his life, and has bound himself to him until he can find a way to repay the debt that he thinks that he must pay. Though he does not understand it, "Vinne" is one of his greatest friends despite what his attitude towards his tomfoolery may lead one to think. He has yet to describe his past to him in explicit detail.
Archemides Fontaine – The man in charge of the Heartwood Trading Company and, thus, his former 'boss'. Though he finds his attempts to break his shell both annoying and "unnecessary", he is still a man that he can safely trust. Still, Enk possessed a distaste for his eagerness to involve himself with his personal re-evaluation of what is truly "necessary" and "unnecessary" in this life. Since then, he's become as close to him as a brother.
E'vehlke Sohj – Mother cat. Their first meeting was quite brief, but their second was what began their friendship. Given his offers to help Sokhatai learn more about Eorzea in a similar manner to his own journey, they became closely associated with one another. Their similar purposes in life strengthened their connection, and he became one of the few who knows of her biggest secrets. She tries to take care of him to the best of her ability like a cat looking out for her kit, even when it ends up becoming he who takes care of her.
Sokhatai Borlaaq – The hunter. He was introduced to her via Tynos, and they initially took a master and apprentice relationship: Enkh taught her more about aether control, modified her bow, and instructed her on the same Eorzean culture he still has difficulty comprehending (in which it becomes a case of the blind leading the blind). Enkh became an outlier among her other friends in that he is both male and a Xaela, the combination of the two being reason alone for her to distrust him. He sees her as a sibling to watch over.
Nyscera Nara – The assassin with a bad family tree. He's involved himself with too many of her personal struggles to call himself a mere 'friend'. After aiding with the search efforts to find her after her kidnapping conducted by her brother following his attempts to diffuse the angry sparks between him and Nyscera's mate, Rath, he's never left an eye off of her. Now that her father's become a potential threat, he can only sigh as he prepares himself for his arrival.
E'kari Amane – The apprentice. He abhorred her cowardice, her inability to be assertive, and her recklessness, thus forcibly taking it upon himself to train the woman in more than the aetherial arts. As such, they officially took on a teacher-and-student relationship, with the Au Ra constantly attempting to bash her confidence awake... both figuratively and literally.
Vektis Sol - The ignorant cat. Many found his naivete endearing as well as his foolish extroversion. Enkh did not. And yet, his earnestness with whatever he does and possibly whatever he will do has drawn him to actually like the Miqo'te. Even still, he sees him as just a child requiring guidance, and he'd be willing to provide it.


Sakeru Wakeru – The child without fear. In a way, he was directly responsible for the death of Sa Kura, thus earning Enkh's eternal scrutiny. Though he has regressed to the innocence of the child that he is, his constant dabbling strange forces frustrates him to no end, no matter how many times he attempts to stop it.
Zalitai Dalamiq – The Archmagister. The nature of this man's role and his motivations for the Collective always leaves Enkh pondering about what they could truly be. A tightly-guard clam, he endeavors to see more into whatever splendors or horrors that dwell within his mind in order to find at least something to trust.
Kaiya Ailbhe – The girl born with a book in her hand. She entertained his dangerous and selfish idea of obtaining the Dreadwyrm Trance, assisting him in his research until the end. He has noted her concern over his ambition, and thus has attempted to dissuade her from thinking he's a stereotypical power-mad villain from a novel. It seemed to have worked; he had invited her over for tea in his quarters, and they spoke as friends and fellow researchers of arcanima.
Q'nagali Yehn – The rogueish cat. He has attempted to pry into her guarded personality several times, only to fail. She continually teases him about his social and physical stiffness, leading to the nickname 'sticks'. So far, he hasn't seen much of her more extreme emotions besides anger and sorrow. Now, even if she doesn't want him to, he has taken it upon himself to try and help her reach her goal of being a writer. He hasn't... done much yet, and his tendency to use technical terminology confuses her enough to stifle conversation.
Yogin'sha Planchette – The witch. Ever since their first meeting, Yogin'sha has shown interest in the previously ultra-recluse of an Au Ra, hoping to crack open his skull for the secrets that he keeps from others. His opinion of her shifted from fearful, to confused, to still confused the more they spoke. After a while, he became incredibly worried with her going off alone on dangerous missions to clear the curse around Heartwood's homestead. They've broken up, and while the Xaela has made an attempt to keep her with him as only a friend, he feels as though an arrangement like that would be next to impossible.
Tynos Riller - The sappy magus. One of his own superiors. After an event in which he threatened to turn in all of Heartwood to the Adders, which Enkh viewed as a completely irresponsible and insensitive action, as well as his refusal to apologize for it, he sees him as worthless to both the company and as a person. The Au Ra constantly pokes at the infrequency of the Elezen leaving his office as well as his having to keep everyone aware of his various titles that all mean nothing to him. A background character claiming to be otherwise. Even so, the consequences of his destined path leave Enkh with just a shard of pity.

Jun Nakatomi – The Doman. Incredibly difficult to understand at times, though this is not due to his heavy accent. Interpreting the man's motives behind each action he displays before him has lead Enkh to confusion, especially after an instance where he was stabbed in front of Camille. Unsure whether it is due to obligation or genuine concern, he continues to assist in the purging of this 'dark side'.

Enemies & Rivals

Arylisse Dayhelm - The walking bomb. As though her inability to control her power as a naturally gifted WHITE MAGE was enough, her emotional volatility has caused him to see her as a liability to the company and an agent of the curse of Heartwood.

Volph Thanatou - The bartending voidsent. A murderer, a scoundrel, and a heartless monster who needed to be put down. And so he was.

Player Character Rumours

"Fuck me, he's tall." - Anonymous Miqo'te
"He might seem really grumpy, but that's because he is. Unless Mrs. Cam's around!" - Some kid in red.

♦ Footnotes

Chaotic Neutral

Theme songs:
Main Theme: God's Word by Yuyoyuppe; Vocals by Luschka
Secondary Theme: Reversus by Electrocutica; Vocals by Luschka
Confrontation: Laurence, the First Vicar by Tsukasa Saitoh