Camille Everardi

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Full Name: Camille Charlotte Everardi
Nicknames: Cami, Cam
Pronunciation: Kah-me-elle Evv-eh-ar-dee


Height: 5' 4"

Weight: ~124

Body: Semi-athletic

Hair: Rose with pink highlights

Eyes: Sea Green, though one is faintly lighter if you look closely.

Skin: Pale. She sunburns very easily.

Clothing: Loose and flowing tends to be her favorite. Loves jackets, especially soft velveteen or smooth worn leather. Typically carries a book everywhere and a small pistol.

Marks: A small star shaped birthmark on her left hip. She also bears a large runic seal scar on her back.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Music, Snow, Rain, Storms, Soft Things, Poetry, Riddles

Dislikes: Spiders, Heights

Aether - An arcanist first and foremost, Cam is well versed in much of the aetherial arts with thaumaturgy as her weakest area of knowledge.

Marksmanship - Growing up in Limsa, then joining the Maelstrom, it's impossible not to have a fondness for firearms. In particular, Cam loves small revolvers and rifles. Though she rarely uses them, she does carry a two-shot derringer on her at all times, just in case.


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“ Cam's th'mos' terrifyin' woman I've e'er met. Twelve help any poor bastard tha' don' listen t'her instructions t'get well. Wouldn' trade her f'anythin', though. She's been a solid friend through tryin' times, an' she's mean 'cause she cares. She cares a lot. ” - R'das Sahazrh

“She's smart, funny, and much better at thinking through things than I am -- though I've never seen someone be so afraid of her own sister!" - L'yhta Mahre

“Clever woman, plenty of potential. Perhaps one day she'll surpass me in my own field, but what is becoming more likely in my eyes is that she'll build something truly her own; in doing so she'll overcome boundaries we did not realize existed. I should hope to be there when it happens." - Kaiya Ailbhe

“Lady Camille, such a remarkable woman in red. She is like Thaliak's hand, so resourceful and full of knowledge. She was a great help to my friend Barengar and invited me into her home without reserve. There was even tea." - Jancis Milburga

“How would I describe the Lady Everardi? She's got a mask, like we all do. You see--- on the outside, you see grace and softness. It's in her features, her contours--- it is even in the way she speaks. But truth be told; that's simply a shell. The woman holds within her the capacity for darker things, and it shows. It shows in her calmness when faced with the mouth of a beast, so to speak. But most of all? Conviction." - Youjo Enjou


Colour Key

Romantic Relationship: Cam is romantically involved with this character.
Sexual Attraction: Cam finds this individual incredibly attractive.

Close Friend: Cam considers this person to be close to them.
Friend: Cam likes this person enough to enjoy their company.

Acquaintance: One who is known and considered to be neither pleasant nor frustrating.
Dislike: Cam harbors negative feelings towards this person, be it distrust or hate.

N Non-player Character

Enkhjargal Dalamiq - Husband

Intelligent, distant seeming, bemusing, witty, handsome, utterly fascinating. Something about him makes Cam want to ask every question that pops into her head and he indulges her with a response each time. She thinks he carries a little too much guilt from his past. They've grown very close, to the point she thinks of him as beyond her best friend and confidante. She adores him, though their relationship is something that seems to draw surprise from their friends. Always there with a thoughtful comment, lack of judgement on her train of thought, and can reach the highest shelf. Also an irresistible tail and the center if her universe.

Victor Everardi - Father

An incredibly quirky Midlander from Limsa Lomisa. Once a well respected researcher and officer of the Maelstrom, after Carteneau he became far more eccentric. Strangely more jovial and preferring to act nowhere near his age, Victor Everardi is the Eorzean equivalent of an over-intelligent 50's greaser.

Charlotte Everardi - Mother

Terse, sometimes distance and filled with the intensest expectations, Cam's mother is a foreboding Ala Mhigan Half-highlander woman. She cannot cook, but is brilliant at everything else she tries her hand at.

Octavian Verloren - Half-brother

Witty, funny, clever, and the bright star of Cam's childhood. Her brother could do little wrong and lavished a great deal of attention on his much younger sister when he was around, possibly to make up for the infrequency of both being a traveling bard and a rather poor mistake.

Valena Verloren - Half-sister

Cam's older half-sister, though Camille doesn't like to make the distinction. They lacked a relationship due to the great age difference. Valena was moved forward in time from the calamity and returned suddenly into Camille's arms. Though barely recognizing each other, Camille is happy to have her sister back, but has realized she returned very broken and is becoming increasingly afraid of/for her.

Domri Blackblade - Replacement Brother

A rather terse, but still soft-hearted Highlander. Cam solidly views him as her older sibling, follows him around duckling style when she can get away with it, and tries to get him to read more. Looks exactly like Octavian by some odd coincidence.

A'eyshn Demiir - Terse Archer

Cam Sadly mangles her name and Aysun takes this with great patience. While their friendship began somewhat rockily, she's always been there when a hand is needed. Married to Fenix Darkblaze.

Barengar Armsbreaker - Monotone Knight

Domri's favored colleague for jobs. He's odd, non-talkative, but seems to respect Cam's knowledge of aether. Not the best at taking subtle advice, though Cam probably shouldn't offer it. Also a solid shield and decent listener..

Fenix Darkblaze - Goofy Mage

Fenix has always been a friend and was one of the first to realize Cam has a fear of heights. Kind about it and always pleasant as a patient, even though he won't follow recovery instructions.

Izrikairin Rish - Mad Shaman

Many personalities and hectic because of it. Eternally fascinating. Still, strangely reliable and always friendly. Loves apples.

Jancis Milburga - Kind Wanderer

The exceedingly kind midlander. She's pleasant to drink tea with and even better to bounce idea off of. Cam doesn't get to see her nearly enough.

R'das Sahazrh - Sassy Engineer

Interesting, inventive, Allagan. Camille helped her with an odd affliction and got to know her from there. The miqo ends up concussed far too often and Cam worries over her. Especially since Das also ends up depressed far too frequently. However she's incredibly clever and always wonderful to chat with.

Roman Barlowe - Stylish Angrycat

Roman is a fascination of constantly perfect style, poor moods, skittishness, and amazing taste in tea. Wonderful to speak to and always there to listen or stab someone in the kidneys when that someone is mean to a friend.

Vektis Sol - The Bestest

The self purported BESTEST, this goofy Miqo'te is a surprising source of endless amusement with a constant adoration for Cam's husband. He seems set on becoming Enkh's family one way or another. Stalwart, well-meaning, and door kicking, Vektis is completely unique.

E'Kari Sol - A very put upon mom

The very charming, sweet natured other half of Vektis. Talented with alchemy and pleasant to a fault, E'Kari is long suffering, but always a pleasure to talk to.

R'kyala Mahji - Funfilled Cheer Factory

Camille follows her gregarious friend on her adventures and mysteries. She also relies on her friend to remember new acquaintances' names and to break the ice in conversations.

Sokhatai Mol - Short Tempered Shorty

The horse-mistress and surprisingly well read, if rather randomly aggressive Au'Ra is a delight. Gifted Cam a horse. Knows Theio's past..

Jun Nakatomi - A Shadow

Cagey, secretive, quiet young Doman. He's still a sweethearted guy, though he's a bit frighteningly good at silently killing someone. Recently got rid of a shadowy problem.

Tynos Riller - Ever Wounded

Intelligent, emotional, thoughtful, and sweet. Cam's thaumaturgy teacher and very good nerdy friend. He's become someone Cam relies on and seeks out for advice.

Kaiya Ailbhe - Most Sleep Deprived Scholar

Kaiya is brilliant and is on the constant forefront of Nymian research. Cam doesn't get to pick her brain with enough frequency to find out how far along she's come, but it's always fascinating to find out more.

Khoda Hunt - Treehugger

Khoda is Camille's primary coworker as the other medic of their company. Stressed, quick to try to turn things into a joke, and messy, Khoda is a rather irreverent conjurer hiding his excellent competence behind a mask of snark. .

Tama Mao - Gunhaver

The gun-toting and even more irreverent wife of Khoda, Tama is brash, blunt, and reminds Cam quite a lot of Das without the softening accent. She doesn't get to speak to the miqo much and has a habit of being rather standoffish in her presence. .

Zarik Sylvora - The Popstar

Zarik is a childhood friend. They bonded over a mutual adoration of music but unfortunately over the years have drifted apart. .

Anberlin Parish - Collector of Nodes

Ana is clever, especially with magitek. She's hilarious and always at hand with a quick quip. However she wears her heart and thoughts on her sleeve and is the least subtle individual Cam has ever met, especially when it comes to Ana's own heritage. But she is brilliant with all things magitek and puns. .

Batu Qulaan , Saraghul Qulaan , Qadan Hotgo - The Qulaan Tribe Trio

Cam tends to think of them as a single unit most days, learning of the wolf pair and the often rather hapless Qadan with curiosity. This has become rather tempered as they've grown very wary of the pink-hair scholar and she asks less questions as of late, preferring to mostly leave them be. .

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Camille Everardi
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 24
Namesday 20th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Occupation Scholar / Healer