Bennett Cooper

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 Bennett Cooper/Kuupa Koppa
"Oooh, I haven't seen this before!" -Bennett Cooper
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Mixed(Plainsfolk/Dunesfolk)
Citizenship Radz-at-Han
Age 16
Guardian Rhalgr
Nameday 27th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Nicknames Little Red, Red, Coops, Stupid Kid.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


♦ General

Born Benagori Gamagori, Bennett left home with his little brother in Thavnair to become an adventurer in Eorzea. In an effort to prevent his loved ones from tracking him down out of worry, he took on the name of Bennett Cooper while he's in Eorzea. Whenever he's not working in the clinic for Heartwood Ventures, Bennett's out looking for treasures or ruins to mess around in. Bennett has lived the exciting life of an adventurer that he was looking for, having seen more of the world that even some adults have, despite still only being a child. He's found great discoveries and great loss, and still believes there's much more of the world to see.

♦ Appearance

Bennett stands at a puny 2 fulms and 7 ilms, weighing only about 48 ponz. He has rather long black hair, and is usually smiling.
Bennett wears a short-sleeved black leather coat with a long-sleeved dalamud red undershirt underneath. The coat has a fluorescent flower ribbon around each shoulder, and the word "Destroyer" is embroidered on the back of the coat in Hingan. Around his neck is a carved drake scale, a trophy from a monster he and his friends slew.
No matter what, Bennett is always wearing his red headband. He believes it brings him good luck.

♦ Behaviour

Bennett is extremely immature and is prone to pull pranks.
Due to his age and trusting nature, Bennett is rather naïve.
Bennett can be heedless of danger, and will try to save people that he thinks are in trouble. This has been both good and bad, as he has unwittingly caused disasters doing this.
Most of the pranks that Bennett pulls will blow up in his face. Figuratively and literally.


Bennett has been adventuring for three years, and has tried out many different styles of fighting. He was always best at swordplay, but found himself casting spells very, very often. He has finally set a preference for himself to simply use both swordplay and magic, and so he fights using a saber and a crystal medium.

Sensing growth in his younger brother, Bennett has given his healing stick to them so that they can improve further in Conjury as he did. Bennett now uses a crystal medium to cast his spells.

  • Saber: Bennett had a customized saber made for him. It's outer edge is palladium, but has a mythril core.
  • Crystal Medium: The Oracle had been trying to create a crystal to contain massive amounts of aether so that she could summon a primal. Bennett wondered if he could get a crystal of his own that could hold vast seas of aether so that he could cast spells from it. After about a week of research and material-gathering, Bennett had his very own version of the Oracle's crystal. It really comes in handy for spellcasting.
  • Diplomacy: Through all of his adventures and misadventures, Bennett managed to worry Nakhu Dazkar. To help keep him safe, she made a very small hand tazer for the boy. Bennett keeps Diplomacy hidden inside his right glove, and may use it if he feels overly threatened in a given situation. Almost poetically, Bennett will try talking his way out of a given situation, but if a change of tactic is required, he'll just fall back on Diplomacy.
  • Cat and Lizard: Two friends of Bennett have made guns for him to help him stay safe on adventures. Bennett named each gun after the friend that made them, and keeps each gun in hidden pockets near his ankles. The rounds are almost always rubber.

Aside from that, Bennett carries around several bags, which hold fireworks, teleport crystals, and random potpourri from his adventures.

Magic Powers

Bennett's family have always been naturally gifted with the use of aether. Before coming to Eorzea, Bennett had never bothered with it. Now, he uses it almost every day to help him get by.

  • Bennett is able to cast first and second-level spells by using a magic crystal as a spell focus..
  • Bennett has learned how to conjure weapons from aether and use them in battle.

★ Recent RP events ★

War has broken out in Ala Mhigo, and most of Heartwood has left to fight. Rath forbade Bennett to go and fight in Ala Mhigo, so the boy decided to follow his parents to the distant shores of Othard. In the diverse city of Kugane, Bennett's already gotten himself into multiple levels of trouble with the local gangs, made a new friend, and found old enemies, the Eldritch Collective. Adventures await in all directions, and Bennett's ready to take them all on.

The times are changing quickly for Heartwood, as most of the company prepares for the coming war against Garlemald. Mordry's past caught up to her, and the rest of the company helped to battle against the Oracle and her insane fanatics, putting an end to her odd crusade. In the downtime after defeating this threat, Bennett has gone on a string of adventures, such as meeting the street gangstersRana Kotsu, Kentaro Fujiabashi, Hat Sneko, and Tyrone Johnson of the Pearl Lane Families, going out and discovering the fabled Black Bazaar, plundering ancient ruins of Amdapoor, and practicing his new spells. After winning a Magitek Reaper from a raffle by A weird and rich Dunesfolk, Benett made the mistake of letting his friend L'nela Varya use it. She proceeded to blow a hole in the lawn, nearly hitting the Alarone house. Rath proceeded to cut the reaper into fourths, and now Bennett is grounded. Now he focuses on trying to make it up to his adoptive parents for his mistake in judgement.

Three months before the fall of Oracle, Heartwood had a series of odd events transpire. Starting with a new recruit, L'nela Varya losing her mind and thinking that she's a coeurl for about a month, meeting a mute Xaela with an axe named Kachiaru Seimei, and then with Vektis nearly driving Mordry to suicide. Bennett's been doing his best to keep himself and his friends sane throughout these turbulent times. All the same, he's built many new mammets, and is now practicing on learning fencing.

RP Hooks

Your character may know Bennett if they...

Have been involved with the following free companies:
Heartwood Ventures
Pearl Lane Families
The Eldritch Collective
They have seen him at the Grindstone.
They are in the Gladiator's Guild.
They are in the Conjurer's Guild.
They work in the Ossuary.
They saw the Mega Mammet fight in the Umporium.
They would have ordered something from the Heartwood Ventures.
They see a kid in red messing with something that they probably shouldn't be.
They saw him win the 122nd Runestone.


  • Bennett will flinch if he is flustered or something doesn't seem right.
  • Bennett will stammer if afraid or guilty.
  • Bennett will try to talk someone out of fighting, even in the middle of a fight.


■ Pranks
■ Swordfighting
■ Exploration
■ Wrestling
■ Mammets


■ Nixes
■ Voidsent
■ Large Dragons
■ Cold water
■ Being picked up
■ Pirates


■ Adventuring
■ Building Mammets
■ Sneaking around


Favourite Food/Drink: Chocolate Cake
Favourite Place: The Quicksands
Favorite Color: Red

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Heartwood/Old Friends

Dandri Cooper – Bennett's younger brother. Originally, the two were going to explore Eorzea together, but Dandri was taken home to Thavnair before joining the Conjurer's guild fully. Now that he's a part of the Alarone family, he has returned to his lessons in the Conjurer's guild, and he opts to stay there in Gridannia. Bennett goes to visit him at least once a week.
Sakeru Wakeru – Bennett's best friend. Despite his odd past, Sakeru has calmed down a lot. He makes many morbid jokes to cope for what he'd done in the past. Bennett thinks that Sakeru's jokes are both funny and scary at the same time.
Kaiya Ailbhe – The head doctor at Heartwood. She has taught Bennett most of what he knows about healing people, as well as all he knows about fixing wounds without use of aether. Bennett regards her as one of the smartest people in Heartwood.
Vektis Sol – The Bestest. Bennett sees Vektis like an older brother, and believes that what he sees in Vektis is what Dandri sees in him as an older brother. Regardless, Vektis is one of the coolest guys Bennett has met in Eorzea, and is undoubtedly the bestest.
Tynos Riller – The Single Mage. Bennett's first encounter with Tynos was during a sparring match against him. He was defeated in an instant. Bennett regards Tynos as one of the most powerful members of Heartwood, and is usually called on by him to pull pranks on others.
Nyscera Alarone – Adoptive Ninja Mom. Bennett sees Nyscera as one of Heartwood's nicest members, as well as an extremely patient teacher. Nyscera was also the first Heartwood member that Bennett ever met.
E'kari Sol – Martial Arts Alchemist! The two trained under Nyscera to learn how to fight more effectively, and her ability to mix conjury with pugilism is extremely formidable. During a prank gone awry, Bennett found himself in E'kari's body. Needless to say, the two became one of soul.
Arylisse Dayhelm – Sakeru's adoptive mother. Arylisse used to work at Heartwood as a doctor of sorts, and was one of the first White Mages that he'd met in Eorzea. At the time, he didn't know that White Magic was forbidden. Regardless of rule-breaking, Bennett see's Ary as one of the kindest people he'd ever met, and still tries to visit her often at her new job.
Conrad Godsbane – The Angriest Ala Mhigan Samurai. Conrad is a huge guy who did a lot of fighting in his time, and Bennett sees him as a hero of the past. Knowing how strong Conrad is, Bennett finds it to be a good idea to practice sneaking around him. After all, if he can hide from the Ala Mhigan meat mountain, he can hide from anyone!
Zana Amaro – A thief turned mechanic who works at Heartwood. Kaiya brought her into the company, seems to have taught her a lot as well. Zana's also really fun to be around, and teaches Bennett about the thieves' code. While Bennett has no intention of becoming a true thief, he finds the code honorable, and sticks by it.
Cioccolato Stella -About a year ago, Bennett ran into Cioccolato on a beach. As he was unable to pronounce her first name, he mostly just called her "Stella". Cio was a good friend to him and a fantastic nurse for the rest of Heartwood. While she may be a little bit pervy, she's a fantastic person to be around, and Bennett finds it hard to imagine life without her.
E'yami Amane -E'kari's twin sister. She's super protective about anything she cares about, and will definitely throw dark-looking aether blasts at things that mess with her. Bennett sees E'yami as a kind of older sister. Fun to pull pranks on and with, and really dependable in a pinch.
Xihvi'ir Valathri -The harp guy. While Bennett was spending most of his time training under Nyscera and Rath, Xih joined Heartwood. Xih gets along well with Heartwood's members, and has been nicknamed "Firefly" by E'yami. Bennett really enjoys the music that Firefly plays on his harp.
Mordry Relen - The crazy one. Mordry is one of the more interesting people Bennett's met, and she drives him crazy to no end. As Mordry is two people in one body, Bennett was highly confused by the inconsistency in her actions. In one moment she could be as carefree as a young girl, but in the next be as cold-hearted as an upset Conrad. The carefree half is known as Moralee, and the coldhearted half is known as Mora. Bennett respects both halves, even though the Moralee half never stops picking him up.

Friends and Allies

Saruna Verselo – This guy had intervened to help Kett get her books back, and threatened to cut off Bennett's hand for them. However, he's also helped Bennett escape Jebei Dotharl once. Bennett doesn't really know what to think about this odd man.
Tyo'li Tayuun – The Collective guy. Bennett was first hired by Enkhjargal Dalamiq to protect Tyo from harm, but no harm came to him during that time. Bennett held on to the special linkpearl he was given, and eventually wound up delivering things to the Black Vault. Tyo was one of the only members of the Eldritch collective who have not either tried to eat him or outright kill him whenever he sneaks into the Vault. Ever since he left the Collective, Bennett has never seen him again.

Enkhjargal Dalamiq – The serious guy. Along with Nyscera Alarone, Enkh was one of the first Heartwood members that Bennett had ever met. Enkh used to work for Heartwood, but eventually left to join with Camille Everardi. While Enkh was still in Heartwood, Bennett didn't get to speak with him much. However, Enkh did offer Bennett a job once to protect Tyo'li Tayuun. At some point, Bennett intends to revisit Enkh and show him some of the cool stuff he finds on adventures.
Narumi Kotokaze – The Scalper. She can't really tell how old a lalafell is, but she sure can kick hard. As far as Bennett knows, this Au Ra is Captain Aergankawyn's girlfriend. She's called a bounty hunter, so that's pretty cool.
Kalahira Nira – The Hybrid. She is one of the nicest people Bennett has ever met, and finds it insane how she manages to stay this happy despite all that has happened to her. Bennett finds this apparent happiness and outgoing nature inspirational to those who have faced the worst things in the world.
Susumono Nonomono – The Jester. Despite that he doesn't actually tell that many jokes, Bennett made fast friends with this lalafellin alchemist through mutual friends and odd adventures. Susumono seems to look out for Bennett whenever he goes about getting into trouble.

Enemies & Rivals

C'tadhara Kett - The crazy slasher. Bennett first learned of Kett while investigating slashings that occured in Pearl Lane in Ul'dah. To prevent her from hurting more people, Bennett resolved to steal her summoning books. Kett still wants them back.
Skyfwyb Aergankawyn - A pirate. Skyf is rude and crude, but Kota seems to like her. As much as Bennett distrusts pirates, this one has to at least be okay.


  • "With all the crap that kid gets into, it's a miracle he's even alive." -A Brass Blade
  • "Pretty sure he's the Mega Mammet." -Fight Enthusiast
  • "He's that kid that won a Bloodsands match against Mylla, right? I guess it's a win even if he did use magic in the ring." -Wealthy Bloodsands Spectator

Player Character Rumours

Feel free to add your own Rumors!

• "Bennett? No no, we're just the bestest of friends, that's all!" -Sakeru Wakeru
• "Cooper? Awh, I love that guy! He's pretty much my little brother!" -Vektis Sol
• "Uncle Ben is always doing something cool! I know! Next time I’ll sneak after him and help out too!" -E’kira Sol
• "Bennett? Keep your things hidden from that thief! He likes to steal what you cherish the most!" - C'tadhara Kett
• "Hmm... Bennett? He's a cute little muffin. He's kinda stupid sometimes though..." - Cioccolato Stella
• "Oh, you wish to know of the young master? Goodness, he certainly is the energetic sort! Someday I just know he'll be a great hero." - E'kari Sol
• "Gods be good! Plucky lad gets around so much, I should jus’ assume the boy is ken to everyone!” - Narumi Kotokaze

♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Neutral Good
Voice: Karol Capel-Tales of Vesperia

Battle Theme: Dummy!(Undertale)
General Theme: Monody by TheFatRat
Tension Theme: Greenwich in the Sky (Touhou Arrange)
Victory Theme: Renai Circulation-Mallet Remix (Bakemonogatari)