Erdene Iriq

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 Erdene Iriq
Erdene 250.png

Gender Questionable
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship None
Age Mid 20s
Occupation Herbalist
Affiliation Esoterica


Erdene Iriq is a displaced Xaela herbalist, medicine-maker, and witch. Following a disastrous emigration from the Steppe and several years of solitary wandering through unfamiliar lands, they were taken in as a ward of the Esoterica free company. They presently serve as the company's gardener, as well as assisting with its various ventures.


While tall for an au ra woman, Erdene is nonetheless tiny by most standards. A stretch of easier living has softened their shape only slightly, and they're still a flexible creature of lean muscle and efficient, slightly uncanny motion. They do possess a certain measure of grace, but it's something deliberately cultivated in spite of growing up gangly, and it has far more in common with a fighter's agility than anything else. Their large eyes are harshly slanted and dark--violet against black--and their facial structure is sharp and delicate, often lending an unsettling, fey cast to their expressions. They usually wear veils and bandanas, which help to counter this somewhat. A lifetime spent outdoors and years of grief and stress have both taken their toll, and a close look will show hints of ageing around their eyes that better suit someone five or ten years older.

Their face is decorated with several grooved and inked scars that form harsh, sharp lines and serve to make their facial structure seem all the more alien. A curious set of glowing aetheric tattoos can be found winding around their torso and limbs, though they're normally invisible to the naked eye.

Their hair, a massive collection of fluffy ringlets, is always kept in braids. Naturally white, they keep it coloured a vivid turquoise-and-blue. It's often strung with charms, jewels, and flowers.


There is more good in choosing the lesser of two evils than in praising your morality and doing nothing while the greater one burns everything to the ground.

A closed book, stoic in public and often pensive in private. This isn't helped by the coverings often worn over the lower half of their face, making their expressions all the more difficult to read. They're sometimes hesitant to speak as well, not yet fully confident in their grasp of Common and reluctant to come off as stupid... at least in some circumstances. Around those they're closer to, they speak less stiffly and hints of a mischievous, affectionate soul seep out in their manner. They are attentive and gentle by nature, preferring to express their fondness for others by deed rather than word. They possess a strong stern streak, though it's as rare as it is harsh.

They are not as openly aggressive as their heritage would lead some to expect; most of that stereotypical Xaela fire is put to internal use, combating a pervasive sense of defeat and despair. The end result is someone placid and weary, much of their emotional strength drained by a private battle. They remain functional and level-headed in the face of horrifying events, but seemingly innocuous things can skew the odds and make them remarkably upset… and one way or another, they always pay for it later.


Spooky stuff. Anything about ghosts, spirits, or elementals will pique their interest.

Pretty rocks. Crystals, gemstones, jewellery--Erdene loves all of this, to the point of being avaricious.

Blackhearted humour. Their sense of humour is abominable, though they rarely use it out of courtesy.

The Songbirds. They're a big fan.


Innocent idealists. Their morals do not mesh gracefully, and Erdene is deeply uncomfortable around 'delicate' sorts, repressing much of themself for fear of setting them off.

Super sweet things. They were slow to add sugar to their diet, and still dom't like it in excess.

Flirting. As much as flattery appeals to their vanity, Erdene is intensely uncomfortable with being viewed in a sexual light and seldom reacts kindly to this. They're more likely to leave than explain themselves.

Intrusive or mothering behaviour. They react very poorly to anyone trying to mother them or ask questions about their private life. This behaviour is perhaps the fastest way to ruin their opinion of someone.


Xaela brawn. The strength of a highlander woman packed into a tiny frame. What even are Xaela.

Spooky serendipity. They have eerily good luck when dealing with anything related to spooks and spirits. Malevolent spirits seem to avoid them for whatever reason, and some of the tattoos on their body serve as wards against possession.

Herb lore. If it's got leaves, they will either find it or grow it.

Empathy. Erdene is hypersensitive to the flow of aether, and uses this to help them diagnose injury and illness. Spending more time around someone will hone their ability to 'read' them.


Aether sickness. They've got it bad. This will cripple them if they're too close to something like a crystal deposit.

Aetherburned. Though some of their tattoos help them channel aether, they also exacerbate their natural sensitivity to it. They take increased damage from magic, especially damage-over-time effects and magical illnesses.

Money. They can make gil just fine, and circumstance keeps blessing them with strange windfalls, but they're a complete idiot with it and always spend it immediately.

Dubious sanity. They're functional, but one may occasionally catch a glimpse of what a mess the workings of their mind are these days.

Low immunity. Growing up in a secluded tribe did not prepare their mediocre immune system for the gross superbugs of Eorzean cities. They get sick easily and take pains to avoid it.


This is a list of the items that Erdene usually has upon their person, though they often carry other things as well. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: Sept. 15 / 2017.

  • Cherry-blossom keychain: A cute cloisonné keychain with the Songbirds logo stamped onto the back. There's a single key on it, and it might be cursed.

  • Straws: A packet of atrociously complex and obnoxiously glittery curly-straws.

  • Linkpearl: It's covered in strange etchings and hovers right by one of their horns... though it's easy to miss when they're wearing a lot of jewellery, which is often.

  • Gil purse: There's seldom a lot in there--just enough to make a few minor purchases.

  • Candies: One tin containing homemade herbed caramels or pastilles to ease coughing, one tin of ordinary mints or anise sweets.

  • Business cards: Two sheaves. One set has their name, profession, and contact information. The other is marked only with a frowny :( face and the words 'bugger off' written in ornate script.

  • Smoking stuff: A little pipe with a flower-shaped bowl, and a pouch of some strange mix of incensey-smelling herbs.


Though of moderate skill in unarmed combat (and possessing the horrifying raw strength of a Xaela), Erdene was drilled from a young age to be a healer, and to keep their distance in combat whenever possible--they consider it their responsibility to survive so that they can tend the injured, and acts of stupid, dramatic bravery are unheard of on their part. They're at their best in the midline, aggressively supporting their allies with magic. This section is subject to change, as they're currently training in other arts.


Their weapon of choice. Though used primarily to cast, opponents that get too close tend to find out the hard way why theirs has a fulm-long metal spike and some worrying stains at the base.

Offensive Magic

Much of Erdene's offensive magic evokes fire, air, and earth, leading some to mistake them for a conjurer of Gridanian training.

Defensive Magic

Their bread and butter. They're attentive but reserved with healing, preferring to administer it meticulously after battle if they have the luxury.


(TBA. They may or may not be looking into other forms of magic at the moment...)


(Presently withheld.)


(Presently withheld.)


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust


These are mostly backstory-related relationships.

Qaratolui, mother. (🔒🔃)

A Borlaaqi witch and healer who left her tribe to raise Erdene alongside their father with the Iriq, damning her reputation with the Borlaaq in the process. By far the strongest influence in Erdene's life, Qaratolui had strict expectations that her child would follow in her footsteps, and Erdene obeyed her wishes without hesitation. In the years following their mother's death, though, Erdene has come to doubt and struggle against some of what Qaratolui imposed upon them--though they know it was done with the best of intentions, they're finally coming to see their mother as a flawed mortal rather than an all-knowing being that cannot be questioned.

Arban, father. ()

Erdene scarce remembers him, as he was killed by a Dotharl tribesman when they were five. They recall that he was a scout, and a gentle soul.

Qorchi, adopted brother. ()

Their eldest and dearest brother, three years their junior. They were fast friends and they've got a great many stories about him... though hints of grief and guilt sometimes surface whenever he's mentioned in conversation. It's taken several years for them to adopt the past tense.

Jochi, adopted brother. ()

Their second brother, four years their junior. His body was not among those they found after a disastrous encounter with the Garleans, and the absence gnawed at them--until they met again near the end of the Gyr Abanian campaign. It didn't go well for anyone.

Oyugun, adopted brother. ()

Third brother, six years their junior. Their memories of Oyugun are dim; he was a quiet but brave child, and that bravery left him dead in the wake of a Dotharl raid.

Nergui, adopted brother. ()

Fourth brother, seven years their junior. Nergui was as strange a child as Erdene and just as enamoured of Qaratolui's magic, though she taught the two siblings different aspects of it that they might complement one another. He was kidnapped by the Buduga when Erdene was fourteen, and they were only recently reunited.


This is not a complete list; it contains only characters with a very stable relationship to the character.

Last Update... Sept. 15 / 2017.

* An asterisk denotes that Erdene doesn't know the individual's true name.

Astor Fiedler, photogenic witch friend. ( 🔒)

Erdene owes Astor their life in several regards, and regards him with a ferociously protective sense of fealty and fondness. They were slow to trust him, but he's more than earned it. His mischievous side brings their own to the fore, and they're a far more relaxed and playful soul while he's around.

Volgeant Castellaine, master of Esoterica. ($)

Erdene finds the greying elezen to be a pleasant and charismatic sort, and he's managed to sway their opinion on things they'd dug their heels into. They view him with fondness and respect, and are always pleased to be of assistance--even if they are occasionally the worried Beaker to his Bunsen Honeydew. His blithe acceptance of supernatural nonsense appeals greatly to their absurdist sense of humour.

Batzorig Oronir, large friend. (🔒)

The two get along easily and share an understanding of Xaela Things (like why one absolutely must lift that heavy object right this minute), as well as far more sombre subjects. They're mutual emotional support lizards.

Enqtani, small friend. ()

A plump and imperious little rabbit, given to Erdene by Astor some time ago. She can be found around the manor house where Esoterica makes its home, eating valuable herbs like the tiny criminal she is. Erdene dotes on their beloved 'bun rabbit' and spoils her horribly.

Qatun, rabble-rouser. ()

A mandragora that Erdene accidentally grew in their garden. She can often be found toddling after them, attempting to stage tiny vegetable revolutions and flailing excitedly at anyone with musical tendencies.

Merrick Lockwood, experimental baking associate. ()

Occasional patient and amiable acquaintance. They view him with a mixture of reserved fondness and concern.

Varija Shimizu, fellow medicine lizard. ()

A colleague in healing and fellow Au Ra, though there the similarities end. Their friendship consists largely of a terrestrial lizard attempting to understand an aquatic one (and vice versa), and a lot of existential crises. It's a trainwreck, honestly.


NPC rumours related to Erdene. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "That Xaela girl? Seen her around the Dunes, popping into brothels and chatting up whores on the street. Think she sells them medicines or something." -- Ul'dah only.

  • "Keeps asking about the elementals. What they like, how to say hello, that kind of nonsense. Bloody idiot if you ask me." -- Gridania only.

  • "She does odd jobs, I think. Always hauling bundles of herbs off to the levemete." -- Universal.

  • "That's the Black Mirror's daughter, isn't it? They used to sell medicines, but they've both been gone for years." -- Steppe only.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "I don't know what she's about, but I've seen her vanish into the woods. Gods only know what she gets up to in there." -- Shroud only.

  • "Associates with that Ala Mhigan witch. Has the accent, too. Bad news." -- Shroud only.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "Her mother abandoned us." -- Steppe Borlaaq only.


A collection of screenshots of Erdene that serve as a visual reference, or snapshots from certain roleplaying scenes.


Various drawings and paintings of Erdene, done by their long-suffering player.
You are not permitted to re-use this artwork for your own characters or purposes, whether on Final Fantasy XIV or on other games, forums, etc.


Hooks for Erdene tend to revolve around business and healing matters. It's possible for more outgoing characters to just roll up and chat--they're friendly and can be quite talkative once they get going--but being a shy character, they're very unlikely to approach anyone without an outside reason.

  • Medical Assistance: Your character needs healing--especially fastidious healing that isn’t going to scar. Erdene gets around a lot in their search for herbs and ingredients, and could certainly trip over someone out in the wilderness.
  • Leafquests: Your character needs rare/good quality herbs, or medicines derived from them. Erdene works almost exclusively through the leve system, presently in Gridania, but their business cards may still be floating around in Ul’dah.
  • Confused Lizard Asks Questions: Your character is Gridanian and willing to weather endless curiosity from an earnest lizard who’s trying their best to be a good guest among the elementals. Be aware that they haven't got a lot of patience for rudeness; if a character is condescending or abrasive, they're just going to move on and ask one of countless other locals.
  • Medical Assistance 2.0: Your character served on the Gyr Abanian front of the SB campaign. Erdene worked long hours as both a camp medic and as one of those healers that’ll wade into a warzone to stabilize the wounded and drag them out. They've also been known to punch Garlean soldiers until they stop moving.
  • Everything is Lizards: Your character is a Steppe-raised Xaela. Fellow Iriq may recognize Erdene, and their family was known for making and trading medicines and herbs with some other tribes. Individuals of certain tribes (most notably Dotharl and Buduga, and Oronir to a lesser extent) will have a very hard time earning Erdene's goodwill if they're open about their identity.


I've been at this RP nonsense for about 12 years, and while I'm about as jaded a participant as you'll find, collaborative writing has never lost its shine.


I do not nag or chase people for RP. I try to be proactive and reach out rather than expecting RP to fall into my lap, but if I'm not met halfway, I will assume the other party isn't interested and move on.
I dislike major retcons. Nixing a couple of emotes because you changed your mind about what character you want to bring into a scene? Totally fine. Derailing a ton of stuff in a big group scene because you don't want to deal with the consequences of your character's actions? I will make unhappy noises.
I'm not looking for a FC. I am both ICly and OOCly happily established in one already.
I strive to be low-maintainance. While I do ask for the courtesy of a quick heads-up if plans change or you need to cancel a plot or fall off the internet for a while, I don't mind at all. Just let me know so I can work around it!
Erdene is not an open book. They're evasive and skittish, and while there's plenty of surface-level stuff to interact with, earning their trust enough to learn more about the character is a very long-term and difficult endeavour. It's definitely not for everyone, but there is a lot under the hood for those who want to go the extra mile.



Do romance plots. This is reserved for good, long-time friends that I trust not to get weird about it. No exceptions. Erdene is not suited to standard closed relationships.
Play the bad guy. For all that Erdene dabbles in spooky stuff and grey morals, they are at heart a heroic character, if a tragic one. This is just the wrong character for the job.
Kill off or permanently cripple this character. This is the only one I've got right now; don't even ask. In fairness, I'm not going to deliberately shove them into situations that should by rights get them killed.


Play a friend. Erdene is generally easy to get along with, and I find IC friendships to be woefully underrated.
Go on dumb adventures. Erdene won't even blink if one of their friends waves a treasure map in their face or tells them about some weird ruins they found. They are there.
Dabble in dark themes. I don't care for these in excess, but Erdene is basically made to navigate them and come out intact. I do, however, expect any such subjects to be treated with respect and a realistic understanding of consequences.


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