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There is magic in this world so old that we've forgotten it is magic.
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31st sun, 6th UM
Local Physician, Healer and Midwife in the North Shroud
  • Foussant Gaspard Aurifort (Father)
  • Finnehl Drocatuste (Mother)
  • Dutine Delacroix (Grandmother, Father's Side)
  • Olbeone Aurifort (Eldest Half-Sister)
  • Kussaux Aurifort (Older Half-Brother)
  • Loufinne Aurifort (Youngest Sister)
  • Finnia was born the second youngest daughter and only child of the union between Foussant and his second wife Finnehl. Despite having minimal claim to inheritance or family legacy, Finnia was shown considerable favour by her father. It was perplexing to say the least. Finnehl, while well-regarded as a healer and midwife in the village overlooked by the Aurifort estate, was still a commoner and Duskwight-blooded at that. There was constant gossip of a scandalous love affair and that Foussant's first wife's death was the result of murder most foul. The rumours surrounding the second marriage and the questionable conception that resulted in Finnia have since died down, though Finnia is more than aware of them and makes frequent effort to rise above.

    While she's inherited a number of, frankly, useless titles from her father's blue-blooded side of the family, she's also gained her mother's skill in Conjury. She was apprenticed at a very young age after an accident that lost her her left eye and has recently completed her training. She is now a fully-fledged healer as well as a licensed physician. She specializes mainly in midwifery and dealing with women's problems. Well, womens' problems that are not men.

    Finnia aspires to have her own clinic one day, and be completely independent of her family's pursestrings.


    Collectables. Finnia's elegant taste in clothes does not extend to her taste in décor. She loves kitschy knick-knacks, gimcrackery and soft toys.
    Riding. The Auriforts have been breeding racing and show chocobos and Finn has been riding since a very young age. She has a strong bond with her chocobo and childhood companion 'Applesauce' entered him in several shows and races.
    Anatomy. Finnia has a deep fascination for medical anatomy and has studied it for years.


    Dislike Here. BlahBlah


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    Finnia is on the short side for an Elezen. Her skin is fair and freckled, and her hair, while once a lovely shade of auburn, has since turned to a dull grey. The grey hair and scarring around her left eye makes her look considerably older than her age of twenty-four. She is trim, and carries herself with all the dignity due her heritage as a minor noble and very old money. She has only one good eye, often covered by a monocle. The other was lost when she was quite young and replaced with a convincing glass replica. The only unfortunate thing about the false eye is that it is a shade of light blue, and her natural eye colour is brown. She has yet to get one in the proper hue, however, as she thinks the mismatched eyes look quite fetching. She's known, occasionally, to do tricks with it. She frequently wears long dresses and fancy gloves, usually in shades of deep blue or vivid red, though in springtime she will don tasteful pastels. She prefers stylish simplicity for her clothes, as she is frequently on call for her many patients and there is no telling when a dress will fall victim to the stains of having to perform impromptu surgery or delivering a new life into the world. Even when she is dressed to impress, her attire is tailored for both form and function. Often she carries a leather physicians satchel, containing a number of necessities she usually needs and a few she hopes she never does.

    Satchel's contents:

  • Ear Trumpet
  • Folding Magnifying Glass
  • Blood Lancets
  • A Kit of Surgical Lancets and Standard Scalpels
  • Eyedroppers
  • A Selection of Forceps, Tweezers and Scissors
  • A Surgical Sewing Kit and Couerlgut Sutures
  • Syringes and Needles for Injections
  • Various Syringes for a number of Lavages
  • Diopter
  • Ear Spoon
  • A Kit of Probes
  • Leather Tourniquets and Restraints
  • Cotton Swabs, Linen cloths and bandages
  • An Alcohol Lamp
  • Phials of Iodine, rubbing alcohol and other antiseptics
  • Ampules of Somnus-based painkillers (such as Laudenum), Ether, Chloroform, and Pluto-based stimulants
  • Envelopes of Powdered Willowbark
  • Glass Phials and Slides for samples.


    Finnia has been studying midwifery not just alongside her mother, but another very experienced tutor. She has an almost uncanny knack for it. She is trained in the most up-to-date techniques, both magical and mundane. And she is most well-known for her discretion. Finnia is strongly of the belief that the various courses of action are solely the mother's decision and business. Finnia considers it her duty to provide a space of safety, care and medical guidance for her patients and someone attempting to get ahold of any of her personal and patient records will find they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

    Finn is not a combative character blahblahblah laundry list of reasons why go here

    Early Years

    Once upon a time Finn was a cute baby and her mama is probably evil who even knows


    Finns abilities manifested early, pissed off elementals and she lost an eye

    Present Day

    Knows her mama's schemes and is trying to break away, joins Coral, working on opening her own clinic lalalala expand on this further

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    Attraction | Platonic Love | Friends | Negative | Acquaintence
    note: Characters with whom Finn has had dealings and interactions with- Updated whenever updating happens.

    Faezbhar Rysswilf ( ) - Nice Bloke
    One of the first people in Coral who was genuinely interested in Finn's work. She has a growing concern for his more unhealthy habits. She considers him a stout and honest friend.
    Ehla Selhah ( ) - Brat Cat
    Finds her outgoing and bratty nature absolutely fascinating. Finn is tempted to show her some neat tricks she can do with her glass eye.


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