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23rd sun, 3rd AM
the coral sea
Ehla is an unpleasant being and she does little to hide the fact. Her tongue is barbed, her laughter is sharp and shrill, and her lips take on an impish curl.


The Professor.
Ehla holds him in high regard and speaks well of him to others, though the two always seem to be squabbling when they are together. From an outsider's perspective, their relationship seems to be rather one-sided and perhaps bordering on inappropriate from the way Ehla goes on about him.
Her mother.
From Ehla's perspective, Lahza was forced to sacrifice home and clan in order to care for the burden the Seeker thrust on-- well, in her. Though it's plain her mother loves her unconditionally, Ehla works tirelessly to prove her worth, to prove that this burden her mother shoulders was worth all the pain and sacrifice.
Her chocobo.
Firewater. She made off with a satchel of chocobo eggs during the chaos of the Calamity, rescued, she claims, from the burning stables. Firewater was the only chick to hatch from the clutch but instead of returning him to Bentbranch, she kept the bird to raise as her companion. They share a close bond and Ehla treats him as if he were her own child, occasionally allowing him to stay in her quarters at the Still Shore instead of the stables.
One would think that with Ehla's disposition, she wouldn't have the patience for the sport. On the contrary, Ehla finds fishing very therapeutic and she's been known to disappear for weeks on fishing ventures in order to clear her mind after distressing events.


When she was sixteen, she married an Ishgardian and lived on the outskirts very, very briefly before his unfortunate and completely unforeseen tumble down the Witchdrop. The people were as inhospitable as the land, and there were dragons, and it was cold. The Professor had told her there were unicorns there, but he lied. She hated it.
When company business calls her there, she always seems to be on edge.
One swallowed her as a girl and she had to be cut free from its stomach. If she sees one, she wants to kill it so that no child should have to suffer what she went through.
Weak people.
Blood in the water sends her into a feeding frenzy. She targets them specifically, either to drag them down or to build them up as a means to an end.
The natives of the Shroud were never known for their kind, inclusive nature. Only in recent years have they begun to grudgingly accept the wave of new adventurers passing through their gates. Ehla has suffered from their nature and is particularly protective of Duskwight, having watched them suffer far worse for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Though lowborn, Ehla possesses a keen intelligence and sharp wit about her. Perhaps it is because she is lowborn, she craves for knowledge and desperately seeks to prove herself as something better than the mutt from the farmlands.
A strength, if only because it is an art she has practiced and honed long before she ever lifted a grimoire. A necessity to survival, she would claim, and it may have been so with her upbringing. Keepers were just a touch more tolerated than those damnable Duskwight, and even as a child, Ehla could sense the way they regarded her and her mother with suspicion. It was early in her youth that she learned to don a mask, play a part, lower their guard, wheedle into their good graces. Become beloved, trusted, then twist, twist, twist around her finger.
Loyal Her trust is hard earned but once she has chosen a person to devote herself to, she remains steadfast in her loyalty.
Sympathetic Not entirely heartless, there are a few things that easily garner her sympathy: children, damaged women, and the under-privileged. Much of her sympathy lies with the "Beast Tribes" of Eorzea and she despises the term, referring to them as "Tribes" or "The Tribal People" instead. Sylphs hold a dear and important place in her heart. Much of her childhood was spent wandering the forest and aiding them in their mischief, playing unusual but harmless pranks on fellow farmers. They and, by extension, the forest guardian Ramuh will always have her loyalty and she is quick to defend their actions.


She is a school yard bully, and relentless once she has sunk her teeth into a victim. From subtle slights, to outright low blows, she aims for the best way to burrow beneath a person's skin and will not yield until it becomes a tired shtick or she finds another poor soul to torment.
What one would call lies, Ehla would call embellishments. She's been known to twist stories, exaggerate details, or wildly speculate about how events unfolded and claim them as truth.
Internalized Racism.
Despite their bigotry, Ehla is loyal to the Shroud and has taken many of their insults to heart, accepting them as truths. It is bad enough to be a savage Miqo'te and even worse to be a mutt of the two, never belonging to either tribe. She longs to be something else-- a Hyur, an Elezen, even a full blooded Keeper would do if she could live among the clan. Much of what she internalizes is taken out on other Miqo'te, assuming them to be simple and savage until proven otherwise.
Love Addict.
Ehla loves to love and be loved. She is addicted to the flutter of falling in love and has been known to string along several men at a time, weeding them out, devoting herself entirely to The One, and then leaving them flat once the novelty of a new relationship wears off. Only two weeks after meeting Kris, the pair eloped and carried on with an intense passion for one another before their untempered flame, burning big and bright, was extinguished. There was no proper mourning period and she carried on with a renewed intensity, tirelessly searching for something, someone to fill a void in her life.


Hideous laughter.
It will pierce your ears and send chills running up your spine.
She hails from the Shroud, where they worship trees and perform elaborate ceremonies in order to please their fickle Elementals. Of course, that sticks with her. She delights in stories of the occult, but also remains fearful of higher powers, occasionally relying on old and odd Gridanian traditions to protect her from the being's wrath.

Tall for a miqo'te woman, she was once described as a willowy, waifish thing but has grown decidedly pear-shaped from indulging in the luxuries the Coral Sea provides. Fat adds a soft layer to muscle, unevenly distributed to her hips and thighs, though it is easy to tell that she is strong.

There's a youthful aura about her, from the way she rocks from heel to toe, to the impishly insolent grin that seems to linger. Freckles cover her entire body, messily splattered across her cheeks, nose, and shoulders. A number of mundane scars mar her skin, most of their stories forgotten, but the most notable and freshest ones are the gruesome, sunken claw marks down her back, inflicted by an Ahriman.

Following the Calamity, Ehla has honed her skills as an Arcanist under the careful guidance of her professor. Before then, she briefly trained in Conjury but her volatile and aggressive nature was not suited for the guild and, with the fear she would incur Greenwrath, she left before she could be dismissed. Her roots lie in archery, though, having needed to hunt in the Shroud from an early age but her skills are not trained for combat.
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1559: Born to Lahza Nelhah on the twenty third sun of the Third Astral Moon. The kit's lion tail and rosy complexion immediately made it apparent that the child had not been sired Lahza's dusky and dashing mated partner as she had claimed. Oops.


The Professor
The Coral Sea
Currently ...



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
◢ COMMON RUMORS - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The Selhah clan was once part of the Nelhah clan. The mother changed the name after birthing the half-breed and moving off the territory." - Miqo'te in South Shroud.
"Oh, those two? Nah, it's not what yeh think. He'd always book separate rooms for 'em, real respectful of the girl. Think they got a house here. Haven't seen 'em around, though." - Clerk at an inn in Limsa Lominsa.
◢ UNCOMMON RUMORS - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
“That scholar came to town after the Calamity and swept her right up to take her back to the big city with him. She was a kit, for Twelve's sake-- she's still a kit! Why her mother ever allowed this arrangement, I'll never know.” - Concerned Elezen from Gridania.
“Two years ago, I remember she would travel from the Burning Wall back to her tent at Final Prayer, up and down, up and down, carrying nothing but buckets full of snails. Didn't ask, didn't want to know.” - Resident of Drybone.
◢ RARE RUMORS - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
“Sylvaintel Saugrain. That's his name. He was one of our lot, studying the Allagan Summoners before he was forced to resign. Why? I was never told the reason. It was kept tight lipped.” - Scholar stationed at Saint Coinach's Find.
“Kris was no Heretic! He was framed by the true Heretic and his pet cat. Kris confided in me-- he was worried about that man's influence over his new wife. Not a week later, the rosary was found on his person. They knew they were messy and they fled together. Never trust outsiders! Or women, for that matter.” - Hyur man slumming about the Observatorium tavern.
◢ PLAYER CHARACTER RUMORS - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"Pray worry not. Lady Ehla is a strong soul. Simply need to have faith whatever she is doing is with the best of intentions. When things were darkest, she fought for me. I think very well of her." - Jancis Milburga
"She can be rather crass at times, but she has a kind heart – whether she admits it or not." - Edda Eglantine
"Feel free to add your own rumors here!" - User


Romantic Attraction | Platonic Love | Physical Attraction | Positive | Negative | Neutral

Renee Becquerel ( ) - Leader
The two have grown quite close quite quickly since Renee's transition from Renaud, despite Ehla's deep-seated distaste for the man. Ehla has a penchant for telling Renee just what she thinks of her, but the woman doesn't seem too put off by her barbs and exchanges a few of her own instead. Though Ehla considers Renee one of her most beloved companions within the company, she still remains very guarded and erects walls to shut her out.
They've begun a romantic relationship, despite their better judgement, and seem to be moving far too fast for anyone's good. Ehla loves Renee, a fact she will loudly exclaim to anyone who will listen, and is openly hostile toward anyone who would stand in the way of their True Love™. But she struggles to match the woman's passions and cannot find it in herself to give Renee all that she needs from their relationship. Much of her physical attraction tends to stem from Renaud rather than Renee, though she has enough self-awareness to realize this is unfair and unhealthy. Ehla is actively trying her best to overcome these purely physical boundaries and sometimes overcompensates in her affections, though Renee doesn't seem to mind the latter.
Faezbhar Rysswilf ( ) - Cuddle Buddy
They surprised some old ladies when Faezbhar jumped out of a cake at the wrong Valentione's Day party. Later, they stole an Ixali airship with the same old ladies and have had a beautiful friendship ever since.
Reinette Sompt ( ) - Practitioner
Ehla adores Reinette, painting her as an older sister figure despite only interacting a handful of times. Reinette is dedicated to her work and always puts the needs of others before her own. She is the better person Ehla would like to be and she admires her greatly.
A'rho Tia ( ) - Classmate
She doesn't like his touchy-feely way of showing affection and hates his gaudy sense of style, but the two seem to be friends for some reason. They studied together at the Arcanist guild a few years back and were reunited after Ehla joined the Coral Sea. They like to host parties together as an excuse to gorge themselves of themed foodstuffs.
Y'rhen Tia ( ) - Battle Butler
Purchased from Memeli Meli for a mere four thousand gil, Rhen has been renamed 'Rin' by Ehla and serves as her butler/retainer/minion. She swears it's legal.
Valentinoix Thibault ( ) - Tall, Dark, and Stoic
He is a Duskwight from the Shroud and was treated cruelly by them. Naturally, she finds herself sympathetic to his plight.
But rather than establishing some deep, emotional connection over their similar origins, Ehla chooses to mouthbreathe over his lanky form instead, edging ever closer into his personal space to try to watch him squirm. She thinks he's super cute and openly proclaims so.
Reginald Ozrik ( ) - Floppy Haired Hyur
Ehla was very hot-and-cold with Reginald. Some days, he was a target for her bullying while other days, she showed him glints of tenderness. They are both from the Shroud and are both tremendous assholes, though Reggie is far better at hiding his nature.
Recently, Reggie has suffered from a unique affliction and Ehla has fallen into the role of his caretaker. Instead of bullying him, she now moms over him.
Sigurd Rainecourt ( ) - Target Practice
She bullies him whenever she can. He's an easy target and doesn't usually fight back.

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