Faezbhar Rysswilf

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 Faezbhar Rysswilf
"Drunk me is the me I really want to be; confident, hilarious and, most importantly, drunk."
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 35
Marital Status Taken
Known Family
Occupation Captain of the Fraeronn
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A very tall, and very overweight blue/gray skinned Roegadyn. His black hair is usually in neat braids and commonly has bright blue dye worked into it for flair. Rarely ever seen without a smile, or without something to eat or drink.


Laughter comes easily to Faezbhar, using it to diffuse awkward situations, or lighten any harsh words that have been said either by him or to him. His travels has made him develop a deep understanding of others and different ways of life, so he is a good ear for listening should someone ever need to vent.

Quick History

Faezbhar was born on the 18th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon. This date translates to December 18, 1979, on the Gregorian calender.

Born to a pair of merchants on the Fraeronn, Faezbhar originally was called Kleinebhar, meaning Little Bear. As he grew up, he grew out, the habit brought on a new nickname that stuck and became the name he has been called ever since.
When the ship was to be handed down to the next generation, his sister who was to inherit the Fraeronn had passed away. The two next in line did not want to captain a ship. That left only Faezbhar. His parents reluctantly gave their laziest offspring the family ship and business. Contracts wavered, crew came and left, money slipped through his fingers like water. Employment at the Coral Sea has gotten him in touch with new clients and crew alike.


A'rho Tia - His beau, and darling. He cares deeply for the handsome miqo'te, though is cautiously optimistic as Rho is very obviously far out of his league.
Ehla Selhah - Good friend and cuddle buddy. He looks forward to having more zany adventures with her!
Finnia Aurifort - Genuine friend even though their bond is still casual.
A'randr Tia - Dealer and older brother to his beau. Pretty chill.
Jancis Milburga - Sweetheart from the company, and also on the medical staff.
Reinette Sompt - Head of the medical team.


- Name translates to "Fat Bear" and "Giant Wolf"
- Gets drunk regularly.
- Sometimes slips into debt due to his gambling habit, and is easily found at the Gold Saucer.
- Can't help himself when food is out and about.
- Lazy and easily distracted from work, but has the know-how.

- Enjoys heavier drugs from time to time.
- Has skimmed off the top of his shipments more than a few times. Usually when it has been food.
- When he feels upset or awkward he will put food or drink into his mouth, or laugh. Usually both.
- He has been seen frequenting brothels or picking up something a little cheaper.

- Faezbhar has had a spat with his parents, his father in particular. He refuses to speak to his father and does not have the traditional '-syn' on the end of his name. "Not until that bastard apologises!"


- A good drink.
- Betting.
- Star gazing.
- Sailing.


Other Stuff

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