Gogomi Gomi

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Gogomi Gomi
"Stone Fist" or "Little Bitch"
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 32
Nameday Unknown
Occupation Loud Mouthed Brawler/Sellsword
Sexuality Pansexual
Relationship Status Single




"You are the only Lalafell I have seen that can pull off that hairstyle" -Some random bloke

She stood on the taller end of the spectrum, for what that was worth. Her skin was sunkissed, tanned a rich mocha. Bright blue eyes shown out from the almost always furrowed brow, dark markings tattooed on her face, courtesy of her mentor. She, most often than not, was very modest in her attire, keeping it to simple leathers with enough odds and ends tacked on to be prepared for a five day journey at a moments notice. On rare occasions, she would wear heavier plate as a form of endurance training, aiming to keep the fighter light on her toes.

Along the right side of her neck was a long, jagged scar from a near fatal encounter when she was younger. Faint scars and bruised flesh were almost always seen on her hands, especially around the knuckles.

Behavior / Personality

Gogomi had been leaps and bounds different than most of female Lalafells. The pint-sized puncher had grown quite the mouth on her over the years, having almost no filter and saying whatever was on her mind. This, of course, often landed her into hot water quite often. She had a fuse so short it made her own kind seem tall. Ready, Shoot, Aim seemed to be her motto, rarely sitting around to discuss plans or strategies, Gogomi wanted to just get in there and figure it out on the fly.

But despite all of that, she was loyal to a fault. If anyone ever managed to make it past her own social barrier and get within her bubble, they would find a stalwart companion beneath the gruff, rough, tough exterior. The greatest thing to the Lalafell was being able to help someone in need...when she cared enough to put the effort in.



It was hard to believe the Lalafell was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her parents were high ranking diplomats in the great desert gem of Ul'dah. They had very little to worry about and we so well off they seemingly never had to lift a damned finger. Gogomi was raised to be spoiled, rotten, never having to work a day in her life. At least, that is what her parents had hoped for. The pint sized Lalafell had a wild streak that could not be tamed. Her first punch was thrown at the ripe age of four. Her education suffered from always picking fights with the other children.

As the years went on, her parents annoyance with her inability to conform to THEIR standards began to put a strain on their relationship. Boarding schools, punishments, even a few physical beatings could not break the Lala's wild side. On the eve of her eleventh birthday, the Lalafell left home with a bag of clothes and a pocket full of coins.

She never looked back. And neither did her ungrateful parents.

Early Teenage Years

She had not even come of age and the young Lalafell found herself on the streets by her own hand, begging for coin and working little odd jobs to get by. Life hit Gogomi far harder than she could have imagined. Two years on the streets, barely scraping by, attempting to defend herself from the deplorables of the lower tiers of Ul'dah. One late night when she was thirteen, she was cornered by a a man in black robes, held up at knife point. The fiery and almost broken Lalafell ran her mouth and she ended up slashed, from her right ear down to her neck. And she laid there, bleeding out, everything fading around her until a wandering Miqo'te found her and tended to her wounds, luckily enough.

F'rinylk Tia, a keeper Miqo'te, ran a hostel of sorts in the bowels of Ul'dah where he would also take in strays off the street, teaching them how to protect themselves. The poor Lalafell always had difficulty pronouncing the Miqo'tes name, which eventually lead to her calling him Frank.

The next few years, Gogomi spent all of her time with and around the Keeper, learning from him, helping him with tasks, growing.

Late Teens/Early Twenties

Frank molded and shaped the Lalafell in his own imagine, the Miqo'te having been a pit fighter in his younger years and taking quite a shine to the spunky girl. He saw the never ending flame burning away with in her and kept it lit, tempering the natural anger and ferocity into those tiny fists. She was thrown into the pits at the age of fifteen and had spent the next fifteen years fighting her way through beasts and men alike. The first few years were filled with pain and trauma as the fighter learned things the hard way and ended up with more broken bones than she could count.

Thanks to Franks tutelage, the once broken and nearly dead Lalafell had grown into the powerhouse she was today with the mouth of a sailor and the bite to back it up. She had earned many of nicknames in the pits as she grew. "Stone Fists", "The Broken Boulder," and even "Little Bitch", which seemed to be most common when she dislocated someones knee.



Gogomi has been in and out of the Pits since she was 14 years old, which has lead her to years upon years of hands on experience when it comes to combat. Her mentor, Frank, had spent most of his time teaching the pint sized woman how to hold her own, protect herself in the back streets of Ul'dah, using her height and environment to her advantage.

The Lalafell specialized with her fists, primarily, having often used knuckledusters and the like to fight her way to the top. Given the height disadvantage, she was taught to go for the legs, knees, ankles. Anything to bring the towering behemoths down to her own level. Kneecaps, while often joked about, were always her go to. Nothing hurt worse than a piston packed punch to the side of the kneecap to dislocate it.

Nearly a year ago, she had decided, thanks to the infamous Aanzo Dinzo to pick up a blade to expand her horizons. While she had toyed with various blades in the Pits, she never really grew fond of them, disliking how impersonal it felt to not demoralize the enemy with a simple punch and jab. Under his tutelage, she began working with daggers until she left on her own "self exploratory" journey.

Over the past year, she had taught herself, with the help of others along her travels, to expand her armory, from small daggers to axes and blades as tall as herself. But nothing was more comfortable than her fists in a battle.



  • Fighting
  • Eating (Meats/Dried Meats)
  • Fighting
  • Sleeping
  • Men, Women, everything in between
  • Causing trouble
  • People watching
  • Working out
  • Sparring
  • Nicknames


  • Proper titles
  • People lying to her face
  • Sweets


  • Has the ability to run her mouth without thinking
  • Somewhat unnatural strength for a Lalafell
  • Able to piss off a Roe with a single word



Her mother and father are still alive in the upper echelon of Ul'dah, amongst the prim and proper. She has not had contact with them in over 20 years.

Friends and Company

If there was one thing more difficult than getting Gogomi to admit her feelings, it was being considered a friend. She has met many people over the years and while they all have left an impact, there are few she will truly consider "friends".

Aanzo Dinzo - By far the biggest nerd she has ever met, but simultaneously enjoys his company greatly. The natural chemistry between them proves to far more entertaining than it should be.

Yashaix Ki'lari - Or, as Gogomi called her, Kiki. A Keeper that was shrouded in mystery, wrapped in an enigma. But despite all of that, Gogomi trusted her. Potentially far more than she should. The Keeper has gone missing and Gogomi has thrown herself into the confusion to try and lend a hand for a friend.

Nunupu Nupu - One of her older friends, met around the same time she had met Aanzo. The woman had always made Gogomi feel a bit uneasy, but then, she was never one to really be 'open' emotionally, at least not like Nunupu.

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