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BIRTH NAME: Nunupu Nupu

RACE: Lalafell

GENDER: Female

AGE & NAMEDAY: 17; 8th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon





CLAN: Dunesfolk

CURRENT RESIDENCE: The Goblet, Ward 3, Plot 7 (ERA estate)


PATRON DEITY: Nald'thal, The Traders

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 3'1" Fulm; ~32 ponz

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good, [1].


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Nupu is a dark skinned Dunesfolk with Jet Black hair and purple eyes, she cannot see out of her left eye to which caused her to dabble in Aetherical Magicks, which caused one to whiten. She is also very young looking and has no notable scars or injuries otherwise.The whitened eye has long since passed however, due to being healed by Zanin Briggs.


Entertaining Others



Being In Love

Others Being Happy


Being Ignored

Being Insulted

Being Threatened


Nupu notes.png
Nupu notes 1.png

Born in Thanalan, Nupu would have been abandoned at a young age, raised in an orphanage within the walls of Ul'dah, with no family or friends to speak of. She was given the name for unknown reasons, but lived most of her life with only a harp to accompany her through the loneliness and music to keep her alive. Without it, Nupu would probably have died long ago.

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Nupu didn't have much of a background growing up, living as nothing but a girl who would do anything to survive. Since she lived in poverty, she would live her life in the shadiest corners of Ul'dah to do anything for money. Whether it was thievery, burglary or even swindling people out of their cash. Though she wasn't entirely in to that life as when she became better at playing her harp and singing, she would go to the Quicksand to entertain, have people stay, pay her for songs and dance and Nupu always enjoyed the people entertained by it as she seemed to gain a carefree life from it and eventually some recognition by listening to people's problems and helping them by lending them her words and beautiful voice.

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Continuing with her lifestyle, Nupu would see the Calamity from a place she had hidden due to her size and former life as the skies rained down. She whimpered and cried for weeks before finally emerging when it was all over and found that most of the orphanage was gone as a result. Leaving her alone again as the people tried to recover. Not even her song could lighten the wounds of a massive catastrophe. That was until she arrived at the Kindred house one day, along side her then girlfriend, whom had left her there.

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Nupu notes 1.png

Nupu would decide to join the Kindred in hopes that she could entertain them as she once had done in the Quicksand, making only a few friends and dating another Lalafell by the name of Peneli Zuneli. The two would get on well until Nupu told him about her former girlfriend, to which quickly ended their relationship and pushing her further and further away from that life as well. She would disappear from the public eye for some time.

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Nupu notes 1.png

Four moons after leaving the Kindred, Nupu would have gone to Southern Thanalan to entertain a love struck Highlander whom asked her for help, only to be betrayed by her that stated that she was tired of her singing. The unnamed Highlander removed Nupu's tongue and left her in the desert for dead.

This resulted in her going to a new life of Thaumatergism, to which eventually lead to a run in with Voidsent which nearly killed Nunupu in a battle. However unsure of the result, she would have survived the encounter. Being woken a few suns later by her trainer, with new power she never knew she had.

She returned back to her former employer Bexy Amalaryssia and stayed a while with her. When she was thrown in to a battle, she accidentally (or so she claims) shot a fiery arrow towards her and burned her a little. Ever since, she has had a fear that she and her husband will kill her.

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Nupu notes 1.png

Nupu would join a group known as the Crystalline, thanks to her friend, Aanzo Dinzo, seeing that she was in a state that she wanted to get away from Bexy. During this time she met with Yashaix Ki'lari who took a liking to Nupu and eventually introduced her to Zanin Briggs, to which helped her restore her eye from an Aether based disability and restored her tongue so she could talk.

After a while, Nupu would return back once more to Bexy's Free Company House only to promise to take care of the recently moved in Lulula Lulu. To which the two had been acquainted long ago in the Kindred. The two would start off with slight doubts, however they would quickly become friends, then room-mates. Living together long enough, Nupu would grow an affection towards her and eventually fall in love. The two would currently be together and promise each other that they would not want anyone else in their lives.

Nupu and Lulu would travel together on a lot of issues regarding the ERA estate and advance their relationship in the meantime, even so much as celebrating the namedays with her in the comfort of one another. Prior to this, however, Lulu would have received a visit from a familiar Ahriman to which plagued her past and a strange, zombified man who stated that they want the eye of the Ahriman back. They then attended to the Dravanian Hinterlands through several weeks along side Nicole Desborough, Videra Svenay, Reiko Takahashi and Rei Wakeflame. Looking in a Library as to a book they were made aware of by the strange man and the Ishgardian Scholosticate, they entered the Gubal Library together in order to find it, however to be assaulted those who also seek the book, to which were held back during the process. After finding the book, they were then assisted by Magical Brooms, associated with the hermit in the caverns, Matoya. After receiving the book and returning to the strange man once more, they were made to go to the Shroud in order to defeat the Ahriman in order to retrieve the eye that the man had lost. They encountered the Ahriman outside of Haukke Manor, who fought the group and severely injured Nicole Desborough, but was eventually defeated. However, he summoned a Voidseed Atrocity, to which attempted to retreat away for another day, however thanks to an arrow from Lulu and Nupu launching a devastating fireball, destroying her. After that was done, the group returned to the strange man. Not trusting him and calling him out, he decided to disappear and attempt to attack the house to retrieve the book that they hid away from the man, so that they could get clarification first. They fought with the man a while, only to be helped by the Ishgardian duo in the Hinterlands. After defeating the strange man, they returned the book to them and went back to their ordinary lives.


Lulula Lulu: A girl that Nupu has grown to loving very dearly, the two would have a lot of remarkable similarities. She would live with her and would do anything to see her smile. As of the 27th of the 5th Astral Moon, they would begin their romantic relationship. On the 6th of the 1st Umbral Moon, Nupu would propose marriage to her and thus they would be engaged.

Reiko Takahashi: Nupu's co-worker and sister to her fiancee.

Aanzo Dinzo: Nupu's very good friend who was willing to help her recover her tongue. She once had a crush on the man, however she sees him more as a friend now.

Zanin Briggs: The Au Ra she owes a huge thanks to for restoring her tongue recently.

Itete Ite: A Plainsfolk she has come to enjoy the company of. The two would get on quite well and although married, Nupu would still harbor a slight crush on her.

Yashaix Ki'lari: A good friend to Nupu, also helped to recover her tongue and generally likes her in a lot of ways.

Alex Windfist: Her current employer who has been nothing but kind to her since she met him.

Gogomi Gomi: An old friend of hers who helped her realize how much she cared for Lulu unintentionally, merely by her flirtation towards this woman.


Peneli Zuneli: Her former boyfriend as well as someone who she knows she can rely on. The two have drifted apart.

Liliro Liro: Aanzo's ex-fiancee, the two would get on as something only described as a "Friendly Rivalry".

Videra Svenay: Someone who has made it adamantly clear that they are watching Nupu just in case she hurts anyone again, intentionally or not.


Bexy Amalaryssia: The one whom owns the room in which she stays with Lulula Lulu. She has had a fear of her since she shot at her with a fire engulfed arrow.

Maximilen Amalaryssia: Husband to Bexy, this man has threatened Nupu that if she does anything like what she did to Bexy to anyone they know, he would do unspeakable things to her.

Z'sisha Tyata: Adopted daughter to Bexy, who has also threatened Nupu, saying that if she wants to do anything to repent, she should be allowed to punt her.

PC Rumours

"Nunu is... *giggle* well, she's very pretty and nice and soft and... *giggle*" - Lulula Lulu

"She's... Proven herself to me, some. Strived long and hard to do it, too. She keeps my dear Lu happy, and defends her in my presence. Wary of her, some. But i do not forget so easily. And forgive, even less so." - Bexy Amalaryssia

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