Grant Yaeger

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Grant Yaeger
The Wolf's Claw

Name... Grant Yaeger
Alias... None
Age... 35
Gender... Male
Race... Hyur
Clan... Midlander
Orientation... Demiromantic
Marital... Single
Deity... None/Atheistic
Nationality... Ishgardian
Occupation... Wandering Knight
Alignment... Neutral Good
Grant Yaeger.png
Right: Green. Left: Red(Fake) Black Slightly tanned Athletic/Muscular Eorzean with a clear Ishgardian accent. (
Ambidextrous Two across his face. Numerous on his body. Scar tissue on the ends of his ears. None
Hair & Eyes
A full head of somewhat messy and unkempt jet black hair adorns his head, reaching about the beginning of his back as it is neatly tied up into a small tailing at the back of his head. His natural eye color is a dark green as shown by his right eye whic his his only properly functioning eye. His left 'eye' however is not an eye at all and close observers will be able to notice that it is in fact a Soul Crystal that was lodged onto the empty socket, bearing the marking of a Dark Knight.
Physique & Markings
As befitting a man whom calls himself a knight and wields a blade, Grant possessed a toned and athletic physique that he usually shrouds under layers of protective clothing. He possesses numerous scars, each telling a story of a battle survived, hidden under his clothes. As well two scars adorn his face: one across his left eye and one across his right cheek. The ends of his ears also seem to have some scarring as though they were cut off and cauterized, yet his ears seemed to be of normal Hyur size?
Hygiene & Attire
The man appears to be meticulous to say the least as he keeps his form clean and organized as much as he can. His weapons as well as his attire are well maintained with no sign of rust. Grant usually dresses in longcoats that obscure his form or otherwise makes him appear larger than he actually is. He dresses in contrasting black and white colors, never having them mix yet both seem to be present in some way in his clothing choices. He wears a layer of chainmail armor underneath his clothes to act as a guard to any unsuspecting attackers.
Psychological Profile
At a glance a very distant and rather blank individual. He is seemingly expressionless, rarely breaking from his stoic composure as his face retains a neutral expression at almost all times. Yet there seems to be more than meets the eye with the supposedly stoic knight as his expression seems to quiver and twitch at times, giving a slight indication as to how he is truly feeling under the expressionless mask. He is for the most part courteous and polite to those whom he meets and talks to. However, all pretense of politeness and courtesy is dropped as soon as anyone attempts to delve deep or otherwise show interest in the man himself, often acting rude and at times brash in an attempt to dissuade the person from thinking of him as more than simply a knight. He appears to act in an almost schizophrenic manner, having moments or periods of strange behaviour which is showcased by his strange fascination with moogles and appears to be suffering from delusions of grandeur as well as despair which is demonstrated by his firm belief in being a 'blade' as well as fervent denial of any personal happiness. He often uses references to his vague 'duties' of which only he seems to be aware to justify his lack of sociability.
He speaks in a neutral and composed tone that while polite appears to be very indifferent, showing little to no emotion or investment.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
He firmly believes in the idelogies of being a 'knight.' One that does not seem to follow a traditional description but one of his own. In his view a 'knight' is someone whom dedicates himself to the protection of 'innocents' as well as the slaying of 'injustice' that roams and plagues the world. In his view the 'knights' serve as a 'blade' of the people rather than a shield and so he fervently roams the land, searching for those in need of help, seeking to rend oppression wherever he might encounter it, regardless of the law or someone's social standings. If he sees another oppressing or otherwise depriving free will from another, he will move to summarily execute them as per his 'duties.' That said, he acts polite and courteous to those he deems 'innocent.' Yet, there is a clear sense of inferiority where he acts as though he is below most people or otherwise does not deserve the same rights as most, demonstrated by how he often implores others to seek happiness yet fervently denies such notions towards himself.
● Moogles
● Tea
● Silence
● Blades
● Traveling
● Fireplaces
● Thoughtful people
● Motives and passion
● Cold places
● Loud noises and people
● Nosey people
● Greed and corruption.
● Slavery and oppression
● Nutkin
● Dishonest people
● False promises

  • Favorite Food: Any kind of stew whether it be beef, pork, or dodo.
  • Favorite Drink: Tea
  • Favorite Color: Brown

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Deceased: This character has passed away.
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Richter Delacroix ( ) ( NPC ) - Father
A knight of some renown that resided in Ishgard, Grant grew up respecting and following in this man's footsteps and strived to earn his approval. However certain events from the past has completely estranged the father and son to the point that Grant actively denies that he has a father as well as strictly refusing to divulge what had occured. Nevertheless the knight still seems to show what is a trace of fear at the mention of his father, his name alone elicitting caution and panic within the normally composed knight. This fear seems to stem from a traumatic event involving his father as well as the indifferent and as well as abusive treatment he had received from his father for being a supposed 'bastard' of the family.
Elissara The Voidblade ( ) ( NPC ) - Teacher
An older Elezen Dark Knight that had taken the young Grant onto her wing at a moment of despair, setting him upon the path that he walks now. He had learned everything that he knows about combat and survival from this woman, and through her teachings, the ability and will to temper the abyss onto his blade. Grant feels a great deal of respect towards his teacher and remembers her fondly. Though he will not admit it, deep down he considers her the mother that he never had and sorely desires her guidance once more in these perilous times.
Frank Yaeger ( ) ( NPC ) - The Wolf's Fang/Brother
The older half brother of Grant Yaeger, and a Dragoon in service of Ishgard. He was a constant presence in Grant's childhood, and though their father had instilled in both of them the discipline to become a knight, it is this man that fueled the ideals that made them strive to protect others. In their youth, Frank had often protected him from others that had bullied as well as from their father's wrath, earning his ire in the process. He remained the sole source of guidance for a young and confused Grant, often inspiring him to struggle past their hardships as well as to persist. However their time together came to an end however as one day, he was sent on a mission far into the cold reaches of Coerthas to halt a supposedly impending threat of dragons...Grant never saw his brother after that, leaving the young squire feeling abandoned, confused, and alone. Grant greatly adored and cherished the time with his brother and remembers him fondly and it would seem that a promise that the two brothers had made is the main factor for the Knight's current desire to fight for others.


Nabi Kharlu ( ) ( PC ) - Medicine Girl of the East
A Xaela running a medicine stand that Grant had stumbled across in Kugane. He had asked the Xaela for direction within the rather confusing district as well as information about the Azim Steppes. Though he appreciates her warnings about the dangers of the Steppes, he hopes that she will in the end not worry about a fool from the west and simply go about her own business.
S'norah Khalu ( ) ( PC ) - Cheerful Troublemaker
A young seeker that Grant had met by chance in the middle of the Black Shroud. A cheerful individual that seems to both puzzle and irritate the knight to no end. Nevertheless, he considers her an acquaintance and will humor her provided she does not question his motives or his duty.
Talendros Malqir ( ) ( PC ) - The One Armed Beast
A Xaela brute of a man that Grant had met through a mutual employer, he respects the man for his determination as well as his strength. He appreciates his blunt honesty as well as indifference towards the knight's own ideals and would gladly trust him as an ally on the battlefield or a worthy opponent to face.
Seye Qhesu ( ) ( PC ) - The Voiceless
A mute Keeper of the Moon that Grant had encountered in more than one occassion. From their first meeting he had found the Miqo'te slightly odd but nonetheless a refreshing presence. He symphathizes with her voicelessness as well as respects her expressiveness despite it. He does not find her voicelessness a detriment in the slightest and is only more curious to know more about the mute Miqo'te, finding having to decipher her words and intentions through her expressions to be quite a refreshing change from normal conversation. He hopes to encounter her once more and have more pleasant deciphering 'conversations.'
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "The guy with the giant sword? Yeah I see him from time to time. Seems to patrol the Brume a lot..." -Denizen of the Brume
    "Grant? Yes he comes by from time to time. Seems really selective about the jobs he does but he gets them done." -Adventurer's Guild Receptionist
    "Wherever there is tea, he seems to be there!" -Enthusiastic Tea Vendor

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "I think I used to see him with this Xaela...He looked happier then. I wonder what happened?" -Lavender Beds Resident
    "Whenever he visits Ishgard..It's always the Brume. He avoids going elsewhere for some reason..." -Beggar from the Brume
    "I swear to you! I saw it! A lunatic with a moogle mask swinging around a giant sword! Damn well cleaved a bandit in half!" -Astonished Wood Wailer

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "Don't know what he has under it..But he seems especially protective of his neck." - Observent and Retired Adventurer
    "He kind of looks like that bastard son of a knight that got discharged for disobeying orders all those years ago." -Temple Knight Captain
    "So he's still alive huh? He was never the same since his brother disappeared. Moreso after he was-...Ah I should stop reminsicing" -Ishgardian Astrologian


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name
    "Add rumor here." Name

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