Kosetsu Kensei

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Kosetsu Kensei
The Eastern Knight


RACE & CLAN... Au Ra, Raen.

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... “In excess of thirty cycles”, 24th sun of the 1st astral moon.




NATIONALITY... Othardian, nation undefined.

OCCUPATION... Dark Knight, Adventurer.


ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good


At first glance, Kosetsu would probably seem like an introverted, single-minded simpleton. At second and third glance, she’ll likely still seem exactly that. Kosetsu generally remains quiet, only occasionally blurting out single words or short sentences regarding the situation. Her words carry nothing beyond her exact thoughts. The Raen is honest to a fault, often offending others or startling them with her lack of tact.

Kosetsu’s single-mindedness is focused exclusively on the pursuit of justice. This completely overrules any other emotion she would carry, making her easily seem devoid of any personality at all. Family, loved ones, allies, friends or even herself. Kosetsu would not bat an eye to sacrifice anything if it means that she does what feels right. The woman’s detachment from her own sense of humanity has seemingly made her an avatar of that which she strives for, even if it wouldn’t always match with the sense of justice others have. Correlating with this, Kosetsu can be found to be bold, even fearless, and without any regrets. Should danger present itself, Kosetsu can often be found facing it head-on. Despite this, Kosetsu does seem to have a sense of self-preservation, as she prefers to live another day to do more good.

Justice -- Kosetsu’s guiding line in life. She is of the belief that for every wrong committed by man, natural order dictates a correctional measure needs to be taken to offset these wrongdoings. With her absolute dedication to this purpose bordering on fanaticism, she doesn’t think twice to step forward as judge, jury and executioner when justice has yet to be dealt. She is like to feel the results of this are the greatest reward she can achieve. She is also drawn to people of a similar disposition, even if it is unlikely that their commitment to the cause would exceed hers.
Freedom -- Correlating with her other views, Kosetsu believes in the accountability of individuals on a person-to-person basis. As such, she holds the conviction that all children of man deserve an equal measure of freedom to make their own choices. Kosetsu also values her personal freedoms greatly. Should anyone or anything get in the way of her perceived right to exercise freedom, she’s like to turn on the person or cause.
Combat -- Kosetsu is unlike to admit it anytime soon, but there is a measure of pride in her abilities as a combatant. Born to a renowned clan of swordsmen and a lifetime of combat experience in a multitude of realms have forged Kosetsu into a living weapon. It is with sword in hand that Kosetsu feels she can best fulfil her chosen purpose.
Cuisine -- Throughout her travels, Kosetsu has come across many different forms of digestive sustenance, and she likes to try everything out. Though she is no cullinarian herself, and can offer no professional form of critique, she holds great appreciation for a well-prepared meal.
Authoritative and arbitrary systems -- Kosetsu believes written law and interruptive traditions to often stand exactly opposite the justice and freedom she seeks to defend, especially when heavily enforced. The Raen can manifest this displeasure in a variety of ways and to different degrees of severity. She has been known to “abuse” the Ishgardian trial by combat on two occasions. And even a simple request to stand in a line with others can be reacted to unfavourably if she feels it is an exercise of authority.
Religion -- After having travelled far and wide and encountering faith in many forms, Kosetsu has come to the conclusion that nothing good comes from the religions she has encountered. The social constitutions born from them, paired with the possibility of primal summonings have left the Raen with no respect for the practises of the faithful whatsoever.
Nicknames/Aliases -- More of a peeve than a strong dislike. Kosetsu thinks of nicknames, titles and aliases to be pretentious at best. Though she is not one to uphold tradition, Kosetsu does hold respect for her ancestry. She feels that carrying the name one is given as a child is a good manner to reflect on where one comes from.
Lominsan speech -- As the Eorzean common tongue is not her first language, Kosetsu feels that your average Lominsan puts even less effort into learning it despite it commonly being the only tongue they speak. The incomplete words and slur of the sentences make it difficult for the foreigner to understand. Often enough she will just stare at the one speaking, or ignore them outright.

Stubborn -- It’s unlike for anyone to knock Kosetsu out of her habits. She strongly holds to the idea that due to her dedication and the inability of others to exceed it thus far, she must be on the right track.
Weird speech -- Kosetsu has an odd way of speaking the Eorzean common tongue. Due to the dated reference books and teachings in her village, Kosetsu was taught to speak the language in a rather archaic manner. “ Thee’s” and “ Thou’s” are commonly found in her speech, and her actual interactions with Eorzeans have not done too much to change this.

Dark Knight -- Despite hailing from Othard, Kosetsu has apprenticed herself to an Ishgardian Dark Knight through familial relations as a young girl. Through decades of intense training, discipline and combat experience, Kosetsu’s mastery of the Dark Arts is notable to say the least. In addition to greatly enhancing her physical abilities and complementing her swordsmanship, she mostly uses her magicks for defensive measures in order to close in on an opponent for melee combat. She also possesses the ability to fire concussive blasts of energy from her hands to harass foes or catch them off-guard. Finally, she has the ability to charge her sword with aetheric energies, and with a swing, send out a destructive shockwave.
Swordsmanship -- The name “Kensei” means “Sword Saint” when translated. Kosetsu’s family, having served as their village’s chief defenders for centuries, takes this title very seriously. Even before her apprenticeship as a Dark Knight, Kosetsu was taught the ways of the sword. She prefers the greatsword as all Dark Knights, but a practised swordsman is like to notice the eastern influences in her fighting style, which has been etched into the Au Ra’s very being from an unreasonably young age.
Multilingual -- Even a person of questionable social skills like Kosetsu recognizes the importance of being able to communicate well when travelling. With Doman as her first language, Kosetsu is capable of communicating in the Eorzean common tongue, Garlean and the basic Xaela language in addition to several dialects including but not limited to those of the Dotharl, Tumet, Kahkol and Qerel. She also knows some basic Thavnairian words.

Little can be said of the Auri swordswoman’s facial appearance. Though she stands tall for a woman of her kind, this fact is easily lost to the commonly taller races of the Eorzean realm. Originally she was only to be found fully clad in armour, obscuring all of her features. But she has fairly recently replaced her helmets for veils. Underneath, hair of a soft pink hue obstructs her left eye. Her one visible eye is also coloured pink, revealing little emotion. Only in the most extreme situations does the Au Ra’s obscured expression change.

When the occasion calls for such, Kosetsu would take to wearing appropriate clothing, rather than armour. This reveals that the Raen has the typical petite, hourglass figure found in the vast majority of women of her kind. Kosetsu has a notably toned physique for an Auri woman, though this fact can easily be lost on those who are unfamiliar with her kind. In outfits that conceal less skin, Kosetsu is revealed to be of a strangely healthy tone of skin considering her usual choice of attire. She seems to be eerily free of any blemishes on both her skin and scales despite her claims of decades of combat experience. The only irregularity to be found is a black marking on her left wrist, sitting between the patterns of her scales. This marking seems to always be covered up, regardless of attire.

Matching her general demeanour, her voice seems to lack any emotional inclination. She speaks softly and free of intonation. Paired with her archaic manner of speech and inability to pick up on social queues, the Auri knight could make for an awkward conversational partner.

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