Hatsukiku Maibito

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 Hatsukiku Maibito
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship None; Doman Refugee
Guardian Unknown
Nameday 17th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (August 17th)
Age 32
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status In a relationship
Occupation Currently helping The Heart division at Bravura

Basic Info

Name: Hatsukiku Maibito (First Chrysanthemum of the Dancer family)

Nickname: Kiku

Accent: Doman

Current Residence: Hatsukiku is currently staying at Bravura Headquarters in the Mists.


Hatsukiku and her sister, Hanatsuma, came from a small town in Doma, where their father worked with the town's guard, using a polearm to help defend the people, and their mother worked with a few of the other women as healers and medics. Hatsukiku was later trained and worked with the healers and medics in town, handling mending mixing of medicines, while her sister trained under the seamstresses and leather-workers in town. As soon as trouble reached their small town, their parents secured passage for Hatsukiku and Hanatsuma to flee to Eorzea during the uprising against the Garlean forces. Being both Doman refugees, and Au Ra Raen, their arrival in Eorzea, was met with some hardships. Hatsukiku has been recovering and adjusting to Eorzea as best she can, working to improve her skills in conjury and the different healing trades a country foreign to her has to offer.


Height: 5 fulm, 1 ilm (5'1") (155.0 cm)

Weight: 109 ponze (109 lbs) (49.44 kg)

Build: Average

Skin Tone: Olive - has lovely yellow, green and light brown undertones that makes for easy tanning, sans the burn. While not as easily tarnished by the sun, skin is often oily and prone to enlarged pores and breakouts.

Skin Type: Combination - can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin).

Distinguishing Marks: Patch of discoloration on her left shoulder (birth mark)

Hair:  Deep purples with magenta, cropped shorter to her neckline.

Eyes:  Left eye pale blue, right eye pale pink, with pink limbal rings.


Reading: Hatsukiku's interest in reading stems from her wish to learn. Growing up, books weren't overly common in the household as her family didn't make too many trips to the cities.

Gardening and Botany/Herbology: Hatsukiku learned these skills from her mother, alongside her younger sister, growing up. She always found nature and plants interesting as a child and enjoys experimenting with crossbreeding, as well as creating medicines from various plants.

Cooking: Applying her knowledge of plants, herbs, and other chemical reactions to create something that is both edible and tastes good always manages to please Hatsukiku.


Rain: The sound and smell of rain are always comforting to Hatsukiku, especially in summer.

Warm Nights: Warm nights and relaxing remind Hatsukiku of her childhood, staying up late in the summer moons, excited by the sounds and hum of the insects outside.

Home-cooked Food: More specifically, cooking food with family and friends, and being able to enjoy it with them as well.

Meditation: Meditation refreshes Hatsukiku's mind and allows her to approach everyday trials and obstacles with a clean slate. Since coming to Eorzea, it has also helped in her training to control her aether usage and application.


Crowds: The hum and blur of sound becomes overwhelming, reverberating through her horns, making Hatsukiku unable to think clearly.

Overbearing Male Figures: Aggressive men always put Hatsukiku in a foul mood and she becomes defensive and unafraid to speak her mind.

Hot Weather: The difference between warm weather and hot weather may seem like a small distinction to some, but the difference is very apparent to Hatsukiku. The overly hot weather causes discomfort and annoyance.

Snow: Much like her distaste for hot weather, snow is an annoyance to Hatsukiku, as well as freezing weather. The chill sets into her tail and takes much longer than she'd like for it to dissipate.


  • Colors:  Various shades of purple, red, and brown.
  • Foods:  Fruits (particularly plums), roasted vegetables, sweet breads, vegetable stews and soups.
  • Drinks:  Teas, particularly different blends of herbal teas, sweet wines.
  • Scents: Forested areas after it rains, the ocean, mint, old books, cigarette smoke.
  • Places: The more wooded areas of La Noscea, as well as the forests near Gridania.
  • Festival: Heavensturn.

Least Favorites

  • Colors:  Greens and yellows.
  • Foods:  Apples, most spicy foods, fresh water fish.
  • Drinks:  Hard liquors, milks.
  • Scents: Raw meat, garlic.
  • Places: Ul'dah and Thanalan, the market areas of Limsa Lominsa, ships.
  • Festival: N/A (Hatsukiku hasn't been around for many of Eorzea's fesitvals).


Lawful Neutral: "Lawful Neutral characters believe the best way is to have a specific, strict code of conduct, whether self-imposed or codified as a law. Their first impulse when making a moral decision is to refer back to this code; those with externally imposed systems (codes of laws, hierarchies, etc.) will try to work within the system when those systems go wrong. They will refuse to break this code even if good could be done by breaking it. A lawful neutral character typically believes strongly in lawful concepts such as honor, order, rules, and tradition, and often follows a personal code. Examples of lawful neutral characters include a soldier who always follows orders, a judge or enforcer that adheres mercilessly to the word of the law, and a disciplined monk."


Lacks Purpose: Now that she is in Eorzea and no longer working as a town medic, Hatsukiku is unsure of what to do with herself. She has fallen back on her skills in conjury, seeking to improve herself, but she knows that this is only going to be a temporary fix to the issue at hand of not having something to drive her and work towards.

Sacrificed for Training: Growing up, she spent most of her formative years working on training under her mother, shirking spending time with others her own age. Now as an adult, Hatsukiku is finding it difficult to form friendships and navigate social situations.

Commitment Anxiety: Hatsukiku has major anxieties when it comes to relationships with others in a romantic sense. She feels that being in a relationship would detract from her watching out and protecting Hanatsuma in a land so foreign to her.


Losing Her Sister: Being the older sibling, Hatsukiku feels responsible to making sure that Hanatsuma stays safe and looked after. Without their parents, she feels it is her duty to do this.

Becoming Useless: A major fear for Hatsukiku is being unable to help or assist, not only her sister, but with anything in general, in Eorzea. This is what drives her to further her training and learning of healing arts.

Garleans: After witnessing the tensions of being in a country with Garlean rule, and having to flee to another country, Hatsukiku fears a Garlean attack in Eorzea. Their scattered presence is often enough to put her ill at ease.


Medical Training: While growing up, Hatsukiku trained under her mother to follow in her footsteps aiding the town in healing arts, both magical (aetheric) and herbal in nature. While her knowledge of the herbal portions of medicine may elude her at times, her skill in the magical arts of healing has excelled.

Reading Languages: One hobby of Hatsukiku's used to be reading anything and everything she could manage to get hold of. Her grandparents would often gift her foreign tomes when they could telling stories of the world, histories, filled with maps and artist renditions of landscapes, in various languages. She spent hours poring over them trying to figure out what they all said. As she got older, her ability to learn written languages grew. While she may have issues in speaking them, she is able to read and write them with relative ease.

Cooking: As part of her duties and chores growing up, helping her mother in the kitchen was one thing Hatsukiku excelled at. Between seasoning stews and soups to baking, she has a natural talent in culinary arts.


Hatsukiku is entirely untrained in combat. Her skill sets are more suited to magics. While she can wield a staff in self defense if entirely necessary, she has not trained with any weaponry and prefers to keep her distance from hostile situations, only stepping in if entirely necessary, or to protect others.


From a young age, Hatsukiku's mother began training her in the healing arts of what is called conjury in Eorzea. In Doma, her skills in healing were growing quite steadily, but since arriving in Eorzea, the aether charge of the land has hampered her abilities; each spell she would try and cast would either be overly powerful or entirely ineffective. Her frustrations with this led her to Gridania where she is training under Miss Sulahn to get a better connection with nature to reestablish her skill.


While her sister was trained in leather working and cloth craft, Hatsukiku spent more time learning culinary skills, helping cook and feed the family.


While not a very experienced fisher, Hatsukiku's skill with botany is well above average. Her ability to scavenge and find edible plants, medicinal plants, and other useful types of things growing around has helped her in various ways, the most obvious being her survival in a new land such as Eorzea.


Mother: Kurimata Maibito - Presumed stuck in Othard. Possibly dead.

Father: Yasunaga Maibito - Presumed dead securing safe passage to Eorzea for Hatsukiku and her sister.

Younger sister: Hanatsuma Maibito - In their journey to Eorzea, Hatsukiku and Hanatsuma became separated. It wasn't until nearly two seasons had passed that Hanatsuma led an expedition to locate Hatsukiku in the Shroud.

Other family: Hatsukiku can't recall much about the rest of her family. As a child, she was told she comes from a long line of agricultural workers. She couldn't remember a lot of what her father did before joining the guard, but she was told it was helping her father's parents tend to the land. What she does remember being told, though, is that the women in her family typically have a magical affinity for healing magics. Her memories of her grandparents from her mother's side feel like a very distant memory, but she treasured the gifts they gave her.

Positive/Possibly Romantic

Seth Winnfield: Hatsukiku met Xena during an arcanima class at St. Reinette's University. While the two awkwardly shared a desk, their awkwardness towards each other reached even higher shortly after class when they met outside of the university. Agreeing to share a meal together the following day, Hatsukiku wasn't anticipating the event to turn into their first date. Within a few days, the two spending more time together, becoming fast friends, even going so far as to share a kiss, and then on Hatsukiku's nameday, when Xena surprised her, they confirmed things by becoming girlfriends.


Shino Senkatsu: Hatsukiku doesn't know much about Shino aside from the fact she is close with Hanatsuma and keeps an eye out for her. The two met when Hanatsuma led a search party through The Shroud in search of Hatsukiku, of which Shino was a part of. Their interactions have been minimal since their first meeting, only seeing each other in passing a few times at the Eagle and Quill Bookstore where they resided for a while. She later learned, when Hanatsuma disappeared, that her sister and Shino were wed, making Shino her sister-in-law. Since then, she has been making an effort to know her new family a bit better while looking out for her the same as she does her own sister.

Neith Tumet: Much like Shino, Hatsukiku doesn't know much about Neith but can tell from their few interactions that she is another person to be trusted. She was also present in the search led by Hatsukiku's younger sister. During her time at the Eagle and Quill, Hatsukiku became a little better acquainted with the woman, but it wasn't until later at Bravura Headquarters that Hatsukiku saw her again.

Kukuna Kuna: Kukuna worked with Hatsukiku to get her out of the Eagle and Quill, helping her adjust to life in Eorzea. Between discussing magic and helping train, as well as being partners in a magic dueling competition, the two formed a friendship.

Mira Paravane: While rather oblivious, Mira at least left a positive impression on Hatsukiku with her caring nature. Her personality took a bit of adjusting to, but once Hatsukiku became more settled in at the Eagle and Quill, Mira no longer worried her.

Lady Micharan Danasorian: Hatsukiku owes a lot to Lady Danasorian for offering to take her in and give her work while she came to terms with life in Eorzea. As the owner of the bookstore, she hired Hatsukiku on as the groundskeeper, paying her more than fairly for the work she did.

V'ashir Tia: Thinking about V'ashir makes Hatsukiku smirk. His attempts at flirting when they met within the Lavender Beds made her smile. While she turned him down, she couldn't help but admire his straight forward speaking with her and collected attitude. Perhaps the two will meet again and can finally take that trip to Costa Del Sol like he proposed.

Ferathir Dawnbreaker: At the time she met V'ashir, Hatsukiku met Ferathir who informed her that her younger sister, Hanatsuma, was working for them in Thanalan. Before departing, she asking Ferathir to ensure Hanatsuma was safe.

Miss Lindelle Despereaux: Miss Lindelle was the first person Hatsukiku encountered when checking out St. Reinette's. Something about her seemed motherly, and her welcoming nature made Hatsukiku feel safe. Miss Lindelle always looked out for Hatsukiku while she was at the school, as well as Seth.

Miss Sulahn Da'assan: Miss Sulahn was the one who aided Hatsukiku in her troubles managing the abundance of aether that Eorzea has, teaching her meditation techniques, easing her mind to allow the aether to flow through her naturally. The woman will remain in Hatsukiku's mind as a positive figure during her time spent in Eorzea.


Zozoju Zoju: On a trip to The Eagle and Quill bookstore to fetch some of her things before heading to Gridania, Zozoju arrived at the store under Neith's care. The mammet piqued her curiosity, yet she didn't get much of a chance to interact with it, only seeing the pre-loaded demonstrations and general inquiries on Neith's part.

Thata'wo Kaatapoh: Thata'wo was with V'ashir and Ferathir when Hatsukiku met them in the Lavender Beds. Hatsukiku still remains entirely unsure of what to make of him.

Kyn Fateweaver:



Hatsukiku was working at the Eagle and Quill bookstore as a groundskeeper under House Danasorian.

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