Kukuna Kuna

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kukuna Kuna
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 23
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer

Kukuna Kuna is a Ul'dahn Lalafell with a vested interest in all things Thaumaturgy. Born and raised in a family of mages, most of her time growing up was spent finding ways to make her fire spells just a tad hotter, her ice spells just that much more cooler, and her thunder spells to be that much more shocking. She's been with the Thaumaturge guild since she was young, constantly training, until recently when she figured that indoor instruction would no longer help her improve. She took up the adventurer's mantle in hopes that she will continue to further herself in the art and become an accomplished mage, much like her family.

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Basic Info


Magic in general
Sweets and pastries
Friends and family


Spicy foods
Being the center of attention
Her terrible eyesight
Deep water


Alignment: Neutral Good
Favorite Food: Chocolates
Favorite Drink: Chamomile Tea
Favorite Color: Red

Appearance & Personality

Kukuna is short in stature, much like every Lalafell on Hydaelyn. She stands just under three fulms, a moderate height for a Lalafell. She sports a fair complexion, her skin tinged with a light reddish color. She has long, chestnut brown hair that can reach down past her shoulders. Typically, she keeps her hair tied up in some form or fashion, rarely letting it all loose. Her jade-colored eyes are typically behind rimless glasses. Without them she would have difficulty seeing distant objects, making her near-sighted.
Kukuna is a very critical person, constantly analyzing people and is often overly critical of herself. She is a tad soft-spoken, however, she has little issues with socializing with others. In social situations, some people who meet her could say that she is nearly overly-polite. However, as she becomes more acquainted with a person her speech and mannerisms begin to relax little by little. You'll know when you've become her friend when she begins to poke fun at you.
Normally, Kukuna is slow to anger. However, there are two subjects that are sure to set her off fairly quickly: Voidsent and Black Magic. To her, both were very fatal mistakes brought about by the mage community that nearly brought the world to ruin. In her mind, it is a duty of a modern mage to obliterate any Voidsent they come across in order to make amends for their forefather's transgressions as well as attempt to dissuade any mage that show interest in Black Magic.

Abilities and spells

Kukuna was blessed with a fairly large internal reserve of aether, larger than that of her brother Totojin Kokojin. Her reserves combined with her constant training and studying throughout her life makes her spells fairly potent and precise. She can command and manipulate the basic spells of Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder and its tiers with ease, requiring little time to prepare.
Currently, Kukuna is testing ways where she can manipulate the Astral and Umbral aspects of Thaumaturgy without associating them with the elements of fire, ice, and lightning. Using the basic spell 'Scathe' as a basis, she has two additional spells that apply her theory of Astral and Umbral manipulation: Banish and Dia. With Banish being a strong unaspected spell and Dia being able to penetrate weak wards and materials. With time, she hopes that she can explore this field of Thaumaturgy.


Kukuna has a huge sweet tooth. If afforded an opportunity, she would go out of her way to try some of the local pastries in the area. Doubly so for assorted chocolates or chocolate covered consumables. If one wishes to become fast friends with Kukuna, or manipulate her to a small degree, break out the sweets and treats.

In addition to her sweet tooth. Close friends of hers would know that she is a bit of a hopeless romantic, eager to hear people's relationship stories. In extreme cases, she fantasizes plenty of rose-tinted relationship scenarios for other people, through not as much for herself. In short, Kukuna secretly ships people.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I've seen her hang around the Quicksand a few times. Typically reading some dusty old book or drinking tea...does she live off of that stuff?" -- Quicksand Patron
"She's a damn good mage, even acted as a bit of a trainer back in the Guild. A shame she left." -- Ul'dah Thaumaturge
"I always see her in Ul'dah, and she now claims to be an adventurer? Hah! What kind of adventurer doesn't go out and, y'know, adventure?" -- A merchant
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Damn Lalafell. She may look all sweet and polite but I know its all an act! I know her for what she really is, a murderer!" -- Pearl Lane solicitor
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Heard that she's had dealings with Voidsent. Probably even summoned a few herself. She's just been reeeeal careful with it, but one of these days, she'll get caught. When she does, I'm eager to see her put down." -- Hooded Thaumaturge
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Kuna's so nice! And she's, like, super smart. And she likes chocolate. And... well, she seems pretty strong! You can't go wrong with a girl like that. I mean, really." ~Rihxo Matoi
"Kuna's super sweet, we went on quite a few dates and had really great times! I just... I just wish she had more time for me..." ~Ririla Rila
My dear Kuna. You have taken my heart unlike anyone I've met before. Maybe it is because of how kind and caring you are, or maybe it is because of the time we spent. I am more than happy to meet you in this Era. Even if you were not to see the same in me, whether I am a Carbuncle or a Hyur, I will see to it that you are happy until the end. Even if it will cost me my own life.~Edward Lazipu
"Her spells are great to look at. I must learn more." ~Xyla Quintessence
"The li'l lady's real good wit' them spells o' her's. I wouldn' mess wit' her." ~Chiyo Hoshi


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Totojin Kokojin Her older brother. Kukuna hasn't seen in brother in years since he left home to pursue Arcanima in Limsa Lominsa. The two kept contact with each other through the occasional letter. Kukuna questions why her brother diverted from the Thaumaturge's path but seeing him hale and healthy is enough to put her mind at ease.

"I'm glad you're doing well."

Xyla Quintessence : Kukuna first met Quint during a call to arms by Arala Makeo in Quicksand. Ever since taking up that job, Kukuna found herself caught in the middle of Quint's affairs. Kukuna however, considers Quint to be a good friend, enjoying what conversation she could gleam out of her and generally enjoys her company. She wishes to remain by her friend's side throughout her ordeal.

"Funny how agreeing to take a job that sent me to Coerthas would put me through so much stuff throughout the months. As we near the end of it all, I'm glad I did."

Cobalon : A talking Carbuncle that is frequently by Quint's side. Generally enjoys conversing with him and loves to tease him. She hopes she will be able to learn a lot from Cobalon, things from learning new recipes to cook to augmenting her magic arsenal with new spells. As a bonus, he squeaks.

"People may call him perverted, but he's a complete gentleman! Everything he says and talks about is interesting too. And he's so darn cute too! HE EVEN SQUEAKS!"

Rihxo Matoi : A good friend of Kukuna's and fellow chocolate fanatic. Both of them met during Arcadeus's Starlight dinner and nearly immediately became friends.

"Glad I was able to meet Rihxo that day. I hope I can be strong enough to be considered her equal as an adventurer and dependable enough to be her partner in crime...also I hope she'll continue to supply me with sweets."

Jujuwai Totowai : Kukuna briefly met Jujuwai at the Quicksand, where she learned that he was watching her matching at Runestone fairly closely. Kukuna talked with him and his sister Shoshopu Shopu on numerous occassions, becoming somewhat antiquated with them,

"Jujuwai is definitely an impressive mechanic in his own right. Hope we can talk more."

Shoshopu Shopu : Kukuna briefly met Shoshopu when Jujuwai brought her over to visit the estate with him. Secretly, Kukuna admired Shoshopu's showings at Runestone, impressed that an arcanist was able to utilize Leviathan-Egi and win it all. From their brief discussions, Kukuna was able to gleam that Shoshopu was also a hard worker, trying to advance herself in the field of arcanima, much like she is in the field of Thaumaturgy. Because of this, she somewhat looks at Shoshopu as a rival figure in a sense.

"A very impressive mage. Seeing her success makes me want to push myself harder. Maybe one day we can trade theories and discuss our respective fields."

Hanatsuma Maibito : A Doman refugee. Kukuna talked and hung out with Hanatsuma a few times. She hopes she'll be able to know more about her. Recently agreed to keep an eye out for her missing sister.

"Keep your head up! We'll be able to find your sister."

Sumi Kha : One of the Fated Inn's hosts. Kukuna thinks Sumi to be rather odd, offering her a job to confront a rouge mage out in the Shroud and return with their hat or shoes to nail on the wall. Despite her odd mannerisms, she enjoys her company.

"To be honest, I have no idea what goes through her mind."

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