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Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.

 Izanami “Mayon” Stormcaller
"I may look delicate and gentle, but I house a fury yet to be tapped."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship N/A
Age 23
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Namesday 19th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon


"You may call me, Mayon." An air of determination and forced confidence surrounds this green-haired Au Ra. To her friends and family in Cliffperch, she is Mayon, the fledgling wannabe sword fighter that rushes headfirst into battle if she thinks the fight is just. Izanami, herself, is a seeker of making the world a better place to live for all people. She is a fierce friend and ally, willing to throw herself in the face of danger for another at any given moment. She believes in her own ideals and is rather stubborn. It takes a lot to for her to understand anyone else's opinion for this girl.

A shy, smiling Raen with a naive streak a malm wide would best describe Izanami Stormcaller. Fiercely wanting to be able to live up to her family name, Izanami will often tell friends to call her Mayon in an effort to keep the Stormcaller name far from her mistakes as she learns swordsmanship. Although her lithe frame and general child-like demeanor might hint towards a bit of a pushover in a fight, Izanami is a veritable siphon of destructive aetheric energies thanks to her mother's mage training. Izanami has been most successful utilizing the arts of Thaumaturgy, as taught by her mother, but has seen her magics too wild and violent to be applied to other disciplines accurately. Izanami has since, after leaving her home, been training to focus the destructive energies into swordsmanship, tapping into the dark arts, with help from her teacher, Ser Draco Nobis.

۵ Appearance

She sports a optimistic smile, on her pale skin. Her hair is a deep emerald green. Izanami has white limbal rings with the classic Stormcaller eye discoloration. Izanami is never far from her pouch of divination cards, given to her by her mother's mother when she was a small child.

۵ Behaviour

ღ Some how always gets herself into trouble, especially when she's not looking for it.
ღ Izanami is determined to live up to the Stormcaller name whether it be through theatrics or true prowess. True prowess being her ideal.
ღ She has a spectacularly low alcohol tolerance.
ღ Izanami has a weakness for cute things.
ღ Izanami has a deep desire to protect people.
ღ She will gladly love to see how your magic/technique works and will invite you to try it on her.
ღ In a crowd, she can be very shy.

۵ History

Izanami is the only child of her late father Yamagi Stormcaller, a member of the Doman mercenary group NoKon-Ken, and her late mother Gyosei, a crazed Raen fortune seer. Her surviving family consists of her uncle, Satori Stormcaller, who currently operates out of Ul'dah with the remnants of the NoKon-Ken, and Arik Oronir, who was taken in by Satori and trained in various martial fighting styles.

Izanami was deeply affected by her father's death. Her uncle had brought back her father's broken sword when he told Gyosei and 10-turn-old Izanami about the loss. Izanami has since always wanted to take up sword fighting but her mother forbade it for various reasons.

Izanami grew up not able to leave her house. Her mother claimed that she would be hunted and that the voices warned that she not go, in addition to a prediction of terrible things. Izanami's mother eventually allowed the girl to leave the house, moons before Doma was lost to the Garleans. On her journey to Eorzea, she had gotten lost in Coerthas. Wandering until she could bear the cold no longer, Izanami was saved from sudden peril by Cecieroux Ormesang and Draco Nobis. Since, she has taken up a room in the Aeon Free Company.


Izanami is working to perfect a technique combining both Thaumaturgy and the art of the dark blade. Believing that both arts are fueled through emotions and understanding that both require concentration and control, Izanami hopes to create a fighting art that is unique to herself.




Recent RP events

ღ She has started a band of knights called the Blades of Eternity.

ღ Izanami ended the life of what was left of the crazed Cecieroux Ormesang, a person she cared very dearly about.

ღ Izanami has gone around Ul'dah as the do-gooder Izzy Stormcaller, helping people as she appears with a crack of lightning to right wrongs and give children cookies.

ღ She has learned that Arik is a close friend of her family. She is now in a budding relationship.

ღ Has been focusing her training on control.


Will fight those who she sees as a threat to her friends.
Is not about to give in to those who she feels are bad or unworthy.
Usually trusts people until she is burned.


Large swords
Questionable clothing
Dark colors
Being praised
Blowing things up
Reading new theories about magic and aether
A challange


Being told what to do
Being called an idiot
Feeling trapped
Being underestimated
People who do not defend others
Spicy food
Knowing that she doesn't know something
Ul'dah merchants


Card divination
Listening to others
Biting off more than she can chew
Falling in love with the wrong people
Being conveniently naive


Favourite Food/Drink: Tea and that Bananas Bismarck stuff she had that one day "Dish shtuff ish sho gud!"
Favourite Place: The hill on top of the Coffer and Coffin where Brave took her to.
Favourite Things to Do: Watch fierworks, go to beaches, or near anything to wipe the frown off of someone's face.
Favourite Weapon: A very large, well balanced greatsword. Perhaps one that gives the illusion of calling the storms from the heavens?

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Important Contacts

Leon Greymoon – Talking with him inspires Mayon to be the best she can be. He has a knack for raising her mood even from the depths of depression. Mayon looks up to Leon very much, although she worries for his safety since she knows him to be reckless.

Draco Nobis – The man that has been teacher her how to use a sword. Draco has had a few choice words about the path she is taking with his tutelage. Izanami has a deep respect for the man.

Brave Horizon – Like a sister to the wayward Au Ra. Mayon has not the words to express the how much Brave's council has meant to her.

Reima Awen – A fellow student of Draco's and one of the nicest people that Mayon has ever met. Mayon sees her as a woman with a gentle heart and a will of pure steel.

Septhaja Hellebore – An intriguing lady that seems to put up a grumpy front. Septha shared memories of her death with Izanami to show her what enemies are capable of. Mayon still has night terrors from the event.

Shinorah Nightsbane – Seems like a pleasant woman, despite seeming to be the nervous type. She hopes that Arik didn't scare her too bad.

Arik Oronir – Her uncle's protege and altogether odd man. He once assumed that they were engaged.

Enemies & Rivals

Cecieroux Ormesang – Izanami's first love and heartbreak. Mayon killed him after he went crazy, or at least, hopefuly killed him. She has taken to tending to his abandoned chocobo, Oberon.
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۵ Rumours

"The storm blew her here! She gave me a cookie! She's so nice!" - A child
"That little thing couldn't swing that sword she's got, could she?" - A Traveler
"I don't know how she does it, but she delivers when I give her a task. I'd hire that girl again." - Ul'dah Merchant
"I seen her fight'n this big 'ole beast with that big 'ole sword! An I di'nt even have a drink before I saw it hit the ground! I swears it!" - Local Drunk

۵ Player Character Rumours

ღ "Mayon? Oh trust me, she has the potential to be as good as, if not better than I am, and I don't say that lightly. Also, don't fuck with her, if she doesn't rough you up, I will." -Leon Greymoon

۵ Footnotes

۵ Alignment:Lawful Neutral

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