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Jujuko Juko
Mischief and Misrule


Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... Ju-ju-ko Ju-ko.

NICKNAMES... Juju, Ko, Koko, 'Bad Juju'.

RACE & CLAN... Lalafell Dunesfolk.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... 22.

NAMEDAY... 27th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon.



Other Statistics



FAMILY... Mother, step-father and brother, living. Father unknown.

RESIDENCE... Lavender Beds Cottage.

OCCUPATION... Busker and performer.

HEIGHT... 2 fulms, 11 ilms.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good.

General Information
Hair & Eyes
Toto's hair is naturally a vibrant red-orange colour, though she often adds in lighter streaks and highlights of a more definite orange colour when the mood takes her. Her hair is thick in texture and abundant, meaning that she molts hair everywhere she goes - this was always much to the chagrin of her mother, who would complain about it endlessly. Her eyes are the typical Dunesfolk fare, brightly coloured with no discernable pupil like, say, a Plainsfolk has. Her eyes are a deep, vibrant green colour, and are often scrunched up in sheer joy and laughter.
Physique & Markings
Having an average body weight for a Lalafell of her height, Totoko is somewhat unremarkable in that way. She is shorter than average, and blames this on her father who she never knew, as her mother and brother are both rather tall. She has a small 'tea stain' type birthmark on the back of her right hand and a flurry of freckles covering her body from toe to forehead.
Hygiene & Attire
Totoko could possibly be best described as a bit of a punk. Often found in tattered clothing she's had since she was a teenager, Toto doesn't exemplify fashion or style in any way, shape or form. She often wears a mish-mash of colours and fabrics, which annoys her Weaver-by-trade brother to the ends of Hydaelyn. Her hygiene is average - she bathes once a day unless travelling but isn't afraid to get messy should she need to.
Psychological Profile
Totoko's Enneagram type is Type 7 with a Type 6 Wing, making her 'The Entertainer', and oh boy does she play up to it. She's scatter-brained, spontaneous, and spends a lot of time generally doing chaotic things like entering Chocobo races with no experience, or stripping naked to skinny-dip in lakes. She prides herself on being able to entertain others in some way, whether that's through music, singing, joking or simply being herself.
Toto's speaking voice is fairly low in pitch with a husky timbre. Her singing voice is heavier, deeply resonating within her ribcage before the sound is produced from her mouth.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Toto lives her life with 'fun' as the central ideal. She doesn't believe in doing much unless it's entertaining to her, and she can be fairly flaky. If something stops being fun to her, then chances are she'll drop it and move on to something else entirely. As far as mannerisms go, Totoko is very touchy-feely and will often grasp onto friends and acquaintances while roaring with laughter at something or other.
Sixth Astral Era
Born in Ul'dah. as so many Dunesfolk are, Jujuko Juko was the child of a then single mother, who had been fleeced for everything she had by an unscrupulous man whose name she refuses to divulge to this day. Having built up a now ruined Weaving empire, Jujuko's mother, Bebena Bena, was struggling to raise her only child. That is, until a kindly older Lalafell by the name of Fofobeqe Popobeqe found Bebena crying at the Ul'dahn markets after not being able to afford even the most basic of food for her child. He almost literally swept her off her feet, paying for her shopping and insisting she accompany him to his restaurant for dinner. From there on, the two were inseparable. Jujuko loved Fofobeqe like he were her own father and, before long, Fofobeqe and Bebena were to be wed... Until the Calamity happened. They stuck together through it, staying close and praying to the Twelve for aid, staying out of the way of rampaging elementals and all sorts which came to Ul'dah seeking blood and destruction.

Seventh Umbral Era
After the Calamity, Fofobeqe began to rebuild his restaurant empire slowly. Jujuko spent much of her time inside the family home, learning to play instruments and sing to herself for comfort after the events of the Calamity. Her mother would sing with her while she weaved, and those few years that encompassed the rebuilding of Ul'dah and also the birth of her young brother, remain some of Juju's favourite memories. She started to busk on the streets of Ul'dah for coin and for fun a couple of years post-Calamity, and not much has changed since then, except for Juju moving to The Shroud and buying a modest houyse there, as well as performing occasionally in taverns, bars and clubs.

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Former Acquaintances
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