Kidd Hammersmith

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kidd Hammersmith
"Listen. This ain't about th' money or glory. None a' that matters."
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 28
Sexuality Asexual
Occupation Blacksmith
Height/Weight 6'0" (barely) / 214 ponze
Birthdate 8th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon (December 8th)
Patron Diety Byregot

A young Hellsguard with a hard attitude, but a softer heart than she likes admitting to having. As the old apprentice of Flameson Hammersmith, Kidd is an accomplished blacksmith in her own right, specializing in practical field weaponry. Although she graduated from her apprenticeship, Kidd still has a lot of learning to do, both in the workshop and out. Like many others, she seeks a sense of stability in the wake of the Calamity, and a sense of purpose for her work.

"As long as you ain't dead, there's always something you can still do."

Basic Info


Live music


Sugary foods
Upper-class pretensions


Appearance & Personality

Unusually small for a Roegadyn, Kidd is nonetheless a tall, strongly built individual. Her limbs are lean and long, but her torso is shorter by comparison, and she has a bit of a belly on her. Trailing from the right side of her waist and stretching around her back are three long, large, nasty scars, with the ghost of puncture wounds at the scars' origin still visible. It looks like something huge with claws tried to pick her up and drag her away at some point. Her skin is a darker reddish brown color, flickered sparsely with moles. Her tawny brown hair is kept cut short, and judging from the uneven choppiness of the cut and complete disregard for proper layering, it can be assumed she cuts it herself. It's quite common for her to keep it out of her face with either a bandana or her favorite red cap. Her hazel eyes are quite large for a Roegadyn, and coupled with her size, they give her a more youthful appearance. Her nose is large and Romanesque, and her cheekbones are low and well-defined. Because she works so much with her hands, Kidd's fingers are stubby and stunted, and she sports a menagerie of scars from nicks and burns on them. Her nails are chipped, broken, and short from a combination of being chewed on and being damaged in the workshop.
Kidd's fashion choices are typically what you would expect of a day laborer. She favors practicality and function over fashion, opting for clothes that breathe easy and are comfortable. This lends to her having a rather approachable and casual air, since she, in her own words, "Ain't much one fer formalities". Kidd is honest and down-to-earth, and the way she presents herself unapologetically reflects that. She doesn't usually bother with more feminine approaches to her appearance, and when she does, it doesn't usually tread outside of the realm of simply washing the dirt and soot from her face and putting on a pair of earrings. Her wardrobe will usually stay true to earth tones and subtle reds, but she has been known to wear purple whenever she needs to look "fancy" or "official".
Regardless of what she's wearing, however, Kidd can always be found wearing a handmade pendant made of a Griffin's claw.
There is much to be said for Kidd's seriousness for her work, and one would be hard pressed to find her giving anything less than 100% when given a task to do. She prides herself in being dependable, however, she also keeps a modest composure, and won't hesitate to credit others on their efforts and contributions. Her honesty can be brutal, and it will often come to pass that Kidd will say something completely harsh and tactless as an impulse. She has been making efforts to curb this behavior, but for the times when she slips, she has enough sense of self-awareness to try and make amends. Kidd seems to have a fairly wide capacity for being understanding of others, and, in accordance with this capacity, she attracts many 'strays'. In no way is Kidd above pettiness or anger, however, and once her temper gets going, it can be a while before she comes back down from it.
In spite of the rough edges of her personality, Kidd is actually very easily made anxious in new and unfamiliar situations, and she typically depends on having at least one friend nearby her to take cues from in such instances. Contrary to how she presents, Kidd is also very self-conscious and looks for validation in others' approval of her. It can often be the case that Kidd will deviate from her comfort zone in order to try to impress others who seem to have a liking for her, She has perfectionist tendencies, and as a result, she can take what she perceives as a mistake or a failure to take initiative very harshly. In an effort to be useful to others, Kidd will often take much more responsibility upon herself than she is able to handle. Anyone who performs any sort of aetheric healing on her will be shocked to see how many signs of stress and tension there are interfering with her natural aetherflow.

Known History



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She's a bloody beastkin in the fightin' ring! Saw her bludgeon a lady damned near unconscious with the butt of her own rifle! When's she coming back to Grindstone?" -- A Dunesfolk bookie
"Kidd? I won't forget her. I all of this up. You know. She sat down and talked to me. She bought me something to eat. It made me want to give myself another shot. Eorzea needs more good souls like her." -- Ala Mhigan refugee living in Pearl Lane
"She's one of the best smiths I've ever had the pleasure of working with. A little *ahem* tight around her purse strings, but the quality of her work shows for it. I've never owned a blade that withstood as much abuse as one of hers!" -- Lancer's Guild representative
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Dog-face? She grew into her hideous nose, but she never grew out of her bitch personality. That little tart assaulted my poor, elderly aunt for no reason. She still has difficulties breathing..." -- A middle aged bard with thinning blonde hair
"I remember when she was a pup. You ever seen a 12 cycle old, boozin', smokin', and cussin' up a storm like some salty old pirate? Funniest shit, man. Fun-i-est shit." -- Flame Soldier
"I heard that the Old Man Hammersmith spat in a pile of smoulderin' ashes one day, and whammo, the Dirtface Kidd was born." -- Another Flame Soldier
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I heard she's got a brother somewhere. Got inna fight with him about some bad business with their mum some years off. Real bad business, judgin' from the nasty things she was yellin' at him." -- Ul'dahn sellsword
"I'd remember that face anywhere. She used to be a regular contender in the off-off-book street fighting circles. She called herself 'Badgerbite' or something along those lines. Little dove never got very far, but she was certainly persistent. I don't think it mattered to her if she lost or won. It was actually quite precious, seeing her with her little Lala boyfriend to fix her up after every match. They were dating, weren't they...?" -- Aging Sunseeker prostitute
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"I dinnae spend 10 years forging sommat for them t'ae break the first time they get tested." - Flameson Hammersmith
"I worry for this girl. The value of a rough and tumble upbringing is one thing, but I don't want to see her get pushed so far to live up to her guardian that she loses herself or her sanity. I hope I can be at least a friend to her, someone she can trust or talk to." - Adelle Lunare


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Flameson Hammersmith : The closest thing Kidd has to family. While it seems highly suspect that the old 'Geezer' was abusive towards his apprentice, Kidd nonetheless has very strong feelings of familial affection for him, and regards him as a father figure.
♥♥♥ Beezly : (Deceased) Kidd's often spoken of childhood dog. She considers Beezly's presence to have been a major guiding force in her life. It was his eventual death that led her to look for her old smith master again, and thus, indirectly caused her to join the Harbingers of Dawn.
♥♥ Sparky: A new puppy whom Kidd unintentionally found herself having custody over. As Sparky has been growing more comfortable with strangers, Kidd has been bringing her out for errands much more frequently. It feels good to walk with a dog by her side again.
Vakliar Akumala : 'Big Guy'. Another surrogate family member, Kidd regards Vak 'like an uncle or something' and values his patience with her. He offers her a more approachable link to her Hellsguard heritage than the Geezer does.
Raisan Arcmantle : 'Boss-man'. Kidd has a deep respect for her Company's Crafting Saint. She admires him as a craftsman, and has been coming to trust his judgment as a superior (and as a friend) when things become chaotic. But he is, first and foremost, her boss.
Gwannes Oskwell : 'Gwannesy-Boy'. An airhead, but a good drinking buddy, and someone who can roll with having a spat and talk it out afterwards.
Edda Vincents : 'Eds'. Once you peel back the layers, she's just a kid. Messed up and ignorant, but a lonely kid. How long is it acceptable to keep sticking with that excuse, though?


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