Adelle Lunare

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Adelle Lunare
Adelle wedding.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 25
Sexuality Pansexual
Relationship Status Married

Basic Info

Adelle is a soft-spoken former nun from the Church of Saint Adama Landama in Camp Drybone who made the very difficult decision to leave after the culmination of several events, ending up in Limsa Lominsa for a time before deciding to formally pursue the art of healing in Gridania. She was directed to the Harbingers by way of the Order of the Twin Adder and has made a new home there, quickly becoming caught up in the complications and trouble that the company seems to tow in its wake.


Cute women
Cute women in armor


Misogynistic Miqo'te Seeker men


Favorite Drink: Treantberry Tea
Favorite Color: Blue and Green

Appearance & Personality

Adelle is somewhat on the shorter side, with very dark skin and dark hair highlighted in white, facial expression habitually solemn and body language unassuming. A lifetime spent in a religious order initially resulted in a subdued personality, being quick to nervousness and discomfort when confronted with knowledge she doesn't have or when placed in a situation with unfamiliar faces. Time spent with the Harbingers has brought forth a brighter personality, hopeful about her possibilities in this wide new world. Her occasional social squeamishness does not translate to her sensibilities about the realities of life, however, having spent years saying last rites and helping to treat and bury bodies about the lichyard. Once becoming more familiar with someone, one can expect a heavily-developed sense of romance and a deep need to help and prove useful to others.


Adelle was born to two talented thaumaturgists in Limsa Lominsa who immediately began to train their small child in the art they so loved. Unfortunately, a horrible incident near the ocean one day put a chasm between parents and child that would never be breached as they sent their six year old away to join a holy order of nuns at Saint Adama Landama in Drybone. She remained there for the next eighteen years before deciding at age twenty-four to make home elsewhere. After a brief stay in the city-state of her birth, she headed into the Shroud and joined the Harbingers of Dawn. There, she began to learn the rudiments of traditional and offensive conjury and rethink the lessons of her religious background. Unfortunately, the company seemed to be doing more harm than good, with Adelle sent on what was meant to be an infiltration mission that backfired terribly and ended in physical and emotional wounds. Struggling with the aftermath of that brought up old memories and began to cause problems in the scarce friendships she managed to make, leaving her feeling unsafe and struggling to find footing. She denigrated herself harshly for her seeming failure to protect her teammates during the barrage as their assigned healer and sought to improve her combat and healing skills out of a deep sense of worthlessness.
She started the first tentative steps towards recovery, beginning to reevaluate her self-destructive reasons for redoubling her efforts at offensive conjury and seeing one of the company therapists about the nightmares that intensified since the ill-fated excursion. However, the darkness dogging the steps of her best friend Syranelle Ironleaf swiftly caught up with them both. The Dalamud cultists responsible for the death of the Duskwight's sister returned to have their revenge, determined to make Syranelle the sacrifice to their false god that her sister failed to be. Adelle was caught in their crosshairs, sent a beautiful necklace under false pretenses that turned out to be a vessel for void possession. Under this influence, she barricaded her friend in her room with sweet words and void-powered violence and was only brought out of it through the combat skill of Irridias Velnyx, nearly losing her life in the process. Deeply shaken by this, she suffered a mental breakdown that lasted several days, further upsetting her friend with her lack of emotion and single-minded determination to spill cultist blood. Not until well into the search and destroy mission undertaken with Syranelle, Irridias, and the paladin Granamyr Artanis did this end, drawn into a nightmare realm as part of the cultists' mental manipulations that broke through to her. The mission was thankfully successful and the cultist sect wiped out, although while Syranelle walked out with an engagement to Irridias and Granamyr was free to return to his duties, Adelle emerged intensely shaken from the possession and experience both.
Adelle's next steps were uncertain as she struggled to handle her mental trauma, determined in her own perception not to be a blight on her friends' hard-earned happiness. Inspired by her friend Ja'rhem Khalaa's involvement in the underworld of Ul'dah, she took up learning her way around a pair of stabbers and deepening her relationships with her company-mates, including developing a bond after Amdapor with Granamyr Artanis that intensified into a strong romance and becoming close to Saraj Malqir. Still, her traumas plagued her. Time away and travel eventually proved the only balms for her mind, allowing her to validate her feelings and return to the Harbingers with renewed hope. In the spring, she entered into a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding with her love. Shadows of her past threaten to loom over her again, however, as her parents have begun to destructively reassert their long-absent places in her life.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Wound tighter than Halone's corset, that one."
Think she's deformed, to spend all them years hidden away like that?"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Shame she didn't take after her parents. Wasted talent, that, and I hope she's ashamed!"
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Nasty business with the little girl - could have turned into a big embarrassment."
"Think they paid off the boy's parents after."
"I don't believe it, personally - child her size, kid his? Even with who her parents are, it's impossible."

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)
"Greener n'fresh cut wood n'already layin down pavestones o'good intentions." - Flameson Hammersmith
"Adelle? She is a dear, sweet soul that sees the world in ways most of us have long since become jaded against. She is the very embodiment of hope and innocence. The world will soon change that, but she will grow stronger because of it, not weaker. Mark my words." - Syranelle Ironleaf
"She's grown to be a competent healer and has patched me up on more than one occasion." - J'maaira Tuhl
"She's got the fire. The passion. The tenacious kind. The kind that won't be quenched so easily." - Gwannes Oskwell
"What can I say? She's one of my best and I'd be lose without her. She's invaluable as a company-mate, but moreso, as a friend." - Sebastian Taylor


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Granamyr Artanis : A veritable Highlander bulwark of nobility and kindness who was present for both the Garlean mission and the Dalamud massacre. The two of them have become close and realized their feelings for each other, starting off a whirlwind but strong romance and deciding to Bond.
Saraj Malqir : A beautiful Xaela who has become Adelle's dearest friend, having emerged somewhat from the darkness that surrounded her into a stalwart ally and compassionate confidante.
Syranelle Ironleaf : The Elezen who guided Adelle into the world outside the convent upon the nun's joining the Harbingers. Despite a somewhat fraught friendship after the events of Amdapor, Adelle carries both professional respect and personal regard for the kind and brilliant Duskwight.
Sebastian Taylor : A talented conjurer who once shared the Support branch with Adelle, their working relationship before his departure from the company developing into a deep one that has her still considering him a brother.
Alexander Steelstrike : A quiet but intelligent warrior whose empathy and compassion have put him close to Adelle's heart.
Blake Forester : A strong friendship built on mutual trust, respect, and more than its fair share of Adelle teasing the Raen into horrible embarrassment.
Irridias Velnyx : Syranelle’s fiance and a person who has earned deep esteem in Adelle’s eyes for his kindness and combat skill.
Ja'rhem Khalaa : The man whose life she saved out in the sands of Thanalan. The two of them drew close via Kingsley's ideas of loyalty and debt repayment and came to understand each other in the context of their different worlds, although he remains elusive and mysterious as ever.
Flameson Hammersmith : Adelle is growing fond of the giant who hates everyone after he helped her - in his own brash way - to understand her rampant emotions in the aftermath of the cultists. His habitual lack of restraint, however, is a constant source of worry for Adelle in how it affects both the company and his newly-joined charge, Kidd Hammersmith.
Kidd Hammersmith : A Roe with a mouth as salty as her guardian's and a soft core who Adelle both wishes to know better and worries intensely for.