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About Kiki
Preferred Name: Kiki
Birth Name: Kikia Kia
Age: 18 Years Old
Nameday: 25th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Patron Deity: Althyk, the Keeper
Race: Dunesfolk Lalafell
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Soulbound
Physique: 2 fulms, 10 ilms / 35 ponz
Nationality: Ul’dahn
Residence: Sims Circus HQ: ‘Resting Carbuncle’
Occupation: Aspiring anthropologist, odd jobs
Titles: Curious
Alignment: Neutral Good
"Generally speaking, don’t be vague!"

Kiki loves to people watch and learn about others’ backgrounds and culture. On the surface, Kiki seems like just another pretty young lalafell but she possesses an unpredictable hair-trigger temper and this can be brought on by her clumsiness or being denied anything. Although her humour is quite deadpan she is also guilty of laughing or giggling at inappropriate times.




  • Rajin
  • Moonlight
  • Being in control
  • Traveling
  • Pressed flowers


  • Seeing Rajin upset
  • Disrespect towards her or Rajin
  • Feeling trapped
  • Being without Rajin
  • Her clumsiness
  • Sharing with her sibings


  • Rajin getting hurt


  • Motivations: Learning as much as she can, being called upon for her knowledge
  • Flaws: Clumsy, blunt, laughs inappropriately, dictated by emotion, addictive personality
  • Possible personality type: ESFP - “The Entertainer”

Favorite Things

  • Greatest Achievement: wip
  • Favorite Memory: wip
  • Favorite Dream: wip
  • Favorite Animal: wip
  • Favorite Book: wip
  • Favorite Colors: wip
  • Favorite Drink: wip
  • Favorite Excuse: wip
  • Favorite Food: wip
  • Favorite Number: wip
  • Favorite Place: wip
  • Favorite Season: wip
  • Favorite Holiday: wip
  • Favorite Word: wip
  • Favorite Compliment: wip
  • Favorite Insult: wip
  • Favorite Expletive: wip
  • Favorite Greeting: wip
  • Favorite Farewell: wip

Least-Favorite Things

  • Greatest Failure: wip
  • Most Painful Memory: wip
  • Worst Nightmare: wip
  • Least Favorite Animal: wip
  • Least Favorite Color: wip
  • Least Favorite Drink: wip
  • Least Favorite Food: wip
  • Least Favorite Place: wip
  • Least Favorite Season: wip
  • Least Favorite Holiday: wip
  • Least Favorite Word: wip

"I may not look like much but I can do a lot!"
Bubbly, Loving, Curious, Daydreamer

  • Skin Tone: Tanned
  • Birthmarks: None
  • Scars: None
  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Augmentations: None
  • Other Markings: Freckles are sprinkled across her nose, cheeks and shoulders.
  • Hair Color: Pitch black
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Hair Style: Often worn in a half-up style
  • Eye Color: Pitch black (one may be able to see twinkles depending on her mood)
  • Smile: Bright and honest

Casual Attire

  • Cashmere poncho and hood
  • Cotton shorts
  • Long leather boots

Formal Attire

  • Coatee with a loose bow
  • Matching skirt
  • White stockings and polished gaiters


  • Glasses
  • Small notepad
  • Pencil
  • Small parcel of snacks
  • Tome of Magic


  • Tome of Magic
  • Overwhelming curiosity
  • Patience without bounds

"Skills? Abilities? Does laughing a lot count?"
Physical Prowess

  • Being small
  • Staying out of the way
  • Some swordplay knowledge
  • Light on her feet
  • Improvisation skills

Aetherial Prowess

  • Arcane knowledge
  • Conjuring curses and venom
  • Conjuring illusions
  •  ?
  •  ?

Offensive Abilities

  • High: Intelligence, Dexterity, Willpower
  • Advanced: Speechcraft, Charisma, Spellcraft/li>
  • Average: Wisdom, Athleticism, Acrobatics
  • Mediocre: Constitution, Martial Prowess
  • Poor: Strength

Defensive Abilities

  • Conjuring illusions to scare away threats
  • Hiding somewhere safe
  • Running away if threat is too dangerous

Signature Moves

  • Conjuring illusions
  • Inflicting small curses
  • Laughing
  • Hiding
  • Running away

"I don’t know what I would do without my friends and family."

NPC Relationships

  Jojonari Babanari - Father
Some interesting text goes here.
  Nononi Noni - Mother
Some interesting text goes here.
  Fofonima Jajanima - Brother
Some interesting text goes here.
  Cocobeta Fofobeta - Brother
Some interesting text goes here.
  Yayanori Memenori - Brother
Some interesting text goes here.
  Hihipu Hipu - Sister
Some interesting text goes here.
  Leleki Leki - Sister
Some interesting text goes here.
  Nunuyo Nuyo - Sister
Some interesting text goes here.

Player Character Relationships

  Rajin Fujin - Boss
Some interesting text goes here.
  ? - ?
Some interesting text goes here.
"Tell me more! Tell me more!"
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Player Character Rumors

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"A place for things that don’t have a place!"

"Oh, I didn’t think you knew that..."

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