Kinsei Hoshikawa

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Kɨnseɨ Hoshɨkawa
The Observer

Kinsei mist2.png
Name... Kinsei
Alias... Kin
Age... 25~30
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Raen
Orientation... Pansexual
Marital... In A Relationship
Deity... Dawn Father
Nationality... Doman
Occupation... Apothecary
Alignment... Lawful Neutral
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The Hoshikawa Family has traveled across Othard for many generations, peddling their wares to all who will buy them. They're best known for their fortune-telling and natural medicinal remedies. It is rumored that in the past, they have traveled to other parts of Hydaelyn, but this information cannot be confirmed or denied. Kinsei takes after her family in many ways. She is an amateur merchant and spent a good portion of life traveling from one end of Othard to the other and back again.

Around the age of sixteen, Kinsei broke off from the rest of her family due to a disagreement of some sort. At this time, she began to train in the arts of poison making and dagger-wielding. Once she felt she was proficient enough at both, taking on assassination targets became Kinsei's life for six long years. The race, clan, gender, age, and financial standing of the hit did not matter. Nor did the motivation of the client. If Kinsei was paid well, she carried out the service. Most of her kills did up being Xaela, however, given the violent and vengeful nature of the clan. If asked why she chose such a life, the inquirer will typically be met with silence.

Once Doma was destroyed, Kinsei suddenly shifted gears and dropped her dangerous lifestyle altogether. Choosing to focus on hammering her families herbal remedies and salves into her mind, she returned to the gentle life of a peddler. She migrated to Eorzea when most other Othardians did, landing in Ishgard. Kinsei has fallen in love with the city and has not moved elsewhere ever since.

While far from being shy, Kinsei prefers study or work over meaningless interaction. She only laughs or cries when a feeling strongly resonates with her... or if she needs to manipulate someone. Otherwise, she remains silent or indifferent. Despite this, she communicates her intentions well enough through thoughtful wording and body language. Exceptions to this rule are good friends and clients, whom Kinsei softens up to.


  • Botany.
  • Strong Drinks.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Subtle Flavors.
  • Lazy Mornings Spent Sleeping In.


  • Sweets.
  • Children.
  • Stupidity.
  • Noisy People.
  • Hot Weather and/or Humidity.


  • Sins of the past catching up with her.
  • Commitment and vulnerability.
  • Slipping into old habits.


  • Favorite Foods: Most fruits and vegetables. Eats fish on occasion.
  • Favorite Drinks: Green and jasmine tea, coffee, and rum.
  • Favorite Colors: White, Gold, Black, Blue, Brown

Kinsei 3.png

Despite her ghostly pallor, Kinsei's skin has been extremely pale from the day she was born. To say this young woman stands out in a crowd is probably an understatement. Her hair is a delicate blonde shade that is close in color to her scales. She also bares sharp, piercing golden eyes. Her height is above average for a female of her race.


Kinsei typically likes to stay well-covered, so she rarely shows much skin. Expect to often see her in long skirts and robes. Her style varies greatly, ranging from classy and feminine to mystical and travel-worn.

Voice Claim:

Tracy Grandstaff as Daria Morgendorffer
Sample 1 || Sample 2

For a short time, Kinsei worked for a charity company funded by an Ishgardian noble house. After surmizing that her personality did not mesh well with the inhabitants of that group, she decided to part ways and go back to freelancing. She is thankful for the experience, however, as it allowed her to reconnect with a young woman she had not seen in quite some time. Kinsei eventually confessed her love to Narantuya Kahkol, a beautiful Xaela who had applied to the same company. The two are now doing their own thing together, trying their best to keep themselves afloat.

Stories are in chronological order.
Serpents Always Lie in the Water
Back in Othard, a night like this was just another job for Kinsei.
Stay (NSFW)
Kinsei realizes she wants her connection with Nara to be more than casual.

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