Shaziya Argali

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Shaƶiya Aɍgaƚi
Lorekeeper of the Wilds

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Name... Shaziya
Alias... Shazi or Zi
Age... 25~30
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Xaela
Orientation... Pansexual
Marital... Single
Deity... None
Nationality... Othardian
Occupation... Artifact Hunter
Alignment... Chaotic Neutral
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Born into a tribe bearing unrivaled passion for both nature and history, Shaziya has a deep attachment to the wilderness and the various flora and fauna she coexists with. She is the proud leader of the Argali, a diverse group of nomads who are bound beneath a banner of myth and age-old fidelity.

For years, the machinations of the Argali have gone undisturbed thanks to careful planning and a degree of secrecy. But all things in life must shift, ebb, and flow. The Argali can no longer live in peaceful seclusion, only dealing with traders. They must come to Eorzea and seek out that which they are sworn to protect... somewhat to Shaziya's dismay, due to her disinterest with the realm.



Beneath a stalwart exterior lies a quiet and reflective soul, whose inherent gentleness is betrayed by a fiery temperament. Shaziya takes responsibility to the extreme, placing duty to her people and upholding their traditions above all else. This results in Shaziya shouldering most of the blame whenever a scenario takes a turn for the worst. Not one for dense cityscapes, her heart is truly at peace whilst roaming about in the wilds. What she fails to express in words and actions is easily communicated through story, dance, and illustration.


  • Hunting.
  • Storytelling.
  • Beast Tribes.
  • Terrible Jokes.
  • Nature, animals, and sunlight.


  • Frogs.
  • Garleans.
  • Wastefulness.
  • Large, noisy cities.
  • Disrespect of nature, culture, and/or the dead.


  • Disappointing loved ones.
  • Helplessness.
  • Inadequacy.


  • Favorite Foods: Curried goat, coconut milk, black beans.
  • Favorite Drinks: Iced coffee/tea and hot cocoa.
  • Favorite Colors: Red, Green, Black, Gold

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Shaziya sports dusky skin, dirty blonde hair, and pale eyes -- all of which are typical features of the founding Xaela of her tribe. She has moderately sized "pincer" horns and a very thick, elongated tail. She often wears her hair braided and/or tied back in some manner out of personal preference.


The majority of Shaziya's wardrobe leans towards lightweight and comfortable, but this doesn't mean she shies away from making a fashion statement. Many of her outfits follow a tribal Othardian or Thavnairian aesthetic, making use of her tribe's masterful goldsmithing for adornments.


All Argali tribe members share a mark of affiliation. Shaziya's mark resides within one of the arcane rune tattoos located on her arms, of which there are four in total. These extend from her shoulders down to just above her wrists. It is unknown if they are merely decorative or serve a functional purpose. There is also an extensive scrawl laid out across her back that depicts either a scene or figure from an Argali legend.

Here are some easy reasons your character could approach and/or contact mine. (These are just examples, not limitations!)

■ Fellow Othardian/Xaela/Au Ra.
■ They follow a tribal and/or nomadic lifestyle.
■ They possess significant tattoos and/or scarring.
■ They hunt treasure or recover artifacts for a living.
■ They are a bard, storyteller, or some other type of artist.
■ They engage in one of the following: botany, goldsmithing, fur trading, leatherworking.

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RP Limitations
■ I am a lore stickler, but I am okay with some headcanon that is within reason and/or not too far of a stretch.
■ I enjoy RP that focuses on character development and meaningful, creative plots.
■ I am open to family/tribal ties, as well as friendships. Just speak with me about it!
■ This character is not currently in a romantic relationship.
Combat & Injuries
■ Light injury and temporary captivity are completely fine.
■ Anything that involves disfigurement, extreme injury, or long-term captivity must be discussed with me in advance.
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EST - My availability is late evenings!
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