Kiyokage Mizuhiki

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Kiyokage Mizuhiki
A wanderer lost in the world
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Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die.

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Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION: Kee-yo-kah-gay Mih-zoo-hee-key


RACE & CLAN: Au'ra Xaela


AGE: 33

NAMEDAY: 24th Sun, 4th Umbral Moon, 1547 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual


Other Statistics

NATIONALITY: Azim Steppe, Othard

CITIZENSHIP: Eorzean/Doman

FAMILY: Altani Oronir

RESIDENCE: Plot 28, 4 Ward, The Lavender Beds

OCCUPATION: Councilor of the Legion (Council of the Dawn)

PATRON DEITY: Azim and Nhaama

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 7 fulms, 1 ilms. 360 ponze.

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil

General Information
Kiyokage is a Xaela Au'ra martialist originally raised in the Azim Steppe until he chanced the world at a young age. Pressed into Garlean service as a soldier, he witnessed the horrors of war from the wrong side - only barely escaping to forge a new identity and a new life once Gaius Van Baelsar was slain and the war effort fell to pieces. Since coming to Eorzea Kiyo has grown and changed. Once a warrior in the service of the Collective, he has since moved on and started his own free company, founded on his own intense ideals.
Quit staring.
Red with black sclera Black, messy Rich Tan Muscular, but not bulky Deep, Rumbling
Straight backed, but often folds arms. Right-favored Innumerable lash scars on his back. A few scars on his hands and arms. An old burn scar on his right cheek, and a bullet hole scar on the right side of his forehead. Black scales and horns; horn piercings. Often wears long coats and dark colors. Very infrequently is he seen without some form of face covering, be it a hood, mask, or otherwise.
Hair & Eyes
Black and left carefree, it's apparent that Kiyokage does little in the way of caring for his hair save for a daily washing and a minimal amount of brushing. Once the hair is directed back and away from his eyes, he seems content to leave it be - no matter how wild and untamed it may look. It's hard to not notice the several rows of horns that protrude from the disheveled hair that frames the back of his head, in a messy chic that he somehow pulls off without looking too careless. His dark eyes carry a rich red coloration, like most Xaela, that bright red ring seems to almost glow with an inner light.
Physique & Markings
It's clear from the moment one sees Kiyokage that his life is focused around the arts of martial prowess. His physique is quite well cared for - being one of the few things he actually takes care of in his life. His body is clearly fit for physical combat, exercise and repeated martial drills leaving well defined (and quite large) muscles on his frame, with very little body fat to go around. Because of his height however, he doesn't carry a large bulk, but remains slender, with a swimmer's physique. Few markings adorn the man besides his racial scales and horns - a few scars on his hands and arms from combat and practice, as well as what are clearly whip scars on his back. His horns are pierced as well, often bearing some form of moderate jewelry.
Hygiene & Attire
Despite Kiyokage's relative lack of care for his hair's appearance, he is always quite clean. Not a day goes by that he does not ritually wash after his dinner - and take care of his clothes and weapons as an ordinary routine. It's almost as if it's been drilled into him. His gear is well cared for, and often times repaired to top condition - the man seeming remiss to allow any of his personal belongings to fall into disrepair. He takes care of them almost better than he cares for himself.
Psychological Profile
Kiyokage presents as a man who keeps to himself and prefers it that way, finding little to trust from the world around him that he hasn't had a hand in himself. It's hard to blame him given the life he's lead. Those who get to know him (and work past the prickly exterior) find a man dedicated to making things right around him in the world, who struggles with a lot of internal conflicts. He rarely seeks assistance from others, not wishing to bother anyone with what he sees as personal problems - something that often ends up leading him to take on tasks that he has no right doing alone - and shunning others away from helping him accomplish them. While it's clear to those who stick around that Kiyokage has his own form of affection, many would call it "tough love", in that he can be abrasive and harsh at times, even when he doesn't mean to be. Callous as he is, there is hope for the man if some dig deep enough - he just needs aid in finding the light he lost so long ago. With clear baggage from the past, and an attitude that makes most hesitant to say 'hello', it's clear the man needs a lot of work - work that very few are willing to put in to a lone wolf such as himself.
Kiyokage's blessed with a naturally resonant, deep voice that seems to echo from within his chest - the kind of deep tone that carries through a crowd of others speaking even without meaning to. His low rumble, when angry, devolves into a grumbling snarl that clearly shows his displeasure. Even when relaxed, this dark tone seems to give all of his words just enough barb and edge to make it easy to misrepresent his intentions - even when they're good.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Kiyokage's philosophy derives both from his nature, as well as his demeanor. As a person his nature, true to himself, is that of a survivor. Life to him is a series of challenges to be overcome, challenges which he firmly believes fate has no hand in. All outcomes are the direct result from one's own actions and the actions of others around them - not some divine influence or mysterious "hand of fate". Because of this he is often short with others who give up or are slow to catch on, showing them his characteristic "tough love" and driving them to survive along with him; which leads to his demeanor. His demeanor, that which he shows the outside world, is that of a loner, and that of a penitent. It is a mixture that he presents to the world - a desire to remain alone so that others do not hinder him, and so that he can survive better without being held back; while simultaneously feeling as though he must atone for past sins and make up for the crimes he has committed. Because of this his mannerisms are often a mixture of rough, harsh attitude designed to drive all but the most dedicated away - and tentative willingness to accept others should he find an 'excuse' to accept them being around.
● Thunderstorms.
● Triple Triad
● Alcohol
● Nighttime
● Stubborn individuals
● Learning new skills
● Immaturity
● Laziness
● Indecision
● Lalafels
● Garleans
● Slow Learners
● Dark Magic: Kiyokage is a well practiced a highly skilled dark knight, able to tap into the strife within himself and weaponize it out in the world.
● Metalworker: Kiyokage is skilled at working with metals of various kinds - a skillwork he has picked up and polished from a lifetime of working with his armor and weapons.
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

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Basic Statistics
High: Strength, Endurance, Intelligence
Above Average: Aether, Agility (Speed), Willpower
Average: Dexterity, Wisdom, Defense
Low: Charisma
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: Dark Magic
Average: None
Novice: None
Weapon Training
Mastery: None, yet.
Expert: One and Two-Handed Swordsmanship
Average: Guns, Magitech Piloting, Hand-to-Hand
Novice: None
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Parrying, Acrobatics, Blind-Fighting
Above Average: Dodging, Survivalism, Tracking
Average: Magitech Use/Piloting, Gunnery
Low: None
Non-Combat Abilities
Survivalism: Kiyokage has learned to survive in the wilds, finding food, fishing, cooking; discovering shelter, and fending for himself outside of civilization. With this comes a natural talent to track individuals.
Aetheric Channeling: Kiyokage has a large reserve of Aether, and a natural knack at channeling it. It's doubtful he'll ever become a spellcaster, though this could be useful in the future for other things if explored.
Ambitious: Perhaps his most potent talent - Kiyokage has a natural ambition that's rivaled by few. If a problem arises and he cannot solve it, he will learn the skills necessary just to be able to tackle it in the future. Always willing to learn, his stubborn nature and knack for learning help him grow as a student.
Combat Abilities
Swordsmanship: Years of combat training and relentless honing of his own personal technique have left Kiyokage well versed in the arts of martial combat. The man is relentless - a juggernaut of sweeping broad blows and quick retorts that surprise people given the size of weaponry he wields and the heavy armor he wears.
Magitech Usage: Be it piloting a suit of magitech armor, firing a magitech weapon, or interacting with devices of Garlean make, he seems to know it all. Almost as if he's been there...
Combat Intuition: Years of fighting numerous opponents at once and surviving has driven home a natural intuition in combat with Kiyokage. War has shaped him and honed him into a fine weapon, and as such he does not have to see an opponent to have a relative idea of what they may be attempting. A natural acrobatic skill and this intuition makes Kiyokage a relatively dangerous opponent in combat. Once someone has stabbed you in the back a few times and you've lived through it, you don't have to second guess what they're doing when they sneak behind you in a fight.
OOC Note
In open world events I default to roll vs. roll combat (first to 3). In private events, we typically use our FC's combat systems.

Disclaimer: I am a firm believer in finding out about prior history IC. Everything here will be presented in a snapshot form just to give an idea of where Kiyokage has been and what he has been through. Obviously more than this has happened in his 30 years of life. Find out through RP!
Sixth Astral Era
1547: A male xaela is born to a woman of the Himaa tribe. For reasons unknown, she gives him the name Nergui (meaning: "No Name") and sends him off to the Iriq to be raised, leaving his Oroniri father and his twin sister to wonder of his whereabouts for most of his life.

1552 - 1553: Doma, and Othard, is quickly annexed and seized by the growing Garlean Empire. Nergui is six at this time.

1559: At 12 years old, disenfranchised both with his name, and the recent discovery that his birth mother did not want him, Nergui leaves his home in the night to find a new path in life. With little else to go on, the young man makes his way towards Doma, expecting to find something there.

Six months pass, and he struggles to find his way in Doma, having little knowledge of how to survive out in the world. Wandering about as a tall, lanky pre-teen he catches the attention of various garleans and is taken, and forced to become a conscript in the Garlean military where he learns to fight with a sword. The work is grueling, the people cruel, but he has no choice: it's this, or starve to death in the streets attempting to find work. He is sent first to Ala Mhigo (as they do not keep recruits in their homelands for risk of rebellion).

1562: The Garleans push into Eorzea, and Nergui is there. The fight in Mor Dhona is brutal - he witnesses the death of Midgardsormr. After this - he is stationed in Castrum Centri.

The Garleans in the meantime begin the first Meteor Project, and news of their 'success' eventually filters through to Nergui. Bozja is destroyed - eliminated in a massive blast by Dalamund. The news of such a tragic loss of life makes him begin to question where he is in the world - and just how expendable he might be in the end.

Seventh Umbral Era
Year 5, 7th Umbral Era (to sometime in Year 1, 7th Astral Era): Opreation Archon kills Gaius Van Baelsar and frees Eorzea. This begins the 7th Astral Era.

Operation Archon leaves the Garlean troops in dismay - giving Nergui the perfect opportunity to go AWOL and escape. He flees Castrum Centri, taking shelter in Revenant's Toll temporarily while gathering himself and debating what to do. He's terrified of being found out as a garlean, stealing the clothes of a bathing worker to wear - inconspicuous and common place garments that don't have him stick out.

Eventually news of the Dragonsong War escalating reaches his ears. Desperate to start his own life, he heads to Ishgard to participate in the Dragonsong War - figuring this would be his way of reinventing himself. Taking on the Doman name Kiyokage, he leaves behind his past, attempting to strive forward as a wandering swordsman. Things do not go as well there as he hoped. Once again the victim of discrimination and xenophobia (especially at such a time of high strife with the dravanians; though to a lesser degree than if he had shown up some years prior), he falls by the wayside. Seeing a similarity between the opressive lies of the Holy See, and the oppression of the Garleans, he takes up with a group of vigilantes to strike back.

It is here he learns of the Dark Knights, and seeks out their tales, their stories, and soon - finds one of them in person. The Dark Knight sees the strife and turmoil within Kiyokage's eyes and takes him in, if only temporarily. By the end of the war, his mentor is dead, slain by dravanians - and he has learned little of the Dark Knight ways. He is broken - the man who would lead him on a new path has died before showing him the way. With little else to do he buries him in the snow and takes his sword and soulstone. Once more his life is unclear.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
It takes time, but eventually he hears of the uprising in Ala Mhigo and Othard once more - that rebellions have been successful, and that people might finally, after the long years of imperial rule, begin to rebuild their lands. Inspired that he might be of some use there, he takes a boat to Kugane, so that he might make his way across the Ruby Sea, and finally find the path he was destined to walk. Kiyo spent some time in Kugane and Othard, learning the path of the Dark Knight from an Ishgardian named Tserende, until fate literally dropped his new path forward in his lap. A chance meeting with the Eldritch Collective had him join their ranks - and soon be whisked off to Gridania, to learn of their ways.
His time with the collective was, at length, nearly a whole year long - but soon enough he found his devotion to their cause lacking. No longer able to convince himself to remain, he wandered off, and has since founded his own free company, based on the ideals that he himself holds true. The Council of the Dawn - now a reality rather than a mere ideology in his mind - now stands poised to recruit new members and grow to combat the growing abuses of dark power in the world... and master them for themselves.

Relationship Status Legend

Birth Mother/Father, Negative, Uncertain. () - The lifegivers.
Character's Thoughts: "They brought me into this world and summarily dumped me off at their earliest convenience. I don't know either of them. My own mother couldn't be bothered to give me a name, so how much should she mean to me, really?"
Kiyokage's mysterious birth parents. Maybe one day he'll learn who these individuals were. Maybe not. Frankly he doesn't give a damn.
The Iriq Tribe, Complicated. () - The Old Home.
Character's Thoughts: "A tribe I abandoned long ago when I was young. Was I mistaken to do so? Maybe. But what good does it do us to ponder what if's, and the past in such a manner?"
The iriq took Kiyokage in back before he changed his name, and raised him. He left at a young age (12), seeking out his fortunes elsewhere, thinking he could find a better place for himself in the world.
Sumi Kawayama, Positive. () - "Like a Daughter"
Character's Thoughts: "I've watched Sumi mature considerably since she escaped the slave mines of the garleans and set out to make a life for herself. Her skill has risen considerably, as well as her physical strength. She is sharp, intelligent, and quick on her feet. Now if only she could get rid of that damn attitude..."
Sumi and Kiyokage have been through a lot - the man always providing a guiding remark or lesson when he feels them necessary, while remaining distant enough to not be overbearing. Now she helps him guide the council to his pristine vision, raising it from little more than an idea, to something far greater than he could have ever dreamed. She's strong - he knows that, but she's also emotional and seems to have a streak of bad luck about her. Kiyo now faces the struggle of trying to help sumi adapt to a social life, now that everything else seems to settle relatively well for her.
Cira Molkoh, Positive. () - An Uncertain Hearer
Character's Thoughts: "She hears the elementals, but I can see it in her eyes. She isn't beholden to them - she simply does so because she feels it the right thing to do. Childhood beliefs are so unfortunately hard to shake, but I do believe in time we will see her grow into a powerful upholder of the council's ideals. Already she's come far, and her dedication is second to none. I daresay I have hope for this one. True hope, not the lie I tell to so many."
Cira Molkoh, through a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, has made her way to temporarily heading up the Aetheristry in the Council under Kiyo's watchful eye. The man curiously waits to see how she'll react to the coming truths that would be necessary to turn her into the tool he desires.
Zereth Awanda, Positive. () - The Jester
Character's Thoughts: "The man prances about, always upbeat and so positive in his nature - always so quick to try and bring happiness to others. I've seen it before and I'm positive I'm seeing it again right here before me. Just what secrets do you hide little cat? How -dead- are you inside that you try to bring everyone else a joy that you, possibly, don't feel yourself save for in short moments? I've seen the agony in you. Cracks in that happy mask you wear. But I can see it for what it is. Just how will you break... and how will you shape yourself when you do?"
Zereth Awanda, as far as Kiyo can tell, is the... significant other of Cira Molkoh, which puts the man directly in his crosshairs given his plans for the hearer herself. So far he seems to play the part of the useful idiot, but Kiyo has suspicions that there's more to the man than just a happy, dumb, fool. Much more. With any luck? He'll find it too.
Cocoba Coba, Uncertain, Neutral. (�● ) - The Half-Cat
Character's Thoughts: "A mystery, right now. She seems to like the outdoors and has a penchant for not sticking around long when she -is- here, so I'm not sure what to make of her. I'm sure there's something here, I just don't know what it is yet. Either way, she has stuck around for a while now, so perhaps I should find out."
Kiyo isn't sure what to make of Cocoba despite how long she's been around. For all intents and purposes, several times he thought she was just... gone, and not coming back, yet every time she does. Now that she keeps coming back, he has started to wonder just what secrets the half-breed contains.
Gaius'ir Perona, Uncertain, Neutral. (�● ) - The Ex-Slave
Character's Thoughts: "One would think slavery would humble a man, but with this one he is anything but. His name offends me deeply, though I try not to show it; someone thought they were being cute when they named a slave after the black wolf, and even to this day - removed from the empire as I am, I would strike them down for the insult. He is unpredictable, brash, and too eager to please, like a boy seeking his father's approval. If I had more patience, I would see what that can be shaped into - but for now... I can only hope the presence of the other council members tempers his attitude until it's something I could bear for some length of time."
Kiyo knows Gaius holds a lot of potential, but every time the man shows up he seems to bring some new event with him in his unfortunate life that only irritates the man further. He isn't sure -why- Gaius gets under his skin, perhaps it's his name and what he represents - or perhaps it's his lack of social decorum, but Kiyo simply cannot handle him in large doses at a time.
Rana Haragin, Uncertain, Neutral. (�● ) - The Bold One
Character's Thoughts: "You tried my fires little xaela, and you nearly lost your horns for it. I am simultaneously irate with you, and impressed that you'd be so bold, especially in that moment. While I feel guilt for snapping as I did, I have to wonder what thoughts raced through your mind as I cradled your skull betwixt my hands."
A healer, astrologian, for the council - and a bold one at that. Rana seems eager to do any work asked of her, but she seems to lack a certain dedication that Kiyo is looking for - as if at any time she might turn away from the group and wander off. Perhaps it comes from a lack of knowing her very well. Recently she surprised the man and nearly lost her horns for it, an act that's put her under more intense scrutiny.
Dravikas Mistros, Uncertain, Neutral. (�● ) - Praise Althyk
Character's Thoughts: "Your religious fervor worries me, and your attitude to quickly condemn others makes me wonder just where that fervor will take you. To the grave? Or will it be able to be turned to a different cause, such as our own? A religious fanatic turned to our cause instead of a god could be useful indeed..."
Religion, one of Kiyo's least favorite topics of discussion, and Dravikas practically -drips- it. Like a cleric preaching for her god, the woman is tough as nails and dedicated to the god she follows. What this means for her future is uncertain.
Talon Khaine, Uncertain, Neutral. (�● ) - A Reflection
Character's Thoughts: "There's so much similar here, and so much different. Like a reflection of myself, not just showing me myself, but my opposite in so many ways... yet so similar in others. Both of the same cloth, but you were born into it - while I was beaten to fit that mold. Both dedicated, ambitious... where will it lead you? Or are you just here to pull the trigger when your master gives the order?"
Garleans. Kiyo wants to trust them utterly, and he's trying, but there's always a part of him that makes him pull back every time they are present. Just how much trouble will this mean for the man, and where will it take them? He isn't sure, but Kiyo feels like a conflict with the empire is brewing in ways he could never predict... and every night now he remembers those nightmares he had finally gotten rid of. Back. Stronger than ever.
Eiai Airi, Positive, Best-Friend. () - The Dragon Knight
Character's Thoughts: "Eiai is a bit of a mystery to me now. I know she's no longer with the collective, but what she's up to these days? I have no clue."
Eiai Airi, one time friend of the collective, ex-mate of Hizu. The first time Kiyo met her the man nearly took her life, and ever since, she's grown closer to him over time - eventually overcoming his natural want to push her down a flight of stairs. It took a while to work past their differences and the growing darkness in her soul, but anymore they seem to be close friends. Kiyo has recently begun to train Eiai in the ways of being a Dark Knight, to control that budding inner darkness, before it consumes her and her unborn child. Now a mother, and away from the collective, he's uncertain what's become of her.
Nabi Kharlu, Positive. () - The Healer.
Character's Thoughts: "I'm uncertain what's become of Nabi. Hopefully she is still alive out there."
Nabi originally was introduced to Kiyokage by Tserende, his trainer in the dark arts. While originally he was curious about the woman, he squelched all of those thoughts when he realized something was growing between her and his master, so as not to cause waves. She has healed him a few times now - and seems quite caring (as well as skilled). It's only a matter of time before he pushes her away completely with his new path in life. More recently, Kiyo hasn't seen or heard from her in almost a year.
Sa'ran Kha, Friend, Neutral. () - Jebei's Wife
Character's Thoughts: "Sa'ran is yet another individual I left behind when I left the collective. What's become of her? Is she still a pawn of the collective? I have no idea, nor am I going to go back to find out at this time. Perhaps one day we will cross paths again."
Sa'ran Kha is a mysterious Xaela female who showed up one day in Kiyokage's life and has tagged along ever since. Following him to the collective, their budding romance was cut short when both Kiyo and Sa'ran realized that they weren't meant for each other - Kiyo nudging Jebei to pursue her, and Sa'ran leaving Kiyo shortly after. It wasn't long until the two were married, leaving Kiyo to his own devices. For several moons Kiyo blamed her for the break up, despite knowing some fraction of the truth on his end - adamantly denying it and using it to drive a wedge further between them. Now however, he's come to terms with his own faults and apologized to Sa'ran for the months of strife. Where this new budding friendship will leave - is only a question the future can answer.
Tserende Valqirelle, Acquaintance, Positive. () - Ex-master
Character's Thoughts: "I think the man might be dead."
An unamused, unforgiving, and stern man from Ishgard, Tserende approached Kiyokage after hearing from several others that he was seeking out 'individuals from ishgard skilled with large blades". Soon after they came to an agreement that has resulted in Kiyokage getting the training he so desired - and Tserende the student he wanted as well. Where it goes from there is uncertain. More recently Tserende hasn't been heard from. Perhaps he has died.
Kibaa, Friend, Positive. () - A distant friend
Character's Thoughts: "My and Kibaa's history has been one of ups and downs, of changes and growth, and I now wonder what's become of the man. I haven't heard from him in some time. Last I knew he was with Lunae's crew."
Kibaa, Kiyo's first mentor within the collective, originally was a man that Kiyo despised and wanted little to do with. Eccentric, strange, and sometimes seeming to be utterly random, Kiyo hated the chaos that seemed to stem from the man. Time however changed both of them, and lead to growth that saw Kibaa promoted higher than Kiyo - and eventually endowed with wisdom that Kiyo hopes to emulate. Now Kibaa is off doing other things, no longer with the collective, and with Kiyo busy with his own free company, life has kept them apart.
Jebei, Positive, Unsure. () - My Brother in Another Life
Character's Thoughts: "Jebei trained me in the dark arts, and lead me to the point where I can stand on my own. I owe him much, and have given him much, as well as betrayed him. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for him - and I've been a bad friend to him for it. I've since apologized, but things between us are... terse. I hope to one day be able to count him among my friends again. Now I do not know what fate has held for him. Is he still among the collective? Likely. Hopefully he is well."
Jebei, Zalitai's hammer, one of the most fearsome and fierce members of the collective. Sa'ran's husband as well. Kiyo and Jebei have shared an on again off again level of friendship that has recently dwindled due to Kiyo's mistreatment of himself and Sa'ran. Where this will lead? Kiyo doesn't know - but he seeks to earn Jeb's friendship and trust back in time - after all, the man had said he was like a brother to him.
Former Acquaintances
Sophine Beaujont, Positive, Friend. () - "An Ex-Lover"
Character's Thoughts: "There was a time where you excited me little lamb, and I'm not sure what happened. The world broke me, I suppose, and my trust went with it. Sadly the fallout was not kind to you, and I'd rather let you go, than leave you waiting for feelings that might not ever return."
Sophine is an elezen conjurer that Kiyo met at a rather sensitive time in his life. She stood by him and kept him together while he was disgraced, but unfortunately their lovers tryst was short lived. After several incidents left kiyo's ability to trust others damaged for a time - Kiyo backed away from their relationship. If it'll ever rekindle... he doesn't know. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Maiya Maiilah, Positive, Friend, Attraction, Complicated. () - "The Missing Piece"
Character's Thoughts: "It broke my heart to tell her we couldn't be together, but I know it to be true. She will always be a piece of my heart that I cannot have - I cannot take back... and we will always have our shared moments together. But now, she's married, and I? I need to grow. I need to find out who I am and where I am headed, and it would not be fair to take that stability from her while I cast myself into the abyss."
Maiya - the woman who drew him into polyamory for a time - who taught him it was okay to be softer, kinder, gentler... and who awoke a hunger within him that he hadn't even realized was there. Though he might not admit it - much like Sophine he craves the woman like a drug... which is part of why he pulled away. While he had tamed the desire to steal her away for some time, he felt those urges rising in him once more - so he drifted away. Now mere 'friends', he is unsure where life will take them next... only that he will always have one eye upon her, and a spot in his heart for the woman he let go. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Leith Eilam, Positive. () - The Magister
Character's Thoughts: "Zalitai's husband. While originally I just thought the man was a drunk lush who rarely knew what was going on, he has changed lately for the better. He seems more prevalent, more prominent in the manse, and not nearly as drunk as I took him for. I made a mistake and earned his ire recently - something I am yet to remedy, but in time, I hope to draw him in as an ally as well. The man provides a unique, new mixture to the power structure above me, and it would be useful to have insight and opinion that isn't derived from Jebei or Kataani at times."
Kiyo doesn't know much about Leith, but he's grown warm to the idea of learning more. Other than being a magister, and Zalitai's husband, he knows very little about the miqo'te man other than a handful of facts: that he's been here a very long time, that he has the powers of a white mage at his disposal, and that he's very strict - which is a good thing. More order needs to be brought about... and Kiyo seeks to aid in any way he can to ensure it is there. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Jean Lefavre, Negative. () - "The ginger irritant"
Character's Thoughts: "My thoughts on Jean? I don't -think- about Jean. Not any more than necessary. If he'd stop being a pain in the ass and learn to watch his mouth he might actually be valuable. For now, all the value he brings is countered out by all the problems he brings as well. Lets hope he can learn to stop that."
What is there to say about Jean? The man has his uses, but most of what good Kiyo could ever say about him has been repeatedly overshadowed by the man's constant and incessant desire to be an irritation. Because of this, a rather firm spike has been driven between them, and from the looks of things? That might not ever be fixed. After Jean left the collective, Kiyo has not heard nor seen the man.
V'hizu Nunh, Complicated, Friend. () - "The Uncertain One"
Character's Thoughts: "Hizu is a mess. At times, I wanted him dead, but when he was finally 'killed' I realized that it was a hollow victory and that it wasn't what I wanted at all. He's been nothing but an irritating pain in the ass in the past, problems after problems after problems... and when he attacked Maiya? I wanted to rip him apart. Slowly. But now that he's been given a taste of his own medicine, maybe he's changed? I'm willing to extend the olive branch and give him a chance... but it's the last one he gets."
Hizu, enemy, friend, enemy again, it's hard to say where the man's allegiances lie - except for his extreme devotion to Eiai. He recently woke up from a poison that made him face the worst aspects of himself and to accept them - and now that he has, Kiyo has a mild hope that maybe... just maybe... the man can now live a normal life. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Kage Grimm, Negative, Unsure. () - "The Youngling"
Character's Thoughts: "Grim tries too hard, he needs to mature and learn his path through life and stop getting side tracked with all of these weird thoughts and ideas. I don't know why he does a good majority of the things he does, but it's lead me to believe there's little hope for him. Still - it's my duty to try and guide him I suppose, and I will keep trying..."
Grim has been an odd addition to the collective in Kiyo's eyes - a man who seems to be completely useful and on board some days... and completely oblivious and foolish the next. Kiyo has seen the man grow some since he arrived, which is enough for him to keep trying to teach this mentee - but the more he sees and hears of the man's private life, the more he wonders where his true loyalties lie... and honestly? He doesn't think they're with the collective. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Ylva "Lulu" Victry, Neutral, Unsure. () - "An Odd Duck"
Character's Thoughts: "I don't know what to make of her. People call her Lulu but she gets mad when other use it. She likes feathers. The woman is strange, but apparently skilled - and honestly? I think there might be something just... slightly wrong with her. Either way? That's on her to figure it out. If she keeps proving useful, I don't care -how- weird she is, so long as it doesn't interfere with me."
Ylva is also a newer member of the collective, and a bit of a strange one at that. Kiyo isn't entirely sure what to make of the woman, other than she seems skilled, but also seems... eccentric. Overall however? She seems harmless, and thus garners little attention when she isn't around. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
The Eldritch Collective, Positive. () - Once My Path to Vengeance.
Character's Thoughts: "What started as an idle curiosity has grown to obsession. This group is harsh, unforgiving, and cruel; but their path to power is one I cannot ignore. While they have recently shown me some merits of humanity, so far it feels a lot like the old days. Sometimes one must suffer more, to move forward..."
What started off as a mere coincidence has given Kiyo a chance to find his way in life - a hard chance, but a chance none the less. While previously Kiyokage wandered, uncertain where he would head, or what he would do - the Collective has given him something to focus his efforts on; something to understand, and make himself a part of once more, to forge his new identity moving forward. Kiyo is no longer a part of the collective.
Kataani, Positive. () - The Magistrix
Character's Thoughts: "I used to be afraid of Kataani. Now? Now I understand her. While the woman is still strong and terrifying when she's in a frenzy or one of her moods, I feel safe enough to maneuver around her when she's like that. There is much I have to learn still to grow to her level, but knowing her, and having her as a friend? Gives me hope."
The more Kiyo has gotten to know about the ascendant named Kataani, the more he's stabilized his thoughts on who she is, and what that means to him. He is fond of her, but worries about her emotional state. He helped discover the darkness within her, and aided her in tempering it through some... unconventional methods. Now less likely to lose control, she seems to be far less prone to violent outbursts... except when provoked. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Zalitai, Neutral, Unsure. () - The Archmagister
Character's Thoughts: "Zalitai isn't nearly the monster I once thought him to be. Anymore? I'm dedicated to his cause."
Driven. Ambitious. Cold. Calculating. These are the words Kiyokage would use to describe Zalitai, a man whom he both envies, and fears. While there are parts of Kiyokage that want to be this man... there are other parts of him that are afraid to ask what it takes to get where he is... how many bodies are in his past, and how many sacrifices has he made? A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Alyx, Positive. () - The Exemplar
Character's Thoughts: "While I know little about the man, I genuinely appreciate his company when he is around. He's helped me thus far - and I've stayed out of his ire, and I feel that's a good thing. I'll be apt to not fight him again however - last time he nearly made me into a crater."
Alyx is a curious individual. One moment he seems super serious and harsh - and the next he is joking and filled with levity. It's hard to get a solid grasp on the man. He is quiet, reserved, and typically keeps to himself, which makes it hard to get a feel for the things that go on in his life or why he might be how he is. A member of the Collective that Kiyo has now left, Kiyo has little contact with this individual.
Mhati, Positive. () - A Potential Friend and Ally.
Character's Thoughts: "The man has a temper about him, and that's something I can understand - even appreciate. Mhati has always felt like a friend, an ally, but recently I've disappointed him by poisoning Kataani - his mate. Hopefully I can work past this."
Mhati, ascendant, lover and mate of Kataani, another ascendant. Kiyokage has had several run-ins with the man-cat in the past, but recently it seems he's ever more present in the day to day happenings around the manse. After watching him handle Hizu, Kiyo had a newfound respect for the mi'qote, and began to look differently at him and his chosen female. A member of the Collective that Kiyo has now left, Kiyo has little contact with this individual.
Zahri, Neutral, Unsure. () - The Sharlayan Mammeteer
Character's Thoughts: "I'm not sure what to make of him to be quite honest."
Zahri and Kiyo's dynamic in the collective has shifted on a near monthly basis. While he holds no true dislike for the man, he -is- suspicious of him, and likely for good reasons. He doesn't speak up much, he is smart, and that is worrying. Given the man's close proximity to Azrat, he has constant concerns for what the man thinks inwardly - but he also knows getting such out of him would likely be far, far too much work. A member of the eldritch collective that kiyo has left, he no longer has much contact with this individual.
Koke, Positive. () - The Manor's Maid - err, sorry, Butler.
Character's Thoughts: "I don't mind Koke. He's useful. He's fairly friendly. What the fuck is he doing here?"
Another of Kibaa's mentee's, Koke was introduced to Kiyokage as a potential friend. It worked. He doesn't mind Koke's presence, and considers him a trustworthy confidant of sorts - someone he might talk to... but ultimately does not expect much to come from such talks. He can't help but furrow his brow as he watches the man drift from task to task, like nothing more than hired help, wondering what brought him to be in the collective in the first place.
Justine, Positive. () - One of the only good healers here.
Character's Thoughts: "She healed me, and it didn't hurt. While she left a scar, I know why and hold no grudges against her. So far, I only have good to say of her."
Justine healed the painful burns inflicted by Kibaa's punishment on Kiyo's face, and while that was the spark that set off his entirely negative view of the man - it also inspired a positive outlook toward the woman from Kiyo. She healed him - she did good. So far... he has no reason to question that.
Lynn, Positive, Unsure. () - 'The Other Dark Knight'.
Character's Thoughts: "I don't know much about Lynn, but Kibaa says she's dangerous. He also doesn't have a high opinion of her. Either way, she talked to me when I needed talking to - and offered to stand up for me. That means something."
Alva Lynn is a dark knight within the collective that Kiyo knows relatively little about - other than when he needed to talk to someone, she had answers. While he feels rebuffed by most, she spoke to him, offered to stand up for him, and gave him a nudge forward that he needed. For that, he at least respects her. Recently her and her lover have left the collective.
Kiyo Amemori, Acquaintance, Complicated. () - The Student.
Character's Thoughts: "Kiyo brings out some of the best and worst aspects of me. If it weren't for my own mistakes she wouldn't be here right now as a trainee. Honestly, at the moment, it'd be better for her to get trained and get lost. People being around me for long periods of time don't do so well - but she doesn't seem to get the message."
Kiyo found a disgruntled Kiyokage in Ala Mhigo and dedicated herself to him as his personal healer. Since then her naive ways have brought her close to danger, but also closer to the grumbling lone wolf that Kiyokage is. Having convinced him to train her after he nearly hurt her, she's allowed to stay in his presence. For now at least.
The Riven Initiative, Positive. () - The Old Job.
Character's Thoughts: "I'm not sure what to make of them yet, but they have my interest. Money is money, but it didn't work out."
The Riven Initiative approached me recently offering work. At most they seem to be the odd rag-tag group of mercenaries unified under a common payroll, and a common idea -
some goal to keep ancient magical devices out of the hands of those who would misuse them. The idea seems simple enough, dangerous, but simple. 
After some time myself and Sa'ran left the Riven Initiative. I didn't feel as though I belonged there, though I imagine some of them might disagree - while others might be relieved I left in the first place. Perhaps we'll cross paths again in the future, but for now, I feel as though I am needed elsewhere.
Kara Iriq, Positive. () - "A familiar name".
Character's Thoughts: "If you ask me, Kara seems to be the leader of his bunch. Two others say they're in on it, but I'm not so sure."
Kara Iriq. A name from the past. I vaguely remember a kid by that name growing up, and that concerns me. Anyone from that tribe? They're going to ask questions when they find out who I am, and frankly I don't know if I trust him enough to answer them yet. For now I'll stay distant. I'd prefer that over denying him answers or telling him lies.
Renge, Negative. () - The One Who Ran Away.
Character's Thoughts: "Tuck your tail between your legs Ren."
Renge so far does not impress me, though I'll keep my mouth shut about her as Kara seems to approve of the female. She seems upbeat, but in our first meeting a bit of scrutiny had her tucking tail and running off. The second time we met she mouthed off and didn't back up her words. Overall that's two for two, leaving me incredibly disappointed. Watching her spar with Kara it's clear she has -some- skill, but whether that redeems her or not is yet to be seen.
Amon, Positive. () - A friendly face.
Character's Thoughts: "You'd be happier if they all got along, wouldn't you, Amon?"
Amon is the friendly face who invited me to the Riven Initiative. So far he seems to be a relatively friendly soul who wants the best for the group - and frankly I think all the internal conflict is wearing on him. Sorry, I'm not going to make that any better for you. I've seen people like him before, and in the end they always break. How long until you show the cracks of stress yourself, Amon?
Devilish, Positive. () - The Warrior.
Character's Thoughts: "You buried your axe in my arm. No hard feelings though."
She damn near cut off my arm with her axe, but that's okay, you should've seen how I left her. Strong, stubborn, proud: I like her. We've only met the once, but she's got skills, and she's tough as hell. That's at least worth investing some credit in. I'll have to learn more about her though to make a further judgement.
NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"He's impossible to beat at Triple Triad. I think he cheats." — Local Tavern Goers.
"He's the leader of some group called the Council. Supposedly they go after dark artifacts or something? Sounds dangerous to me." - Ul'dah merchants
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I heard he's banished from his homeland. Think of it, why else would one of them be over here, using a Doman name? He's probably a criminal, or a murderer." — Off Duty Sekiseigumi.
"I hear he came over here from Eorzea. Now what's someone like that doing over there?" — Kugane Sailor.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I'm not entirely certain, but I swear I've seen a garlean on patrol that looked a lot like him from the Castrum near Mor Dhona when I lived there." — Doman Refugee in Mor Dhona.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"If he was half as mindful about his wounds as he was about avoiding purbols, I would think he would not need my services." — Nabi Kharlu.
"..." — Nobody... yet..

RP Info

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Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Kugane: Somewhat Likely
Ruby Sea: Somewhat Likely
Ishgard and Ul'dah: Moderately Likely
Gridania: Extremely Likely
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
The Council of the Dawn: Councilmember of the Legion (Leader)
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell. Items are apt to vary depending on IC circumstances.
Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing at most a couple thousand gil. (Varies)
Weapon: Often a sword of some variety, Kiyokage carries one on him at all times, though the type may vary.
Alchemist's Pouch: A heavier leather pouch, padded, that rests on his left leg. Carries several vials of alchemical goods, such as healing potions.
Soulstone Necklace: Worn around his neck, a Dark Knight soulstone on a heavy black iron necklace. Rather secure.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios. Mature themes are not things that make me queasy or scare me off - but understand that there are limits. So long as everyone is having fun, I am willing to continue any rp within reason. If you aren't certain if I'll enjoy a type of rp, feel free to ask before approaching.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
■ Kiyokage leads the Council of the Dawn, and is often seen leading the group around on missions.
■ The blade on Kiyokage's back has been the source of innumerous rumors anymore. Some claim the eye... watches them.
■ Members of the Iriq tribe might remember Kiyokage. It's likely other Xaela tribes might as well, but far more likely if you're Iriq.
■ Garleans who worked at Castrum Centri will recognize Kiyokage as a centurio from there.

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