L'ohba Tia

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L'ohba Tia

Name- L'ohba Tia
Age- 17
Gender- Male
Race- Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun
Orientation- Unsure, Male Preference
Marital Status- Single

Deity- Azeyma
Occupation- Aspiring Physicker

L'ohba has a small, slender frame and stands at only 4 fulms and 7 ilms tall. Along with his soft features, full lips, and big, amber eyes, it's no wonder most mistake him for a girl.

His exceptionally dark skin, soft and smooth as any female, seems to say he's right at home in the hot sun. The dark shade of his skin only makes L'ohba's golden eyes seem more vibrant and expressive. Unfortunately for him, this tends to put his inner thoughts and feelings on display for all to see. The young miqo'te's slightly unusual purple hair is a trait of his family. His hair is naturally just a little wavy and feathery, but time spent in Ul'dahs' markets have introduced him to all manner of concoctions that let him keep it straight and smooth. Unfortunately for him, the heat and humidity of Bronze Lake's hot springs undo the work of the products, leaving his hair currently in its natural state.

Despite his attempts to hide his reactions to stressful situations, they present themselves in several types of nervous ticks. These include clutching or rubbing a book, shaking, fidgeting, and quick, shallow breathing.

Voice: --- Soft and feminine, with a tinge of raspy boyishness.

Clothing: --- L'ohba favors soft, comfortable clothes like halfrobes. He often wears stockings on his legs as a happy medium between keeping his legs covered, and enjoying the warm sun and breeze on his skin. The combination causes many to accuse him of wearing women's clothing, but the boy insists he only wears what's comfortable, and that many other men wear similar things. On particularly sunny days, he may also wear shorts or thin, breathable pants and tops.


L'ohba initially appears solemn and closed off, but he quickly opens up to new people, particularly if they share his interests. Though soft-spoken, he isn't quite as timid as he initially appears. Any sort of positive attention is a sure way to gain his affection, even if he doesn't realize it himself. L'ohba aims to please, and seeks to make those around him comfortable, happy, and relaxed.

L'ohba has a very low opinion of himself, and makes no attempt to hide it. He thinks of his unusually feminine appearance as a deformity, and curses his supposed inability to do anything "useful". Though his time spent as an apprentice at the Warmwine Sanitorium has given him some confidence in his abilities, his experiences there have left him wondering if his chosen path can really make any difference. Comments from the Sanitorium's more crass guests and workers, many of whom are Lominsan, regarding his feminine appearance and softness have made him both more self-conscious and irritable. The frequency of visitors to the Sanitorium who use it not as a hospital, but to indulge themselves in carnal pleasures, have added to his frustrations.

Coming from an isolated tribe, L'ohba is very traditional in his ways and sticks closely to his people's culture. Miqo'te who have steered away from their traditions do not sit well with L'ohba, and has an extreme dislike for those who marry or breed outside of their race. Having only had personal experiences with other peoples for a very short time, he has many stereotypical views of others. Even so, his interest in reading and history has given him insight into other people and places, making him not totally ignorant. He loves stories, and especially loves books. He considers writing and reading to be an integral part of his people's culture.

As a very traditional Seeker of the Sun, L'ohba has never really seen what most would consider a real relationship or marriage, but his secret love for Ishgardian romance serials has given him a flowery view of such things.


  • Books and Stories
  • Family
  • Pleasing Others


  • Rain, and the cold
  • Vilekin
  • Physical Labor


  • His own incompetence
  • Falling into old habits
  • The loss of his family


  • Favorite Foods: Orobon Stew, Roasted Nopales, Frumenty, Cactuar Stew, Desert Catfish, Salmon
  • Favorite Drinks: Water, Spiced Tea, Rolanberry Juice
  • Favorite Color: Lavender
  • Languages: Common Eorzean, Huntspeak, Amaljic

Color Key
In A Relationship: Name is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Name is romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction Name is physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Name considers this person family.
Friend: Name considers this person her friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Name considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Name has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Name has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Name has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: Name doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
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Fear: Name is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Name consider this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Name.
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Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Name isn't fully aware of it yet.


Rarakiya ( ) ( NPC ) - Apothecary
A Lalafellin apothecary with a stall on Sapphire Avenue. L'ohba visits fairly often to buy all manner of medicines, and oils.
Roehloug ( ) ( NPC ) - Master
L'ohba's master who oversees his training at the Warmwine Sanitorium. The rough, old Roegadyn was once a barber in the Thalassocratic Navy. He has since taken his medical experience to the Warmwine Sanitorium as his age began to make life in the navy more difficult. Though he is old and partially retired, he's as frightening to L'ohba as any pirate.


May Yasashiku ( ) ( PC ) - Troublemaking Best Friend
An Auri girl from Hingashi with boundary issues. L'ohba met her while looking at clothes at Sunsilk Tapestries. The chipper girl declared the two of them best friends, and L'ohba had no reason to argue with her. May's antics can be more than a little frustrating for L'ohba, but she's often a welcome distraction.
Naih'li Molkot ( ) ( PC ) - Curious Wayfarer
An adventurer who caught L'ohba's attention while investigating the Nymian ruins around Bronze Lake. The lonely L'ohba enjoys their casual conversations, and might be a bit too open when talking with him.
Mattisaux Baschet ( ) ( PC ) - Rogue
L'ohba encountered Mattisaux on the La Thagran Eastroad. While L'ohba assumed the shift Elezen was going to mug him, Mattisaux instead offered what he assumed was a woman an escort along the road. Mattisaux now visits occasionally, offering L'ohba some relief from his stresses at the Warmwine Sanitorium.
Evaleigh De'loncre ( ) ( PC ) - Exemplar
An experienced priestess and healer that L'ohba looks up to very much. While they haven't spent much time with each other, L'ohba is enamored with her wisdom and grace, and she remains in his mind as an example of how he wishes to be.
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Personal RP Limits

■ I will play just about any type of scene as long as it comes up naturally. Any sort of topic is fine, and you never have to worry about making me uncomfortable. I'll never seek out anything with the intention of ERP, but if it happens as part of a story then I'm happy to play it out. That said, this only applies to things in-character. If you're being weird OOC, I'll ask you to please leave me alone.
■ L'ohba's story, and his personal opinions on certain things, might make some people uncomfortable. If something bothers you, please try to remember that it's only in-character. And if it's still a problem, then just say so and we can stop playing.
■ I'll roll with whatever you want to throw at me except for straight out killing L'ohba. If you want to maim or cripple him, or kidnap him, or something along those lines, just let me know beforehand.
■ Lore is important to me, and I prefer to play with people who stick as closely to it as possible. I will not play with friendly voidsent, dimension hoppers, original races, ancient Allagan constructs living simple lives as courtesans, or anything in the same vein.


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