Lalamune Zazamune

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Lalamune Zazamune

"The wonders of Aether are boundless, if you are bold enough to seek them out with a healthy dose of research."

Character Information
Full Name Lalamune Zazamune
Nickname(s) Zaz'
Race Lalafell
Subrace Dunesfolk
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Single
Nameday 4th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Age 33
Guardian Thaliak, The Scholar
Birthplace Ul'Dah
Occupation Scholar/Teacher

General Information

Lalamune Zazamune, often referred to by friends as "Zaz", is a proud Ten-summer graduate of Sharlayan, having studied the various verses of Aetheric Manipulation and its several disciplines over the course of his venture abroad. He has dabbled and experimented in the multiple arts - Conjury, Thaumaturgy, Arcanima, even going beyond into researching the more advanced practices of Amdapori White, Mhachi Black, Allagan Summoning, Nymian Scholastics, Sharlayan Astronomy, Abanian Red... The minute magician and his verbose self has had quite the escapade in pursuit of his understanding and 'perfection' of such in terms of Aetheric Manipulation.

Across his stay with Sharlayan, he has endured much hardship, in various forms; prejudice, tests, field research, expeditions, excavations, expectations, but they have all served to steel his resolve, and make him the mage he is today. And with his return to Eorzea, he aims to put his talents-turned-skill to good use- by sharing his knowledge, and acting upon it for the betterment of the realm, and its peoples.


Zaz' has an average build for a Lalafellin Scholar - his arms and legs are toned through extensive use, lifting and moving multiple stacks of books across varing amounts of distances repeatedly. However, his core is still left wanting, offering a bit of flabby chubbiness to his stomach area.

Zaz' stands at a modest 2' 10", with a head of jagged, layered verdant hair, and a pair of silvery-white eyes that create the allusion of blindness. Despite his platinum pupils, he is not lacking of the sense - he can still see just fine.

Matching his jade locks, his attire is primarily just as green - the striking shade of Cactuar green typically matching his spectacles and emerald bangs, and favoring the typical set of flowing robes. Though his attire may change based on the disciple he's practicing, and in his casual attire, he chooses to contrast with a striking shade of Dalamud Red instead.


Personality Traits

  • Altruist
  • Logical
  • Pragmatic
  • Verbose
  • Calculating
  • Book-loving
  • Protective
  • Well-Versed
  • Faithful
  • Curious
  • Unashamed


Zaz' takes his time in newer environments to study the architecture and the other occupants or inhabitants, never making any out-of-line steps until he's sure that he won't draw anyone's ire or offense. Initially, he's a calm-and-calculated sort around newer folks and newer climes, but after enough visits to become familiar, he will acclimate accordingly to make himself comfortable.

When he sets his mind to a task, he often formulates an order of operations, and should others be involved in said order, he will let them know of said planning, and take the most logical route presented to him with the given variables and elements. This may come off to some as cold and emotionless, but in a given situation where focus is paramount and room for error is slim to none, he will made his best effort to ensure that his plans are air-tight, and that celebrations and accusations can wait until after the endeavor.

He speaks with a refined sort of tonality that one might expect from Ishgard, or modern Sharlayan, however he does have a touch of that Ul'Dahni charm and forwardness in his voice when he chooses to drop the usual subtleties and spell something out for someone. He prefers to vary his vernacular, avoiding repetitive words if he can help it.

Philosophy & Ideals

Zaz' will often attempt to take the pragmatic route of non-violence if conflict can be resolved without trading blows, offering to either negotiate terms, or talk the other person down if possible, using his logistical mind and natural Ul'Dahni charm to try and convince the other party that the fight is not worth it. But in times of heated passion, he has a tendency to jump to threats and prepare for Aetheric Retribution.

He tries to see the good in all things, within reason. And his friends are, above all else, the most important things in the world to him, even daring to consider making personal sacrifices for the safety and security of his confidants. But, if reason is out of the question, his reluctance will be set aside for calculated combat.

While normally preferring the comfort of the city walls, as well as the silence and tranquility of his personal space with all of his tomes, Zaz' is ever one to seek out new cultures, new experiences, and learn all he can. This likely stems from his insatiable curiosity of desiring to learn more of the Beast Tribe's variations on traditional magical arts.

Personality Tidbits

  • Despite his diminutive size, his voice BOOMS when he demands attention of those around him.
  • Far too often does the Scholar attempt to embrace subtlety, which often leads to a string of 'sayings' that still don't connect.
  • He is very careful about any and all of his books, valuing knowledge almost as a currency of its own, and he is unkind to those who mistreat books.
  • Zaz' has a hard time travelling by boat, unable to find his center of gravity as the ship rocks about to and fro, and threatens to send him, and his lunch, overboard.
  • While normally the kind to value his intellect and focus above all else, he is not so self-centered as to find fun to be a 'distractor' from his research - a drink or two every now and again couldn't hurt.
  • The Scholar's fortunes during his time in Sharlayan came from an inheritance - now to accrue his daily income, he spends time teaching and training novices at the Adventurer's Guild as a day-job for his 'living'.
  • Zaz' has flitted from group to group, looking for a bunch of confidants to truly rely on. And now that he believes he has finally found them, there are no ends he would not go to for any one of them.
Likes Dislikes
  • Books.
  • Assisting in others' issues.
  • Studying new magical tricks.
  • His Chocobo, Biblio'.
  • Perusing libraries.
  • Sharing his knowledge.
  • Violence/Conflict
  • Brazen brutes with no value for intellect.
  • Aether Sickness.
  • An overabundance of water.
  • Being tricked into shameful acts.
Skills Education
  • Calculation
  • Aether Proficiency
  • Alchemy
  • Logistics
  • Reading
  • Sharlayan Academics - 10 Years
  • Self-Studied Magic Disciplines
  • Alchemist's Guild Apprenticeship
Strengths Flaws
  • Healing - With Nymian Scholastics as well as study into White Aether, the Scholar is an expert at the mending arts.
  • Altruistic - Zaz's heart yearns for good for goodness sake, and will attempt to spread that sense of righteousness, no matter who he may come across.
  • Resilient - Ever defiant in the face of adversity, the Scholar refuses to surrender until there is no chance of success.
  • Logical - Zaz' utilizes his calculative intellect to his benefit, and the benefit of others, to formulate a winning strategy most of the time.
  • Meek - Thought strong of mind, and keep of soul, Zaz's bodily might leaves much to be desired for some enthusiasts.
  • Overly-specific - The Scholar tends to sweat the details more often than not, and simply will not leave something he's working on alone until he's certain it's juuuust right.
  • Emotional - His recent trials and tribulations have opened his heart up and made it a valuable target, causing his temperament to often override logic.
  • Social Awkwardness - Eggheads like Zaz' are few and far between, leaving the verbose Scholar in a sticky situation when surrounded by fast-talking thrill-seekers.
  • Lonely - With no family left to him, the Scholar tends to subconsciously glom onto what few friends he is able to make.
Fears Favorites
  • Athazagoraphobia - The Fear of Being Forgotten - While unique in his own right, Zaz' knows that the only fate worse than Death, is to be truly forgotten to the world, and do those closest to him.
  • He's studied most of his life into the art of Magic and Aether, and yet the Scholar, for all of his notes and facts, still worries that someone, somewhere, of possible import, might simply not believe in anything he's written or said.
  • Cleithrophobia - The Fear of being Trapped - Zaz' may enjoy quiet, cozy spaces, but being confined to an overly-cramped space with hardly any room to move for extended periods of time will freak the Scholar out. HARD.
  • Biblio' - Zaz's Chocobo companion for the majority of his life, Bibli' has hauled multiple portions of his extensive collection of tomes with a smile, and watched his back during solo-excursions across the realm.
  • Nothing gets to Zaz' quite like knowing that a new edition of an old tome, or simply a new tome on a magical subject, has been released. Chapters and treatises excite the Scholar, and his collection is ever-expanding.
  • The Beast Tribes, while initially hostile on the surface of many eyes enrolled in the Adventurer's Guild, fascinates Zaz'. And he knows better than to judge the cover of their books - he's made good relations with the Sylphs, afterall.
  • When not busy studyin the magical arts or chasing down new books, Zaz' often practices Alchemy - an art that often involves the infusion of Aether, and while not inherently a magic-based practice, still fuels his curiosity for the various possibilities of the chemicals and reagents.

Early Life


Lalamune Zazamune was born to a Lalafellin couple - His mother, a retired Gladiator of the Blood Sands, Chechemi Chemi, and his father, an active merchant for the Sapphire Avenue, and an avid supporter of the Immortal Flames, Rarayucha Leleyucha. In his youth, he was an only child, and the world about him was exciting, blissfully ignorant as to the vagaries of Ul'Dah and it's rather dirty backstory. His mother spent most of her time tending to him, treating him with stories of her clashes, and exaggerating the details every so often as to recount the battles in a fable-sense, to keep the young boy's sense of wonder alive. All the while, his father continued to work his mercantile magic, buying and selling to keep the family solid, all while cutting into his own margins to send some support over towards the Immortal Flames during their clash with the Imperials alongside the Adders and the Maelstrom during the war.

The War was never mentioned to Zaz' in his youth, but it became more and more apparent ow involved his father was getting towards supporting his city and his fellow countrymen. One day, Rarayucha set out from his stall on the Sapphire Avenue, told his wife and son that he was off to support the Flames on the front-line proper by establishing a trade route that might ensure more supplies, arms, and armor for the men and women at the front of the Carteneau Flats. Though Chechemi begged him to stay for his son, he simply told her that this was his way of ensuring their future, and with a kiss, he set off.

When Zaz' was 15, the Seventh Umbral Calamity struck the realm, and over the five years that followed in the wake of the travesty, no word came back from the Flats.

His Father, Rarayucha Leleyucha, was gone.


At the age of 20, Zaz' was a proper-grown Lalafellin, though he was still young of mind, and had much to learn. With his late-father's passing, he and his mother were granted an inheritance of his fortunes amassed over his entire mercantile career, and left to them with a note stating that Rarayucha likely knew this would happen sooner-or-later, and hoped the two of them would put the Gil to good use. While his mother was teary-eyed, he refused to succumb to depression, and for all the tending she did for him, it was his turn to tend to her. He took up simple delivery work about the town, not asking questions, and knowing what his work-worth was. He refused to spend so much as a cent of his inheritance money on simple things for the family.

At 22, he made up his mind on what he wanted to do with said inheritance - He wanted to venture beyond, to a place with more to teach him than the Ossuary or Mealvan's Gate. He dared to head out to Sharlayan. Though his mother protested against this, he assured her that it would not be the same as Rarayucha - He was not heading out to some forlorn battlefield in the hopes of aiding in conflict, he was simply seeking a higher education, that he might return more knowledged and better provide for her, and the rest of Ul'Dah. He made a promise that he would do nothing that might endanger himself bodily or otherwise, and with his bags packed, he set out for Sharlayan. With his inheritance to foot the bill for his planned stay and tuition, as well as dormitory costs, class materials, uniform code, and the rest of his necessary expenses, he studied day and night, attended various seminars on the machinations of magic, the balance of the elements, the correlation between the elemental wheel, and the sequence of the Calamities.

While in his pursuit of knowledge and a better grasp on Aether, he cacme across an interesting subject that had him rather hooked, and would drive him to pursue his major - The Lost City of Nym, and the various works that it entailed. The most interesting to him being the Aetheric tactics of the Nymian Scholars, whom worked alongside the Nymian Marines in the ages before even the Sixth Umbral Calamity! But what was most important of all the details, given his recent self-discoveries during his time in Sharlayan, was that the Nymian Scholars of old primarily utilized books for their magic. That was something he could get behind, as he began to hyper-focus his research into Nym, and their rise-and-fall, the remains of their city, The Wanderer's Palace, EVERYTHING he could absorb in terms of knowledge. And all the while, he sent letters back home, writing to his mother about his experiences, his progress, and his reassurances that he's perfectly fine.

However, two Summers before his expected graduation, she stopped writing back. Was it some kind of premonition? Had something happened? He couldn't simply drop everything and leave to check. So, he continued his studies, and after ten straight Summers spent practicing, learning, and proving himself beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Scholar received his degree as a young professor of Aetheric Studies and Manipulation, and earned honorary credentials within Sharlayan's halls. With his education attained and proven, he returned to Eorzea proper, and hie'd to Ul'Dah, to celebrate his successes. But, what he found upon his return would shock him. He had hoped to display to his mother at home his certificate of graduation, however when he approached home, he found a sign stating that the residence was vacant, and being repossessed. He asked about what the meaning of this was, and what happened to the Lalafellin woman living here.

They say the found her hanging from the rafters of her bedroom with a chair laying on the ground right below her.

His mother, Chechemi Cehmi, was gone.


With no more living family to speak of, the Scholar had to forge ahead on his own, with whatever methods he knew were available to him. He enrolled with the Adventurer's Guild in an effort to assist novices and veterans alike. He enlisted with the Immortal Flames, offering strategic angles thanks to his studies of the various Nymian Marine-tactics. But never one to plant his feet, he saddled his Chocobo, Bibliocobo, with tome-filled packs, and sturdy barding, and took to the fields. He roamed the realm, in search of the knowledge that Eorzea herself harbored, from Gridania to Ishgard, and all places between, seeking to spread his own learnings, and gather the teachings of those whom were versed in the native climes of the continent.

Not once did he consider a physical discipline, knowing he was better off with his practiced arts of magic. War simply did not suit him, so he rarely, if ever, took to the Allagan-riddled Carteneau Flats for the Frontline practice, or the rolling fields of the faux-Nhaadam in The Azim Steppe. Instead, he crossed the scorching sands, the creaking boughs, the soaked shores, all in an effort to find the perfect opportunities and evidence to aid him in his true life's goal - to completely, and utterly master the art of Aetheric Manipulation, and become as grand a magus as Archon Louisoix Leveilleur.

Recent Times

Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "You her about the little green bookie fella? Saw him coming out of the Ossuary with a stack of tomes almost as tall as him! And he hauled 'em like they were nothin'!" - Lynatoum, Ul'Dahni people-watcher
  • "I'd never have thought someone so capable of arcane arts would so easily grasp both the destructive force, AND the restorative touch of Arcanistry's roots..." - Chochoyu, Novice Arcanist
  • "Ser Zazamune's a saint, he is. Assured me ain't nothing was gonna happen to any lot of us in the Deepcrofts, and sure enough, he kept us all hale and hearty through the horrors! He's mentor-material, he is!" - Wilfram, Adept Gladiator
  • "How does such a small, green fella stay so calm when everything goes to hell? It's like he's plotting out a way to get the lot of us out of knee-deep shite in seconds, and the craziest part is, it always works!" - Johpuh'zi, Apprentice Pugilist

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "Can't deny his tactical skills, that's for sure. But he's almost a little -too- meticulous, y'know? He'll take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours just plotting a course of action. Sure, it's sound just about every time, but..." - Anonymous Flame Recruit
  • "My apologies, that tome is currently rented out at the moment. ...Yes, it was a Ser Lalamune Zazamune that requested it, along with several other editions on the Mhachi history of magics, as well as the War of the Magi. A curious topic for a simple Scholar..." - Erasmus, Arrzaneth Ossuary, Ul'Dah
  • "Y'know that Zazamune kid - don't tell him I called him 'kid' - he comes by the Avenue every day around this time of year, looking for the same old thing - Azure Bellflowers, a whole bunch of 'em! We get all kinds of imports and exports, but to look for something so specific... Y'think he's gettin' 'em for a sweetheart?" - Averitt, Sapphire Avenue Exhange, Ul'Dah
  • "I'd heard so much about that magical tender what they got going on at the Whispered Wish, mixin' up drinks with fancy spells and aether-tricks, but the one night I go to see 'em, an' he's not even there! I asked around the staff, and they say he ain't even on their registry! What is this bollocks?!" - N'phirku, Thaumaturge Adventurer

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Rare Player Descriptions
These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "Did you catch that explosion a few weeks back?! A bright green pillar of Aether, and a whole new bloody crevice pounded out into the Goblet! ...What? No, none of the buildings got so much as a scratch, but still! Someone slinging destructive magic on THAT kind of a scale? They ain't no ordinary mage... An' also, that's damn-near property destruction! That's illegal, that is, castin' like that here!" - Overheard in The Goblet, Ward 9
  • "No, I don't want a single unit dispatched to Urth's Fount. There's already enough concern among the ranks about the Primal disturbance regard that accursed outlet, but now I hear news about a massive Aetheric eruption?? I can only imagine about half the damn Twelveswood could see it through the boughs, if not hear it past the woods! I want Urth's Fount quarantined until further notice!!" - Second Spear Jolline, Gridania
  • "So there we was, staring down the worst kind of bloody terror yet - a big, bleedin' mama Morbol! At the time, I woulda smacked the smug smile off Swift's face for forcin' us to venture into the Vale like that if we wanted our promotion. But every time we saw them brambled vines comin' at us, there was this barrier that blocked most of the hurts! Came out with hardly a nick, I did! Reckin it was that book-bearin' fella what covered our arses through that golden Hell. I tell ya, I ain't goin' back there if I can help it. Not without that little green man with me..." - Guolhaerz, Aspiring Warrior, Frequent Patron of the Quicksand
  • "For all the prattle I could gab about the sodded cove, for all the swads his size I've had to lend my daddles to, that Zaz' ain't no colt ruffmans. He might spit on boomsticks, and the swads what take to 'em, but he ain't no rook when it comes to that book. You ever got something yaffling ya, ye'll be benar with that bookie snilchin' on ye." - Anonymous Rogue, Adventurer's Guild veteran

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These are descriptions of Lily made by other player characters.
  • "Zaz's brain is matched only by th' size of his heart. Ye'll not find a smarter nor a more compassionate man in all of Thanalan and if yer smart you'll treat 'em with th' respect he deserves. Oh... and he mixes absolutely wonderful drinks too." - Lily Nibelung, Apothecarist and Expert Conjurist
  • "Lalamune? One of the best people I know, hands down, darling. I'd follow him into the deepest hell if he asked me to, and he's a fantastic teacher on esoteric history. I will say, if you wish to stay on his good side, don't compliment the Syndicate, dear. Bad blood there." - Daerin Roda, Businesswoman and Versed Samurai
  • "Zaz? The little green cove what called me 'Azzymandias'? Fer a bloke with brains, the lad don't know what it means t' be keepin' a low profile. Also, if he did a bit less thinkin' with the head between his knees, he'd be a right terror." - Azzy Chrannach, Experienced Red Mage
  • "Give her a bottle and she will be your friend the entire night. Nah, just fucking with ya, she's cool." - L'suuni Khaaz, Bartender at the Whispered Wish

Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Partner Close Friends
  • Zozola Zola

    Zozola or "Zozo" as she prefers to be called is one of the Whispered Wish's hosts. Lily met her one evening while entertaining at the Whispered Wish and Lily found her to be pleasant company. Later that evening, the two shared two shots of the Wish's infamous Mystery Shots together; conconctions that induce random feelings and effects to the imbibers. When the shotglasses lay empty, Lily felt an intense fascination with Zozo, bordering on obsession. As fate would have it, Zozo's shot rendered her in the same type of state towards her, and they soon found themselves huddled together on the couch, spilling life stories. The two related their pasts to each other: Lily telling of her loneliness and isolation while Zozo related her feelings of helplessness in her life's future being dictated for her by her family. Though the effects of the drinks would later fade, the close bond the two shared that night would not and they would continue to see each other long into the night during future Wishing Hours.

    Those familial ties would soon bind her, as Zozo felt compelled to flee from the Wish to protect her closest friends from her family's terrible retribution. Unwilling to abandon her beloved friend, Lily worked together with Daerin Roda and Lalamune Zazamune from the Wish to mount a daring rescue operation regardless of the personal risk. Thankfully, they were able to recover Zozo from a grim fate and spirit her back to the Wish safely.

    By her side through most of her recovery, Lily spent much time with Zozola to ensure the trauma she sustained during the ordeal would be lessened as much as possible. Their friendship grew closer, and the two found every excuse imaginable to spend their days and evenings near each other. Many moons later, Lily would soon come under her own duress from the Voidsent Lydaea who subsequently possessed and stole Lily away leaving Lily's friends to believe she had died. Devestated by the loss of her friend but suspicious that there was something more to Lily's disappearance, Zozola played a pivotal part in destroying Lydaea's control over Lily. After such a harrowing ordeal in which Lily was nearly lost forever, Lily and Zozola both realized that there was more to their feelings then mere friendship and bared their hearts to each other. Professing their love for each other, the two swore they would be at each other's side through anything and look forward to a brighter future together.

    Zozo's Bio

  • Lalamune Zazamune

    Lily and Lalamune are close friends, many parallels running between the pair. Sharing a love for reading, Lily and Lalamune struck up a strong friendship over several nights at the Whispered Wish as they would drink together and share companionship over many topics of discussion. Charming, smart, and a wonderful mixer of drinks, "Zaz" has become one of Lily's closest friends and confidants. The two's bond would only deepen over time as they worked together to save their mutual friend Zozola from a horrible fate. Zaz brings a learned perspective to Lily's relatively sheltered life, teaching her on many topics the young woman didn't even know existed, while Lily's unique life experiences have proven to be captivating for the scholar.

    These days, Zaz and Lily are many things together: aetherical peers, friendly martial rivals, occasional lovers, and above all else - the dearest of friends.

    [Lalamune's Carrd:]

  • Daerin Roda

    Daerin and Lily primarily met when Zozola was taken away from the pair by her family. Daerin's fanatical loyalty to her charge and Lily's devotion to her friend would see the two soon become friends working together to bring the lass back to them. Though the two were eventually successful, Daerin and Lily remained companions that had been drawn together by the circumstances. Daerin carries herself with a quiet confidence and commanding presence that Lily respects and admires, and she finds herself listening to Daerin's advice above most others.

    Daerin has been brushing up Lily on her martial techniques with the lance, as Lily wanted to better prepare herself for an eventuality where she simply couldn't heal a problem away. With Daerin's assistance (And her friendly rivalry with Zaz growing), Lily's skill with the lance is slowly improving. Lily is happy for her growing skillset, but secretly is happy just for the excuse to spend more time with her beloved friends.

    [Daerin's Bio: ]

  • Reina Cantlin

    Lily and Reina met at a bar where the two forged a friendship over -many- tankards of ale and glasses of whiskey. A carefree woman of sailing and adventure, Reina's stories of the places she's been and the sights she has seen have fascinated the otherwise sheltered girl. Lily finds Reina's lifestyle to be captivating and finds herself drawn to the woman in a way she finds hard to explain to herself. Lily often found herself spending evenings listening to Reina's many stories and enjoying her sharp wit. Lily hopes to join Reina on one of her next voyages someday, sailing off into the horizon in search of the adventures she has only read about.

    For a time, the two were inseparable companions, spending time together and going onto adventures. However, Lily was most recently involved in trying to rescue her dear friend from danger when Reina got into some trouble with pirates. Reina was abducted one evening, leaving Lily alone and afraid she had once again been abandoned in her life. Reina managed to escape, though Lily had some dangerous experiences along the way. More protective of her beloved friend than ever now, Lily is carefully trying to navigate the narrow path between being overly-nurturing and suffocating the free-spirited woman. Recovering from the ordeal, Reina has since begun to travel a new path, spending time apart from Lily in order to find herself after her harrowing ordeal much to Lily's sorrow.

    [Reina's Bio:]

  • Farah Forsythe

    Lily met Farah in one of her very few excursions to a social event. Meeting at a cafe, the two quickly formed a rapport and became close friends. A natural troublemaker, Farah serves as a foil to Lily's reserved nature and the two often end up getting into hijinks together. Farah is slowly helping Lily to come out of her social shell, and encourages her at every opportunity. Despite being older than her Lily sees Farah as the older sister she never had, and trusts Farah completely. She would be at her friend's side at a moment's notice if needed.

    Farah has begun to forge her own path in life, recently meeting a fiance and having other life circumstances change. Lily continues to support her best friend as much as possible, but secretly worries that Farah's increasing responsibilities will eventually take Farah away from her for good - an unlikely outcome, but something haunting Lily's daydreams nonetheless.

    [Farah's Bio:]

  • Bhaldbyrm Anch

    Lily found a kindred spirit when she met Bhaldbyrm at the Whispered Wish one day. A giant of a man with a gentle spirit, Lily found that the two of them both shared the same social anxiety, especially when it came to matters of romance. Now that Lily is slowly overcoming that anxiety, she finds herself doing her best to gently prod Bhaldbyrm along the same course. The two have become close friends, comfortable enough around each other to tease one another about each other's insecurities. She finds herself beginning to eagerly anticipate their evenings together, whether at the Whispered Wish or otherwise. Bhaldbyrm would likely do anything to keep Lily safe, and by that same token, Lily would have her friend's back at a moment's notice if he became hurt.

    [Bhaldbyrm's Bio:]

  • La'nette Eve

    La'nette is Lily's maid and assistant at her Apothecary Shoppe. She is a cheerful woman, absolutely dedicated to her craft to the point of obsession, and excellent at her job. La'nette is wholeheartedly loyal to Lily, going out of her way to ensure that Lily gets ample rest and relaxation while in her care. From cooking to cleaning to fighting to companionship, Lanette does it all with a cheerful smile on her face.

    Lily did not originally intend to hire a maid for her shop, but when La'nette misconstrued one of Lily's statements as a contract of hire, Lily could not disappoint her when she saw how overjoyed she became. All things considered, Lily is grateful to have La'nette, the shop having never looked better and the volume of work once again within managable levels due to La'nette's assistance. Lily still struggles with how to handle the fussy maid, particularly when it comes to La'nette's pampering of her wellbeing. Lily's humble and simple nature sometimes leave her feeling a bit ostentatious when engaging in such indulgences as bubble baths and massages given by the maid. She does her best to oblige the maid during these moments, even managing to enjoy it sometimes, but the dramatic lifestyle change has been quite the challenge for Lily to grasp.

    [La'nette's Bio: ]

  • Mynne Rosalia

    Mynne is a spunky young conjurer acolyte that Lily was assigned to assist in mentoring. Mynne is hotheaded, spunky, and a socializer... so everything Lily isn't, in other words. Nevertheless, Lily and Mynne get along great, with Mynne appreciating Lily's genuity and Lily having a soft spot for the young Miqo'te. Lily does her best to check in on Mynne from time to time, knowing that she is prone to get into mischief but also allowing the miqo'te the freedom to make her own mistakes. Lily and Mynne are as much good friends as they are mentor and pupil.

    [Mynne's Character Sheet:]

Family and Friends Acquaintances
  • Kelvothan Nibelung (Father)

    Lily's father hasn't spoken to her since she fled the Wood Wailers. He is a high ranking commander of the Wood Wailers, and her incident resulted in a strained relation between the two. Although Lily loves her father dearly, she is acutely aware of the pain she has caused him and has maintained her distance. The proud Kelvothan finds himself unable to reconcile the dishonor she has brought to him, and their relationship is icy at best.

  • Jeruh Nibelung (Brother)

    Lily's Brother has gone missing for several months. One day, he disappeared from his post in the Shroud, and hasn't been seen since. Lily feels his loss keenly, as they were quite close. She isn't sure to the nature of his disappearance, but knows that she would give up everything she has to get him back if possible.

  • Cecilia Silverhair (Mother)

    Lily's mother died of a mysterious illness when she was young. Cecillia loved her children and family very much and was often thought to be the "glue" that kept the family together. Folks who knew her have said that Lily inherited her gentle nature from her mother, whom was known for her charity and love for her fellow Gridanians.

  • Syl (Pet)

    Syl is Lily's pet bluebird. He is a constant fixture at her side, and Lily loves him dearly.

  • Meiya Maou

    One of Lily's few earlier friends, Meiya Maou is a frequent companion as the two head off on various jobs together. Lily finds Meiya's enthusiasm and love for treasure endearing, though Lily cares little for the riches themselves. Though she isn't around much, Meiya and Lily make a great team and have completed many dangerous jobs together while watching each other's back.

    [Meiya's Character:]

  • Master E-Sumi-Yan

    The master of the Conjurer's guild has guided Lily after her Wood Wailer ordeal, quickly becoming a mentor to her.


Likely Locations Affiliations
  • Lily's Apothecary Shop: High Likelihood
  • The Whispered Wish: High Likelihood
  • Lounge at Reverie (Mondays): Medium Likelihood
  • Gridanian Conjurer's Guild: Low Likelihood
  • Conjurer's Guild: Entry-level White Mage.
  • Wood Wailers: Former Member.
  • Gridania: Former resident.

RP Hooks

  • Contracted White Mage

    Lily is often contracted out on various jobs for adventurers with a need for mid-level guild support. She is a competent healer, a pleasant companion if a bit quiet, and more than capable in her own right.

  • Need a Potion?

    Lily is rapidly making a name for herself as a primary provider of alchemy and botany supplies in the Limsa-Lominsan region. Her prices are fair, and her goods are high quality. If you've a need of a potion, you've come to the right place!

  • Child of Gridania

    If you've grown up in Gridania, and are around Lily's age range, you might have vague memories of her as that "weird child" or the "animal girl".

  • Wood Wailer

    Lily's misadventure as a Wood Wailer is commonly known, especially to other members of the fifth. If you were a Wood Wailer in that part of the shroud, you might have even have been a part of the incident.

  • Sketch Artist

    If you're lucky, Lily will take a fancy to you, and you may find yourself the unaware subject of her night's charcoal sketch.

  • Conjurer

    Lily's is a mid-level white mage, and has graduated from the rank of Conjurer. If you are a lower-level conjurer, she might have tutored or aided you at one time. If you are a higher level white mage, you might have tutored her at one point.

  • Out and About

    With the assistance of her closest friends, Lily is taking her first tentative steps into the world outside of her potion shop. You might get lucky and see her sitting at a bar, or eating a meal alone at a restaurant she's never been to before. With the right approach and a little encouragement, you could probably open up a conversation, were you so inclined.


RP Preferences:

I'm open to roleplaying with just about everyone - Veteran or novice RPer alike! Walkups are welcome and encouraged. My only three real requests are:

First - That you try to keep OOC and IC interactions separate when possible. I really prefer trying to keep character interactions in-character, and trying to differentiate when I'm talking to your character and *you* is difficult when someone constantly switches between the two without a warning. So trying to use "(( ))" tags when possible for out-of-character questions and concerns is greatly appreciated! -w-/

Second - I welcome almost all backstories and roleplays. If you'd like to do some sort of life-changing collaboration storyline involving Zaz', please clear it with me first so I can think about the story a bit ahead of time and make it an awesome experience for both of us! That being said, I almost never turn down playing a role in your character's development.

Third - Regarding character relationships, while I am okay with Zaz' becoming - slowly - involved with somebody romantically, it would need to be something that would be built up upon many roleplaying sessions. I also want to stress that it would be strictly IC and would have it not bleed into the real world. Please respect that I prefer to keep the boundary in-game and will respond negatively if you try to make it go beyond that. Thank you!

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