Lorric Wright

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"Son, It's not great men who make great deeds. It's great deeds who make great men."

Lorric Wright
"There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot" ~Steven Wright
The Fishermans's Son
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Guardian Deity Llymlaen, the Navigator
Date of Birth 6th Day of the 3rd Astral moon, 1557
Age 20
Place of brith A small fishing village near Ul'dah.
Occupation Fisherman
Player Xeon

Basic Info

Full name: Lorric Wright

Nickname: Lorr

Date of Birth: 6th Day of the 3rd Astral moon, 1557

Place of birth: A small fishing village near Ul'dah.

Father: Varrek Wright

Mother Amelia Wright

Sister(Adopted): M'risha Eliozh

Occupation: Fisherman, Strives to learn to use the sword and become an Adventurer.

Hobbbies: Fishing

Dominant hand: Left, Almost ambidextrous

Quirks: Has a habit of twirling his hair with his fingers when nervous or in an otherwise unpleasant situation. Or simply thinking.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single

Best Friends: Flynn Rosenberg and M'risha Eliozh

Weapon of choise: Hes learning the use of swords.

Religion: Believes in the existance of the The Twelve, but doesen't worship any.

Guilds: Lorric is currently not the member of any guild.

Physical Description

Height: 1,81 meters, 5,11", 71.6 Inches

Weight 80kg, 176lbs, 12.59 Stone

Build: Well-built

Skin Colour: Tanned

Race: Hyur Midlander

Eyecolour: Maya blue

Hair: Somewhat messy and curly, Platinum Blonde

Facial hair: Some hair on his chin and upperlip, Same colour as hair.

Style of Dress: Simple with simple colours

Tattoos: None

Scars: A round scar almost over his heart both on stomach and back

Distinguishing marks:  ((Will add later))


Alignment: -
Morals: He always try to be good towards others and help them. He can go against rules if its todo good.
  • 1 Original, Creative, Curious and Down to earth.
  • 2 Reliable and Self-disciplined
  • 3 Semi-Social/Reserved And Friendly.
  • 4 Good natured, Supportive and Sympathetic
  • 5 Calm and Relaxed
  • 1 Fishing
  • 2 Water
  • 3 Rain
  • 4 Reading
  • 5 Exploring
  • 6 Helping people
  • 1 Bad people
  • 2 Close quarters (Like a coffin, not a small shed)
  • 3 Lies
  • 4 Fighting for the wrong reasons
  • 5
  • 1 Whales
  • 2 Riding a Chocobo
  • 3 Bad things happening to those close to him
  • 4 Getting imprisoned
  • 5
  • 1 Good fisher
  • 2 Strong body from hard work
  • 3 Basic Survival
  • 4 Somewhat Quick learner
  • 5
  • 1 Unable to speak of his own romantic emotion
  • 2 Has a habit protecting other at his own expense
  • 3 Can be easily fooled due to his trusting nature
  • 4 Always try to see the good in people
  • 5 M'risha Eliozh
Favorite Places:
  • 1 His home
  • 2 Ul'dah
  • 3 The ocean
  • 4
  • 5
Summary of Personality:
Intelligent but not very educated, easily trusts people but not as easily forgiving when lied to. Hard working either in a leading or following role, Patient and careful but neither to a fault. Helps people in need and usually prioritize others before himself. Acts kindly and polite to everyone he meets. Serious and realistic when working on something. Shy when it comes to his own emotions, prioritizes others (again) first. Tries to be cheerful and keep people happy. Keeps his personal belongings messy, whilst his professional belongings neat and organized.


  • Sword and Shield
  • Magic
Lorric knowns the very basics of sword and shield fighting which he was taught by his master who disapeard with the Calamity. Hes got some skill in the art but very little and needs alot of practise.
Lorric tried magic once, he failed horribly. He havn't tried since but probably will.
  • Cooking
Lorric knows the very basic of field cooking. Hes learned to cook Fish and the useage of some herbs around the area he grew up.
His cooking skill is very limited and don't stretch further than fish and some herbs.
Other Skills:
  • Fisher
  • Botanist
  • Swimmer
Growing up just at the ocean have made Lorric able to swim better than most, he feels athome in the water. Spending most of his childhood fishing with his father and learning about herbs and different plants with his mother has made him a very capable fisher and a somewhat good herbalist, being able to recognise and use the herbs that he knows of.


Sixth Astral Era

Lorric was born in a small fishing village outside Ul'dah. He lived with his father Varrek and his mother Amelia. Lorric was a very curios child, he spent much of his early years worrying his parents that he had crawled away from home. Being born just at the ocean he learned to swim properly before he could walk and it remained one of his major interests to spend time in the water whenever he could. His father often took him out to the sea to teach him to fish. It was during one of these early fishing trips that he has his very first memory of. He remembers it very clearly he was out in the fishing boat with his father and his mother, which was a pretty rare occasion since she preferred to stay-at home and tend to the cabin and stuff at home. They were out on the boat having a small picnic celebrating his third birthday, and the sun rose over the ocean, it was a truly beautiful sunrise.

At the age of five he started to be home-schooled by his mother and sometimes his father. His mother taught him about herbs and their effects and possible uses in cooking, and his father helped with other basic subjects such as math and language so that he could learn to write and read. After this time when he learned to read he gained, an interest for it reading every book in their home and anything else he could get his hands on that was by no means much. He was an intelligent child, being held back by the amount of schooling content they had at home, but sadly their economy didn't allow them to send him to be schooled more formally.

The age of seven, the time of one of his most embarrassing moments. It was a sunny day, cloud free with a light breeze coming from the west, the ocean. He was standing on the small dock by their house that was leading a few meters out into the ocean. A small pack of girls, the daughters of a few of the other villagers walked by. He was held his arm backwards ready to move it forward to start fishing, but failed to notice that the hook had gotten stuck in his pants. So without noticing he threw his arm forward as hard as he could and accidentally pulled of his pants. The pack of girls burst out in a hissy fit of laughter, he dropped the fishing rod and dove into the water. He didn't return home until late on night, he got schooled by his mother who had been very worried. But they later laughed at the event during the evening meal.

One day at the age of eight, the year 1565. His father came how with a young Miqo'te female M'risha Eliozh and said she was now his sister. Lorric didn't think much about it and instantly accepted her into the family. However, he didn't know how it was to have a sister, so he mostly treated her like a very close friend.

A couple of month later Lorric received his first kiss by this same Miqo'te. M'risha Eliozh was in a hurry to get inside the house so she ran and tripped on the doorstep, in the process of Lorric trying to catch her, he wasn't ready for the impact so he fell backwards and landed on his back. Their lips being locked together, he quickly got up and asked if she were alright, then got in a hurry to leave the house to think with a blush on his face. This was when he developed closer feelings for her and strangely enough how he developed his hair twirling quirk.

Closer to the end of the year 1565 while walking around in Ul'dah with M'risha Eliozh a run down little kid, possibly one year older than Lorric ran into them on the street. He quickly looked around and dragged them into an alley to hide away from the guards that were chasing him. Turns out he had stolen a loaf of bread. After the guards had passed he introduced himself as Flynn Rosenberg and ran off.

A few days later strangely enough almost the same thing happened except this time Flynn Rosenberg wasn't chased by any guards and he had successfully stolen more food than he could eat himself, so when he once again bumped into Lorric and M'risha he shared some of the bread. Lorric felt that Flynn had a questionable background, but a good heart. So they quickly became friends with that meal and when they started chatting.

Seventh Umbral Era

A Realm Reborn

The Rumor Mill

PC Rumors

  • "Shirtless...eye candy...No seriously Give ye his shirt right off his back he will!!" - Abaigeal Causland
  • "Lorric? He's as silly as he is kind! I can't wish for a better friend." - M'risha Eliozh

Other Rumors

"Every seventh Astral moon I hear he dresses up as a woman! can you believe it?"

"Heard about that young fisherman in the village to the west? I heard he fished up Leviathen but threw it back looking for a bigger haul" Two old fishermen talking in the local tavern

"Hear about that young man with blonde hair? Someone told me he fish with his bare hands!"

"I was told he can speak with fish and tame them!"

"Theres this fisherman in in the west that can tame whales and use them as mounts!"

Other Notes

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